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No Borders... Here's One Of The Reasons.
Oh sh*t...! It's not going well in the Fatherland.

Quote:Almost half of Germans want Merkel to resign, poll shows.

'A survey carried out by YouGov and published on Friday shows that 43 percent of Germans want Merkel
to leave office.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4022]

The survey also revealed that 42 percent of respondents wanted the veteran Chancellor to stay on as head
of government, while 15 percent did not give a response either way. Somewhat surprisingly, Merkel is most
popular among voters of the environmentalist Green party, two thirds of whom said she should stay in office.

She is slightly less loved by voters of the conservative Union, which includes her own Christian Democrats
(CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU).

Some 63 percent of Union voters said they wanted her to stay on as Chancellor, while 27 percent want her to go.
Merkel is currently entangled in a power battle with the CSU over border controls that is threatening to collapse
her coalition barely three months after it was established.

Merkel also remains strangely popular among voters of the far-left Die Linke party, 48 percent of whom want her
to stay in office. She is least popular by far among voters of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), only six
percent of whom want her to stay on.

The survey also showed that most Germans don’t believe that the coalition will collapse over the current dispute
between Merkel and the CSU. Only 32 percent of respondents said that the coalition is about to fall to pieces,
while 45 percent said it would survive to fight another day.

Nonetheless half the respondents said that they did not believe that the coalition would make it to the next
scheduled national elections in 2021.

Whereas Merkel once enjoyed unrivalled support among German voters, recent polls have shown dwindling
patience with her policies. A YouGov poll from the end of last year showed that 47 percent of voters wanted
her to stand on before the next national election...'
The Local:

Not wishing to leave a fellow-European country out of the debate, Sweden is dealing with Donald
Trump's embassy move... or maybe it was just a glitch in the assimilation.

Quote:Three asylum seekers are jailed in Sweden for synagogue arson attack days after US recognised
Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

*Three men sentenced for arson attack on synagogue in Gothenburg, Sweden
*Took place days after U.S. recognised Jerusalem as Israeli capital in December
*CCTV footage shows more than a dozen men throwing Molotov cocktails
*Attack happened while 30 youths were celebrating Hanukkah in synagogue
*The three, aged 19, 22 and 24, from Syria and Palestine, sentenced to jail

'Three asylum seekers from Syria and Palestine have been sentenced to jail for an attempted arson
attack on a synagogue in Gothenburg, southern Sweden, in December last year.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4023]

CCTV footage from the attack, which took place while some 30 youths were attending a Hanukkah
party in the synagogue, shows more than a dozen masked men throwing Molotov cocktails at the
building and nearby cars. 
However, just three men, aged 19, 22 and 24, were arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

The arson attack took place just days after President Donald Trump had announced that the U.S. would
recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Court documents state that at least six Molotov cocktails -glass
cider bottles filled with flammable liquid -were thrown at the synagogue on December 9, 2017.

Between ten and 20 masked men were involved in the attack, which took place just after 10pm.

The prosecution argued that the charges were aggravated by 'the crime's motive to violate an ethnic group
because of its beliefs'. The young Jewish people celebrating Hanukkah in the building, briefly took shelter
in a cellar during the attack, but no one was injured.

The court added that the attack's 'purpose was to threaten, harm and violate both the members of the Jewish
community and the Jewish people as a whole.' One of the men had googled the synagogue's location on the
day of the attack, the prosecution said.

The 19-year-old Syrian man was sentenced to one year and three months for threats and attempted criminal
damage. The two Palestinian nationals, aged 22 and 24, were each sentenced to two years in prison.
The Syrian teen and the 24-year-old, a Palestinian national from Syria, had already been given permanent
residency in Sweden and the court ruled that the crime is not considered severe enough to warrant deportation.

The 22-year-old had his asylum application rejected and will therefore be deported after serving his sentence. 
There are around 20,000 Jews living in Sweden, according to the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention says there have been between 150 and 280 anti-Semitic acts,
including threats, insults and violence, each year in the past decade...'
The Mail Online:

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Quote:'A survey carried out by YouGov and published on Friday shows that 43 percent of Germans want Merkel

to leave office.

And the other 57% are too afraid to speak up.
(06-28-2018, 09:17 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:
Quote:'A survey carried out by YouGov and published on Friday shows that 43 percent of Germans want Merkel
to leave office.

And the other 57% are too afraid to speak up.

The other 57% probably don't speak German!

(By the way, that 'Trump/UK Cost story dropped off the front web page of the BBC not long after
it's posting!)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(06-28-2018, 09:17 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:
Quote:'A survey carried out by YouGov and published on Friday shows that 43 percent of Germans want Merkel

to leave office.

