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The Truth About Smart Meters, Cell Phones, Cell Towers, etc.
I've posted other threads about Smart Meters, Cell phones, Cell towers, chemtrails, etc., but I feel compelled to share another one.  I'll keep spreading the word until the masses realize how these things are affecting our minds and physical health.

This video is very long, and then there is another one below.  I encourage EVERYONE to take time out and learn what the people behind the scenes are doing to us.  Scientific proof is presented in these videos.

Quote:This video is the most comprehensive video (2 hrs 30 mins) I have found to date, so I encourage everyone to view and, also, please study it.

Pregnant women must hear the reasons why they should not sleep in a bedroom that has non-thermal radiation waves from smart meters penetrating it.  Smart meters use a 905 Megahertz frequency that apparently is dumbing down those who are exposed to them.
Regular Dect phones base stations produce strong radiation fields.

Energies were measured up to six hundred times more than the set standards!  EMF trauma to blood cells (rouleaux formation) is verified in this video.
Some people are so disturbed by AMI Smart Meter microwave radiation, they actually have become homeless because they could not live in their homes.


2nd Video...

Quote:Published on Jun 18, 2017
This is no joke people, and at the power level most of them are putting out at present, they are effecting everyone biologically, and causing death through brain tumors and many cancers. Many people are going to say, the government would never allow such a thing to happen, but you have to remember this, those people in power have been in power for a very long time, and they intend to stay in power by what ever means they deem necessary. This weapon is invisible, and it is effecting our minds as well as our bodies make no mistake about it folks. So what are you going to do about it. ? Phone towers are microwaving us very slowly at present, but they can crank up that power any time they like.

Also many people have had dreams and visions of an EMP strike on the USA. What if this strike was a false flag done by our own government, and not by a bomb dropped from a Chinese or Russian plane, but only made to appear that way, just like the false flag 9.11 event. Make no mistake about it folks, the shadow government wants to take the USA down, so they can implement their NWO plans.

Please note folks, anyone is free to down load my video's, BUT PLEASE GIVE THEM ANOTHER TITLE NAME , THUMB NAIL AND CATEGORY. I see copies of my video's around the place, but they are using the exact same thumb nail and description, this is no good because they will be hidden away among"st thousand of other video,s. So give the video a new name at least, and leave a link back to my channel as the original up-loader. Thank you.

Stay strong in the Lord, and fear nothing, just be alert to what is going on, and inform as many others as you can.


Still don't believe it's real?

I'll just leave all these patents here for you to look over.   tinywondering Maybe that will help convince you.

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors
Patent number: 6506148
Remote magnetic manipulation of nervous systems
Patent number: 6238333
Pulse variability in electric field manipulation of nervous systems
Patent number: 6167304
Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems
Patent number: 6091994
Electric fringe field generator for manipulating nervous systems
Patent number: 6081744
Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems
Patent number: 6017302
Method and apparatus for associative memory
Patent number: 5995954
Magnetic excitation of sensory resonances
Patent number: 5935054
Thermal excitation of sensory resonances
Patent number: 5800481
Note this patent includes microwave radiation inducements
Bipolar fog abatement system
Patent number: 4475927
Multiple wavelength instrument for measurement of particle size distributions
Patent number: 4361403

Quote:In reading the above information, one has to question whether some of the patents are being used in various microwave technologies, smart gadgets and appliances, and possibly even with weather geoengineering.

Those patents confirm scientific information and applications, I think, which ought to be brought to the attention of all fifty state public utility commissions regarding electromagnetic frequencies; how their applications at various low hertz levels function; and their effects on the human organism especially since utility companies are exposing customers to electromagnetic frequencies from smart meters, which are making people sick, disoriented and electromagnetically hypersensitive at frequencies thousands times faster than the frequencies in the patents granted above.

If those patent low frequencies can cause various human biological reactions, what’s going on from EMFs in the gigahertz ranges, which AMI Smart Meters operate at?

There is a whole bunch more to read on the Source Article

@Mystic Wanderer
Here is an article I read that fits your thread I think.
Quote:Professor claims Obama’s eco-friendly light bulbs are causing health problems

Yes another of Obama's Legacy's gone Bad!

Quote:A professor in the United Kingdom claims LED light bulbs, which have grown in popularity since the federal government began to push consumers away from incandescent light bulbs in 2007, cause headaches and can create feelings of pain and dizziness.

Arnold Wilkins, a professor of psychology at the University of Essex, said LED lights dim by 100 percent, which means the turn on and off hundreds of times every second.

This constant flickering is not noticeable to many people, but Arnold said the effects of the flickering can include headaches, feelings of pain, and dizziness, according to a report by the Daily Mail (U.K.).

Writing for The Conversation, Wilkins said, “We know from earlier work on fluorescent lighting that even though the flicker is too fast to be visible, it remains a likely health hazard.

In 1989, my colleagues and I compared fluorescent lighting that flickered 100 times a second with lights that appeared the same but didn’t flicker.
We found that office workers were half as likely on average to experience headaches under the non-flickering lights.”

“No similar study has yet been performed for LED lights,” Wilkins continued.

“But because LED flickering is even more pronounced, with the light dimming by 100% rather than the roughly 35% of fluorescent lamps, there’s a chance that LEDs could be even more likely to cause headaches.

At best, it’s likely to put some people off using LED bulbs because of the annoying, distracting effect of the flickering, which we know can be detected during saccades.”

In 2007, the Democrat-controlled Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act, a broad reform bill that was used by the Obama administration to phase out most traditional light bulbs. 
[Image: Obama-1.jpg]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Yes, @guohua, and they have told parents with young children not to have them in their homes because they can be deadly if they explode.

(07-30-2017, 05:34 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Yes, @guohua, and they have told parents with young children not to have them in their homes because they can be deadly if they explode.

Yes, there is Mercury and a gas in there I think.
I wonder how much of a Kick Back Obama was or is receiving?

No one will listen, but this just go to show people he Never Cared About Them or Their Children!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
More on cell phones being reported.
I know some of you suffer abd well be able to relate to these article.
Quote:California Health Officials Release Guidelines To Avoid Cellphone Radiation
They are saying at least an Arm's Length away from you.

Quote:SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — California health officials have a new message for cellphone users.
For the first time ever, the California Department of Public Health has released guidelines about harmful cellphone radiation and how you can avoid it.

Dr. Karen Smith with the California Department Of Public Health said, “We recognize that there are a lot of people in the general public that have some concerns about their cellphones and whether using a cellphone is safe.”

Smith said, “When you sleep, you keep the cellphone at least arm’s length away from your body. And also, not carrying your cellphone in your pocket, having it either in your purse or not carrying it with you.”

The research suggests cellphones could increase our risk for brain cancer and tumors, low sperm count, headaches, as well as impaired memory, hearing, and sleep.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz at UC Berkeley said, “Currently we’re not doing a good job in regulating radiation from these devices. In fact, we’re doing an abysmal job.”
Quote:Never Carry In Pocket..

Quote:[url=]Increased Risk For Brain Cancer, Low Sperm Count, Headaches, Impaired Memory...
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

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