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Anchor's Aweigh: Bonhomme Richard - C (S1E1)

Norfolk, Virginia
December 7, 2025

A man with three stars walks up the plank of the old vessel. A female Naval officer has her boots on a Master Chiefs head on the Quarter Deck.. The vice Admiral speaks, "Good morning Lt. Letch..  It is.."

"Vorley.." The woman smiles evilly as she twist the burly arm of the Master Chief, "What the fuck do you want? Here to tell me I am pretty to! Should you not be standing the F#$5 at attention!"

"You will go to the brig for this," The master chief spits out blood.. Sir.."

The watch eyes the Admiral not saluting.. The petty officer of the watch comes to attention, saluting..

"Dude the Admiral is saluting her and waiting.." The POW spoke to the rover..

"B#$%^ said , and I quote.. Your job is to keep your hands clear and watch for threats... Your a working party the POW salutes.."

"Good boy.. You see Vorley the Master Chief here decided to bury a rape and then lied to me.." Twisting the man's arms, "What brings you here today?" Letch give a one finger salute..

Staring forward as he drops the salute, "Sir.. Regina has respectfully sent me.." Maintaining a thousand yard stare as the Captain and XO walk out..

Seeing the situation the XO tries to intervene.. A few seconds later the XO's teeth are flying from his head hitting the side of the hatchway.. As his hits the deck out cold the Captain freezes..

"Vice Admiral I will.." Still standing in perfect, Vorley does not alter his gaze. The CO pauses and replicates Vorley, "Vice Admiral???"

Vorley does not move or respond..

"So Mrs. De'Chez has requested my prescense.. F@#$ing great... Did she F#$% littleman again?" Vorley did not answer, "Wait.. You do not know.."

"Out of the blue sir," Vice Admiral Vorley did not move..

Several people frooze down on the dock, and on the ship..

"Get the F#$% back to work," The confused enlisted stared at Vorley at attention to Letch's comments.. 

"MOVE THE F#$% NOW," Vorley yelled but did not physically move from attention.. "Stay where you are Captain!"

"Hey.. Forche.." 

The Rover came up with his hand on his side arm, "Mam.. I mean.. What do you want?"

"Your going with me.. POW.. Take these two S#$%bags to the brig.. Charges pending," Rufus Letch grinned.. "Forche, Stay in your fatigues.. Grab two of your numb butted friends.. We leave NOW.." Forche looked confused, "I can not tell mrs. De'Chez no.."

"Bossman level S#$%.. Give me ten minutes sir.. I need to grab some stuff from the Armory.." Forche Took off then stopped, "Sir.."

"Get there.. make it seven," Rufus looked at Vorley.. "Have your commander that is your driver come assume command of the S#$%boat.. This green horn is incompetant.. I am ordering massive retraining.. Bottom up.."

The POW had three chiefs come up who looked at the situation and laughed.. They greeted no one and grabbed the XO and the Master Chief as Rufus let him go..

"Vice Admiral.." The Captain tried to speak as Vorley took out his phone, "Sir this is.."

Vorley ordered the Commander up to the ship, as he explained the situation

The Driver came running up from the car.. Looking at Rufus, "Good morning mam.. thank you for this opportunity," The commander smiled.. "Commander Seto reporting for duty.."

"Take the Bridge," Rufus spoke with calm cool Authority..

Seto immediately turned the Captain around, "All right lets get this mess unF#$%ed.. I want every department head on the bridge one by one.."

"But she is just a Lt.." The Captain was getting pissed, "This is a breach of Discipline.."

"Sir.. She did not outright kill you .. Means your mistrained.. POW no one off the boat unless Lt. Letch authorises it.. "

Rufus smiled, "Pig to cool mud.."

"You know he has been B#$%ing to me for his shot.." Vorley stood aside as Rufus walked down to the Car.. "I am supposed to tell you that.. Sir.. Templar one broke up with the blonde again.."

"F@#4 me and he Emo bullS#$%.. If he was not a decent officer.. Better then you and MacCann.. I'd shoot him dead," Rufus waits for Vorley to get the door to the Drivers seat..


Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Deck of the Neal Condo

"Regina," Rufus sits back.. "So what is the deal..The upper Command staff of SPAWAR.."

The red headed woman smiles, "Today Phillip gets to make a choice.."

A four star Admiral pauses, "Honey.. We have talked about this.. I can not retire just yet.."

"That is not your choice today, baby.. You get to choose whose bed I sleep in tonight. And every night afterword." Regina's statement brings everyone to attention, "You see Nico and Awetin have broke up again.. There is a free bed at the colt farm.."

Admiral De'Chez swallows hard, "Regina honey.. We have talked about this.. There is no one.."

"Eight hundred and thirty nine years old.. Six time commanding officer of SPAWAR Darling.. She is overqualified," Regina stood up after pointing at Rufus.. "I love you but I want a farm and a home.. I do not want to keep traveling between Earth and the moon.. Their is a farm in Alabama just north of here.."

"No.. your not getting my farm.. " Rufus objects, "I will have Andros sent an extra set of bed sheets.. And extra set for Diana in green.. The finest made on earth and the moon.. You like black bed sheets right?"

"Hold on a god D@#$ minute.." Phillip stands up, "Rufus is just a Lt in the Navy.. I.. There would be issues.."

A woman wearing an eye patch walks out, "Regina.. Darlinng you rang?"

"Mammy," Phillip's face lost all color.. "No.. We are married.. You can not just.."

"Mammy darling.. Me and Phillip are disagreeing.. We are going to blow his money while he decides if I sleep in littleman's bed.. Or his.. You dont mind an extra woan in the house"

Mammy took Reggina's arm smiling, "No sug.. I want lunch.." Her klan speak speak accent came through, "Austin walked out this time.. There is so much to give you a heads up on.."

"Regina," Phillip watched as one of the Commanders held the sliding door for the two ladies.. "You cant just walk out.."

Regina stops, "Honey you can still wear the uniform just give Rufus the right to sign your name.. Rufus.. I am giving you a decades head start.. Fair trade for the farm.."

"F@#$ no.. It is not a fair trade!!" Rufus pauses, "I will give you one year worth of free shopping with BB's emporium.."

"Please Rufus.. Your eyes are arguing with your training.. You want command of SPAWAR now.. I have read the reports on your behavior missy," Regina shut the sliding glass door and walked away.

Phillip sat down defeated and looked defeats.. After a few seconds he takes out an old set of keys, "The old launch keys.." Phillip tosses them to Rufus.. I have one thing.. I want Andros far away from Crestview florida.. California is fine.. Just not near us please.."

Vorley swallows hard,  "MacCann.."

"God D@#$.." MacCann and the other officers come to attention..

"Phillip," Rufus sinks down into the chair the same way.. She takes out a set of keys, "The old barn lock.."

"Do you need a pass down.." De'Chez shakes his head, "Always Andros.. He saved my life.. I cant kill him but.. F#$% me it is tempting.."

"Old man.. She choose you.. I am good.. " Rufus has a tear fall, "I love that farm.. She is a B#$%^.." Turning to Vorley, "Vice Admiral Vorley.. Delay the car  with mammy and Regina from leaving.." She stands back up, "Old dog.. I hereby accept Command of SPAWAR.. I need your blank pay check.. I will rule in your name for now.. I want a promotion by your order to Lt. Commander.."

Phillip stands up and extends his hand, "Littleman.."

"MacCann.. Is the Rusty Boner still having issues," Rufus Speaks as the two shake hands..

"Yes sir," MacCann in shock speaks..

Vorley shakes his head and barks orders to enlisted nearby..

"I will walk you to the car Admiral.." Rufus shakes her head, "My god D@#$ farm.."

"I know.. My F#$%ing  Admiral's suite on the moon.." Admiral De'Chez and Rufus start talking, "Oh.. Uhm one thing.. My nephew.. I.. It is not in.."

"F@#$ no.. I am not removing Seaman schmucketelly.. To god D@#$ valuable to the defense of the human race.." Rufus sees De'chez's eyes raise.. "That incompetent F#$% shines just at the right time.. Plus he is an excellent training tool for .."

"Over eager officers," De'Chez smiles.. "Do you mind if I come by a few times?" Phillip sighs, "I built it from the ground up.."

"Of course not.. Random inspections that are a surprise.." Rufus turns and smiles evilly at teh officers now under her command, "Those are my FAVORITE!"

The officers swallow hard..

"Boys.. I have handed command to her.. If she gives an order.. You might as well consider it me giving it," De'Chez takes a deep breath.. "Retirement.."

"I have to Explain to Admiral Creast's Pretty boy that Andros is no longer available.." See De'Chez's Face, "If you dont mind call and let him know of the change of command for me.. "


Colt Farm
one hour later

Vorley and MacCann were standing at attention as Rufus parkoured up to the top deck..

"Captain Colt," Rufus spoke as she landed on the deck..

Andros was doing katas, "Cute no talking from and on the men.." Andros jumps on top of the rails and looks down, "SPAWAR.. And NAvy. Lt. Commander." Looking at Rufus, "Henrietta.. I see .. So Mammy is shopping with Regina.. Gina.."

When the phone rings Rufus gives her code and a voice comes over, "Captain Colt.. Glad I.."

"I see Admiral Jensen that De'Chez has not got a hold of you yet.." Rufus smiles, "Captain Colt is unavailable.. As the Commanding officer of SPAWAR.. I have need of him.."

"Rufus.. You," Admiral Jensen pauses.. "F#$% me you are not S#$%ting.. Phillip is calling .. May I talk with him to verify.."

"Go for it.." As Jensen puts Rufus on hold, "Vice Admiral.. Offer Jensen your services to help him with his issue.."

"I am no going.."

"Andros," Rufus puts her hand on his shoulder.. "I have to keep my word to Phillip.. Plus you need to brush up on your other skills.."

"Fine.. You want me to go.. I want command of my own vessel.. Same deal MacCann had with," Andros pauses as he sees her grin.. "You already have a vessel in mind.."

"I need you to inspect the Rusty Boner.. We had a deal to upgrade them and it is spilling millions of dollars.. I have had the SPAWAR officer on board detained.. After Inspection, relieve all the Crew you deem necessary.. Staff it with whoever you want from the DoD," Rufus raises the corners of her mouth.. "Subject to limitations of not more then one third of the crew as future specials.."

Andros thinks about it, "Go take command of the Rusty Boner.. No over sight from numb nuts.."

"I need you to behave like the CO's of the future do.." Rufus has an evil grin cross her face, "I want it ran on the Future UCMJ.. Not this bullS#$%.. "

A voice comes back over, "F#$% me.. Rufus.. Congratulations mam.. I hope we can work together in the future.. I know history was changed.."

"I would like for you to join me for lunch.. It has been a long time.." rufus stuck her hand, "Captain Colt.."

"What the F#$% I'm bored," Andros shook her hand.. "Make sure you call my national guard Commander and trade him to get rid of me.. He will give you his daughter and his left nut to be rid of me.."
The *Rusty Boner*  tinysurprised  smallroflmao
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

Secured Conference room
US Naval command

The room was completely quiet as an intelligence officer finished his statement..

An older four star Admiral sat back, "This.. This not good.. Lt. Rufus Henrietta Letch has in all but name assumed command of SPAWAR.."

"Admiral Stone.. Lt. commander Letch.. As I said it appears from our paid informants that she went on a complete restructuring.. We have no D@#$ clue, but it appears to be chaos.."

Admiral stone leaned back, "And her first stop was to collect Lt. Colt of the Florida national guard.. He disappeared shortly afterwards.. Keep an eye out for him.. I told that little SOB years ago that he would never serve in my Navy.. "

A female Lt. Commander spoke, "Admiral.. We are still having issues with the Bonhomme Richard.. It is over budget by 576 million roughly.. The system wont integrate.. Our suppliers have.."

The men in the room laughed..

"Your new here.." Admiral Stone grinned, "Keep your mouth shut till you are addressed.. Kiss your promotion goodby.." Seeing the Lt. commander pause and fight emotions, "Ms. Haver.. I never had any intention of letting the upgrades work.."

A black Captain smiled, "I have an Idea Admiral on how do deal with Lt. commander Letch.. Like we did Commander Scotts.."

"Perfect.. " Admiral Stone laughs, "She will not see it coming.. She is still listed in the Navy as an officer that will be perfect.. Good thinking Captain Willhelm.."

"Commander Scotts," The Lt. Commander stuttered..

"You see.. We had her set up.. It turns out she plagerized parts of her masters thesis.. Cant have a cheat in command of a vessel.." Captain Willhelm spoke evilly, "John.. Lets see if.."

A scared second class opened the secured door, "Admiral Stone.."

"What the F#$% do you want," Stone growled..

"The Assistant Secretary of the Navy is on line one.. " The Second Class was very afraid, "He needs to talk with you.. Something about why he has not received his copy of Andros Colt's evaluation of the Bonhomme Richard's progress.. He said you WILL make time to talk with him NOW!"

Wide eyed as anger passes through his eyes, The phone is picked up.. "Admiral Stone here Mr. Assistant Secretary of the Navy S.."