And the other 57% are too afraid to speak up.

That is what i was going to say,,,,, Like Our Illegals, They can't Read It, Write It or Speak It,,,,, But they can sure Pump Out The Kids and get All That Welfare Monies and Benefits!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Quote:Cops launch attempted MURDER probe after teen stabbed in chest, stomach and back.

'Cops have launched an attempted murder probe after a teenager was stabbed multiple
times and left a critical condition in London in the early hours of yesterday morning...'

Due to the regularity now, anyone wishing to read more can click this link:
The Daily Star:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Sunday morning and another day of the blade in Londonistan.

Quote:Boy, 14, in serious condition after stabbing.

A teenager has been stabbed in the stomach, despite eyewitness reports that bystanders
pleaded with the attacker to stop.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4054]

'A teenager is in a serious but stable condition after being stabbed on a busy north London street.
The 14-year-old was stabbed in the stomach on Sunday evening, as bystanders pleaded with the
attacker to stop, according to a witness.

The boy was taken to hospital by helicopter after the incident in Islington, which saw two men and
what appeared to be two teenagers fighting.
A few minutes into the fight, witnesses said a third teenager ran in carrying the weapon.

Resident Amina Taylor said she saw the stabbing from her flat. "We could all see the knife in his hand.
It was that big," she said. "You could hear the screams of 'No, stop it, don't do anything, don't be stupid'
and he went for (one of the adults) first but then he was kind of swinging wildly and then he just thrust
the knife into the stomach of the teenager."

She said she was shocked to see "somebody who is clearly barely taller than my nine-year-old son
coming down with a weapon in his hand". She described the "big" and "cumbersome" weapon as

Two boys, 14 and 15, have been arrested in the early hours of Monday on suspicion of attempted murder.
An 11-year-old boy who was also arrested on suspicion of attempted murder has since been released
and police say he is no longer a suspect.

The Met Police said that officers "retain an open mind as to motive".
They appealed for anyone who saw the stabbing to contact them...'

And now for the piece de resistance that once again, shows how the public have been dumbed-down
for so long.

Quote:'...Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "Incidents like this have a devastating impact on families and our
communities and we need to send the message that they will not be tolerated.
"Politicians, the police and all Londoners must unite in saying it is never acceptable to carry a knife
-and it does not make you safer."...'

Another banal statement from the man who holds office of an embarrassment of the world.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
There'd been other criminal incidents in London since the last posting, but I was hoping the
moped robberies and gangland violence might abate.
So much for wishful-thinking.

Monday 9th July.

Quote:Two men shot in horror London drive-by attack -third victim 'run over by car'.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4089]

Two men were shot in a drive-by attack and another victim was run over by a car in east London this morning.
'Cops rushed to Lea Bridge Road in Leyton following reports of a shooting at 2.30am this morning.
A man aged in his 40s has been shot in the leg.
Another male in his 20s suffered a suspected broken leg after a vehicle was driven at him.

A third male in his 20s later turned up at hospital with a gunshot injury. 
Police believe this third man was also a victim of the Leyton drive-by shooting.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: "It is believed shots were fired from a silver coloured vehicle,
which then fled the scene. "A number of shell casings have been recovered and a crime scene is in place...'

And the standard....

Quote:'..."There are no arrests at this time and enquiries continue...'
Daily Star:

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(06-28-2018, 09:43 PM)guohua Wrote:
(06-28-2018, 09:17 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:
Quote:'A survey carried out by YouGov and published on Friday shows that 43 percent of Germans want Merkel

to leave office.

And the other 57% are too afraid to speak up.

That is what i was going to say,,,,, Like Our Illegals, They can't Read It, Write It or Speak It,,,,, But they can sure Pump Out The Kids and get All That Welfare Monies and Benefits!

Found this little bit of info, please read its about the amount of Germans who are not happy with the Fuhrer read
(07-09-2018, 11:50 AM)Wallfire Wrote: ...Found this little bit of info, please read its about the amount of Germans who are not happy with the Fuhrer read

'80% of Germans say they are unhappy with Merkel’s government as
border deal is finally agreed that ditches 'migrant transit centres'

It makes you wonder about power and how it's acquired.
Nobody elected the elite group in the European Union... or at least none of the countries
that they're supposed to serve, chose them.

Yet, a decision that's damaged so many lives and an entire continent, is implemented without
asking those it would effect. If the question is truthfully answered of how they sensibly arrived
at the idea of bringing opposing and unaffiliated cultures into Germany, France and the rest,
I think we'd find out what they really had in mind.

