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The first Iteration: We hold these truths self evident

"Mama.. Alexander Delano Macer is A terrorist.. My god his father nuked the middle east.. They beheaded that poor muslim cop.. Because he was practicing sharia law on Ms. Macer. He had the right of religous expression," The teenage girl was mad.. "SPAWAR committed vast acts of genocide.. There are what maybe ten muslims left in the world.. Are you a traitor Victoria.. The will of the people have spoken.. You.."

Victoria backhanded her granddaughter knocking her to the ground, "Grand daughter you will NOT attend the planned protest.. None.."

Armored guards chuckled..

Tears fell down the girls face, "You heard my grandmother.. Those are words of Treason.. Chelsea had hate speech declared Treason to America.. My grandmother runs a FEMA emergancy holding center.. She is.." Seeing the gaurds laughing at her.. "Are you nazi's.. My god.. This.. TRAITORS.."

One of the guards smile, "Freya Longshanks.. We are not Nazi's.. We are Templars.."

"Templars.. The.. Domestic terrorist.." Freya Lonshanks is afraid, "You.. TRAITORS.. You should be shot.. Those thoughts are illegal.."

Victoria looks at her grand-daughter, "Do not like traitors.. One mans traitor is another man's freedom fighter.. Besides you are named after my little songbirds Grsandmother.."

"What.. My name is.. Andros's Grandmother," Freya stnds up in tears.. "But.. If you people would only cooperate would could work together to build a better future.."

One of the Guards smiles and shakes his head.. "Mam.. It has started.."

Victoria turns on the Holovision..

"Fort Sumter must come down.. It is the final symbol of hate.." President Chelsea Clinton speaks with her father's touch, "Hate.. To think we have come so far and... And yet we face another set of bigoted white supremicist today.. " Taking a moment of pause, "Alexander Delano Macer.. I urge you.. Let us work together.. You are not your vile father.. There is no need  for violence.. Today I am offering you a full pardon.. Surrender and turn your self in..  If you do not, the will of the people will.."

A hologram appears on the white house lawn.. Everyone is very quiet, "Good morning my fellow americans.." 

"Mr. MAcer.. I promised the American people peace.." President Clinton gives a huge smile, "I extend the hand of.."

"F@#$ you C#$%," Alexander speaks coldly.. "Take the pardon and shove it up you pre used A$$!! You and your cohorts have destroyed my country..  All of America looks like Detroit.. Inflation has destroyed all small business.. Bread is at ten dollars a loaf.. Gas is rationed and cost fifteen a gallon.. You imprison people for speaking their minds because it does not go with your narrative.."

"Mr. Macer.." Clinton leans forward, "We have you surrounded.. Captain Rufus Henrettia Letch.. Arrest The traitor.. I want him brought to DC to be tried for treason.." Armed military men can be seen surrounding Alexander, "I want the world to know I came in peace.. We tried but these traitors do not under stand.. we the people have spoken.."

An Armored Female steps forward, "Alexander Delano Macer.. I have been ordered to arrest you for treason against the united states.."

Freya looks at her Grandmother, "And the traitor is arrested.. You see Victoria you cant fight the tide of history.."

Rufus Henrettia Letch pauses and looks at Everyone via hologram.. She sticks her hand out to Alexander, "Reporting for duty Mr. Chairman.. We have a civil war to fight.. I hereby accept command of this rag tag rebel army.. Sir.. Time for the patriots to kick the traitor's A$$es!"

"You.. you," Chelsea Clinton has her  mother's face.

The battlehymn of the republic fills the air as Freya looks at her grandmother and then back to the holograms..

"Mrs. STaSA..  I hereby hand my Military forces over to your skill and experienced hand.. For all freemen every where.." Alexander Salutes Letch.. "Madam STaSA.. I believe the honor of the first shot to start the civil war is yours.."

"Please turn your attention to Fort Siumter.. We have a group of American terrorist occupying the monument.." Rufus looks at the President, "We the people here by accuse you and your family of high treason.. You have organised this demonstration to support your failed economic policies.. We are posting on the dark web.. All the proof that the order came straight from you.. The occupiers are illegal soldiers on US soil.."

The picture of Fort Sumter live is fed out.. A few seconds later, The island of Fort Sumter is gone..

"Thus the enemy of tyranny has cast our votes, "Alexander smiles..

