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FDA Changes Its Mind on Vaping
See?  I told you!   tinysure 

Remember how the FDA was telling everyone about the dangers of vaping?  Well, now they have changed their mind.
They are actually encouraging people to vape to keep them from becoming addicted to tobacco cigarettes.

What about all those studies that were supposed to show how bad vaping is for us? 

If this tells you nothing else about our government, it should send the message that they only tell us what they want us to do at that time. 

I smoked my last cigarette in 2014 and started vaping, and I haven't picked up another cigarette since.  I read studies from some other country that said they couldn't find anything harmful in the liquid used for vaping, but, of course, the USA studies said the opposite.

Now, they want to change their tune? 

Pfft!  If you go by any studies on food, vaping, or any other products, I suggest you forego the research done in America and look elsewhere for the truth.

[Image: 700_f99325de7f3e971fafa2bdc4bf836937.jpg?v=1501624893]

Quote:FDA changes its tune on vaping.

The potential impact that vaping can have on the health of users is still largely unknown which meant that when the phenomenon first reached the FDA, which governs the sale of consumables in the United States, e-cigarettes were met with stringent restrictions. However, now it appears that the FDA has changed their tune when it comes to the new technology as the experts believe that vaping may have a crucial role to play in reducing tobacco consumption in the United States.

When the FDA announced their restrictive package of regulations for e-cigarette products last May, they were met with a volley of criticism. It was feared that the measures could destroy the nascent industry at a time when the evidence seemed to be suggesting that vaping was essential for many smokers seeking to kick the habit.

Vaping: Less harmful chemicals as traditional tobacco

Now it appears that representatives from the FDA have listened to this criticism and re-examined the research. According to the FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the primary concern of the regulatory body when it comes to smoking is the chemical compounds found in tobacco which he claims is the principle cause of sickness in smokers. Gottlieb explained that despite the lack of research on the potential long term effects of e-cigarettes it is immediately evident that vaping does not involve the same release of harmful chemicals as traditional tobacco. Therefore, the FDA believes that vaping may eventually bring major public health benefits to American society. For that reason, they are now encouraging applications from e-cigarette companies.

In addition to encouraging e-cigarettes, the FDA has also announced that they have other plans to reduce tobacco consumption in the United States. The body claims that they have the long term aim of lowering nicotine levels in traditional cigarettes to such a degree that it will prove to be non-addictive. The benefits of this, according to Gottlieb, mainly concern young people who are at risk of becoming hooked on cigarettes from their first smoke.

“The overwhelming amount of death and disease attributable to tobacco is caused by addiction to cigarettes, ” explained Gottlieb who pointed out that it is the only legally available product in the United States which will kill approximately 50% of all long-term users. Gottlieb and others from the FDA say that this is a serious enough reason to begin the radical overhaul of the regulations governing the tobacco industry. Gottlieb says that if these measures are successful, then 5.6 million young people might be spared a premature death as a result of smoking in the future.

Ahh... I just came across this article to back up my statement about the scientific research in America.  minusculeknocks 

Quote:It was once the case that scientific papers were published in whichever journal was the most fitting. All research and its implications became part of a collective body of scientific work with relatively equal importance. But a shift occurred when a scientific journal out of MIT, called Cell, started a trend in publishing scientific research that told a broader story. Importance was placed on showing the implications of the research as part of a greater picture and therefore bigger, more profound discoveries were given greater value, while the more mundane research was deemed not as exciting.

This competitive nature has created a system in which scientists feel the need to publish groundbreaking stories, in the most prestigious journals to be considered relevant. And this is essentially the only significant value in publishing with one of the big six – clout. Despite their exorbitant profits, these publishers don’t provide much in the way of standards or scrutiny in the peer-review process.

In fact, there have been numerous instances of research with shoddy methods and inaccurate results that have been published in some of the more astute journals. Instead of investing in carefully vetted, quality research, their M.O. is quantity. In fact, there have been scientists who have intentionally submitted phony research to see if it could pass the peer-review process, and it often worked.
(Highlights by me)

You can read the full article here: 6 Corporations Control Most Scientific Publications

There was a time I'd heard about when the Government of a country was designed to
work for it's citizens and seek the truth to benefit all.
But I could be mistaken and it was just a story told to children.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(08-02-2017, 08:40 PM)BIAD Wrote: There was a time I'd heard about when the Government of a country was designed to
work for it's citizens and seek the truth to benefit all.
But I could be mistaken and it was just a story told to children.

Those days are long gone. 
It's all about obeying the Powers That Be now, and writing what they tell them to write in their research papers that brings them the most profit.

In other words... SCREW THE PUBLIC!   tinyok


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