Merkel should be tried in court for what's happened.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Another interesting thing I found on the net

Quote:Catholic Bishop: Europe Migrant Crisis ‘Orchestrated’ by International Powers

By wmw_admin on July 8, 2018
Thomas D. Williams Ph.D. — Breibart July 7, 2018
[Image: migrants_crowds_cross_into_slovenia_getty.jpg]

Migrants cross into Slovenia on their way to Germany. Click to enlarge

The Catholic church is being used as a pawn in a well-orchestrated plan to radically alter the Christian identity of European nations through mass migration, said Bishop Athanasius Schneider in a bombshell interview last week.
Schneider, who serves as auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, told the Italian daily Il Giornale that the current migrant crisis “represents a plan orchestrated and prepared for a long time by international powers to radically alter the Christian and national identity of the peoples of Europe.”
To achieve their objectives, these powers abuse “the true concept of humanism and even the Christian commandment of charity,” Schneider said, exploiting the moral authority of the church for anti-Christian purposes.
The powers in question “use the enormous moral potential of the church and their own structures to achieve their anti-Christian and anti-European goal more effectively,” he said.
The interview was released in the midst of a series of initiatives by Pope Francis to bring about a “change in mindset” regarding immigration by focusing on the positive contributions of immigrants rather than the negative fallout from mass migration.
Asked for his opinion of Italian populist politician Matteo Salvini, who now serves as interior minister, the bishop said he is unqualified to speak on Italy’s political situation but praised the general direction that Italy is now taking, especially by standing up to the European Union (EU), which he compared to the Soviet Union.
The bishop said he would applaud the government of any European nation that “tries to accentuate its own sovereignty and its historical, cultural, and Christian identity in the face of the totalitarianism of a sort of new Soviet Union, which today is called the European Union and has an unmistakably Masonic ideology.”
Schneider’s words were especially poignant given his background, having been born in the Soviet Union in 1961, the child of ethnic German Catholics whom Joseph Stalin sent to gulags after the Second World War.
The criticisms leveled by Bishop Schneider echoed similar concerns voiced by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has also fought to retain the “Christian” identity of Europe as well as his country’s national sovereignty.
Orbán has called out left-wing billionaire George Soros for his scheme to flood Europe with millions of migrants in an attempt to blur national borders, saying that the European Union is following “Soros migrant plans” with its forced immigration quotas.
The Hungarian prime minister said in 2017 that Soros and the EU seek to bring in the one million migrants annually to create an EU immigration force to undermine the national sovereignty of member states.
In 2016, Orbán used another analogy adopted by Schneider, urging Europeans to standup against the “Sovietization” of Europe at an event commemorating the anti-communist uprising of 1956.

People might also be interested in reading what is going on in Sweden
Quote:Swedish Dental Expert Fined $50,000 for Exposing Adult Migrants Masquerading as Children