"You F#$%ing C#$%.. Those were innocent,"an aide hurriedly whispers in Chelsea's ears.. "What the F#$% do you mean the Rebels have siezed the southern Capitals.. How.. Guns were banned.." Turning to Alexander, "Those guns you stole from us.. You mother F#$%ing SOB.."

"You mean the guns the federal government sold me," Alexander smiles evilly.. "The fast and furious programs.. "

Freya is in tears, "Victoria what.. What have you.."

"Mam," The templar whispers.. "Fighting has broken out in the Streets of San Diego mam.. The protestors have started panicking.. They have.." The templar swallows hard, "The police have opened fired on the protesters.. Mam.. Casualties are.."

"Open fired.. " Freya Longshanks is in tears, "My.. My friends are there.. Alex opened fire on the protestors.."

"No Darling.. The Unity police think the protesters work for Alex.. They are panicking.." Victoria laughs evilly, "My little Trailer trash, My little Songbird, and My little monster.. God we have come a long way.. Freya.."

Victoria points to a chair and her teenaged grand daughter is sat down..

"You.. You are traitor," Freya has tears in her eyes as the Holograms switch to live scenes across the nation.. "Alex is executing the protesters.. Wait.. He.. He has no .. The government is doing this?"

"Darling Grand-child.. " Victoria smiles, "Let me tell you what I can.. About a dream.. About a country on its last leg.."

"I will see you all Hang, "Chelsea's voice comes through the holo...

"King George had the same opinion," Alexander Responds.. "See where it got him.. Less of your mothers tude would go a long way you elitest Faternity S@#$bag.."
OMG,,,,, NO! President Chelsea Clinton???? minusculespooked NO!  smalltappinghead
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

"Baby," A wounded man speaks to an older woman.. "We.. The Federal Police have broke through.."

The older Asian woman takes a deep breath, "You will be ok.. God it is just a flesh wound.." Tears fell down the woman's face, "You cant die on me.."

A man with a medical bag comes over, "MAMG.." The Asian woman looks at  the Doctor, "I was sent by Doctor Gera.. You need a medical corps.."

"We are short supplies," To MAMG's astonishment the doctor opens the bag.. "Where did you get those.."

The Sound of hundreds of Hover bikes fill the air, followed by the sounds of battle..

A voice comes over the comm, "MAMG!!!"

MAMG gets a look n her face, "Who is this.."

"ConRe has ordered back up mam.." The male voice seems to be very gleeful, "Arkham raft MAMG.."

"AR," MAMG watches as the Doctor injects her husband.. "The.. The hover bikes?"

"Friends of mine.. You have calvary units," The sounds of sniper fire come from AR's end of the comm..

Several Federal Soldiers become visible, "S#$% I.."

"Get these re," The lead officer's head explodes..

"What the F#$%," MAMG watches as the enemy unprofessionally looks around..

Shots are coming from AR's end of the comm line..

"Another one bites the dust," AR's laughs insanely.. "Sniper teams on and three.. I want you to redeploy to the southern end of Pheonix.."

"Sniper Teams.. AR.. You are a god D@#$ god send," MAMG looks to her husband.. "Doc.."

"I have to perform surgery.. Now," The Doctor speaks to New medical technicians..

"S@#$," The sound of Airplanes comes from over head.. "Where the F#$% is Hatchette?"

The Jets drop loads..

"Anti Air," MAMG yells out..

Weird Lasers fire from the back of old half tons..

The missiles do not make it through the makeshift anti air..

The sound of old  A10 warthogs fill the air, "Hatchette.. Thank god.." Looking at the sky, "Only four?"

half of the Jets break off and make a pass at the squad of A10's..

"They will .. What the F#$% is hatchette doing," MAMG shakes her head.. "Those Pilots will..." To MAMG's amazement the jets fire goes right through the A10's, "Holograms?"

Four Squadrons of A-10 decloak and open fire on the Jets as they try and run..

"That beautiful bastard.. ConRe is a big str trek fan," AR speaks.. "The little bastards has cloaks on his planes.."

The other half or the Jets break off into squads to engage the A10's..

"What next.. F#$%ing shields," MAMG looks up as she watches several jets open fire just about point blank on one of the warthogs.. "Holy S#$%," Excitement fills MAMG's voice.. "We.. We F#$%ing have shields!!"

A voice comes over the comms, "This is General Hatchette, SEc Air of the Free united states.. To all illegally engaged combat air craft.. Land and your pilots will be treated fairly.." After a moment, "Check your radar.. I have command of Nellis.. Those blips are my Air force.. You will NOT make it back.."