"Stone.. You are pulling S#$% again.. the Sec Def and the Secretaries are in a meeting with Lt. Commander Letch.. SPAWAR's Liason with the Dod.. Rufus said Mr. colt reported three days ago to the Bonhomme Richard.. Where the F#$% is the report?"

"What," Stone frooze.. "This is the first I have heard of this.."

"Stone.. " The man spoke, "You need to be careful whose pot your piss in on this.. I am sending you a read once file.. Lt. Colt.. S#$%.. Be very careful.. Rufus has authorised the release of the file to you.."

"I will get right on that for you sir," Stone threw the phone after the man hung up.. After a few seconds, " Get me that file now.."

Everyone is very quiet as the Second class walks over with a pad, "Admiral.."

Stone snatches the pad and brings it up so everyone can read it..

Everyone in the room sits back down in their chairs as they read the files..

"Holy S#$%," The Lt. Commander was wide eyed..

The intelligence officer whispered, "He.. He is THE first Templar One.. F#$% me.."

"Admiral why were you authorized to view this," Captain Willhelm swallows hard.. "He.. He was the operative during the Paris incident?"

"You see those medals.." The Lt. Commander swallows hard, "He.. S#$%, that is over three hundred medals.. From different Agencies.."

"CIA, NSA, DIA, Navy, Coast Guard, FBI, DoHS,Air force, SPAWAR, JSOC," Admiral Stone whistled.. "Who the F#$% has he not worked for?" Stone looked at the Second class, "Get me the Bonhomme Richard.. NOW!"


Bridge of The USS Bonhomme Richard

Everyone was frozen in place as a masked man in all black with a red cross on his chest stood in the center.. A weird sound came from the man as every one just stood their..

"Acknowledge transfer of Command to Andros Nicodemus Colt.. Captain SPAWAR.." the Computer's voice added, "Captain Rutledge's life signs indicate he has passed.."

The crew looked at the Captain's body as blood came from his his slit throat..

"this is mutiny and treason," The XO reached for his side arm..

The sound of a side arm barked, and the XO's brains went flying out the back of his head.. His body hit the deck and no one saw Andros hands move..

"Does anyone else have any treasoness intentions," Andros saw the surprised crew members shake their heads no.. "Good. Sailors.. In the future I was a naval Captain.. In 2012, I came back in time from 2089 to my thirteen year old body.. Since that time I have performed hundreds of mission for the government.. You are in safe hands if, and I mean if, you do exactly what I say.." 

The com officer is shaking, "Admiral Jensen.. A man has taken.." After a slight pause, "You ordered it.."

The crew turn towards the comm officer..

"Yes sir.. I understand.. The Command crew was executed for.." The com officer is shaking, "No sir.. I was not part of it.."

Andros accessed something on his arm.. A few seconds later, a hologram of an older well built Admiral appears..

"Jensen.. Good to see you old man.."

"god D@#$ it.. S@#$.. I hate to lose you to sea duty.." Jensen looks around the Bridge, "S#$% all three.. They were selling the parts.. I would offer to clean up, but this is your mess old man.. Rufus just left DC.. She wants you to sail the Bonhomme Richard to San Diego.. Captain, I really hate F#$%ing losing you.. It is time however.."

"Understood," Andros smiled as he looked out.

"S@#$.. Jensen out.."

A group of marines bring a chair to the Bridge.. Quickly they drag in heavy tools and bolt the chair in.. Andros sits down and accesses something on his body armor's arm..

"This is Captain Colt.." andros did not budge as the Marines attached movable displays to the chair.. " To all hands.. I joined this vessel as Midshipman Theresa Thatcher, of Maryland.. I have spent the last three days watching and seeing if our intell matched.. The marines you see with you are on loan from friends of mine in Arizona.." andros set back, " We have a problem ladies and gentlemen.. A huge one.. I will keep it simple.. I know everything you have done and are planning on doing.. The marines in front of you are handing some of you one shot nine mills.. "

Several people on the Bridge pause as the Marines hand them nine mills..

"If you are given one of these side arms.. Put the pistol in your mouth and save the DoN millions of dollars.." Andros coldly speaks, "We know all about the  buried rapes, the stolen gear, the sex for promotion.." Several of the people with nine mills now shake in fear as andros speaks, "I offer you an honorable chance to end your life.. Otherwise we will be coming for you.."

The weps officer close his eyes and sticks his side arm in his mouth and pulls the trigger..

one Drops the side arm and goes to her knees.. "You.. You have no proof.."

Andros says nothing else as the sound of gun fire can be heard from different parts of the ship..

The rest of the ones with a side arm, put the gun to their temple..

Several members of the bridge crew look away as the guns fire.. 

Coldly Andros waits as the sound of gun fire dies down from across the ship..

"To the rest of you.. those that did not pull the trigger will be wishing they did.." andros smiles, "For those of you that have done stupid S#$%, but received no gun.. Relax.. You will be put off in San diego and are reassigned to SPAWAR.." Andros typed something into the pad now in front of him

The woman speaks, "I.. I have a.."

One of the marines viciously hits her from behind with the butte of the rifle.. The woman twitches as blood comes from the back of her head..


"Money cant buy everything.. but Maybe so.. But it can buy me a boat," Chris Janson's voice filled the harbor with the instruments.. Wearing his red crossed body armor Andros stood on point of the boat as his music echoed loudly..

A bunch of seaman under marine corp's Sargents where singing along as the ship started docking..

Several other boats crews came out to see the racket..

Admiral Stone was very quiet for a moment, "The F#$%ing pirate flag.. Really.. Over SPAWAR's own flag.."

Rufus was singing along, " ..White  trash, and blue collar.. " Sighing, "Take note Admiral.. An old technique.. The crew is performing to rythm of the song.."

A very scared female is brought past the Marines around Rufus.. An older man stops and salutes, "Rufus.. One Lance corporal Jamie Franks.. Delivered as ordered.."

Rufus sharply returns the Salute, "Thank you Sargent Colt.. And yes your Nephew is Captain of the Bonhomme Richard

Shaking as her hand came up to salute, "Lance.. Lance Corporal Jamie Franks reporting to SPAWAR per my.. Per my orders.."

Rufus returns the salute as Stone glares, "Excuse me.."

"Your excused if want to leave Stone," Rufus shook her head..

"Lt. commander I," Stone stops cold as an armed Marine has a rifle in his back..

"Boos lady said youse mine if she gives me da signal.." The marine whispers in the Admiral Ears.. "I got bad eyes and I's slow.. Might make a mistake SIR.."

"Rufus," Admiral stone stood petrified..

"Jamie!!!" andros jumped off the boat and landed on the dock smoothly.. "Welcome aboard," Andros walked over like a lion..

Several other watches where whispering as the Old Gunny over the docking crew of the BR shouts, "Captain has disembarked.."

Admiral Stone looks up and sees the crew moving professionally as they finish the docking procedures..

Andros makes a weird sound as he moves his head around the Lance Corporal, "Good.. Only minor physical damage.." Andros picks up the Lance Corporal and hugs her, "Your safe Lance Corporal.. Your husband will not ever hit you again.. You have me word.."

"Captain.. I," The tears fall from the Lance Corporal.. She tries to speak as Andros holds her, instead she lays her head on Andros shoulder as she cries uncontroallably.. "No.. No one.. No one.. No one believes me.."

"The worlds most powerful Navy is on watch Lance Corporal.. Since my beloved F#$%ing Corps is acting like S#$%bags," Andros holds her as she cries.. Stepping back, "Now suck it the F#$% Marine.. Tears later.." Andros hands her a pad as she sucks it up..

"Sir.. S.. S.. S.. " 

"Your my new yeoman," Andros smiles evilly..

A chinook flies over the Bonhomme Richard, as tied and bound men are tossed onto the deck..

After the last is dropped on the deck of the ship, Andros sSalutes.. "Thank you Colonel.. The Navy thanks the US Army.."

The man on the opening salutes as the Chinook turns and flies off..

"Care to explain what the F#$% you are doing.. I will be reporting to your superiors Lt. Colt your inappropriate behavior.." Admiral Stone gets pissed.. "Lt.. I am speaking to you."

Andros walks over to one of the Marine Corps Major, "Mam.. I am charging Second maintence Battalion, and the Administrative offices from Camp Leguene with hundreds of charges.. They are now in SPAWAR custody.."

The Female Major looks to Rufus and then to the now shaking again Lance Corporal..

"Not counting rape, impeding an investigation, bribery, and a host of other S#$%.." Pointing loudly to the Lance Corporal, "Over One hundred article 134's..  Guess what for Marines.. Those marines on the deck of my ship Have left a marine behind.."

"Enough," Rufus growls.. "Are you trying to get those Marines killed.. The Commandant already knows and is on his way for their NJP. He asked me to let him unf#$% the Corp himself." Rufus looks at the marines, " He was so pissed, he is thinking of NJP'ing the whole God D@#$ corp's over this."

The marines all get angry and wide eyed, they turn and look up to the boat as the men are standing up..

"You over step you bounds.. Lt. Com.." Stone pauses as the rifle raises..

"Magic word is Sir," The southern marine smiled.. "Five.. Four.. Three.. Two.."

"Sir.. You over step.." Stone was pissed and scared, "I will make.... Sir.."

One of the marines is walked down the plank.. Several armed Marines are pissed off..

"Corporal Franks.. You and the rest of the Marines will be on the deck of the Bonhomme Richard.. At exactly 0700.." Andros leans forward, "You and your friends havve the day off.. Go enjoy your self.. "

"Andros," Sargent Colt speaks as he walks over.. 

"Uncle," Andros smiled?

"Do you see those sea gulls over their.. Your mother would love a picture of them.." Andros turns around to look at them.. George Colt hits the Younger Corporal in the stomach lifting him off the ground, "Hope you make it to your NJP.."

Andros turns back around, "Your right Uncle George.. To bad I am still pissed at your sister.."

"Andros.. That was over a decade ago," George has his hands behind his back.. "Wow.. Are all the girls california like that one jogging.. Looks a little like your Essie.."

Andros turns, "D@#$ Sargent.. Mrs. Lienge will kill you.. Maybe not she might like older women.."

George plants his boot in the Corporal's rib with a loud snapp..

Andros shakes his head and turns back around, "Corporal.. You are not allowed to sleep in front of me like that.. What type of marine are you.."

The Female Major walks over over, "Sargent Colt.."

Andros looks at her as Lance Corporal Jamie Franks wipes a tear..

"That nude woman jogging behind her looks much better.. You need to work on your taste," The major growls as Andros turns and looks..

The Major kicks the down Corporal in the nuts.. She bends over and Lifts the Corporal to his feet, "My apologies Captain.. I swore I saw a nude woman over there, your uncle missed.."

"Awe Corporal.. I see your standing up.." Andros motions for the Lance Corporal to follow him.. He yells when she pauses, "YEOMAN.. Quit pussy footing around.. We have S#$% to.."

The lance corporal kicks the barely standing Corporal in the nuts, making him fall to the ground.. She quickly runs to catch up to the Captain..

Rufus sees the anger on Admiral Stones face, "Oh.. We are downloading character into SPAWAR.. "

Admiral Stone looks at Andros and the Yeoman as bodies in black bags are unloaded..

"Sir," Jamie franks sucks up a tear.. "Scan the bags tag as they go by.."

Andros opens the first bag, "And then photograph each one.. Verify contents.. We are looking for contraband in the bags.." andros points back to Admiral Stone, "The Admiral is not aware how far over his head he is.."


Hours later

Several Captains, Commanders, Master Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, chiefs, and lower level enlisted have come off their ships to observe the commotion.. 

Seven huge UPS Semi's have been allowed access to the area, with Armed SPAWAR marines on them..

"..Vice President of Shipping.. UPS," The man in the suit swallows hard as he shakes Andros's hand.. "We appreciate you putting a good word for us with the new CO of SPAWAR.. You have any issues shipping any item.. Call me day or night.."

"Senior Chief Dimitrious.. I heard from your Captain Brown You know the Good Captain.." A man in full Naval Captain's Dress whispered..

"Captain Poe," Senior Chief Dimitrious  responded.. "Yes Sir.. Since he was fourteen"

"Introduce Us to our fellow ship Captain. Who has shanghied our marines," Captain Poe motioned for the Senior Chief to take point..

As they walked over another man spoke..

"..Director of Shipping with Amazon.. Captain.. I was worried over your five point three million dollar order.." The man seemed very relieved, "We made sure the whole order made it to the UPS hub.. From there to here sir.. Again we thank you Captain for Choosing Amazon.."

Roughly Fifty-ish people in old style utilities, walked down and formed a line to the back of a UPS truck.. Armed Marines are spaced out, with their weapons locked ready to fire..

"Sir.. We are ready to load," Jamie Franks is now wearing a Corporal's rank and a side arm.. She walks to the back of the open UPS semi,"The XO reported that she just got through the gate.."

Dimitrious leads the group around one of the UPS trucks as the first pieces start to be unloaded. They notice the Corporal scanning each piece in, before it is gently passed down the chain..

Several of the people watch as certain items go pass..

One chief whispers, "F#$%.. We need that Captain.. It is on back order with supply.."