By wmw_admin on July 9, 2018
Selwyn Duke — The New American July 7, 2018
See something, say nothing? This appears the message in Sweden, where politically-correct authorities may punish those who dare complain about the government’s culture-rending and crime-spiking importation of vast numbers of Muslim migrants. The latest example is a dental hygienist fined approximately $50,000 for revealing that some refugees claiming to be “children” are actually adults. According to Swedish news organ Samhällsnytt (translation courtesy of Jihad Watch):
Bernt Herlitz is being severely punished for trying to reveal the age of fake children. Now he has to pay 425 thousand kronor [$48,500] within 30 days to his former employer Region Gotland – money he does not have. The language of the judgment is harsh and at times activist against Herlitz. Previously, Samhällsnytt revealed that several of the people whom he suggested to the Migration Board were discovered to be adults as a result of medical age tests. Despite this and despite some of them being convicted of gross violent crime, they will stay in Sweden, thanks to the amnesty of the government and the Center Party.
Masquerading as a minor is a common tactic among migrants as it makes it relatively easy to be granted refugee status. So, unsurprisingly, Herlitz found “that several asylum seekers who were registered as unaccompanied children showed a dental development that is more typical for people over 25 years old,” Samhällsnytt reports. The kicker is that the hygienist advised authorities about his suspicions at “the request of a Director of the Swedish Migration Board,” according to the paper. Despite this, Herlitz was dismissed from his service and excoriated by the media,” writes Samhällsnytt.
(Note: Samhällsnytt identified the amount of the fine as 425,000 kroner earlier in its article, but as 475,000 kroner, $54,000, later on. It’s not clear if this is a mistake or if a higher court increased the penalty.)
Samhällsnytt also indicates that Herlitz may now be subject to prosecution and a prison sentence as well.
The Swedish court that rendered the final judgment, the “Labor Court,” noted that the hygienist broke confidentiality rules. Nonetheless, the severity of the punishment reflects how authorities don’t want the lid blown off their failing immigrationist and multiculturalist schemes.
This isn’t new or limited to Sweden. In 2014, I reported on the case of a British social worker who, after blowing the whistle on a child-sex-trafficking ring run by Muslims, was forced into “diversity training.” She was told, “You must never [again] refer to Asian men,” and your “awareness of ethnic issues” needs to be raised. Note that “Asian” means “Muslim” in Britain’s Newspeak.
What is new, in Sweden, is rampant crime. Once among the safest of nations, this began to change with the recent decades’ massive influx of Third World Muslim migrants. And while politically correct media and authorities had long denied the migration-crime link, the truth is getting hard to suppress. For example, even left-leaning Politico had to admit in April that Sweden is “increasingly associated with a rising number of Islamic State recruits, bombings and hand grenade attacks.” The site continued:
In a period of two weeks earlier this year, five explosions took place in the country. It’s not unusual these days — Swedes have grown accustomed to headlines of violent crime, witness intimidation and gangland executions. In a country long renowned for its safety, voters cite “law and order” as the most important issue ahead of the general election in September.
The topic of crime is sensitive, however, and debate about the issue in the consensus-oriented Scandinavian society is restricted by taboos.
… Gang-related gun murders, now mainly a phenomenon among men with immigrant backgrounds in the country’s parallel societies, increased from 4 per year in the early 1990s to around 40 last year. Because of this, Sweden has gone from being a low-crime country to having homicide rates significantly above the Western European average. Social unrest, with car torchings, attacks on first responders and even riots, is a recurring phenomenon.
Note that the “parallel societies” mentioned above are often “no-go zones,” Muslim-dominated areas in which Sharia law has to an extent supplanted civil law and where authorities may be reluctant to tread. Leftist media and government officials had long insisted that such zones’ existence was a myth created by bigoted, “Islamophobic” rightists. But this deception was dealt a powerful blow earlier this year when the author of Europe’s mass Muslim migration herself, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, admitted that no-go zones exist.
And why wouldn’t they? While one immigrationist fantasy holds that assimilation is a given, this reflects ideological chauvinism. Why would all newcomers embrace “liberal Western ‘values’”? Because they’re so “obviously true”?
Of course, it’s impossible for Westerners to assert this convincingly, as cultural relativism (moral relativism’s first cousin) infects their thinking and animates multiculturalist schemes, which discourage assimilation. Moreover, as I wrote in February, “Even when (im)migrants are assimilable, there still must be something substantive to assimilate into. Communist activist Willi Munzenberg once said, ‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.’ It now stinks to high heaven as it denies Heaven and authors a cultural Hell. As a result, Western man, today’s migrants mainly come for your money, not your mores.”
This is especially true with Muslim newcomers, whose mindset is not Western and whose cultural and religious chauvinism is profound. Besides, political correctness is so extreme in Sweden, said Danish journalist and Absolut Sweden author Mikael Jalving in 2014, that assimilation “is completely out of the question.” “Everybody, in all mainstream political parties and media … would laugh — laugh — about the word assimilation,” he continued. “[It] is a Nazi word in Sweden.”
In fact, Swedes must integrate “into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back,” proclaimed Swedish politician Mona Sahlin in 2001. And the government does its best to ensure this, using hate-speech laws to punish dissenters and even going so far as to track down anti-(im)migration Internet commenters (video below on Sweden’s thought police).

The good news is that burgeoning crime and the rate of cultural destruction has caused even normally supine Sweden to finally react, which is why the patriotic, anti-migration party the Sweden Democrats has now been vaulted to prominence (video below).

Whether this is too little, too late remains to be seen. But “Lies have short legs,” as the saying goes — and Sweden’s immigrationist lie may perhaps find that it can’t forever stay ahead of the peasants with pitchforks.
Just what Europe needs, more kind and non violent refugees
Quote:Paul Joseph Watson — Infowars July 11, 2018

[Image: African-migrants-threaten-to-kill-Italia...l-crew.jpg]
African migrants threaten to kill Italian cargo vessel crew who rescued them from the Mediterrannean. Click to enlarge

