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The Strange Death Of Kim Wall.
I've been following this odd incident since it was first reported and the steady chronicled account was offered
in a strange manner. Resisting the urge to initially say that the person who's been finally charged with negligent
manslaughter was obviously the culprit, I watched for the reports and was always left with a confused look on
my fizzog!

Is it just the careful judicial way in Denmark...? Or is it that Mr. Madsen is held in some sort of regard that prevents
the law from treating him in the same manner many others are dealt with?

If I may, I will post paragraphs taken from the BBC  website in order to show a competent and relevent orlderly
timeline. It's very odd!

Quote:'Swedish journalist Kim Wall, 30, disappeared during the night of 10 August.
She was last seen embarking on a trip off the Copenhagen coast in a homemade submarine built by Danish
inventor Peter Madsen...'

'...A respected freelance journalist, Ms Wall was researching a feature about Peter Madsen, an inventor who
built his private 40-tonne submarine, UC3 Nautilus, through crowdfunding in 2008...'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2616][Image: attachment.php?aid=2617]

Kim Wall                                                            Peter Masden
'...She met Mr Madsen at around 19:00 local time on Thursday 10 August at Refshaleoen, a harbour area in
Copenhagen, and she boarded the Nautilus. The last picture of the pair in the sub's conning tower was taken
at 20:30 by a man on a cruise ship, a short time before sunset.
Ms Wall did not return and was reported missing by her boyfriend at 02:30 on Friday...'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2618]

'...The sub was not equipped with satellite tracking so after the alarm was raised in the early hours of Friday,
rescue services searched for the vessel for hours. It was not until 10:30 on 11 August that the first sighting of
the vessel was confirmed from a lighthouse in the Oresund, a strait between Sweden and Denmark.

A merchant ship later reported coming within 30m (98ft) of the unlit sub to the north-west of the Oresund bridge
at about midnight on 10 August. Police say at that point, the submarine crossed the channel from Denmark
towards Sweden in the southern part of the Oresund.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2619]

Contact with Mr Madsen was finally established. But half an hour after the first reported sighting, the submarine
sank and Mr Madsen was taken to safety by rescue services...'

'...Initially the inventor, well known in Denmark for his submarine and rocket activities, said he had dropped
Ms Wall off after dark at about 22:30 on 10 August at the Halvandet restaurant, on the northern tip of Refshaleoen,
close to where they had met earlier.

Restaurant owner Bo Petersen said the area was well covered by CCTV and he handed the video footage to
police. We do not know what was on the video but police said after a judicial hearing on 12 August that Peter
Madsen had given them a new account of events.

That account finally emerged on 21 August when police said he told them he had thrown the body into the sea
after an accident. His lawyer said he had always wanted the account to be made public...'

'...After a long search, her mutilated torso was found by a passing cyclist on 21 August.
Mr Madsen has said she died in an accident on board the submarine and has denied a charge of negligent
The mystery has transfixed Scandinavia and many questions surrounding Kim Wall's death remain unanswered...'

'...On Wednesday [21st], a headless torso found in waters off Denmark was identified as Ms Wall's via DNA tests.
Samples from the torso - which had been weighted down with metal - matched those on her hairbrush and

"The suspect denies homicide and desecration of a human body," Copenhagen police said in a statement.
Mr Madsen initially said he had dropped the journalist off safely near Copenhagen, but then changed his story
to say she died in an accident and that he had "buried" her at sea...'

'...Ms Wall's torso was found on 21 August; a post-mortem examination revealed knife wounds to her genitals
and ribcage, which were believed to have been caused "around or shortly after her death"...'

'...According to Mr Madsen's account, there was an accident on board, Kim Wall died, and he "buried" her at sea
somewhere in Koge Bay, about 50km (30 miles) south of Copenhagen. The nature of the alleged accident, and
other details, remain undisclosed. However, a number of macabre facts have emerged...'

'...Danish police believe Mr Madsen deliberately sank the submarine hours after the search for Ms Wall began...'

'...The head of Swedish journalist Kim Wall has been found, two months after she disappeared on a trip with a
Danish submariner, Danish police say. Divers found bags containing her head, legs and clothing in Koge Bay,
just south of Copenhagen, the city's police inspector Jens Moller Jensen said.

They were found not far from where Ms Wall's torso was discovered 11 days after she boarded Peter Madsen's
submarine on 10 August.

Mr Madsen, 46, denies murdering her. He also denies a charge of mutilating her corpse.
Mr Moller Jensen said the bags, found on Friday, had been weighed down with pieces of metal.
"Yesterday morning we found a bag within which we found Kim Wall's clothes, underwear, stockings, and shoes.