Captain Brown watches for a second and swallows hard, "Five point three million dollars.. He is stocking his boat.."

"Dimitrious.." Andros gives the old Senior of Russian descent a hug.. "I aint seen you since the wedding.. How are you old dog.."

"You are still an A$$hole Andros," Senior Chief Dimitrious spoke.. Seeing several of the items go buy, "God D@#$ son.. I know you have some money.. S#$%.. Can we talk later.. We need some of those things.."

Captain Poe stepped forward with several of the Captains..

Senior Chief Diitrious introduced Andros to all the Captains, then down the food chain by rank..

Several of the first Classes and chiefs are shaking their heads, as they whisper that they need this or that..

A second set is being set aside every so often making the two executives get a worried look on their face..

"That is simple gentlemen.. Those are the items our scanners are saying do not match the specs we ordered.." Andros looks over, "So far about only one thousand two hundred and eighteen dollars in return out of Two hundred seven thousand, three hundred.." Something else goes buy, "Sixteen dollars and seven cents.. Good numbers.."

The Captains look at Andros pausing in their comments..

Senior Chief looks at the rates and starts getting a rough guess in his heads, "You are a mother F#$%er Andros.." Dimitrious laughs, "What do you want.."

"Senior.." Captain Brown whispers, "There is a line between the fact you know him and his rank.."

"Sir.. Captain played yall for ijuts.. He only needs about two of those trucks to fully stock his boat.." Senior speaks, "which means sir.."

Captain Poe turns and looks as the stuff is going up to the Bonhomme Richard, "That Captain Colt has Five truck loads to trade.."

"Yeoman," Andros calls out.. 

"Sending it sir," Corporal Franks calls out.

The master chiefs's phones go off with vibrations.. Quickly they get nods from Officers, and the master chiefs on down pull out their cell phones and start reading..

"My yeoman is handling the issues.." Andros grins, "All the negotiations go through her.."


Fifteen minutes later

Lines of sailors are at the trucks, Master Chief's are directing the flow of material to their boats.. the boats various Captains

Senior is saluting Andros, "Captain.. F#$% me.. Acting Master Chief.."

"Welcome aboard Dimitrious," Andros returns the Salute.. "Boats.. Te XO finally showed up.."

A female in an Air Force officer's uniform walks around the corner as marines shake their head..

Dimitrious moves and stands behind Captain colt to his right as the Second Lt. sees several officers shaking their heads..

Coming to in front of Andros and saluting, "Captain Colt .. Second Lt.."

Andros walks over to Yeoman Franks and starts reviewing the pile of returns..

"Sari Hatchette.." Bots crosses his arms and shakes his head at her, "I can explain.. Sir.."

"Boats.. You do know their is only a third class on the bridge.." Andros smiles as he goes through the pile, "Dont you think the XO of the bonhomee Richard should actually be on the bridge for her shift?"

"F#$% me.. Captain," Boats is wide eyed..

"Bridge .. Sir.." Hatchette is wide eyed, "I.. Captain.. I just graduated hours ago from the Air force Academy.. I.. XO???"

Captain Poe walks over, "Captain colt.."

Boats sees Andros and swallows hard, "XO.. Get your god D@#$ A$$ to the bridge NOW!" Taking a deep breath, "A third class.."

"She can explain to the four people that have called since she has been late.." Andros drops the stuff in his hand.."We will pay for those Yeoman.." andros walks over quickly as his voice takes an Erie tone and echos through the harbor, "Our XO is about to cry.. Tough S#$%.. You stopped to eat right.. Pissed.. Straightened your hair exctra.. Well those are precious F#$%ing minutes XO.. "Interrupting her, "Traffic.. It is called proper pre planning C#$%! You are not at your post.. People die.. I have no need wasting my time for S#$% the Air Force Academy should have taught you.. From this point forward every mistake you make, gets people killed.. I want every third sailor to step out of the lines NOW!"

Hatchette tears up as every sailor is looking at her stopping their work..

Every Third sailor follows the order as their Captains nod yes..

"Now those that stepped out, lay down. Their lives were in your F#$%ing hands.. Work around the dead boys." As the sailors go back to working stepping over the dead Andros points to several lower officers. "You outrank every single one of them now minus the perched eagles and stars.. every single one of them would trade this A$$ chewing for your position at your rank... Do NOT feed me bulls$%^ C#$%, welcome to the real DoD. Every decision you make from this point forward can save them or kill them!"

Tears fell down Hatchette's face as she stood at better attention..

Andros walked back over to the pile, as hatchette saw the navy personnel go back to work.. "Sir.."

Dimitrious glares but swallows hard, "Mam.." Dimitrious pushes the XO forward, "Now!"

"Dont forget boats.. We do not leave our dead behind.. The XO needs to get the dead accounted for and out of the working area.." 

The Captains are straight faced as Hatchette tries to stop her tears.. Embarrassed and ashamed she gets in front of Boats looking down..

"Per my agreement with the captains your under my command till you return to the boat.. Now you have lost one third of your work force.. those on the ground may sit up but not move.. My XO has to come get you and account for you in the deck logs.."

Captain Poe whispers, "That was a little harsh.." Smiling, "I like this idea.. Mind if I steal it?"

Andros grins as he looks Poe straight in the face, "Not my idea.. I stole it from an A$$hole I know.."
Great Writing,,,  minusculeclap
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(06-13-2017, 06:58 AM)guohua Wrote: The *Rusty Boner*  tinysurprised  smallroflmao

it is the actual nickname of the ship

unofficial of course

For some reason my script wont let me rate a positive on comments..

edit: did it

"I love you," A man in a suit responded.. 

"Jeff.." The woman swallowed hard as bullets rang out around them, "Listen to me.."

"Agent Campbell," A male voice laughs.. "Surrender.. I will execute the two of you quickly.."

"Gabriella," Jeff swallow hard.. "Listen.. No matter what happens.. I.."

The two kiss..

Music fills the area making both of them break the kiss..

Wide eyed with hope, "Its Littleman.."

Explosions fill the air, "What the F#$%.. Templar One is .."

"Agent Brande.." Skillet's hero fills the air, "You have been a very bad boy.. They are meant to escape.. But I kinda need an officer.."

"Andros Nicodemus Colt.. I accounted for everyone," Agent Brande yells.. "Advance on Campbell and.."

An SUV goes flying past Campbell and Gabrielle, "S#$%!"

A loud growl fills the air..

"S#$%.. Its Director Pinson's enforcer..." The men yell out, "Retreat.."

"You fools.. Helos is not," Brande stops as another car goes flying at him making him dodge..

Sniper fire aims for the mercenaries trying to escape..

"Fools.. We can fight out way," Brande is struck by another car that is going flying buy..

The Mercs put their hands up and go to the submission pose..

Brande was pissed as he stood up, "You.. You worthless.."

A big hand grabbed him, "Got em.. "

"Thank you Ox," Andros spoke as he walked forward..

One of the mercanaries stood, "It is just the retar.."

The mercanary went flying into a stone pillar.. A short man in all black appeared, he moved his hands in coded communication..

"Helos.. I had this," Ox sounded upset..

"Ox.. Helos is training you.. A training officer supervises at random the people he is training.. Helos says you did good," Andros spoke kindly as Brande was lifeted to his feet by Helos.. 

Campbell took a deep breath, "Littleman.."

Him and Gabriel walked over slowly..

Gabriel hugged Andros, "Thank god.. We.. I thought they had us.."

Campbell took a deep breath, "You said you needed an officer.. I.."  Looking at the mercs who would not greet helos's gaze, "What do you need?"

"I am in command of the Rusty boner.. I need an intelligence officer," Andros grinned evilly.. "A Naval Lt.. Specialty intelligence.."

Campbell stuck his hand out, "I am your man.. I owe you.. Captain Colt.."

Brande was set down, "Please.. Intelligence wont let Campbell back in.. He was burned for a reason.."

Andros grinned, "Campbell I appreciate the offer.. But.." Andros turned to Gabriel, "Welcome aboard Lt. Raw.."

Gabriel went wide eyed, "I.. I have a.. Me?"

"Lt. Commander O'HAre," Andros looks at Campbell.. "Rufus is in charge of SPAWAR.. She has requested you to report in.."

"O'Hare," Brande had a look on his face.. "No.. That.."

"My real name.. Letch .. SPAWAR," Jeff took a deep breath?

Andros looks over at Brande, "Alex wishes to speak with you personally.. He is not .. Well The science command interrupted him in the middle of a hot threesome.. To report your activities.. "

Ox shook his head, "I may retarded but I am not that stupid.. Helos.. " Ox spoke with fear, "Alex scares me when this happens.. I .. No.. I do not want to go.. By Mr. Brande.. It was nice knowing you.."

"Mr. Macer does not get his hands dirty," Brande had fear in his voice.. "It is Rufus who usually.."

"Your stupid," Ox shook his head..

Helos hand signals and smiles..

"Gentlemen.. Helos accepts your offer to join him," Andros speaks.. "He said Ox needs trainers to teach him to fight.."

Lt. Raw stopped and walked over, "Me.. Wait.. Why.."

Andros looked away, "Lt.. This conversation is.."

"F#$% you littleman.. Why wont you," A tear falls down Littleman's face.. "My.. My. God.. What was supposed to happen here today.."

O'Hare/ Campbell goes wide eyed, "Andros.. You said.. Wait.. You only said I.."

Andros stops and looks at O'Hare, "We are even.. All debts paid.. She is alive.. I am in deep s#$% with the Science Command.. Rufus.. Well she wont give two S#$%s.."

"I died here.." War took a deep breath, "Look at me.. I know you cant lie to a woman you think.. Wait.. You had a crush on me.. Littleman.."

"Not die.. Permanently in a wheelchair.. Then body armor.. " Brande looks as he is pointed at, "He was going to severe your spine.. Leave you a quadraplegic.. I.. O'Hare has to go to Rufus.. I.. "

Gabriel closes her eyes and kisses Andros on the cheek, "This was the moment he became a spy.. A real one.. Isnt it.. You changed history not for him.. "

Andros took a deep breath, "Forgive me O'Hare.. She is Hot.. Your a lucky man.. I understand if you do not want her on the rusty boner.."

O'Hare looks at Helos, "Littleman is in deep S#$% for this isnt he.. Alex told him that he .."

Helos stretches his arms way out..

"That much trouble," O'Hare smiles.. "This moment was supposed to change my psychology to.. To a superspy.."

"Mr. colt is in trouble," Ox was confused?

"Not with me Ox," O'Hare walks over to Brande.. "You will sing for Alex.. And I mean all the notes.. Captain.. I assume she will be stationed with you.."

"It wont be easy Raw.. You have to adjust to being an officer in Rufus's Navy.." Andros looked her in the eyes, "Every step will be earned.. The hard way.. "

"He will be busy playing spook," Gabriel takes a deep breath.. "A steady paycheck.. I am in.." Gabriel walks over to Brande, "I still have friends in Lebenon.. You better hope Alex loses the keys to your cell.."

Gabrielle kicks Brande in the nuts sending him to the ground..

"Lt. Raw.. Now.. We have other officers to grab," Andros smiles evilly.. "Oh.. Second Lt. Hatchette is the XO.."

"Gabriel.." O'Hare took a moment, "Captain Colt's command is not safe.. There will be people coming for him?"


Admiral Stone was trying to argue with Rufus, "Agent Brande is a trusted asset.. And Captain Colt choose to.."

Rufus shoves Admiral Stone over the rails into the water.. "That is my opinion.. "Rufus looks at Andros, "Littleman.. This complicates things.. This is your vessel.. To staff as you see fit.. Dimitious.. Remind me next time to not give that A$$hole open ended orders.."

"No offense sir," Dimitrious looks at Rufus Henrietta Letch with a smile.. "You enjoyed doing that.. And I better not hear man overboard from you F#$%ers.. Not in the deck log watch.. Admiral Stone has disembarked.."

A dark haired female shakes her head as she walks up the plank.. 

Andros smiles as he sees the woman, "Rufus darling.. Did I mention.."

"I already know you F#$%ing A$$hole," Rufus shakes her head..

Captain Poe signs a piece of paper for Yeoman Franks, "So another officer for the bonhomme Richarde? I should not have agreed to review for Captain Colt.." Shaking his head,"Captain brown.. Get the God D@#$ admiral out of the water before the idiot drowns.."

Rufus narrows her eyes but says nothing as Brown yells orders to her men on the dock..

California wind moves the womans hair, "Littleman.." Stepping up on the deck, "Your order was completely insured.. The damaged items were covered by Amazon.."

Andros looks at her," Darling.."

Gabriel is holding a clothes bag..

"Oh.. I see.. You need me to write out a policy for the Bonhomme Richard and the crew for individuals.. Ok.. I can do that.. I dont mind the business.. You know there are Geico agents here in california."

Andros takes out a phone, "Wait one.." Dialing a number from the old flip phone, A voice answers in russian..

The woman freezes in place and starts looking around..

"This is Captain Colt of the USS Bonhomme Richard.. I am respectfully requesting the transfer of Senior Lt. Katia Sparlitch to SPAWAR.. I need a third officer.." Andros smiled at the woman, "I need her skills as former Spetzna.."

