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I guess ’Black Lives Matter’ really don’t matter in Africa
I Really Don't think Lives Matter at all in Africa, that Country actually sold and Still Sells it's Own People Into Slavery and NOW!
Quote:Families ‘donate’ kids to Boko Haram to be used as suicide bombers
[Image: GettyImages-472259814-1280x720.jpg]
Quote:Nigerian families are reportedly willingly handing over their children to the terrorist group Boko Haram in order to allow children to be turned into suicide bombers against Nigeria’s military, according to Nigerian military officials, the Daily Caller reported.

Boko Haram became the center of the public’s attention when, in 2014, the terrorist group raided a Nigerian school and took 276 girls. The incident created an international outcry, with notable figures, including then-first lady Michelle Obama, joining a “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign.

While a number of the girls managed to escape, many were sold to Boko Haram fighters for the price of around $12. Many of the girls were forced to have the terrorists’ children, but according to AllAfrica, suicide bombings done by children, largely teenage girls, has been on the rise in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno.

According to AllAfrica, Nigerian Army spokesman Brig. Gen. Sani Usman said the military discovered families were purposefully handing their children over to the terrorist group. Usman pleaded with families to discontinue the practice of donating their children for suicide missions, calling the practice “barbaric.”

“It was discovered that most of these hapless minors were ‘donated’ to the terrorist sect by their heartless and misguided parents and guardians, as part of their contribution to the perpetuation of the Boko Haram terrorists’ dastardly acts against the Nigerian society and humanity,” Usman said.


I ask everyone here,,,,,, our Guest also,,,, Where are those Dedicated Black Lives Matter Protesters?
Afraid to go to Africa? Oh,,, that's right, they won't have Liberals and the Local Politicians and Law Enforcement to Protect Them,,,,
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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