African migrants threatened to kill the crew of the Italian cargo vessel who rescued them because they wanted to travel to the welfare havens of Europe and not be returned to a Libyan detention center.
“The Italian coastguard picked up the migrants after receiving a call for help from the ship. They were being taken yesterday to Italy where the ringleaders will be questioned by police over the incident,” reports the London Times.
“The mutiny on the Vos Thalassa marked an escalation in problems in the Mediterranean after Italy’s new populist government refused entry to migrants picked up by charity boats and handed over rescue responsibilities to the Libyan coastguard.”
Expecting to be transported to European welfare havens and be given free benefits and accommodation, the migrants attempted to stage a mutiny by threatening to kill the crew because they were told they’d be sent back to Libya.
The fact that migrants are threatening to kill the people who “rescue” them proves that the whole process is not really a rescue at all, but a taxi service from North Africa to Europe.
Fabrice Leggeri, the head of the European Union’s border agency Frontex, previously slammed charities for rescuing migrants off the coast of Libya, some as near as just 10 miles off the coast, because it has incentivized people smugglers and put lives at risk.
As we previously reported, migrants rejected by Italy who were subsequently welcomed by Spain’s new socialist government arrived in Alicante. They were immediately transported to the city center where students who had already paid for their accommodation were kicked out to make way for the newcomers.
While the media has for years portrayed the situation as helpless refugees being left to drown, the reality of the situation is that economic migrants are working in concert with criminals and NGOs to swarm Europe with complete disregard for the law and the sanctity of basic border controls.

And then we see how the Spanish treat there own people
Quote:Spanish students given 12 hours to clear out dorms for Aquarius migrants

By Marta Rodriguez Martinez  & Pascale Davies • last updated: 22/06/2018
Now Reading:
Spanish students given 12 hours to clear out dorms for Aquarius migrants

[Image: 320x180_cmsv2_865c87f4-4103-5fa9-975b-04...188884.jpg]

© Copyright :
Kenny Karpov/SOS Mediterranee/Handout via Reuters

Some 20 students from a university in Alicante, Spain, were relocated from their residence last week to house migrants from the Aquarius rescue ship. One of the students spoke to Euronews about the unexpected move.
"They told us 12 hours in advance," said student Paula Sanchis. "They met us at seven in the afternoon and said that those of us who had finished (exams) should return to our family homes, and those who had not, should look for a place to stay."
The La Florida youth hostel is public property and part of a group of buildings that can be used in emergency situations. The arrival of the migrants on board the Aquarius and the two Italian ships, which transported over 600 migrants rescued in Mediterranean waters, constituted one of these cases.
Paula explained that the problem with the move was the students did not want to leave because they had a contract to stay until the end of June, which is when many students finish exams.
"They first told us that we should leave if we had finished, and later, they told us to leave in any case because (the Aquarius migrants) were going to arrive with contagious diseases," she said.
"If we wanted to collect some of our things we (had to go) with long sleeves, long trousers, or winter clothes," she added.
The Valencian government told Euronews that it had taken care of all expenses involved in removing the students and that it had taken responsibility for finding them alternative accommodation.
Paula confirmed that was the case, but said not all students were fairly compensated. "Not everyone's taxi transfer was paid for," she said.
In general, the students said they were not happy with their new lodging, mainly because it is located far from the university, which authorities did not consider.
The Aquarius, operated by Franco-German NGO SOS Méditerranée, docked in Valencia last Sunday after a long and tortuous sea crossing.
Spain's new President Pedro Sánchez welcomed the migrants to the country after Italy and Malta closed their ports to the boat.
(07-12-2018, 03:11 PM)Wallfire Wrote:
Quote:...Spain's new President Pedro Sánchez welcomed the migrants to the country after Italy and Malta closed their ports to the boat.

Aye, but he didn't put them up in his place...! Instead, the students were told to shift to allow
the contagious migrants to invade their spaces. The long-sleeves and trousers...? In case the
'welcomed' migrants became aroused?!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
We've all thought about... those deplorable Trump-voters deciding on a trip to Disneyland in the US
or Europeans plumping for a two-week vacation on the balmy beaches of the Mediterranean or sking
in the Alps.
And when there, the usual practice of marry-off one of our children for migration reasons.

Oh, wait a moment... I shouldn't divide people up like that, we're a 'Global' community now and accept
through assimilation, the cultures of the countries we live in... don't we?

I'll wager the article below hurt the BBC Diversity Department for having to report it!

Quote:Leeds school uses spoons to help prevent forced marriage.

'A school is attempting to tackle forced marriages by handing out spoons to urge students to hide them
in underwear to trigger metal detectors at airports.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4113]

Pupils at the Co-operative Academy in Leeds have been told to hide the cutlery there if they fear they are
being taken overseas to be married. It will trigger metal detectors at airports, allowing them to raise the
alarm with security staff privately.
Harinder Kaur, from the school, said the spoons can "save lives".

