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[UK] Operation Sanctuary: Police say paying rapist 'was right'.
Operation Sanctuary: Police say paying rapist 'was right'.

'A police chief has said paying a child rapist £10,000 as part of an investigation into a grooming gang
was the "right thing".

Northumbria Police's Steve Ashman said the information provided by the man led to the conviction of 17
men and a woman for abusing girls in Newcastle. Charities have criticised the force for paying the criminal.

Mr Ashman told BBC News he was as "certain as I can be" that it was "morally" right.
"What we've ended up doing here is putting dangerous men behind bars and protecting vulnerable women
and girls that we simply wouldn't have been able to do if we didn't have that jump off point we got [from the
information]," he said.

Mr Ashman also dismissed claims that the informant, known as XY, was asked by police to take vulnerable
girls to sex parties. He said the claim made by XY was "100%" a lie and had been rejected by a judge.

Mr Ashman said: "We absolutely did not task him to go to parties with vulnerable women and girls.
"The use of the informant was principally about finding out who might be involved, the cars they were using,
the addresses they were living at. "This was a starting point, it never resulted in XY being exposed to offending."

'Crossed the line'
The informant had himself served a prison sentence for rape.
The last of four trials, spread across two years, ended on Wednesday and in total 18 people were convicted of
sexual exploitation and drugs offences.

Those prosecuted were from the Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities and
mainly British-born, with most living in the West End of Newcastle.
The court heard how vulnerable girls and women were abused at parties or "sessions" in Newcastle.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2269]

Northumbria Police asked a previously convicted child rapist if he could get them more information about the
parties. The NSPCC said that using him in this way was a decision that "crossed the line".

Jim Gamble, former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, said: "Personally, I can't
envisage circumstances where I would have authorised payment to someone convicted of rape.
"I can't imagine how you could have control mechanisms in place with an informant of that type that you were
going to task that would give reassurance that they still didn't represent a risk to young and vulnerable women."

The defendants were convicted of abusing girls who were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced to
have sex.
A court heard the vulnerable victims, some as young as 14, were exploited by a "cynical organisation".
Over the course of the four trials, 20 young women gave evidence covering a period from 2011 to 2014.

The 18 defendants and their convictions
Mohammed Azram, 35, of Croydon Road, convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, sexual assault,
supplying drugs to a victim

Jahanghir Zaman, 43, of Hadrian Road, convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, rape, supplying
drugs to a victim

Nashir Uddin, 35, of Joan Street, convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, supplying drugs to a victim
Saiful Islam, 34, of Strathmore Crescent, convicted of rape. Jailed for 10 years

Mohammed Hassan Ali, 33, of Bentinck Street, convicted of sexual activity with a child, supplying drugs
to a victim. Jailed for seven years

Yasser Hussain, 27, of Canning Street, convicted of beating, possession of drugs. Jailed for two years

Abdul Sabe, 40, of Dean House, convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, trafficking within the UK
for sexual exploitation, drugs offences

Habibur Rahim, 34, of Kenilworth Road, convicted of causing or inciting prostitution, drugs, sexual assault,
trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation

Badrul Hussain, 37, of Drybeck Court, convicted of drug offences

Mohibur Rahman, 44, of Northcote Street, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to incite prostitution, supplying drugs
to a victim

Abdulhamid Minoyee, 33, of Gainsborough Grove, convicted of rape, sexual assault, supply of drugs

Carolann Gallon, 22, of Hareside Court, pleaded guilty to three counts of trafficking

Monjour Choudhury, 33, of Phillip Place, convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, supplying drugs to a victim

Prabhat Nelli, 33, of Sidney Grove, convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, supplying drugs to a victim

Eisa Mousavi, 41, of Todds Nook, convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, rape, supplying drugs to a victim

Taherul Alam, 32, of Normanton Terrace, convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, supplying drugs to a victim,
attempted sexual assault

Nadeem Aslam, 43, of Belle Grove West, convicted of supplying drugs to victims

Redwan Siddquee, 32, of West Road, pleaded guilty to causing or inciting prostitution, supply or offering to supply
a class B

The police investigation, Operation Sanctuary, is continuing.
There have been about 100 convictions so far...'

I can't say for certain, but 'XY' may have been connected to this case:
'Bahmani Ahmadi: Police questioned and released sex offender in 2012.'

You know... a year ago, the BBC wouldn't have had the balls to print those names and addresses due
to the crazy political correctness that swept the land. But all that changed when that Welshman drove
his van into London.

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I'm happy to see these psychos are being taken down. I have mixed feelings about paying the man for information, but I think that's how it works most of the time, unless they have some other bargaining chip; the public just isn't aware of it.

I was reading a report earlier about the pedophile ring across the world, and how deeply they have infiltrated every office of government over the entire world, right down to the post offices and police departments; so deeply, they said it was going to take a very large special forces team to take them down. The sources were anonymous, so I didn't make a thread. All the article had to offer were words on paper.

This goes much deeper than anyone might realize.  How did it get so wide-spread without someone doing something earlier?   tinycrying

I Know Mystic Wanderer, it is troubling,,,,, But What,,, if they offered this sick Bastards one of those new Life-Like Porno Dolls that can be Programmed for Rapist and Pedophiles,,,, The Criminal may give up the Clinton's!!!!!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

Quote:Operation Sanctuary review finds adult abuse 'extensive'

'Vulnerable women are most likely being "extensively" abused across the UK and ministers need to
urgently review sex exploitation laws, a report says.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3279]
David Spicer.

David Spicer led a review in the wake of Operation Sanctuary which saw 18 people jailed for the sexual
abuse of young women groomed in Newcastle. He said exploitation was not being recognised in adults.