"Littleman," Katia goes wide eyed as everyone freezes in place.. "What the F#$% are you doing?"

"We have known the whole time Katia.. " Rufus laughs as she takes the phone, "The FSB.. I accept your Spies transfer to the Rusty Boner.."

The voice starts speaking in Russian..

Coldly Rufus responds in russian..

Gabriel smiles as she hands the angry woman a uniform, "Senior Lt. Sparlitch.. The FBI was closing in on you.." Katia pauses, "You can say you slept your way out of trouble.."

Swallowing hard, she whispers to Gabriel.. "Delano.. His mother has been pissed since she found out.."

"Captain Colt called and said he needed a third officer.. " Gabriel smiles, "Alex told littleman to stop bulls#$%ting him.. If Katia Accepts he is fine with it.. Sandra Noel Macer called Rufus and requested she transfer you here.."

Captain Brown shakes her head, "A terriorist for an intelligence officer.. A Russian spy for a third officer.." Turning her head, "Captain Colt.. Is Rufus not giving you a budget for a command staff?"

Captain Poe takes a deep breath, "Just give me the D@#$ paperwork Yeo.." Poe shakes his head as the files are on the pad with the smiling Corporal Franks, "You.. Corporal.. " Poe looks around and shakes his head, "A fully stocked vessel.. Equipment and Competent crew.. Yeoman if I asked you for.."

Yeoman Franks takes the pad and brings up some files..

"God D@#$," Captain Poe starts reading the list.. "You mother F#$%er.. You are taking the best of the best. Yeoman.."

Captain Brown walks over, "Poe what.. A list of officers and enlisted up for.. Wait.." Brown looks around, "These are crew members that are up for transfer.. Do you have," The rover hands a pad to Brown with out say a word..

"I am authorized to negotiate for the Rusty boner.. " Corporal Franks grinned, "I am interested in some of your lower level enlisted.. Captain Colt has instructed me to negotiate for specifc people.. I prefer if you negotiate with Senior Lt. Sparlitch over officers.."

Sirens come as black SUV's show up..

Katia looked at the cars as the watch took a deep breath.. Quickly she stripped down to bra and panties. Unzippng the bag she started getting dressed, "Senior Lt. Katia Sparlitch, FSB and Spetzna.. Reporting to the Bonhomme Richard as ordered Captain Colt.."

Dimitrious shook his head and glared at the watch, "WRITE IN THE DECK LOG SENIOR LT REPORTED IN!" Dimitrious smiled evilly, "Also note.. Master Chief Dimirious gave the directive.. Prep for boarders.. NOW!"

Armed men from the SUV's came out with a man from the state department.. "Their she is.. Take her into custody.."

The men came up the gang plank with weapons drawn..

"The order is given," Andros spoke as Captain Poe and Captain Brown went wide eyed..

The man in the suit took out a piece of paper, "We were tole we might have trouble.. Captain Colt," The man frooze as did his men.. The Sea Wizz system moved and pointed at his vehicle, "Captain.. You cant be.."

Sea Whizz opened fire on the empty vehicles as armed men dove out of the way..

Admiral Stone fell back into the water

"I see your boys got my sea whizz working," Rufus spoke calmly after the ten second burst stopped..

"Gentlemen.. One at a time .. Up the plank.. You are hereby under arrest for assualting my Sea Whizz system with your cars..," Andros smiled as he heard some of his men move..

"You will go to," The man with the paperwork was missing part of his hand from a sniper shot..

From the phone, "I will notify the state department that Senior Lt. Sparlitch has been transferred to SPAWAR as a liason.." The man says something in russian..

Katia responds as she slides into her shoes.. Reaching the two Captain's, "So which officers do you want.. "

Everyone looks at her and then bleeding man..

"Captain Poe.. I do not need time to look over things.." Senior Lt. is handed a pad by a very calm member of the watch, "Its not.. Own I need to mark myself in the system for biometrics.."

The men from the SUV's have their hands up in fear..

Captain Poe looks at Captain Brown and shruggs his shoulders, "Well I do owe someone a favor or two.. I need their kid assigned to my command.."


Second Lt. Hatchette takes a tired breath, "Captain.. Doc finished the surgery.. I.." Hiding a yawn and a black eye, "What.. Sir.."

A single black SUV pulls up.. A white flag comes from the window as a woman opens the door, "Agent Glents.. DoHS.."

Hatchette laughs as Glents raises a the white flag in fear..

"Captain Colt.. Senior Agent Lindsey authorized the exchange.. We want our people back," The door opens as the Sea Whizz system points at the car.. "GoD D@#$ it Captain.."

A teenager is taken quickly out of the car as Andros starts counting down, "Twenty nine.. Twenty eight.. Twenty Seven.."

"S#$%..." Agent Glents grabs the kid and starts moving him quickly..

"Hey.. " The kid calls out, "Listen.."

The kid is at the dock on the count of twenty..

"Captain Colt.." Agent Glents rush the kid up the plank.. "Agent Glents with the DoHS transfer of Prisoner Joshua Kilo to the Bonhomme Richard's Captain's custody.."

"That was  not the deal," Andros coldly spoke.. "Ten.. Nine.. Eight .. Seven.."

"Mr. Kilo.. You," The woman freezes as the watch levels a rifle in her face.. "You are free to go.. The charges have been dropped.."

The teenager swallowed hard as the cuffs were removed by a pissed off agent..

"Release part one," Andros spoke coldly..

Nude DoHS agents where marched past Agent Glents in old fashioned neck chains, "Thats.. Thats racist.." She looked into the peeway, "Where are the other three?"

"You get them when I get the Paperwork agent.. " Andros held up his hand, "You broke the deal.. So I am keeping an insurance policy.. Now XO.. "

"Excuse me.. This was not part," Andros standing side kicked the Agent as her hand rested on her gun.. 

She hit the deck out cold..

The agents on the ground swallowed hard..

"Mr. Kilo.. Welcome aboard the Bonhomme Richard.. You are getting a second chance.. " Hatchette motioned the rover to the Agent on the ground, "Take this C#$% to the brig.. She attempted to draw her weapon on the Captain.."

"Raise your right hand ensign," Andros bent down and took the Agents side arm.. Andros proceeded to give an officers oath of enlistment..

"I.. Sir.. I am only seventeen," Kilo was wide eyed.. "I mean.. I appreciate being sprung from that hell hole.. But.. What can I do.. I.."

"You are now the chief engineer of the Bonhomme Richard.." Seeing hatchettes face, "He is the fourth smartest sentiant on the face of the planet.. It will take him less then five hours to understand these systems to your level.. Son look at me.."

"Yes sir," Kilo was scared..

 "You have been dealt the S#$% hand by life.. I.. We changed history son.. You where supposed to make friends inside prison.. They discover how smart you are.. Within two weeks a certain A$$hat has you building him technology.. You got a better future temporarily.. " Andros sighed, "I changed that history.. The Future Don.. Is now on our side.. So.."

The kid looks at Andros, "You.. I heard the rumors.. " Swallowing hard, "Templar One.." Hatchettes face shows surprises, "Government servers are not really secure.." After a short pause, "I.. I never realized I.. I am that smart.. How come they never found me?" Laughing, "I erased my records.."

Hatchette looks at the Captain, "That is not possible.. They.."

"Store the records in thirteen places.. " Kilo swallowed hard as he looked at Andros, "You..  Sir? Mobsters.. I mean.. You look at me like.."

"You dont want to know ensign.." Andros closed his eyes, "Son.. You are going to learn as you get older that sometimes.. Things have to be done.." Andros sighed, "Mistakes get made.. But.. I can sleep better now.."

"Mistakes," Hatchette looked at Andros..

"Go walk around the engine room Ensign," Andros walked away..

"Captain," Ensign Kilo shakes his head..

"Hatchette.. Tell the bridge Ensign Harlow gets here when he F#$%ing gets here.. Get him into a uniform," Andros coldly spoke.. "Ensign.. I expect a report in the morning.. " Andros is looking down the ships, "Those mother F#$%ers.."

Katia walks out, "Captain Colt this.." She sees Kilo, "A kid.. Littleman.. We do need to talk as third officer.. We.."

"She just was given command of the Fleet," andros closes his eyes.. "They.. We have a war game.."

"S#$%.. Rear Admiral Esfer's," Katia sighs.. "Watch.. Inform the bridge.. We have a guest of flag rank coming.."


Dimitrious has his jaw put back up by Katia, "Master Chief.. You have seen her before.."

Captain Poe swallows hard, "God D@#  !!"

A woman wearing an all black dress is standing at the end of the dock as the wind blows..

"Boys.." Katia stops and looks at Essfers, "S#$%.."

Yeoman Franks takes a deep breath..

"Littleman.. I was hoping we could grab a bite to eat.. Maybe talk," The woman spoke quietly..

Andros looks at her hand's nice ring, "You got  him I see Rear Admiral Esfers.. He left your sister for you finally.." Andros looks away, "Congratulations on your pending nuptials.. "

"You F#$%ing Stubborn A$$," Essfers takes off her heals as her legs are shown.. "F#$% these Heels.. I do .. I will not have this discussion in front of.."

"What discussion? The one were you broke your word.. Or the one where when he called you jumped.. " Andros shook his head, "What the F#$% are you mother F#$%ers staring at.."

"Heaven," Captain Poe looked at Andros.. "Dont make me call Lucy Frost-Bach.. " Looking at the Rear Admiral, "Son.. Go eat.. " Something clicked in Captain Poe's eyes, "This conversation will NOT take place in public.. Unless in the future son the male half of the species has found a way .." Captain Poe narrowed his eyes, "Go.. It is easier.. Rear Admiral Esfers.."

"Captain Poe," Rear Admiral Esfers narrowed her eyes?

"Dont bother trying to assign us to the fleet.. We have transferred our crews and vessels to SPAWAR," Captain Poe narrowed his eyes. 

"Two D@#$ ships," Esfers took a deep breath.. "Captain Poe.. I cant accept that.. Listen.." Esfers took a deep breath, "I expect the opportunity to address your's and Captain Brown's crew."

"Denied.. " Captain Poe responds, "Captain Colt it is a little chilly.. And.."

"Fine," Andros shook his head.. "Mother F#$%er's.. I am going.."

Andros landed on the dock as Esfers turned to him..

"Littleman," Esfers put her hand on Andros's Chest.. She took a deep breath, "D@#$.. Still all muscle.. I.. No.."

Andros took her hand on his chest.. "I told you if want him dont come around me.. "

The two walked passed chewed up payment..

One of the members of the watch spoke softly, "He.. He kicked that out of his bed.. " 

"All of them must compete with the blonde," Katia shakes her head..

Captain Poe spoke first, "This god D@#$ blonde I heard Rufus B#$%^ about.. What does she have that that woman does NOT?"

"His heart," Katia took a deep breath.. "Get ready for when he gets back Boats.. Its gonna be hell.. Professionalism on steroids.."

"And chance Senior Lt. You know who Captain Colt is selecting for his next officers.. Ensign Harlow is late and he blew it off.. Hatchette is morally confused over this ensign getting a pass.." Captain Poe looked at Katia, "I looked over the kids record.. Not a single thing makes him outstanding.. A little lucky but.."

"Wait.. Lucky.." Katia took out a pad, "That.. " Reading the pad she looks up at Andros holding the cardoor for Esfers, "I remember a conversation.. Over the luckiest SOB on the planet.."

Andros holds out three fingers as he walks around the car.. He makes a boom sign as he opens his own door..

"That.. We have that A$$hole on board.." Katia pauses for a second, "I will explain this to the XO Captain Po.. You are to have no further conversations over this officer in an unsecured area.." In her Spetzna uniform Katia tapps a comm line, "Gabriel Darling.. We must so talk.. Yours and miguels wedding plans.."

As KAtia walked away she gave a kill signal to Master Chief who nodded yes..

"Boats," Captain Poe whispered?

"Captain Poe.. I was just ordered silenced on the matter.. But if you must know.." Master Chief glared at the watch, "We will most likely have to go the wedding of our intelligence officer.." Smiling for a second, "Which means each of you will go buy a present for the wedding!"


Everyone on the deck of the Bonhomme Richard is quiet as an Older female in an Admiral's uniform holds the whip..

"That C#$% made it up.. She is my wife.. She is F#$%ing Captain Colt.. I cant be," Corporal Franks throws one of the armored Marines in desperation.. He tosses the second one off balance as he turns to te old woman, "Admiral Creast.. I am not in your command .. You b$%^& I will.."

The whip cracks striking Corporal Franks knee sending him to the ground shrieking in pain..

"Boys.. Let hi go.. He has nine more lashes coming.. It is supposed to be on his back," Admiral Creast grins at the JCS.. "Rufus darling .. I do not recall seeing in your UCMJ any part that says the lashes have to be administered to the back.. Just an outline.."

Rufus laughs and shakes her head, "Admiral Creast it does not, just you may not go over ten. But resisting a lawfully given punishment is grounds for.."

Franks comes up to charge Admiral Creast like a wild animal..