She said that 80% of UK forced marriages happened abroad during the summer holidays.

"In the six-weeks holidays we know there is no contact between school and the family and families have that
opportunity to go abroad, get their child married and come back," she said.
"It's a way of making our children aware there is a safety net there."

A law making it a criminal offence to force people into marriage came into effect in June 2014.
Parents who force their children to marry can be punished by up to seven years in prison...'

Isn't the love between parent and child lovely...? Aren't the feelings of family unity so pleasing?
The trust between parent and child is paramount, especially when you can use the kid as bargaining

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Normally I would not as the Brits say "give the time of day" to an article like this, but about 8 or 9 years ago I read a paper that was part of a Phd.
The paper ( with GB been an exsample) explained how a non English force would invade all walks of life in a country slowly chocking it and making the police and armed forces incompetent and ineffective as well as all local control bodys. I dont want to go into it any more but this article struck a cord when I read it. As people here know im not anti muslim but very anti islam. I believe islam is the biggest danger the world has ever faced.

Quote:July 13, 2018

[Image: burning-uk-flag.jpg]
The Muslim population of Britain surpassed 3.5 million in 2016 to become around 5.5% of the overall population of 64 million.

The author is a former British policeman 
who has maintained contacts within the force. 
We can assume that civil disturbances planned 
for the UK also apply to France, Germany and Sweden. 

(Disclaimer- While I cannot personally vouch for this report, England like so many Western countries has been subverted by Freemasons who want to enslave the population. A Muslim insurgency might provide a pretext.) 

By Semper Castleton 

Further to my June 2018 article about the social decline and decay of England, the situation is much worse. 

The following activities are now covertly taking place: 

Arms shipments are coming into Europe to covertly arm Muslims ready for the signal to rampage and create genocide. 

The latest and best mobile phones have been freely distributed by secret intelligence services to UK Muslim migrants. They have been issued under the names of real UK and EU citizens but with false addresses with the full co-operation of the major EU/UK phone companies. Such phone companies are all owned and controlled by the same entities that have conspired in the planned chaos. 

Naturally, good communication is a major aspect of any activity these days.

Detailed instructions have been distributed to Muslim migrants upon arrival with telephone numbers and details about support networks, and organizations to contact and where to go. All these instructions have been written in Arabic and with phrases translated as in guidebooks. 

Many "destitute" migrants have been secretly carrying unbelievably large sums of cash. Who is financing them?

Many destitute migrants have been carrying a large and diverse number of false passports and other documents to fake and forge. This can only be due to the involvement of security and intelligence services sponsoring the Muslim invasion of Europe. It should be noted that the Israeli Mossad is well known for using false passports. 

[Image: sex-grooming-gangs-ban-islam.jpg]Have you noticed the "softly softly" approach by the British police and their refusal to investigate most crime that has been committed by the new Muslim migrants? 

The British Police seem reluctant to get involved with Muslim migrants even when the crimes are as serious as rape. Migrant rapists are not bailed but freed every time. So Tommy Robinson does have a good point that the orders come from a high level. 

As in the case of Tommy Robinson, the British Police promptly acts to silence indigenous resistance and any public opposition to police apathy. Generally, the British Police, when they want to, can act quickly but when a crime involves Muslim immigrants, they drag their heels and behave incompetently. British Police reluctance to punish Muslim migrants is all intentional. 

The Muslim migrants have an agenda to rob and steal and threaten to demand what they want. They know they (i) have been given 'permission' from someone in authority to be violent and (ii) know that the local British population is unprotected and (iii) that they will not face any punishment for attacking English people. 

Upon arrival in UK or Europe, large numbers of these Muslim migrants go missing. This is never reported on any media platform. They are not absconding to join a family. Excellent accommodation has been made available for them by local authorities. They go missing to join up with a covert military force in secret locations in readiness for the appropriate call-up. 

Within a few years, those missing migrants will reappear as part of an armed terror squad on a massive scale all with the involvement, knowledge, and connivance of the British intelligence/security services. 

Enoch Powell's rivers of blood UK civil war will happen.

 It will bring about (i) the genocide of the white English, (ii) justify the need for a full European State and (i) increase the white English Christians' hatred for Muslims and Islam. 

This war is wanted by people higher than the British government. 

Enoch Powell was right!!!!. I keep reminding people of this fact. 

So why have we got a Muslim Mayor of London and a non-English Home Secretary? 

You can expect that future Life in UK will get very uncomfortable. What will you do when a Muslim mob breaks into your house? Call the British Police?  What will they do? 

