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I was wondering why the Ancient Aliens Film crew wasn't all over this.
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I'm beginning to believe this is a made for tv hoax. Why? Because it doesn't take this long for DNA test.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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I finally got around to watching the latest update on GAIA.

The DNA test showed the hand of Maria (the big mummy) belonged to the body, and the carbon dating matched also.

(click on image for full view)
[Image: Maria_Mummy.jpg]

He said it showed it had human DNA.
He named three different species we know of that show a high level of human DNA. One was the Neanderthal with 99.5% human DNA, Cro-Magon with 100% human DNA, and then Denisovan with 99.7% human DNA.

Right now they are doing an even deeper analysis to see which of these three species it most likely came from. 

He also said they looked inside and saw the lungs and all internal organs were where they should be, as a human.

My personal opinion is, if the story of ETs creating humans from messing with our DNA is true, this could eventually offer proof of one of the hybrids that eventually led to what we are today. We'll have to wait a bit longer to see.


Two remote viewers, Brett Stuart and Kahn Ali,  known for their accuracy over the past nine years, have gone missing after remote viewing the "Nazca Aliens" before they were killed.  Kerry thinks they were probably taken into the SSP, but no one knows for sure.

Quote:Two remote viewers appeared on John B. Wells and Jimmy Church radio shows.  They were well spoken and good communicators.  And they had proven the accuracy of their method by revealing that the Nazca female was pregnant when she was tortured and killed.  They revealed this prior to the announcement by Gaia TV.  Even the team at Gaia were said to be impressed by their accuracy.

[Image: TROIKA-RV-536x360.png]

They described how it happened.  Confirmed the race of beings were from off-planet.  And that they appeared to be androids.  Or carbon based life forms with an AI component attached to the area of the Thorax.

And some or all the other beings found at the same site (although carbon dated to a different time) had the same kind of robotic or android crystalline attachment. 
This is very important evidence of a visiting race that may be biologically designed to carry an AI chip by another race of beings (not human).  At least one person has claimed the race are Reptilian.  I don’t know where they are getting their info from.

These men said, based on what they saw, some of the beings at the site might still be operational.   tinybighuh

Quote:One striking statement which was made by one of the two was that in viewing the original site it was clear that some of the beings (who had this crystalline chip) were still “operational” in other words they were not decommissioned or “dead”.

This is key and they even took he time to warn the host (in this case Jimmy Church) that the Gaiam team should be warned of this before going to the site.

According to Jay Weidner, head of development and production at GAIA.TV his team heeded the advice of the two remote viewers and decided not to visit the actual site where the alien bodies came from.   Again the potential to encounter activated ET robots seemed high and not desirable.  This is the kind of indicator that tells us there is much more related to this story than meets the eye.

There is much more in this article you can read from the source, if interested.

ETA:  Update...

Quote:Saturday 10:00pm  — I received an email tonight at 9:58pm from one of the remote viewers (Brett Stuart) and hope to have more details soon.  He states that they have been busy with personal matters for the past couple months which is why they have not been publicly active.


This is a new interview with a remote viewer who saw the mummies as they lived during their lifetime, and why Maria was killed.  It's a fascinating story.

Start at the 30:40 mark for the Nazca Mummies


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