In the same bag laid a knife, and there were some car pipes to weigh the bag down," he said.
He said a post-mortem examination confirmed the head was Ms Wall's and that it showed "no sign of fracture...
[or] any sign of other blunt violence to the skull".
This would seem to contradict Mr Madsen's statement that she had died after hitting her head on a hatch...'

'...Prosecutors have until 5 September to request an extension of Mr Madsen's custody...'

'...At a pre-trial hearing on 3 October, the court was told footage of women being decapitated

alive had been on a hard drive believed to belong to Mr Madsen - he insisted the content was
not his....'

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Oh!   spoketoomuch What a terrible story!  Poor woman! 

I think something is wrong with the man's story. (DUH!)


Quote:Kim Wall investigators find saw in sea near Copenhagen.

'Divers have found a saw that may have been used to dismember the body of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.
The item was found in Koge Bay, south of Copenhagen - where Ms Wall's headless torso was found 11 days
after she disappeared on 10 August.

The Swedish writer's head and legs were found in plastic bags on 6 October.
Ms Wall was last seen as she sailed with inventor Peter Madsen in his homemade submarine in waters off

Copenhagen police inspector Jens Moller Jensen said: "The saw is now being examined by our forensic
technicians to determine whether it is the saw police have been looking for in connection with the submarine

Madsen, 46 - who has been in custody since 11 August - has denied homicide and mutilating a body.
He initially told police Ms Wall died when a 70kg (154lbs) hatch door fell on her head and that he panicked
and threw her body overboard.

But the recovery of her head contradicts his version of events, as police said an autopsy showed "no sign of
fracture on the skull and there isn't any sign of other blunt violence to the skull".

Locating Wall's head had been crucial to investigators, as the final autopsy on the torso was unable to establish
the cause of death. However, it did show multiple mutilation wounds to Wall's genitals.

Prosecutors believe Madsen killed her as part of a sexual fantasy, then dismembered and mutilated her body.
Investigators found a hard disk in Madsen's workshop that contained fetish films in which women were tortured,
decapitated and burned.

Madsen has refused to cooperate with investigators since the head and legs were found, prosecutor Jakob
Buch-Jepsen said on Wednesday. Danish and Swedish authorities are also taking a fresh look at unsolved
murders involving mutilated women to see if there is any link to Madsen...'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I think they should do the same to him if it's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is guilty.  See if he likes it!!

DIE YOU EVIL S.O.B.     tinyangry


Quote:Submarine owner Peter Madsen admits dismembering journalist Kim Wall.

'A Danish submarine owner has admitted dismembering the body of journalist Kim Wall, but he denies killing her.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2734]

Peter Madsen, who has been charged with homicide and mutilating a body, has told police Ms Wall died from
carbon monoxide poisoning inside the submarine while he was on the deck of the vessel.

He initially told police Ms Wall died when a 70kg (154lbs) hatch door fell on her head and that he panicked and
threw her body overboard. But after her head was recovered, police said an autopsy showed "no sign of fracture
on the skull and there isn't any sign of other blunt violence to the skull" - contradicting Madsen's version...'

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Update 2018:

Quote:Peter Madsen 'tortured Kim Wall before killing her on his submarine'

'A Danish inventor tied up and tortured Swedish reporter Kim Wall before killing her on his
private submarine, according to prosecutors.

Peter Madsen allegedly planned the murder by bringing a saw, screwdrivers and pipes that
were used to hit, cut and stab Ms Wall while she was alive. According to an indictment published
on Tuesday, the 30-year-old's cause of death is yet to be confirmed - but it is believed she was
strangled, or her throat was cut...'

Quote:'...Madsen, who was rescued from the sinking vessel, has admitted dismembering Ms Wall on
board and dumping her body parts in the sea, but he denies murdering or sexually assaulting her.

He has also been charged with indecent handling of a corpse, dismemberment, and having sexual
relations with Ms Wall of a "particularly dangerous nature"...'

You're right, Mystic... he's an evil S.O.B.
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Quote:You're right, Mystic... he's an evil S.O.B.

mediumomg          minusculecrybaby

Would it be at all possible to re-instate the age-olde practice of "Keel-Hauling" for this guy?
That would be nice.



(01-24-2018, 08:48 PM)gordi Wrote: Would it be at all possible to re-instate the age-olde practice of "Keel-Hauling" for this guy?
That would be nice.



I concur Big Man and I suggest doing it length-ways.

The whole impartial reporting regarding the more-than-allegations astounded me, with the:
'Oh, he buried her at sea and sort-of mentioned it' and 'Ms. Wall kinda had a accident'!
The Danish must be more laid-back!
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