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Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Helped Facebook Avoid Political Ad Disclosures.
Quote:Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Helped Facebook Avoid Political Ad Disclosures.

'Facebook’s ad disclosure has come under heavy fire recently as the desperate Democrat-media
complex clamor to come up with new excuses as to how Hillary lost a rigged election while further
delegitimizing President Trump.

Apparently obscure ‘Russian troll farms’ on social media helped steer voters away from Hillary,
not the decades of Clinton corruption.

Facebook ad disclosure has been the focus of the media after reports revealed that Russians spent
approximately $100,000 on advertisements. It turns out that Hillary Clinton’s top lawyer actually helped
Facebook avoid these ad disclosures prior to acting as her counsel.


Washington Free Beacon reports:

"Marc Elias, a partner at the D.C.-based Perkins Coie law firm who acted as Clinton’s
top campaign lawyer, was part of a legal team that represented Facebook in 2011 as
they fought against adding disclosures on political ads on their platform in front of the
Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Elias and the team argued that because the ads were so small that such a disclosure
would be impractical, CNN reports. The Federal Election Commission, which consists
of three Democrats and three Republicans, split 3-3 on their vote of allowing Facebook
to forego the disclaimers."

Even funnier, the Russians purchased a Black Lives Matter advertisement targeting Ferguson.
So much for that Trump-Russia narrative, right fake news media?

What is even more pathetic is Hillary Clinton has gone from blaming Trump-Russia collusion to Russian
-linked ads on Facebook for being the reason why she lost the election when it was her own lawyer
who helped Facebook avoid the political ad disclosures.

God sure has a sense of humor...'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
The more we learn...   tinylaughing

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