Admiral Creast cracks the whip nailing Corporal Franks in the nuts sed him to the ground whimpering, "Thank you henrietta.." Admiral Creast smiles, "The little Things Herietta.. You see Corporal Franks.. Captain Colt is MY officer.. I was supposed to just sig papers transferring him to rufus.. Imagine my joy to find out I get to deal with you and your friends as Templar One's commanding officer.."

"Admiral.." A marine Corps officer steps forward, "You do not have the Authority to administer.."

The Colonel goes to the ground as the Whip hits his knee..

"God.. It has been so long," Admiral Creast had the Whip back at the ready. "Colonel.. You will be taken into custody .. The NJP charge is interferring with a flag officer in the course of her duties.."

The rest of the JCS guards paused as they looked at the more heavily armed Guards of the Admirals..

"You may join them for their punishment and then transfer to the tribunal for courtmartial," Admiral Creast proceeded to execute the ten lashes apiece for the two men in front of her. "The article 134 is for Abandoning a marine in the course of your duties.."

Yeoman Franks was in tears as she watched her so called husband trying to get away..

The Sec Def was very quiet as he winced at each crack of the whip..

The other men in custody tried to look down.. Master Chief Dimitrious hit them in the back of the head, "Better be watching boys.. Welcome to the new Navy!"

Admiral Creast never missed on her strikes.. When she finished she looked at the two quivering men, "Henriette darling..  Two prisoners ready for transport.."

Rufus motined for the Docs to check on them.. "Admiral.. It was your call.. For the record.. Their crimes should have resulted in an immediate hanging.. However I understand that the protections are not in place that normally are.. "

"D@#$.. It has been a while since I hung a man," Admiral Creast sounded disappointed.. Handing the whip to Rufus, "Yeoman Franks.. Darling.."

The Yeoman sucked up her emotions, "Admiral.."

"Darlng.. May I have a tour of the Rusty Boner.." Admiral Creast cold bloodily took the Yeoman's arm, "Rufus is ok with it.. "

"Mam.. Captain Colt," Yeoman Franks looked at Rufus then to Creast.. "This means this boat is technically yours.. "

Admiral Stone paused right before he was going to speak..

"Yes Darling.. I must do a walk through and accounting littleone," Admiral Creast caught the look in the Faces of the CNO and Sec Nav.. "Captain Poe.. Captain Brown.. With me please.. "

Captain Brown walked over, "Admiral.. Our vessels are ready for your inspection.. "

Captain Poe spoke as he joined them, "You are invited for lunch Mam on mine.. Dinner on Browns...."

"Thank you boys.. I will be able to finish both of these.." She grinned, "Captain Poe.. I know where my wayward daughter is.. " With a huge smiles, "First place I need to go is to speak with Ensign Kilo.. It will give you time to get a feel for my style.. Henretta dear.. I have anther vessel I might be transferring to SPAWAR.."

Admiral Stone stepped forward, "Admiral Creast.. You.. You cant be serious.. She is only a Lt. Coomander.."

"Henretta dearie.. I might as well tell you.." Admiral Creast grinned, "My pretty boy got me pregnant again.." Admiral Creast statement makes everyone quiet, "I will be retiring to raise my child.." Rufus looked at Admiral Creast a little wide eyed, "Yes darling.. You will also be in command of my forces.. We are having lunch on Browns vessel.. I only ask that you.."

"I cant afford to lose her.. Admiral she is to competant.." Rufus seemed to be hiding her excitement, "I.. I accept Command of your forces Admiral Creast.. Of course.. I will still need you for consulting Admiral.. I pay highly.. "

"Good.. Good.. I am keeping my bar," Admiral Creast responds..

Rufus turns and looks at Admiral Creast guards.. They come to attention and salute her.. Taking a deep breath she returns the salute..

"Admiral Creast.." Admiral Stone tries to follow but is blocked by now Rufus's marines, "You cant just hand your operations over to her.."

The SecDef swallows hard as he looks at Rufus cold bloodily..

Admiral Creast chuckles, "Ah.. Men.. "

The Yeoman smiles, "Congratulations admiral.. Do you know the sex?"

"A little girl," Admiral Creast walks downthe P-way.. "I expect everyone to give me presents for the babyshower.. Master Chief Dimitrious.."

"Yes mam, " Master Chief swallows hard.. He whispers to Rufus, "Sir.. S#$%.. S#$%.. I will get the ball rolling slowly Sir.. I will personally draw up the papers.. I will coordinate with your Boats.."

Rufus laughs, "Thank you.. He is gonna be pissed.. I just tripled his work load.."
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Andros stood in the parking lot of the bar, "PFC.. Get up.." 

a teenager with a bloody nose took Captain Colt's help up, "Sir.. Sir I am not in the military. I.. I was born with a disability..."

Andros checked the teenagers face, "A black eye.."

"He is not in the military," One of the marines laughed.. "Sir.. We will leave him alone.."

"You were right son.. They are pussies," Andros  brushed off the kids shirt.. " Sargent.. I was invited by this kid to attend this match.. "

"Match," The kid looked at Andros.. "I.. This.."

"Lazer its ok.. " Andros grinned evilly, "You told me at Camp pendelton today was the day.. You.."

Andros hit one of the marines in the knee causing a loud crack, "You either fight him or you fight me.."

The kid goes just as wide eyed as the Marines.. "Sir.. They are Recon? I.."

"It will be one at a time," Andros sits back down on a bar stool..

The Marine on the ground tries to stand and falls back down, "My.. My knee.. You mother F#$%!"

"Traitors deserve no less.." Andros smiled.. "Oh.. Raise your right hand son.. Blah blah blah I do.. "

The kid is wide eyed, "Blah.. Blah.. Blah .. I do.."

"Welcome aboard Recruit.. Now the path to marine corps boot camp is through recon.. Everything you want and they are standingcin your way," Andros laughs again.. "If you other four want to surrender I will accept it.."

"Please he is a disabled norm," The large member of Recon speaks..

A man walks over from his family with several bar napkins.. "Son.. Whats your name?"

"Who the F#$% are you, " The big man growls..

"Lance Corporal Grimes.. Captain I will sign him up," The Lance Corporal was all smiles.. "I assume the Captain is signing all the waivers.. Sign here...."

"Wesley Abrhams sir.. I am from Texas.. I am visiting my cousin.. " Abrhams took the pin and signed,"I.. I am allowed to join the USMC.."

Grimes takes the napkin signed over to Andros, "Captain Colt.. I.."

Andros takes the paper and signs.. "You just made your numbers Lance Corporal Grimes," Andros writes a note on the paper.. "The Commandant wanted to know if he had anyother Future specials hiding.."

Another man walks over, "Captain.. He has a birth defect.. He.." Reading the signature and then the note, "Sir.. He.. You have to be kidding me.. Sniper.. Sir that training requires.."

"A marine is trapped in that disabled body.. Son.. Now.. Marines have a tradition," Andros spoke coldly..

The big Recon man smiled evilly, "Son.. This means if you hit me.. I will f#$%ing end you.. I will have you sent to.."

Abrhams grabs a bar stool and smashes it over the man in front of him's forehead sending him to the ground.. Taking the broken end he stabs it into the recon man on the ground as he tries to keep his balance on his bad foot.. He brings his bad foot up and stands on one foot, "Through them Captain.."

"Thats right son.. You have to win this fight to get to go to MCRD San Diego,"Andros leans back.. "Is now A bad time to tell you he is my half brother. Dad slept with a mossad agent.. He has been trained by his family.."

Everyone is quiet as the kid looks at Andros, "Sir.."

"You got this bubba.." Andros shakes his head as one of the marines tries to charge the kid..

Abrhams leaps out of the way breaking a beer bottle on the mans face..

The man Screams ,"My.. My eyes.. I.."

Abrhams has another bar stool in his hands as he slams the metal on on the mans face..

One of the marines tackles the kid.. As the other one goes to take out a knife..

A gun discharges sending the marine flying forward..

"Leave my son alone.. The Captain told you one on one," A woman with long black hair shakes her head..

Abrhams is wrestling with the marine.. He rolls the Marine off him and is on his knees..

The Drill instructor calmly checks on the shot marine, "God D@#$.. Son.."

The marine growls and tries to circle the recruit, "I will kill you.."

The marine comes at the recruit, to his shock somehow Abrhams has him locked up in a choke hold..

A four star marine corps General walks into the bar with several others watching the fight.. A man in a suit has a Army Major with him..

The recruiter calmly hands the napkins to the General, "Commandant.. Recon has agreed to teach hand to hand to your brand new recruit.."

Calmly Commandant of the marine corps reads the paper as the Recon member's face turns blue, "He.. You signed the waiver.. A.. I see.."

Abrhams waits for the man to pass out and then rolls him off.. Standing up with a limp, "Recruit Wesley Abrhams reporting for duty Captain Colt.."

Mrs. Abrhams walks over, "Andros.. I told you not .."

"Mama.. I.. I got the waivers.. " Wesley looks at his mother, "Wait.. He is my half brother?"

"Its a long story.. Your first orders are to Report to Doctor Lucy Frost.. She will perform the surgery with her father overseeing as senior surgeon.." Andros hugged the kid, " And yes Commandant.. He is a future special. During pendelton he pcked up a rifle.. Disabled he spent the next three days sniping the enemy.. With a standard issue weapon.." Smiling at the Army major, "His grand father taught him to shoot.. Used to run Mossad's sniper school.."

"Wait.. Wes.. Papa.. Taught you to shoot," Mrs. Abrhams was not really happy.. "I told that old bastard not.. You.."

"Mama.. " Wes grins, "Him, uncle glespie, Auntie Reah, and this old bastard.. I think his name was Romeo.."

The Commandant goes wide eyed, "The F#$%ing head of Mossad wetworks operations.. Taught.." Commandant just stopped and grinned.. He took out a pen and had the recruiter turned around.. "Welcome to my Corps son.. I expect you at bootcamp post surgery and rehabilitation.."

The Recruiter grinned, "Thank you Commandant! I will have the paperwork done tonight.."

The Army Major shook his head, "Mr. Secretary of the Army.. I must still protest this posting.."

The man in the suit looked at the Commandant and then to Andros, "Captain Colt.. I have spoken with Rufus.. You will not be stealing any of these future specials from my Army.. All transfers to the Bonhomme Richard and SPAWAR have been denied.. You will take Major Smith for your WEPS officer.. He graduated top of West Point.. And will represents the finest the US Army has to offer the DoD.."

"F@#$ you.. I am not taking this politically correct cant C#$%.. He is a coward.. He has no field time.. Has sat on various staff postings," Andros is interrupted by Rufus walking in.. "God D@#$ it woman.. This S@#$bag!!"

Yeoman Franks follows in Rufus with a pad in her hand..

"Captain.. The US Army has insisted on sending only those they consider worthy," Rufus glares at her Captain.. "You will accept the transfer.."

"And keep in mind Captain.. You may not transfer him out.. You will respect him and no funny S@#$!" The Secretary of The Army has glee in his voice, "Once you accept transfer he is YOURS.. Commandant.."

"Son.. You will take Major Smith as your weps officer.. There is no transfers out.. He will remain in your command for at least two tours," The Commandant sees the Yeoman's pad.. He signs it, "Here are your orders in writing signed by the JCS directly.."

Andros speed reads through the orders the Yeoman handed him. "Rufus.. I do not want the A$$hole on my vessels.."

"There will be no accidents Captain," Rufus coldly speaks.. "Per my deal with the JCS it is official when you accept the transfer.. You are hereby ordered to Accept Major Smith as your WEPS officer.."

"You mother F#$%ing PC co#$ sucking, careerist," Andros signs angrily..

The man in the Suit laughs, "See it wasnt that hard.. " The man in the suit watches as Rufus signs the orders, "Major Smith you are now part of the Command Crew of the Rusty Boner.."

With Anger in his voice as he salutes, "Captain Colt.. Major Smith US ARMY, reporting for duty to SPAWAR.."

Rufus looks at Andros, "Its official Captain.. You may now celebrate.."

"Celebrate," The Sec Arm gets a confused look on his face..

"Andros Grabs the Yeoman and starts dancing with her as Music comes from him.. Mark Strong's voice comes Andros, "Almost heaven.. West Virginia.. Blue Ridge Mountains.. "

"Have you lost you mind Captain, "An Angry Sec Arm growls at Andros?

Captain Colt lets go of the smiling yeoman, as he shakes his A$$..

"What the F#$%," Major Smith is confused.. He goes wide eyed, "I am a future special?"

"No.. I," The Sec Arm freezes.. "You F#$%ing B#$%^! we forced you to take him and several others.. They.. They.."

Andros bows to Rufus with an evil smile..

Rufus sings along, "Country roads.. Take me home!!"

"To the place I belong," Andros stands in front of the Major and to the Majors surprise, gives him a hug..

"Captain, " Major Smith surprise fills his voice..

Andros Steps back, "Good Evening mr. Future Sec Arm.. It will be a pleasure to have you aboard my vessel.. I run a tight ship.. You should have zero problems.. We need to talk.. I intend to implement your plan for a hybrid version of universal COTS.."