The operation identified about 700 victims in total across the Northumbria Police area, 108 in Newcastle.
The Home Office said it would "look carefully" at Mr Spicer's 33 recommendations, which also included a
need for research into the cultural background of abusers, many of whom in the case of Sanctuary,
Mr Spicer said, were from a "predominantly Asian or British Minority Ethnic culture or background".

Mr Spicer, who carried out the serious case review for the Newcastle Safeguarding Adults and Children Boards,
said it was clear "adults were being targeted, groomed and exploited" as well as children.

But he said authorities do not have the powers to intervene with adults to stop them "making bad choices"
or forming "inappropriate relationships". He said: "Vulnerability is not determined by age and it is likely that
extensive abuse of vulnerable adults is taking place across the country unrecognised."

Operation Sanctuary started in 2014 after a 21-year-old woman with a learning disability told police she had
been a victim of sexual exploitation over a long period. Further reports from two 19-year-old women "confirmed"
sexual exploitation was a much larger problem in Newcastle "than previously recognised".

Mr Spicer said the operation had proved successful but it was only when Northumbria Police and other agencies
like Newcastle City Council started looking for the issue they found it.

'Culture research needed'
He also said the government needs to research the "profiles, motivations and cultural and background influences
of perpetrators of sexual exploitation". In the Newcastle case, most of the men were British-born but all came from
Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian or Turkish communities.

Think tank the Quillam Foundation, which focuses on counter-extremism, said 84% of the 264 offenders convicted
of grooming between 2005 and 2017 were of south Asian heritage. Mr Spicer said the perpetrator he spoke to
"displayed no regret" and "spoke in a derogatory manner about a lack of morals in British girls".

The report noted that there was no evidence that police and other agencies had been reluctant to investigate amid
"misplaced" concerns over political correctness or allegations of racism. Mr Spicer also said confidentiality systems
in sexual health services should be reviewed as a lack of information-sharing meant no-one spotted victims who
went to multiple clinics.

Medical professionals such as pharmacists should also be trained to spot signs of abuse, he said.
Mr Spicer was also critical of the ordeal of victims giving evidence in court saying several complained it caused
"lasting serious mental health problems".

As well as reviewing the way victims are treated during trials, Mr Spicer also said the terminology of charges should
be changed to avoid causing further distress.
This was after victims complained the charge of inciting prostitution labelled them as prostitutes...'

There's an excellent link that offers a report from The Quilliam Group.

Quote:'A new report by Quilliam International has found an alarming level of over-representation of (South) Asian
men in group-based child sexual exploitation crimes, otherwise known as ‘grooming gangs’.

In light of the recent spate of these grooming gang cases reported in the UK, Quilliam has conducted its own
research into this growing epidemic to determine whether this was a case of one-sided news coverage or
whether South Asian-ethnicity individuals were indeed over-represented in this specific crime profile.

Both authors, CEO Haras Rafiq and Researcher Muna Adil, are of British Pakistani heritage and, in light of
recent events, deemed it necessary for a strong voice from within the community to add a balanced and
evidence-based view to the discussion surrounding grooming gangs.

Haras Rafiq said:

“I’m from the heart of where one of the biggest high-profile cases has happened over the last few years,
and I’m saying it’s very important that we do talk about it because the problem won’t go away.
We didn’t want there to be a pattern of people from our ethnic demographic carrying out these attacks.
But unfortunately, we were proven wrong.”

Muna Adil said:

“There are elements from within the British Pakistani community that still subscribe to outdated and sexist views
of women embedded within their jaded interpretations of Islam. These backward views are passed down from
generation to generation until the lines between faith and culture dissolve, making it increasingly difficult to
criticise one without being seen as a critic of the other.”

The report consists of a comprehensive data analysis of grooming gang cases identified in the UK since 2005.
Ten case studies from 2010-2017 are also analysed in depth to help determine any similarities and identify any
patterns that exist across the cases.

The report recognises there to be a disproportionate representation of males with (South) ‘Asian’ heritage who
have been convicted in such cases, with this ethnicity male perpetrator/white female victim dynamic serving as
the prominent feature of these grooming gangs.

Most of these men are of Pakistani (Muslim) origin, and the majority of their victims are young, white girls.
The report suggests that the background of these men has influenced their actions.

The report found that 84% of ‘grooming gang’ offenders were (South) Asian, while they only make up 7% of total UK
population and that the majority of these offenders are of Pakistani origin with Muslim heritage. The report later goes
on to discuss and analyse these cultural and religious contexts in order to explain why this demographic features
so prominently in this specific crime.
The report concludes with a number of recommendations that we hope will begin the process of working towards

It is the hope of the authors that this report sparks much-needed dialogue that is nuanced and evidence-based,
and replaces the reactionary attitudes that currently plague the public sphere regarding any issues that directly
or indirectly involve minorities.

A Home Office spokesman said: "These are abhorrent crimes that have had a devastating impact on the lives
of the victims involved."...'

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"predominantly Asian or British Minority Ethnic culture or background"  = muslim

 Sad but GB has become a third world sh#t hole. Its seems its too late for the British to do anything.
"When a country cannot protect its children and women it has lost"
(02-23-2018, 01:32 PM)Wallfire Wrote: "predominantly Asian or British Minority Ethnic culture or background"  = muslim

 Sad but GB has become a third world sh#t hole. Its seems its too late for the British to do anything.
"When a country cannot protect its children and women it has lost"

Yep. And those are the assets they're after. Tribal-basics.
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Well in Finland we are going the same way. A 23 year old muslim raped a 10 year old girl, the courts fined him 3000e and three years in prison. Basically the muslim was not found guilty of rape because there was no sign of the child been forced so its implied the child wanted sex.
The fact is muslims in Finland are given much smaller sentences for rape and violence.

The source is in  Finnish

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