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Hillary Clinton’s next vocational
If this is a True Article,,,,,, they had better Lock Up The Collection plate and All the Valuables!
Quote:This could be Hillary Clinton’s next vocational move — and it might shock some people
Who in their Right Mind would ever attend her Church? her followers?
 [Image: sister-act-gif-1450365032.gif] 

Quote:According to Pastor Bill Shillady, Hillary Clinton wants to make a move toward becoming an ordained Methodist minister.
A report by The Atlantic made claims on Sunday that Clinton told Shillady during a recent photo shoot for his latest book on the devotionals he sent her during the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton, in the past, made no bones about her religious leanings.
In a 1994 interview with Newsweek, she discussed with writer Kenneth Woodward that her religion is of utmost importance to her.
From Newsweek’s interview:
Quote:“… Long before [Clinton] was a Democrat, a lawyer, or a Clinton, Hillary Rodham was a Methodist. And that, say those who know her now as well as those who knew her when, is the way the First Lady is best understood. She thinks like a Methodist, talks like a Methodist and wants to reform society just like a well-Sunday-schooled Methodist churchwoman should. ‘I am,’ she told Newsweek in an exclusive interview at the White House last week, ‘an old-fashioned Methodist.'”

Quote:Interestingly enough, Newsweek, at the time, called the Clintons one of the most “openly religious First Couple this century has seen.”
Openly religious,,,,,, How, Where and with Who? the Church Of Satan!!!???  smallseeingred 
If Hillary wants to become a minister, it has to be to avoid taxes. All she cares about is money.
But then you have to think,,, She’s tried and failed at everything else, I guess she figures it worked for Sharpton and Jackson.
You have to read the rest of the article here: Source

Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Quote:If Hillary wants to become a minister, it has to be to avoid taxes.

That was my first thought too. That, and a way to embezzle money from the collection plate.   mediumsmartass

Tax exempt... Hillary's state of euphoria.
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