As I have said before there is no coincidence in life everything happens for a reason. 
It's time to get back in the saddle again. Mayor Khan has finished his rounds on explaining why he allowed and condoned
the Trump-Blimp and the MSM didn't have a single stabbing in London to report... or at least, didn't report it.

But we're back with a bang as President Trump moves onto Helsinki and merry-old London can get back to the things
it does best. Robbery at knife-point and random stabbings.

Quote:'Man fighting for life after being stabbed this morning in London.

'A man has been left fighting for his life after being stabbed in London in broad daylight today amid a bloodbath gripping
the UK capital.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4122]

The victim, in his 40s, was brutally attacked in Peckham, south London this morning around 6.30am. He reportedly suffered
several stab wounds as passers-by rushed to his aid and tried CPR.

Emergency services were scrambled before the man was rushed to hospital where he now lies in critical condition.
Eye witnesses described the stabbing as “like something out of a horror movie”.

One witness, a 37-year-old man from Peckham Rye, told The Sun: "I saw it on my way to work. I can't believe this sort of
thing is happening in broad daylight on a Saturday morning on a high street. It's so shocking.

"It was at a bus stop and there were lots of people gathered around. It was quite early but there were still people going off
to work. They looked really worried. "The man was on the ground being treated, I think by police.
There was already a police car there and another pulled up with its light on, parking on the pavement.

"He looked in a bad way. A few moments later I saw a ambulance car rushing up Peckham High Street." A Metropolitan Police
spokesman said: "Officers attended. The man, who is believed to be aged in his late 40s, was taken to a south London
hospital where he remains in a critical condition....'

Well, maybe this time the Police will be stronger in their convictions and make sure... oh wait.

Quote:'..."Enquiries continue. There have been no arrests."
The stabbing is the latest in a string of violent attacks in London, with at least 51 people being stabbed to death since the
beginning of the year. At least 1,200 knife attacks have taken place amid the bloodbath.
And this morning in a separate case a 21-year-old man was charged with manslaughter after a girl, aged 17, was knifed to
death in South London on Thursday....'

Rack 'em and stack 'em. Here's another one.

Quote:Teen knifing Camberwell stabbing –Man, 21, charged with manslaughter after girl, 17, stabbed to
death in South London.

'A 21-year-old man has been charged with manslaughter after a girl, 17, was knifed to death in South London, police say.
Oluwaseyi Dada, of Camberwell, South East London, is due to appear at South London magistrates court today.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4123]

Police were called at 12.16pm on Thursday to reports of a stabbing at a house.
Paramedics and London's Air Ambulance also attended and despite their best efforts, the teenager was pronounced
dead at the scene at 1pm. Scotland Yard says her next-of-kin have been informed and a post-mortem examination will
be held today, with formal identification due to take place.

Dada was arrested on suspicion of murder at the scene, where cops say they recovered a weapon.
Officers understand that the suspect and victim were known to each other.

The Met's Homicide and Major Crime Command (HMCC) are investigating along with officers from Southwark and a
crime scene remains in place at the address. The terrifying violence even saw London's homicide rate momentarily
overtake that of New York.
And by June, stabbings across the capital have been reported on a nearly daily basis...'

Oluwaseyi Dada... you don't get a more English name than that.
Oh well, it's business as usual.

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Here's a long article from the BBC entitled:
The global terror network that started in Pontypridd.
Click Here For Article:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4140]

It's not about Jews, Catholics, Presbyterianism or Sikhs.
The report is about a IS terror cell in the United Kingdom, specifically Wales.

An organised infiltration by a group who knew the political correctness of the west
would ensure nobody would question their shadowy background goals.

The BBC states:
'...From the turn of the decade Cardiff, like many other UK cities, began to have its problems with
a small but high-profile number of radical young Muslims -men from different ethnic minorities,
or converts to Islam, who became disillusioned by the global war on terror and were drawn in by
the twisted and fanatical rhetoric of IS...'

Disillusioned... a word that means a lot as your body is torn apart in a blast at your favourite music
concert. We should pity their confusion, even as they storm our shores and use technology to spread
their corruption.
The weak will not inherit the world, they'll serve it.

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Speaking of "no borders", here are the 34 democrats who voted against the measure to support ICE.  These people need to go!  They are a danger to our country!

Quote:Brown (MD)
Castro (TX)
Clarke (NY)
Davis, Danny
Green, Al
Jackson Lee
Johnson, E. B.
Swalwell (CA)
Thompson (MS)

Read the article here: Source
The sun is shining and the sidewalks are hot. But in London, they're a different colour.