"We will never surrender to NAZI occupiers.. WE will re," The sight of an explosion filss the air as the enemy pilots realize they are trapped..

"This.. This is Lt. Commander Boras.. General.. I guess I am in charge no.. F#$%.. " After a short breath, "We cant surrender mam.. The Federal police have our families.."

"I am so sorry.. I," Hatchette is interrupted by another voice..

"You F#$%ing Traitor.. I will have.."

"Daddy.. Me and mama are ok," Alittle girls voice is ok.. "Those guys you call apes .. Daddy they got us last night.. We are safe.."

Similar messages start coming around..

One of the circling Jets open fires on one the other jets..

"This is Lt. Commander Boras.. Respectfully request permission to join the Rebellion," The Voice comes from the coms.. "Boys.."

"F#$% the FEDERAL POLICE," seems to be a common call on the lines..

"Hatchette," MAMG Speaks a code.. "We have secured Davis Mothan..  they may land there.."

"You got this," Hatchette seem gleeful.. "I.. I will have to land and debrief them.."


"What the hell do you mean the ," Chelsea is interrupted..

"At this time period Madam President the UN views this as an internal security matter.." The Frenchman speaks in english.. "As for France.. We are expelling your Ambassadors!"

"We are staunch Allies," POTUS is pissed off.. "We had deals with your government.."

"Paris Madam President.. We lost all of it.. No human lfe can enter for thousands of years," The Frenchman glares.. "Then found out from old SPAWAR files.. Your mother's foundation had been making deals with ISIS during her presidency.. Which included the nuclear material used on Paris.. So no.. On behalf of France.. You can go to hell." Leaning forward, "Most frenchmen are saying.. Viv la reveloution!"

"What in the hell are," POTUS is interupted when the French Ambassador tosses a German newspaper on her desk..

"Written by Andros Nicodemus Colt.."

"The Clinton war on the fee world," Chelsea translates the title.. "This is pure Propaganda.. He is friends with the Terrorist's leader.."

"They are now viewed in France as Freedom Fighters," The French Ambassador smiles.. "No need to order us expelled.. We are leaving your sinking ship.."

"We have friends," POTUS growls.. 

"You might want to read page seven," The Ambassador smiles.. "It seems one of you major backers died in .. Well an accident.. Dont worry it wasnt MR. Macer.. Not at all.."

The French Ambassador shakes his head as he leaves..

After the doors shut a female Admiral takes a deep breath, "MAdam President.. I.. I regret to inform you.. We have lost the battle of Pheonix.."

"Admiral Stone.. You F#$%ing C@#$.. What .. Incompetance! First the French and now.." Madam President was pissed off..

"Madam President.. The Air Force Rebelled," Admiral Stone growled.. "The Sec Air failed in his .. Her what the F#$% ever it is.. I lost ten naval wings mam.."

"The intelligence reports said all these rebels might have is the old out of date A10.." MAdam President is very pissed off as she reads the reports, "Shields.. Cloaks.. This is sci fi S#$%.. The rebels.. I mean traitors have them.."

A hologram appears in the middle of the oval office, "Madam Traitor.."

Chelsea throws her name plate through Alexander's hologram..

An aide walks in, "Madam President.. " He turns on the television, "You are going to want to see this.."

The news report shows confederate flags marching through New Orleans..

"I told the American people.. Those are Louisana tiger uniformMake sure the world sees these racist for what.... What the F#$%," Madam President pauses.." They.. They are black?"

An older black woman motions for the newsmen to be brought to her.. "Sugar.. I am the Grand Mammy of the Last standing Regiment of the Confederacy.. This Yankee wh0r3 of a Democrat is a carpetbagger.. I call upon all decent and honorable southern men to stand.. I could not stand by while these yankees rape and pilage good women and Children.. As we speak General Amos has contacted Mammy Letch.. "

"Your.. Your black," The reporter was wide eyed..

Armed Militia men came out from around buildings and looked around wide eyed..

"Boys.. The great state of Louisana welcomes you," Mammy calls out.. "As I was saying you yankee invader.. We have engaged the New orleans FEMA camp.." 

"Please that is just a conspiracy theory that," The news reporter is shot dead by one of the LSRotC soldiers..

"Conspiracy.. We done rescued over 100 hundred good women yankee slaves forced into prostitution by your yankee armies.." Mammy spit on the dead reporter's body.. Looking at the new arrivals, "Boys Mammy Letch should be contacting you.. Over joint combat operations.."