"Please we denied tha," The Sec Arm Pauses.. "Future Secretary of the Army.. We gave you .. No.. I will have this undone.."

The Commandant shook his head, "No you will not.. You made a deal and they F@#$ed you.. Not my problem.." The Commandant walks over to Mrs. Abrhams, "Mama.. May The USMC have a few moments of your time.."

"My.. I only gave the outline.. They denied it," MAjor Smith grins.. "You are putting my plan into action on the Bonhomme Richard.." The major was wild eyed with excitement, "Those supplies.. I.. S#$%.. Respectfully request permission to carry on and inspect the supplies myself Captain.."

"Denied," Andros grinned evilly.. "You are going to join me and the senior members of the crew for a late dinner.."

"SIR," Major Smith spoke foreably.. "I really need to make sure," Yeoman Franks puts a pad in the Major's hand..

"Dinner is not until forty five minutes from now," Yeoman Franks politely whispers.. "Captain Colt said something about how you ran a modern monitoring program.. These are the non-ts supplies as they sit.. You will need to load biometrics to.."

Major Smith starts the set up and walks away.. At the bar, "Samual Adam's mam.. Place it on my tab.. And some cheese fries.." The screen does something, "Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Just like I envisioned.." Walking to a table with a beer,"All right.. Lets check with the watch.. I need to review my departments supplies.. Yeoman.. Please bring me my bags.."

"Like a duck to water," Rufus laughs evilly.. "Just wait for his professional pride to kick in.."

"He hasnt even checked in properly," The Sec Arm was pissed.. "What is he doing.."

"Going straight to work," Andros shook his head.. "He is the type of officer who.."

"YEOMAN!! GET ME F#$%ING MASTER CHIEF NOW," Major Smith took a deep breath.. "This.. This Bills#$% is NOT acceptable.. "

Yeoman Franks quickly walks over and hits part of the screen.. Dimitrious's face appears, "Major Smith.. Master Chief Dimitrious.. Boats, The new WEPS officer.."

"S#$%.. Major Smith," Dimitrious responds..

"I may not can leave here.. But I sure as F#$% can order my .." 

"Your gunners mates and FCs," Yeoman Franks smiles as she whispers..

"My god D@#$ gunners mates and FCs to be here ten minutes ago!" Smith growls, "Then I want you to find the worst jobs on Rusty Boner.. They just ALL volunteered!!"

Andros gives a light shriek..

"Code accepted.."Dimitrious just chuckled, "Worst jobs I can find on the Rusty.. Aye Major.. There is a lot of work to be done.. A LOT.."


"Hello Katia," A woman with an eye patch and light tan skin smiled.. Hiding a giggle, "Welcome darling.. It is so good to see you again.."

Katia swallowed hard, "Mammy Colt.. I was afraid you.."

"Please.. Regina.." Mammy colt spoke with a slight creole accent, "Alex is still her baby in her eyes.. That is between the two of you.. I have been waiting for you to speak with me.."

"Wait.. You.. How long did you know.. "Taking a deep breath, "Since littleman was in the swamps.. I .. Actually.." Katia smiled in her SPetzna uniform, "I take it that what happened.. I have to ask as third officer.. In the swamps.. S#$%.."

"We gossip later honey.. " Mammy held the door open, "Get in here.. "

Katia smiles when she smells the air, "Real food.. "

"Corn Bread should be done.. I need to introduce you to one of your officers.." Mammy shut the door behind Katia, "Second Lt Darling.. Your third officer is here... I.."

"Mammy.. I am installing the security devices.. "A female voice filled the air, "Tell Senior Lt. Sparlitch.. I could use her help.."

Katia looked at the ornate house, "Mammy how much of Littleman's money did you spend?"

"About ten million," Mammy took Katia's arm.. "Do not feel bad about not bringing anything.. Littleman and his rules.. He is the man of my house..."

Katia chuckles, "So you are going to live here in California?"

Walking with Mammy, she is lead to a closet..

"Second Lt. Delora O'Grady," Mammy shook her head.. "Your ranking officer is.."

"Sparlitch nice to meet you.. Can you hand me that drive in the box behind you," O'Grady was on her knees.. "I am putting in the.."

Katia grabbed the hard drive, "Wait this is from Cross in arizona? You.. Your from the CSA reservation and you know technology.."

Taking the drive, "I do not know technology.. I do security.. My Daddy is General Amos of the Last Standing Regiment of the Confederacy and one of the females .. Oh.." Clicking the part into place, "You were the insurance salesman.. Spy right.. Well keep it under your hat but we have upgraded all our shacks thanks to cousin BB, Henrietta, and Littleman.."

Katia watches impressed as O'Grady took a pad and double checked the system..

"Oh.. I was taught electronics by littleman when he was there with Ms. Shoeloch.. They F#$% liked bunny rabbits.. " The system kicked on, "I then helped daddy with his inspections of the NSA facility they put just inside our expanded territory.. I will never be a mammy.. "

"She has had a crush on littleman," Mammy shook her head..

"No.. I do not like men Mammy," O'Grady smiled as she looked at Katia.. 

"That is why you will not be a mammy.."Katia paused for a moment as she looked at the gun belt the Second Lt. Wore, "Security right.."

"I played soldier and Littleman humored me.. Everyone else did not like it.. He is the only man I will sleep with.. " Delora stuck her tongue out making mammy shake her head, "For that reason alone.. Ms. Shoeloch was prayin to baby jesus  every night.. "

"So the Captain is the only man you.. Mammy is trying to breed you with ," Katia rubbed her forehead.. "So we are clear that is not how the Military works.. Well.. S#$%.. I mean.."

"No.. I spoke with Auntie Elphelba.. I am donating eggs to the Trust.." Delora O'Grady grinned, "Girl power.. I do not want.. What was it.. Crotch monsters.." Delora smiled at the word, "Speaking of children.. Did Ms. Shoeloch have a boy or girl? The Mammy was really quiet on that.."

"God D@#$ it child," Mammy rubbed her forehead.. "Listen to me.."

"That is a very good question," Andros spoke from behind.. "Mammy?"

"Captain, " Katia turned around.. Taking a deep breath, "Do not put mammy in that position.. Choosing loyalties sucks.. " Mammy Colt looked down, "She apparently was told to never mention it or even think about it.. She loves you and has to.."

"Delora.." Andros calmly spoke, "You were never.. Wait.. The good D@#$ rules of the swamp.. It is not men business.. Mammy.."

"That is why I am NOT in the F#$%ing swamp Littleman.." Pausing, "I mean Captain.. You did not know.. Littleman.. I.. Captain.."

"Senior Lt.. Will help you," Andros saw a tear fall down Mammy's face..

"Your mad at me.. Littleman.. Listen.. I," Mammy Colt looked down.. "It is the rules.. I.. I am trying to be a good mammy.. Its.. I.. I thought you should have been told but.. "

Andros takes out a phone and hugs Mammy, "I am very F#$%ing mad.. But not at you.." Dialing a number, "I am a little mad.. But more at the people who put you in this situation.."

A female voice sighs, "Alex told me to expect your phone call.. I assume it is over Little Lizy.."

A tear fell down Andros's face, "It was little girl.. I mean is.."

"Second Lt.. Walk me through the house security.. Mammy greet your guest.." Katia puts a hand on Mammy's shoulder, "Let Mammy Noel sort out the argument.."

"Sandra," Andros spoke as he walked away.. "I.. Leeta knows as well.. That is what the birth of a child with soul speak feels like.."

Delora looks a little worried, "I.. I thought he knew.. This looks bad.. S#$%.."

"Again Second Lt.. You will address Andros in public as Captain or sir.." Katia issued the statement with quiet force, "Now.. You are green.. This is a free lesson.. Gabriel will have to be notified.."

"I f#$%ed up," Delora sounded worried.. "I do not want to go back to that backwater.."

"SECOND LT. O'GRADY," Katia raises her voice.. "Focus.. Mistakes happen.. I am the third officer and the training officer.. I prefer mistakes early.. Now carry on with the walk through.."

"Yes Senior Lt," Delora O'Grady swallowed hard..

"You.. You haven't.. Do not talk with me," Andros hangs up.. "I will be out back.. Tell Hatchette to run the meeting Senior Lt.. And no ONE leaves till I get back.."

Dialing a number.. 

"Littleman," A voice comes through.. "Congratu.."

"F@#$ you summer.. I know.. You could have told me," Andros growls.. "An eleven year old daughter is reason to wake your A$$ up.."

"God D@#$.. Andros.. Please listen to me.. Jolene and Ira have barely saved there marriage," Summer is worried.. "Please.. I know you felt.."

Andros throws the phone against the wall..


Car were burning in the parking lot as the military personell just stood silent.. Several people in robes had black blades to their throats..

"She is my wife.. Cute. You are still able to jam our equipment.." A man in robes pulled out a side arm, "You mother F#$%er!! I have raised Elizabeth as my daughter.."

Andros's head pops up from behind the car.. He launches himself with side kick, hitting the robed man in the back.. 

"Littleman," the robed figure has the gun trying to turn..

Andros cuts down with a black blade, cutting through the robes..

"Enough Grandmaster," A man in all black body armor comes from the roof. "Ira Follingsworth.. You started this fight.."

"I do not care Buttersworth He," Ira stops as the Grandmaster of the Templars blade easily cuts through the fabric of Ira's hood..

"I upgraded the Grandmaster's sword.." Buttersworth shook his head, "As you see now The Grandmaster's templars have your allies in our grasp.."

Ira takes a breath as he looks around.. "You insane mother," Ira stops when his neck is nicked..

"I was just informed of the situation technomages," Buttersworth shook his head.. "This is bad.. You compounded it Ira.. Take your friends and leave.. As grandmaster of the Templars.. I say this clearly. You thought you would get the drop on the Grandmaster of the mother lodges.. You will be held responsible for the restitution to all the people whose private property was destroyed.. You will pay for the replacement of the cop cars.."

"I do not answer to," Ira growled but stopped when a car pulled up..

The Templars shoved the technomages to the ground..

"Elizabeth Regina Follingsworth," A woman's voice calls out..

A little girl came out of the car, with light tan skin and green eyes.. She stops as she sees the scene, "Captain colt got into a bar fi.. fi.."

She see Ira on the ground..

"Templars we are done here.. Go home Ira," Buttersworth speaks coldly.. 

Andros closes his eyes..

The little girl gets excited, "Captain Colt.." She swallows hard and raises her hand in a V.. Speaking in klingon, "Live long and prosper. Greetings Mr. Secretary.. Elizabeth Regina Follingsworth, Chairman of the junior Committee for a better future.." Looking around, "Mr. Sec.. Secretary?"

Andros has a tear fall down his face, "Greetings Madam Chairman of the Junior Committee.. May the force be with you.."

A woman in blue jeans steps out and swallows hard, "Elizabeth.. Honey.."

"Jolene.." Andros coldly responds, "We really need to talk.."

Tears fall down Elizabeth's face as she turns to the woman with the same skin tone," You.. Mama.. You.. You.. You.. You were the Technomage in the swamps.. Littleman is my.. my father?"

Andros turns his head to Jolene Shoeloch, "At least I wasnt the only one lied to.."

"Elizabeth.. Andros.. This is not the time," Jolene shoeloch swallows hard..

"Mama.. He was only fourteen.." Elizabeth speaks in her mother's voice.. "I mean.."

"In your mother's defense I was 91," Andros spoke in Jolenes voice to..

"Lizzie," Ira speaks.. "Listen their is a lot you.."

"You lied to me.. " Elizabeth glares at Ira, "And for the record.. Wait.. You and mama's coded fights.. Littleman is my father.. You.. My .. my Hero.. We idolized him.."

"Alex did not tell you either," Ira coldly responds..

"Watch it Ira.." Andros speaks in Ira's voice, "I aint in the mood I.."

Tears fell down Lizzie's face, "You.. Uncle Alex.. He.." Lizzie turns towards her mother, "That is why he showed upp.. You invoked Regina's rule against him.."

"Lizzie.. Please," Jolene had tears falling down her face.. "Littleman has a destiny.. If I had stayed I would have.. He would never have went home.. "

Ira glares at Jolene..

Lizzy turns her head fighting her own tears.. After a moment she speaks in the ancient language of the Templars, "Grandmaster Buttersworth.. This means I am the daughter of the Grandmaster of the mother lodges of terra.." She bows her head, "I wish to stay with my biological father.. Till monday.. Will you let Auntie Ginnie know.. I am not talking with my uncle Heinlein right now.. My sword is your sword lodge brother.."

Taking a deep breath returning the salute, "Our sword is also your Little lodge sister.." Buttersworth nodded to the Templars as Ira Was picked up by the templars. Switching to english, "Mr. Follingsworth.. Your daughter is by all rights a legacy.. I am required to honor her request.."

"And you.. Uncle Glipsie.. " Lizzy glared as she spoke in Virginia Heinlein's voice, "I do not want to talk with you.. I will be telling Auntie Rachel about this.. Your wives all told you to stay out of mommy and daddy's issues.. Take daddy and go.."

Several of the Technomages looked down..

