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HELLO and WELCOME to Howprotectmyselffrombeinframed
Hi @Howprotectmyselffrombeinframed

Welcome to our little bunch of Rogues!

We don't allow any Porn or Spamming, but apart from that we're a pretty relaxed bunch.
There are loads of interesting threads for you to browse through, please add some of your own if you feel that way inclined!

Why not tell us a little about yourself and your unusual username (and email address!)?

The Bar is located down the hall, just past BIADs Graphics Lab...... that's where you can get avatars and graphics custom made for FREE! (Just don't ask about the dude in the Red Dress....)

If you need any help finding your way around - just ask any of the Mods or Staffers!


Welcome to the group.  Hope to see you on the boards.   tinybiggrin 

[Image: WELCOME-BOX.png]

Welcome and Hello @"Howprotectmyselffrombeinframed"   tinycool tinycool

Tip# 1 - Browse the boards to see how well TPTB are at framing in the first place! 

Enjoy! And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


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