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Son of a Gun a true story maybe ?
I play golf with a diverse group of guys from different countries. Today one of the guys said "Son of a Gun, I never expected that putt to break that way"... Which reminded me of a story about the route this saying has taken from the British empire days.
Supposedly back when sailing ships and the man of war vessels the Brits used to help rule the British empire from afar pulled into a docking berth the Prostitutes would service the guys who remained upon the ship.. The best place below decks to carry out there trade was actually upon the cannons... Since birth control was more of a miss than a hit some of the girls ended up getting pregnant.. IF the children were not aborted or thrown into a dust bin and were actually registered as a live birth then on the birth certificate you had to list the father... Since many of the girls had no idea who the father was the birth father would be listed as "Son of a Gun".
Just a story but I would not be surprised if there is much truth in this one..
(08-07-2017, 06:55 AM)727Sky Wrote: ...Just a story but I would not be surprised if there is much truth in this one..

I would think it has great merit, although my first thought was that it was shortened over
time from 'son of a gunner', but I now know I was wrong.

From Wikipedia (I know-I know!!)... there's an interesting suggestion.

'...Admiral William Henry Smyth wrote in his 1867 book, The Sailor's Word-Book: "Son of a gun, an epithet conveying
contempt in a slight degree, and originally applied to boys born afloat, when women were permitted to accompany their

husbands to sea; one admiral declared he literally was thus cradled, under the breast of a gun-carriage."...'

I prefer yours Sky, it's more 'real'!!!
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@727Sky  and @BIAD   minusculeclap That was interesting  minusculeclap
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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