A hologram appeared, "Lizzy.." The old woman in an Admiral uniform took a deep breath, "You three better Grab Agent Follingsworth and bring him home.. You are all in .. No.. Drop Ira off anf you know what.. " 

"Admiral Hopper," Uncle Glipsie tried to argue..

A hologram of Dimitrious with a beer in his hand appears, "S#$%.. Captain.."

"Master Chief Dimitrious of the USSS Bonhomme Richard.. Admiral Grace Hopper, of the Church of science.. " Master Chief looked at Andros and then to the Speaking old woman, "I have three knuckle heads WHO DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN!! They are now your Property.. Have them help the gunners mates and FC.. Then Is ensign Kilo available for a second.."

Andros ran his hand in a circular motion to Master Cheif..

"One second mam," Master Chief  turned.. "Ensign Kilo.. Front and center.. Admiral Hopper wants you.."

Joshua Kilo walks over into the projection, "She.. I thought you were dead mam.. Oh.. I see.."

"Ensign.. It is admiral.." Grace Hopper smiles evilly, "I am assigning three of my proctors to your personal security detail.. Master Chief.. Everytime Ensign Kilo messes up they will take his place in punishment.."

The three technomages look down further saying nothing..

"Further more you three will assist Ensign Kilo in all his duties.. You have Three days to have him qualified as a Navy officer.. If he fails any part.. You will fecieve further extra duties at the Master Chief's Discretion.." Admiral Hopper looked at Ira, "You.. You .. Buttersworth.. Please Escort My agent to me.. We will pay the cost of everything.. " Holding up her hand, "Directly to ME.. Personally!! Agent Parker.."

A woman with long brown hair quietly gets out of the car, "Admiral.."

"Thank you Diana for handling this for me.." Admiral Hopper shook her head.. "Ira you better not give the god D@#$ templars ANY problems.."

Diana and Jolene lock eyes..

Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

Delora, Andros, and Elizabeth are both doing freestanding handstand push ups in the back yard.. As they slowly do the push ups, both have You're the Best filing the air..

Andros switches to one hand and Elizabeth copies.. 

Delora rolls down standing up on one leg.. She begins slowly raising her leg up..

Andros and Elizabeth finally move the same way Delora did.. 

Major Smith takes a deep breath as he looks at the scene, "Senior Lt.. I take it that this will be our new workout.. These two have been doing this for one hour and thirty minutes.."

"All the musketeers have this level of work out.. " Katia shakes her head, "Second Lt. Delora O'Grady is a surprise.. "

Lt. War takes a drink of her wine glass, "This means that the last standing regiment of the confederacy is trained to this level.."

Jolene has a wine glass in her hand, "She has been training like this since she was a child.. As has her junior committee.. I.. " Jolene sighs as father and daughter move at the same speed, "I.. "

Diana smiles as Mammy Colt sits meditating quietly sitting on her finger tips.. "Jolene.. "

"Diana.. I wanted to tell him but," Jolene closes her eyes.. "I never meant to.. "

"Jolene.. I am not thirteen years old again," Diana bites her bottom lip looking at Andros shirtless.. "She moves just like him and with ease.. You could have told me.. "

"Where is my grandbaby," An older womans voice fills the air?

"Mama," Jolene rolls her eyes.. "We are out back.."

An older women of mix heritage comes past the officers.. She sees her grand daughter, "So she is his child.. Jolene?" Seeing Diana, "Ms. Parker.. Your recent paper on the .."

"Nana," Lizzy calls out excitedly.. "I.. I.." Lizzy looks at Andros when he makes a sharp sound, "Yes sir.. Discipline first.."

Mrs. Shoeloch looks at her granddaughter, "That is compressed communication.. She translated it easily.. My god.. Jolene.."

"Where is dad," Jolene shook her head?

"Yur father is always on call.. Your dear father just had to go with Doctor Amear.. They had heard about Andros's brother.. The poor child with the birth defect.. Lucy asked them to look over his leg and prescans.. A second opinion.."

"Dr. Tora asked for a second opinion," Jolene Shoeloch was confused.. "Dad is a good Doctor but he and Dr. Amear have not practiced for years.."

Andros speaks calmly, "Lucy has skin in the game.. She sought an outside opinion.. In case her own emotion interferred.. Since Your Husband and my new doctor are on the short list of doctors whose opinion Dr. Cruz and Doctor Gera will talk with over medicine.. They are gladly looking over the case.." Andros stood with both legs spaced apart taking a normal breath.. Then a deep breath and little Lizzy copied him..

Second Lt. O'Grady took a deep breath and then closed the same way..

"So why was I invited.. I dont mind," Dr. Shoeloch stopped as Andros leared at her with an evil smile.. "Captain I am a married woman.."

"Mam," Andros winked at Lizzy who shook her head as she took a bottle of water off a table..

Mrs. Shoeloch waited for half a second as Andros turned around.. She pinched his a$$, "God D@#$.. Ok.. I understand now Jolene.." With a deep sigh, "Let me talk with my husband cowboy.."

"MAMA," Jolene shoeloch was wide eyed!

Andros and Mrs. Shoeloch both laughed..

Diana shook her head as Lizzy rolled her eyes, "Nana!"

"I would appreciate a second set of scans for my crew.. Doctor Shoeloch," Andros nodded his head..

Dimitrious brought out a Doctor's bag, "Doc.."

"My field is psychology," Doctor Shoeloch takes out the equipment.. "Technomancer like gear.. I have seen doc use this.. Do you mind if I do a few psych profiles for Doctor Gera?"

"Not at all mam.." Andros smiled, "Xo.. Make sure every member of the crew reports to Doctor Shoeloch.. Mammy.. Please make sure Dr. Shoeloch is paid her standard fee plus ten percent tip.. Cash.."

"Darling husband," Mammy has stood up.. She walks over and raises her arms, "Me first I guess.."

Jolene's mother scans Mammy..

Diana waves her hand as anther technomage appears via hologram, "Helen.. I see your at the door.. Good.. MAjor Smith will you get the door please.. The Chaplin is here.."

"Diana.." Helen speaks quietly, "I .. We need to talk sensie.."

"I will grab the door," Senior Lt. Sparlitch shakes her head..

"Diana asked Major Smith," Mammy Colt grinned.. "Not you.."

Major Smith looked at Mammy and then Captain Colt, "Sir.."

"Either argue with Mammy or get the door," Andros chuckles as Lizzy looks at him.. "If the army or yourself has developed a sucessful program to argue with a lady of the house.. I want that program.."

Major Smith narrowed his eyes, "You are trying to set me up .. Listen I am not.. I have no intentions of finding a wife.." Major smith looks at teh Senior Lt, "Katia.. I.. A man in the military cant have two mistresses.. Shut up Captain.. I am not looking for a wife Mammy.."

"Get the door," Katia shook her head.. "Captain.."

Major Smith walked in and went to the door, "Captain.. Their is.."

"Diana," Helen stops as she looks at Major Smith.. "I.. Major.."

"Helen," Major smith swallows hard.. "Major.. Major.. Major.. US Army.. Weps officer aboard the Bonhomme Rusty.."

Helen giggled not meaning to, "It is nice to meet you Major.. I am Diane.. Helen.. Church of Chaplin.. I mean.."

Andros has instruments coming from him.. Alan Jackson's voice fills the air, " First I get cold then hot.. Think I'm on fire I'm not.. Oh what a pain I've got it must be love.."

Major Smith just takes Helen's hand, "May I have this dance? Pretty lady.."

"I am supposed to.. F#$% it cowboy," Helen slides her robed arm around the Major

Lizzy giggles as the two slow dance, "Dad.. True love?"

Mammy whispers to Diana..

A few seconds later a voice fills the air whispering, "Did it work Mammy?"

"Mrs. Smith.. Like pigs to mud," Mammy whispers evilly.. 

"You are on the phone with Mr. Colt? Good," A male voice growls.. "I do not want my son on that boat it will end.."

"Karl Ken Smith.. You will shut the F#$% up," Mrs. Smith growled making Mammy laugh softly.. "I may have found a wife for our grandbaby.. You stay the F#$% out of this General or so help me god you will find all your coffee shipped back.. And you can forget free time with the boys.. I will have you so many honey do chores you will die of a stroke.."

"Amanda.. I am just..." The women chuckle as General Smith tries to defend himself, "trying to save.."

"You shut the F#$% up and go back to your study dear.." Amanda Smith kisses the General, "Be a good boy and get me a glass of wine.. We have a wedding to plan.. Get your shotgun and We might need a division of Army grunts.. My great grand babies are NOT beng born out of wedlock.."

"Mrs. Smith.. I mght can get her to the alter pregnant," Mammy winks at Gabriel.. "I might need some cover for Lt. War and Senior Lt. Sparlitch.. Some people in intelligence are.."


The sound of a wine glass being taken down, "I surrendered my dear.."

"If I do that thing you like tonight and invite over our neighbor to join.. Will that get me Lt. War and Senior Lt. protected," Mrs. Smiths comment makes Lizzy go wide eyed..

"Darling you had me at tonight.. "

"I want it fixed tonight and," Mrs. Smith whispers something..

The sound of a com device being turned on fills the air, "General Smith.. Roger.. I need to borrow a few rangers.. You owe me.. They are going to visit Admiral Stone and have a few words with him.."

"Dad.. She.. " Lizzy looked at her father, "That is .. He.."

"Lizzy.. They have been married for years.. Manners.. Husband and wives have their own secrets.. It is not hurting anyone and is none of our business.." Andros responds, "Besides littlelady.. I have not asked you about the fact you are grounded.."

Lizzy looked at her mother and then to Andros, "I.. I prefer not to talk about it sir.."

"Then go shower and get ready for bed," Andros spoke with authority.. "And next time darling daughter.. Plan ahead a little better.."

Lizzy had a slightly pissed off look on her face, "Yes sir.."

Lizzy went inside and did not speak..

Jolene took a deep breath.. "Littleman.. Thank you.. I was worried that.."

"Do not thank me.. She should have not been punished for defending herself.." Andros stops the music and looks At Diana, "I want you to tell the other parents that I will be contacting them.. They try the S#$% they tried with wi-jay.. I will just assume the parents are.."

"Andros .. You are over reacting," Jolene spoke quickly.. "It was just a.."

"Two out of three of my daughters are Madam Chairman of the junior committee.. And attck on them is an attack on the Committee itself.. " Andros looks inside, "That doesnt mean smile little lady.. Go get in the shower.."

Lizzy moves quickly hiding her smile..

"Andros.. Littleman," Jolene closed her eyes, "Listen to me.. It.."

"Is not acceptable.. " Andros coldly spoke, "Madam Chairaman Follingsworth of the junior committee for a better future.. You are authorized deadly force if you are ever attacked again.. And double tap every body.. Please pass this to the rest of the junior committee.. None of you have a duty to retreat or attempt peaceful de-esculation.. "

"Andros," Jolene and Diana were shocked..

"Yes sir Mr. Secretary Colt, of the Senior Committee for a better future.. I will pass the word," Lizzy spoke happily..

"Tell your Papa Heinlein, under the treaty with the second circle, they have officially failed.." Andros's words make Helen stop dancing, "Furthermore.. I demand restitution per the treaty from the parents.."

Diana looks down, "God D@#4 it littleman.. This was three weeks ago.. The matter was settled.."

"Tell your papa.. I expect the compensation deposited from the parents in 12 hours .. When you ignore the ban on com devices.. " Andros looks at the Technomages, "And I want the parents and childen to personally apologize to me.. Then my daughter.."

Lizzy stops at the top of the stairs, "Dad.. It.. It was just a fght.. They wont let us.."

"You will remember this then.. Their are consequences to letting the fight take place.. Elizabeth Regina Follingsworth.." Andros spoke coldly, "You are the Chair for the junior committee.. "

Alex's voice comes from Lizzy, "To whom the mantle of leadership befalls.. Much is expected.." Lizzy is almost in tears, "They will hate us and think.. Its my fault.. " 

"Andros," Jolene has a confused look on her face.. "She is crying.. You. She is just a chld this Madam Chairmen stuf is garbage.. We have humored."

"It is my fault," Lizzy took a deep breath.. "I had other options as the Junior Chair.. Leadership today.. Tomorrow never comes.."

Hatchette walked outside, "Captain.." She pauses choosing her next words carefully and then rethinks it.. She looks up where Lizzy was, "Sir.. I take it this is what you meant by a moral reset.." She swallows hard..

"XO.. " Andros takes a deep breath, "She has come very far.. She is still my daughter.. The issue had to be addressed.. Since Neither Ira nor Jolene did address it, I did.. She choose to accept the mantle the lesson as the Junior Chairman are not easy.. Abigail had much more issues.." Andros takes a deep breath, "It brings me to why yall are here..We have a huge problem.. History for better or worse is on track.. The same forces that existed earlier exist now.. We of the bonhomme Richard will be the spear point.. Their are bad times ahead.. Very bad times.. The worst blows that would have hit us have been soften.. It comes at a price.. We have gained allies, but in some cases we are losing others .." Andros takes a deep breath as he picks up a bottle of water, "There will come a day when Alex's patience comes to an end.. Everyone of our enemies and freedom's enemies are being given a chance to change.. When they day comes they will be wiped from the board with no mercy.."

