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Active Shooter in Vegas!
Vegas Shooter Said He Was “Govt Experiment” & His Brain Was “Hacked”

Starts discussion at the 3:11 mark

                                                                                    Hmm...   minusculethinking

Quote:Las Vegas shooting: man charged with selling bullets to killer.

Rounds had fingerprints from Douglas Haig, 55, of Mesa, Arizona, as well as marks from tools
he used to make ammunition that he illegally sold, say police.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3211]
Douglas Haig.

'A man suspected of selling armour-piercing bullets to the Las Vegas gunman who killed 58 people at a music festival
has been charged with conspiracy to manufacture and sell the ammunition without a licence.

Douglas Haig, 55, of Mesa, Arizona, is the first person arrested and charged in connection with the 1 October massacre,
which ranks as the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

The gunman, Stephen Paddock, strafed a crowd of concert-goers from his highrise suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel,
then killed himself before police stormed his room. No clear motive for the massacre has been determined.

According to the criminal complaint against Haig, filed in US district court in Phoenix, he met with Paddock on more
than one occasion, including once at Haig’s home the month before the shooting to sell ammunition to Paddock,
the US attorney’s office in Las Vegas said.

It said Haig previously ran an internet business selling armour-piercing bullets –some consisting of high-explosive and
incendiary rounds –throughout the United States but lacked a licence to manufacture the ammunition.

Haig is charged with a single count of conspiracy to manufacture and sell armour-piercing ammunition, which carries a
maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, according to the statement.

Prosecutors said Haig’s fingerprints were found on some of the unfired high-calibre rounds at the crime scene and that
armour-piercing casings recovered from Paddock’s hotel room bore tool marks matching the “reloading” equipment
they said Haig used to assemble ammunition cartridges.

Haig made an initial court appearance before a federal magistrate in Phoenix and was freed under conditional release
pending a 15 February status conference set for the case, prosecutors said. In addition to the 58 people killed by Paddock
in the Las Vegas massacre, nearly 500 people were injured, some by gunfire, others trampled or otherwise hurt while
running for cover.

Police said Paddock had equipped 12 of the weapons found in his room with bump-stock devices that enable semi-automatic
rifles to be fired like fully automatic machine guns...'
The Guardian:

Mr. Haig had an internet business selling armour-piercing bullets and high-explosive rounds throughout the USA and was only
nailed now, because of the Vegas shootings? I would've thought that the acquistion of materials and manufacturing of such
dangerous ammunition may have been better monitored after the Sandy Hook incident.

And maybe it was.

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I think I'm with the right crowd to ask this question... If someone shoots them self in the head with a .357, wouldn't that leave a pretty big exit hole in the back of the head?

According to the autopsy report on Paddock, there was no exit wound.   tinysurprised 

[Image: DVpmQCtX0AEKpGc.jpg]

Read the full report here:  Paddock's Autopsy

(02-11-2018, 02:10 AM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: I think I'm with the right crowd to ask this question... If someone shoots them self in the head with a .357, wouldn't that leave a pretty big exit hole in the back of the head?

According to the autopsy report on Paddock, there was no exit wound.   tinysurprised 

From a quick glance, the occipital part of the brain is at the lower-back with the dura being the soft layers
between the skull and the brain. Paddock's autopsy report says he shot himself in the mouth and the bullet
travelled through the skull and came to rest at the occipital bone area.

I'm not a firearms expert, so is it that the projectile failed to exit Paddock's skull due to being a 'copper-jacketed,
gray metal' bullet or was it that the weapon used for the suicide wasn't powerful enough?

The list of firearms reportedly discovered in the hotel room:
Fourteen .223-caliber AR-15-type assault rifles
Seven .308-caliber AR-10-type rifles
One .308-caliber Ruger American bolt-action rifle
One .38-caliber Smith & Wesson Model 342 revolver.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

Ah-ha!  I knew if I stepped back someone would finally come forward with the truth, and now they have.   

Thank you for your bravery in spreading the truth.   minusculeclap 

[Image: Fear-and-Lying-in-Las-Vegas-True-Pundit-...C720&ssl=1]

Quote:The “official” narrative you’ve been fed by the FBI and Las Vegas officials about the massacre at Mandalay Bay that claimed 58 lives is purely fiction, a polished story contrived to cover up the disturbing facts surrounding the worst mass shooting ever in the United States, according the FBI insiders and high-ranking intelligence officials.

And now, after months of corporate-infused spin by MGM Resorts and outright lies from officials in the FBI and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, federal agents and intelligence officials are spilling the beans about what really happened on and before the Oct. 1 massacre.

“It’s a movie script that was written after the shooting to rewrite what really happened,” one FBI agent said. “The investigation is an entirely different story that we are not allowed to talk about. If we do and get caught, we get fired and probably charged (criminally).”

But why the cover up?
The answer to that is perhaps even more complicated than the revelations surrounding the shooting, which can only be explained as shocking and troubling to everyday Americans not connected to the law enforcement community and political machine that has become today’s FBI. While few if any bright Americans believed the official back story of the supposed Stephen Paddock rampage, the truth — it turns out — is even more bizarre than fiction here.
In fact, it’s downright frightening.

The FBI maintains that Stephen Paddock — the reported lone gunman — was a mystery man and his motive for killing dozens and injuring over 500 people still has not been pinpointed. Those assertions are simply untrue, FBI officials confirm. Lies. In the coming weeks, True Pundit will detail various parts of its investigation into the shooting and more importantly, paint a detailed portrait of the events leading to the shooting and Paddock’s likely accomplices and associates.

The major, shocking revelations include:
Click HEREto read the full story.


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