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UFOS Over Florida, September 11, 2017
A fleet of 5 UFOs was captured on video by a family in Florida on September 11, 2010. They seem to be genuinely excited by what they are seeing.

I took this from a FB post where some people in the comments say they are lanterns, while others say definitely not. Some say they have seen these orange orbs up close in this same area, and they are NOT lanterns.

As for my personal opinion, I wasn't there to see it in person, so I can't say what they are. But I have to wonder, if they were lanterns, how could they remain so stable in the air with hurricane-forced winds near by?  You will also see a plane in the background. Is it checking the objects out, as we usually see in other UFO videos? 

Could these craft have been doing something to steer the hurricane?  Were they the "good guys" helping to bring the hurricane from a cat 5 to a cat 1? Or, was it something else entirely?

What do you think?


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