"My daughter.. Our daughter is not part of this," Jolene was very angry.. "She is not.."

"To hold the mantle of Junior chairman even at Twelve.. She is well aware of the plan.. Did Auntie Henrietta not speak with her," Andros's question makes Jolene and Diana go wide eyed? "She and the Junior committee have pledged their Sacred honor, names, and fortunes to the protection of their brothers and sisters.. Tomorrow Morning at muster.. Their will be a new swearing in ceremony.. I will be holding it for SPAWAR, The last Standing regiment of the Confederacy, The Templars, The skinwalkers, My lodges, Science Command, The Chairmens men, the chairmans enforcers, The Unified Militia's, The staff of the Tesla Institute, Moriarty Academy staff, Teir One nations, The Syndicate, and now Admiral Creast Command.. World wide.. Any one of you who raise your hands understand what this means.. It is our Rubicon.. Anyone who does not want to swear will be allowed to leave.. No harm no foul."

Everyone of Andros's officers go wide eyed..

"Delano is drawing a line in the sand," Senior Lt. Sparlitch swallows hard..

"I.. " Helen pauses, "Captain.. If I am a member of.."

"That is why her sister is on the way.. You wanted my Protoege's.." Diana narrows her eyes, "The twins.. Her sister is on her way.."

A knock comes from the front door..

"Come In Othello," Andros grins evilly.. "Yes.. I cant have a married couple yet.. But SPAWAR does need a few good Chaplins.." 

andros grins as helens twin sister walks in After Smith opens the door.. 

"Greetings Chaps.. Now.. We have a lot to do.. You may stay here tonight and get some rest, "Andros took a deep breath.. "Tomorrow we begin building the spear.."

Tears filled the eyes of a lot people as Elizabeth finished the national anthem..

Andros dropped his salute as everyone else did.. Andros looked at the two friends of Ira, "You know you mother F#$%ers would have to choose to stay.. Hatchette.. Get them tested and placed .. The psychological test will place them as Warrant Officers by my guess.."

Uncle Glipsie saluted Captain Colt again as a pissed off woman stood on the dock.. Andros returned the salute..

"Andros.." Kilo moved his jaw, "Uhm.. I.."

"Son.. Dont worry about talking with the Captain unless it is business," Glipsie politely spoke.. "Boats.. I am going to need four more soldiers.."

Dimitrious looked at Glipsie then to Andros, "Chief Warrant Officer.."

"Five by my guess.. He wont want to be an officer," Andros waived for the watch to allow the woman aboard..

Lizzie smiles as she waves at the woman, "Auntie Rachel.."

Rachel's red hair blows int the wind, "Baby.." She walks over to Glipsie.. "What are doing.. I thought you would leave.. You.. You joined SPAWAR?"

Rear Admiral Esfers comes up the plank.. She takes a deep breath, "Littleman.. What the F#$% has the CfaBF done?"

"We took an oath Essie," Andros spoke softly.. "As we held the ceremony.. The US Embassy in a third world S#$%hole was being attacked.. SPAWAR opened fire on the assualt group from orbit.. The US Embassy held.. As we speak all this involved are being brought into custody.. Let the DoD know that from this point forward.. Any pinned down unit among our allies may call on us.. We will extract them.."

A prison vehicle pulls up to the doc..

"Clear me a space on the flight deck Cheif Wo.. " Andros coldly speaks, "One of our crew members just arrived.." 

"Rachel.. Please take the civilians inside.. You too Lizzy," Glipsie took a deep breath..

"I want two fire teams on the deck," Dimitrious took a deep breath.. "Second Lt. O'Grady!"

Soldiers in new looking Louisana tiger uniforms and weird guns spread out Professionally.. They spread out and hid behind various planes.. 

"Littleman," Esfers was not happy..

Lizzy took Rachel's hand, "This is not going to be good.. Dad is about to introduce someone to the concept of Honor Courage Commitment.."

A man is brought out of the back of the truck restrained to a gurney like device..

Glipsie goes, "F#$% me! Lock and load now Second Lt.. Prepare to.."

"That wont be necessary.." Andros watches as the chained man breaks free, "Hey A$$hole!!"

As the man decked one of the guards he stopped and looked at Andros..

"Leave them alone.. I need you to hurry up.. Unchain him.. I have a date with his baby sister.. I intend to F#$% her in the A$$ and make her moan my name," Andros seemed to be speaking in a megaphone.. "No.. Dumb@$$.. I did.. did.. did.. not.. not.. not stut .. stutter!" The man's nostrils flared, "Your mother is making the bed.. Her cherry pie should be just about coming out of the oven.. Would you like some nieces, nephews, brothers, and sisters.. Hatchette?"

The XO is reading a pad and looks at the Captain, "Sir.."

"Contact his ex-girlfriends.. And the two women writing him.. They need a real man.. I will fly them out here.. They are all trash anyway," Andros looks at the wide eyed man..

"Sir," hatchette swallows hard..

"You heard the Captain," Senior Lt. Sparlitch shook her head..

"Contacting all the women in Former Seamna Uts life," Hatchette shakes her head..

The pad pings back..

The guard is wide eyed for a second and tosses Uts the keys as they back up..

"Officer.. Give Uts your Baton.. I dont want him to feel inadequate," Andros smiles as he takes off his cover..

Uts unlocks himself and looks at Andros..

Hatchette takes a deep breath, "Captain.. A Sabrina Uts responded.. She wants to know what.. Sir.." Andros looks at his Xo, "She wants you to know she has left the window unlocked.. She will .. Sir she will be wearing her old cheerleading uniform .. No panties.."

Uts was shaking as he dropped the keys..

The pad dinged again..

"Apparently Mrs. Uts .. Sir," Hatchette shook her head.. "That is disgusting I did not need to see that picture.. His father will be out of town tomorrow.."

Uts balls up his fist and turns his head sideways, "You.. You.."

The pad in hatchettes hand pings a couple of more times..

"His girlfriend before he was jailed said her boyfriend is in jail.. She has agreed to a date," Hatchette looked at the captain.. Hatchette looks up, "At the stripclub she works at.."

The officers are looking up at Andros shaking there heads.. The older officer smiles evilly and takes out his baton, "Son.. He is right there.."

Uts takes the baton quietly..

"Tell Uts sister I want her nude.. Completely.. " Looking at the pad, "Tell her I like a little fur.. She doesnt have to.."

Uts leaps from the dock to the side of the ship, "I am going to kill you pretty boy.."

Andros waives off the guard and motions for Uts to bring it..

Slowly like a predator Uts comes forward.. He goes for Andros..

Everyone is surprised when Uts goes fling into a plane, "Let me know when we are starting Uts.." Andros takes off his cover, "You cracked my ribs when we first fought you old a$$hole.. I only broke your arm in retaliation.. "

Uts shakes his head and sees the baton on the ground..

Andros kicks the baton to Uts, "Hold my Cover XO.." With an evil grin music fills the air..

"Littleman he is a killer and," Esfers is interrupted when Uts moves at a surprising speed..

Uts goes at least five feet into the air, crashing hard into the metal deck..

"Wake him up Master Chief..." Andros grins as he sings...

Dimitrious walks over after picking up a bottle of water.. He pours it over Uts face, "Son.." Uts comes up swinging at Dimitrious and goes right back Down.. Dimitrious pours more water, "Son.. Captain Colt is getting ready to leave.. Your mother said something about .."

Uts came up and charged straight at the Captain..

For the next few minutes the process is repeated.. Each time Uts is woke up by a different member of the crew or Andros..

Major Smith shakes his head as he kicks Uts feet, "Son.. Stay down.. You havent laid a blow on the Captain yet.. "

Uts stands up like a prize fighter in the old days. Shaking his head, "He.. My sister.. My.." Uts shakes his head, "Kill him!!"

Uts stumbles towards the Captain.. He moves very slow, "I.. Box.."

Andros sweeps Uts, causing him to land on the deck of the ship looking up..

"It is over when you say.. Reporting for duty Captain," Andros calmly smiles.. "Esfers darling.. We really need to talk.."

Uts sits up and just sits there, "F#$% you.." Trying to stand up Uts falls down.. He sits back up and pukes, "I.."

"I will kill you," Andros looks at Uts.. "I do need you more then you need me

"I.. I. Need me..." Uts stands up very slowly.. "Fromer BMSN Uts reporting for duty .." Seeing Andros's face, "Captain.."

Uts falls down onto the flight deck..

"Doctor Amear.. Medical Emergency.. Antidote," Andros looks inside the peeway.. 

A man wearing a weird looking armored suit shakes his head, "Captain.. This has to be exact.. If what you said was true.."

"Scan him," andros is kneeling over Uts.. He sits him up and speaks in a weird voice, "I got you buddy.. "

"Callahan," Uts sounds confused..

"This is gonna hurt. A series injection. Bite down on this," Andros put the baton infront of Uts mouth.. "One of stones B#$%^es injected you with a poison.."

"STONE," Uts bites the Baton.. "DEWW itt!!"

"S@#$%," The Doctor takes a deep breath.. "Son you cant fight me.. We are gonna be here for the next four minutes.. Timed shots.."

Uts is wide eyed as the first inject goes in..

"You barely survived the first time due t being pure evil," Andros spoke in Uts voice.. 

A small timer beeps as Doctor Amear clears the air out of the needle, "Three.. Two... One.."

He slams the needle into Uts leg..

Uts screams weirdly as the needle injects him..

"Two minutes ten second son for the next counter agent.." Dr. Amear shakes his head.. taking out something as tears form in Uts's eyes, "It burns dumbf#$%.. It is countering the poisons.. The goal is to make sure you live with as little organ damage as possible.. Smith.. Dimitrious.. Grab his arms.. "

"I.. I can take it," Uts is nearly shaking.. "What the F#$% did that.."

"Listen to doc.. This is going to hurt.. And you are going to have one hell of a D@#$ head ache.. " Andros nods his head to Dimitrious and Smith, "O'Grady.. Sparlitch.. Grab his feet.."

All four list to the captains orders.. 

Andros grabs the Baton, "This is really.. Really.. Really, Gonna hurt.."

Andros puts his knee in Uts back..

Uts takes a deep breath, "You cant live through po... This bad," Utz takes a deep breath, "Doc.. I dont wanna die.. Do it!!"

Dr. Amear shakes his head, "All right.. But understand I have never performed this on a human before.." Uts is wide eyed as the Doctor quickly puts in two ports, one after the other.. "This is where the odds get dicey.. This is going to hurt.. Scream.. do NOT move.."


"Dad.." Lizzy pointed at Uts with his eyes opened, "You were right he was playing possum.."

Uts looks away from Andros and Lizzy.. He looks around and back to the Captain, "Sir.. Why.. Why did you.."

"Uts.. You were about to be near death for about two years.." Andros put his feet up on a desk, "I dont have two years.. Lizzy Uts here is a friend where I am from.. He has a long way to go.. From the thug in the brig to Legate in the Olmec Legion.."

"Legate.. Oh.." Lizzy goes wide eyed, "How did you two meet.."

Uts has a confused look on his face..

"I had to beat him to make Captain.. The mother F#$%er managed to break two of my ribs," Andros shook his head.. "That was with soul speak.."

"Thats not possible dad.. He.. He almost beat you," Lizzy looks at her father.. "You made Captain.. He.. "

Uts responded, "I.. Legate.. Captain?"

"In exchange for getting you here early.. Uts.. I will train you to be an officer.. " Andros holds out his hand, "Their is no arguement.. You will have to earn every thing and every step.. Right now.. I need you to keep the brig boys in line when they get here.."

Uts glares, "Sir.. I do not have any friends.."

"A wise man once tried to tell me that My Awetin was dead.. That it was my fault.. " Andros looked at Uts, "Not to focus on the past but live in the now. That Pain reminds you that you live in the now.."

"Dad.. " Lizzy was confused, "He .. Who said that.."

Uts looks at Andros..

"The man who got his arm broke to rem," Andros was interrupted..

"remind him That he lives in the now," Uts stopped and looked at the Captain.. "I owe you for saving my life.. I do not like oweing a man.."

Andros smiled, "For the record your older self put up a much better fight.. You have my word future Legate.. We will have a rematch in a few decades.. This time I am just going to shoot your A$$.."

"Sir.." Uts took a deep breath, "You are insane.. I never touched you.. There is.. Well I could have.. S#$%.. You got some kind of radar.. D@#$!"

Lizzy looks at Uts, "You are not a dumba$$.. Dad.. How does he know that.. He.."

"Your father was able to move right before or as I moved.." Uts narrowed his eyes, "Ok.. that wont happen again.."

"For you to keep listening.. Rufus is offering you something.. When Admiral Stone is to be killed.. "

Uts's eyes lit up, "She is .. I get to kill him. Admiral Stone." Uts took a moment as Andros nodded yes, "The brig boys will tip top sailors Captain.. World war one style.."

"Good.. Heal today.. We will talk tomorrow," Andros smiles evilly.. Smiling, "Do not forget.. Me and you have a rematch.. Legate.."

Uts narrowed his eyes, "Yes sir.."


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