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Twitter Reacts After Trump Includes Himself In Hurricane Assistance Campaign
STAND BACK! I'VE BEEN TRIGGERED!   minusculeredtantrum  

Yes, this belongs in the Rant Forum, but I want this to go out for all to see just how ridiculous the far left has become truly is! 
President Trump can't even speak out to help the people affected by the hurricanes without those (bleep) taking it and twisting it into a negative! smallfit 
WTH?!!!!!!!   tinyangry 

Quote:The five living former US presidents have joined forces to launch an initiative to raise funds for organizations assisting the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, George H.W. Bush’s office announced Thursday.

The campaign, "One America Appeal," started with a public service announcement (PSA) featuring Barack Obama, George W. Bush. Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter aired first during the first NFL game of the season Thursday night.

"People are hurting down here," George W. Bush, who lives in Dallas, is heard saying in the video, "but as one Texan put it, ‘We’ve got more love in Texas than water.'"

While the ad showed all the former presidents speaking about the campaign, President Donald Trump was neither mentioned in the ad nor as part of the campaign.

However, that didn't stop Trump from jumping into the fray and tweeting his support for the campaign. "We will confront ANY challenge, no matter how strong the winds or high the water," the president tweeted.

Trump's bid to "invite himself to the party" after the announcement of the campaign led Twitter users to react in hilarious ways.

I've seen more people on the left "waking up" to the agenda to destroy Trump and the United States through fabricated, twisted articles like this one, and showing just how preposterous their way of thinking is.  So, keep it up you evil bastards; you're only hurting yourself in the process!!   tinyshouting

You can watch this video if you choose. As for me, I'll pass; looking at this traitor makes me want to minusculepuke


There is not a lot that can be said about this. The Left is not what people think it is, it is more evil that people understand. The young people that follow the Left only see what is wanted to be seen they have no understanding of the truth.

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