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Judicial Watch Special Report Analyzes the Deep State
This Judicial Watch Special Report analyzes the Deep State, which comprises legions of political appointees, career civil servants and powerful private contractors who run the government no matter who sits in the Oval Office. No matter which political party controls Congress. And, no matter what is the will of the American people. No matter who’s in power, they exert control. Oftentimes, the liberal media effectively operates as the propaganda arm of the Deep State.

[Image: justice-symbol.jpg]

I just wanted to share this PDF with you guys.  Click below to get it.

Judicial Watch Special Report

Thank you for that, Mystic, I would suggest -not just an investigation into what organisations 
make up the Deep State, but also the actual names of the people who swim in such waters.

Since the goal of the Deep State is to undermine Presidents that don't go along with this power
-greedy group, then merely revealing the sections of the governing system involved, will not be
enough. The arms of such a force do not reside just in the United States, this is a global exertion
and could seriously effect the paradigms we take for granted.

Just to describe the monster, doesn't stop it being a monster.
Discover who is in all the levels and bring them into the light, this is the only way to get a handle
on where the web's strands reach to.

It must be terrifying to some to realise that their lives are steered by an influence that perceives
them as nothing more than cattle. Now that even the mainstream media mention 'The Deep State',
they never look into it and just move along to the next man-bites-dog story.

The time to 'wake-up' has passed, now we're hopefully moving towards an era where these very
powerful forces can be flushed out... drained, one could say. The Deep State is no longer a topic
that belongs on conspiracy websites and just to expose itself this much, shows they're aware of
a sea change in the masses perception.

They're sweating.
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I agree with BIAD, BUT,,,, you won't get reliable results or an actual investigation, because THEY'LL control the investigation!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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