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I was wondering why the Ancient Aliens Film crew wasn't all over this.
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I'm beginning to believe this is a made for tv hoax. Why? Because it doesn't take this long for DNA test.
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I finally got around to watching the latest update on GAIA.

The DNA test showed the hand of Maria (the big mummy) belonged to the body, and the carbon dating matched also.

(click on image for full view)
[Image: Maria_Mummy.jpg]

He said it showed it had human DNA.
He named three different species we know of that show a high level of human DNA. One was the Neanderthal with 99.5% human DNA, Cro-Magon with 100% human DNA, and then Denisovan with 99.7% human DNA.

Right now they are doing an even deeper analysis to see which of these three species it most likely came from. 

He also said they looked inside and saw the lungs and all internal organs were where they should be, as a human.

My personal opinion is, if the story of ETs creating humans from messing with our DNA is true, this could eventually offer proof of one of the hybrids that eventually led to what we are today. We'll have to wait a bit longer to see.


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