The militia Commander spoke with a Louisana Accent, "We all stand with Mr. Macer.. Mammy.. You a good southern woman.. For now we take your word.. Mam"

Several city officials are walked out..

"This is an outrage.. There are rules to war," The well dressed blck man spoke..

"Hang his A$$ and let the world see what happens when good decent folk fight back," Mammy broke into a smile when she saw the militia members bring out rope..

"Some of Texas's finest mam.. For after the trial," The militia member grined as he kicked the Mayor in the nuts, "Mr. Macer insist they get a recorded trial with all the evidence we have against them.."

"Your are going to hand them," Madam President growls.. "Two can play this game.. We will execute every supporter you have.."

"Madam Traitor," Alexander grimly spoke.. "These men are receiving fair trials.. Then local laws will be used.. Then if found guilty.. The will be hung.. "

"Mamdam President.. If you start executing .. Mr. Macer's people we will have a new set of martyrs," Admiral Stone winced from POTUS's glare.."Mr. Macer.. We would like to discuss terms.." Admiral Stone held her hand up to Madam President..

"The whole administration resigns and turns themselves over for trial.. Same for Congress and the SCOTUS.." Mr. Macer turns his holographic back and looks out the window, "I offer you life in prison Madam President.."

Admiral Stone smiles evilly as an aide nods.. She writes a message that makes Chelsea nods yes.. She write out the code authorizing it..

"The wardens of the FEMA camps will submit for a fair trial," Alexander looks out the window..

"Mr. Macer," Chelsea nods at the message to keep Alexander talking.. "We have no garunetee.."

Stone types out the message with her pad.. After a few moments she slides the pad to Madam President..

"Nothing is garuneteed," Alex laughs as he looks out the window.. "At one point I considered running for president.."

Madam President holds up five fingers, to which stone nods yes..

"Mr. Macer we can still come to an agreement," Admiral Stone relaxes and leans back.. We.. To borrow your phrase.."

"You do not come in peace," Alex shakes his head.." Communist sympathizers by night instead of Armies by day.."

"Mr. Macer that is unproductive talk," Madam President sits back with an evil smile..

"No.. Un productive was giving the order to nuke the part of floridia you think I am in," Alexander smiles as he turns around. "Wait for it.. they sould be here in.. Eight , seven, six, five.." Alex ander jumps and yells, "BOOM!!"

Every one jumps..

"Mr. Macer.. Admiral stone.."

"They.. Mam they.. No explosion," Admiral stone looks at POTOUS.. "That is not possible.."

"Thank you for delivering the Nukes we could not get to," Alex shakes his head.. "You planned to Nuke Crestview Florida with five nukes.."

On the news station a rebel broadcast plays, "This is Andros Nicodemus Colt.. The lst dinosaur in news bringing you an exclusive.. President Clinton just tried to nuke a civilian city.. Here is the live Video footage.."

"You God D@#$ A$$hole," Mdam President cusses as Alex looksat her..

"Now it is my turn," Alexander nods to one of the secret service agent..

"What in hell do you," Madam President Freezes as the Secret Service Agent shoots and kills Admiral Stone.. 

Before the other agent can respond, the Secret service agent stabs him in the throat..

The Agent kills the other aides, leaving Chelsea alone in the white house room..

"Remember Jack.. Leave her alive.. She will win this war for us," Alexander smiles.. "The person you really want is in the kitchen eating.. He is the man who poisoned your family.. He is a paid supporter.."

"Yes sir Mr. MAcer.. " The Agent opened the door and shot the agents outside dead.. "Thank you for the honor to die with my enemies at my feet.."

Madam President was horrified, "You.. You.."

"I would never dream of killing you Madam President.. You are Jefferson Davis, Hitler, and every idiot leader in history.. You will win the war for me," Alexander laughs.. "I will almost have to fire no shots.. You see.. Nah.. You shuld be able to figure out my plan.."

"You.. You intend to kill every competant person on my side.." 

"Duh.." Alexander smiles, "And leave you with your skilless elite.."
(08-20-2017, 06:59 PM)guohua Wrote: OMG,,,,, NO! President Chelsea Clinton???? minusculespooked NO!  smalltappinghead



I decided to try and write out the first itertion of time
This is Just Excellent and in Phoenix To.

Great Writing, My Friend, Now we only need our own Actors or Animators and TV Station.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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