19th July 2018.
Quote:London three-hour bloodbath as teen stabbed in neck and woman killed.

London faced a three-hour bloodbath today as a woman was killed and a teen stabbed in the neck.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4163]

'The shocking crimes in east and west London added to the spate of stabbings and murders in the
capital this year.

A woman, aged in her 20s, was pronounced dead in Uxbridge Road, Ealing, just before 1pm.
Cops have arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of murder.
Police and paramedics rushed to Bethnal Green Green at around 4pm to reports of a stabbing.

The Met said: "A 16-year-old male was suffering from stab wounds to his neck and torso.
"He has been taken to an east London hospital –we await an update on his condition."

Since the begining of the year at least 51 people have been fatally stabbed in London.
This year 89 people have been murdered in the capital.
Police said that a post-mortem examination will take place on the woman who died in Ealing
and her next of kin have been informed.

A Met Police spokesperson said: "A 28-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of
murder. "He has been taken to a north London police station where he remains in custody.
"The Met's Homicide and Major Crime Command has been informed as is routine.
"A crime scene is in place and enquiries continue."
The Daily Star:

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I have traveled a lot and I have not found a working multicultural culture anywhere in Europe. Does any one here know of one ??

Quote:Peaceful multicultural societies don’t exist, Dutch FM says in explosive leaked speech
Published time: 18 Jul, 2018 20:53Edited time: 19 Jul, 2018 08:42
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[Image: 5b4fa692dda4c816068b45ed.jpg]
FILE PHOTO. One of the largest mosques in Europe, the Essalam Mosque in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. © Hans van Rhoon / Global Look Press
  • 1329

  • 132

Peaceful multicultural societies don’t exist and the EU won’t be able to force “equal” migrant distribution on Eastern Europe, where people of color are beaten to a pulp, the Dutch FM said according to a leaked video.
The explosive comments were delivered by Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok during a private meeting attended by some 80 people working for the Netherlands’ international organizations. Footage of Blok speaking to the audience via video link was leaked to the current affairs program Zembla on Wednesday, and the inflammatory remarks promptly spread through the Dutch media.
Read more
[Image: 5aa53366fc7e930f038b45e7.jpg]Foreign language ban, army presence, de-Islamization: 5 most radical anti-ghetto plans in Europe

“I have asked my ministry this and I will pose the question here as well,” Blok can be heard saying in the video. “Give me an example of a multi-ethnic or a multi-cultural society, in which the original population still lives, and where there is a peaceful cohabitation. I don’t know one.”
The minister went further and said it might be all fun and games to go to a “Turkish bakery on Sunday” if you live in a well-off part of a city, but a “number of side effects” promptly become tangible if one lives in a migrant-packed neighborhood.
“You very quickly reach the limits of what a society can take,” Blok stated.
One of the event goers gave Suriname as an example of a peaceful multicultural society. Bok, however, brushed off the claim, branding the former Dutch colony “a failed state.”
“And that is largely to do with the ethnic divisions,” Blok said.
Singapore was then given as an example of such a society. Blok agreed with that to a certain degree, stating, however, that the tiny South Asian country is actually very careful in its migration policies. “Singapore is indeed a mini-country, extremely selective in its migration,” Blok stated. “They do not allow poor migrants. Yes, eventually, possibly for cleaning.”
The minister also casted doubts on whether an agreement between the EU countries on “equal” distribution of migrants can actually be reached. Extreme levels of xenophobia, which allegedly persist in Eastern Europe would not allow the EU to “force through” such a deal, Blok claimed.
Read more
[Image: 5b3b8250dda4c8e21c8b4593.jpg]'German migration deal is a stopgap measure, problem will come up again soon'

“Walk along any street in Warsaw or Prague. There are no colored people. These people are gone within a week, they get beaten to a pulp. They have no life there,” Blok stated. “I don’t think we are going to manage to force through an agreement at a central European level that every country will take the same number of refugees. Eastern Europeans will never agree.”
The Zembla program approached the minister for comment over his fiery speech at the event. Blok explained the speech was designed to spark a discussion, yet it was not quite suited for a larger audience.
“My role in the Q&A session was partly to stimulate. I used examples in the closed meeting which could be unfortunate in public debate,”he told Zembla.
The debate turned out to be larger than the minister expected, since a number of Dutch politicians – left-wingers, primarily – reacted angrily to his remarks. Labor MP and former foreign aid minister Lilianne Ploumen described Blok’s speech as “extremely unprofessional” and filed parliamentary questions on whether his remarks represented the cabinet policy. Others condemned the “crude” wording of the Blok speech and demanded that he explain it.
(07-20-2018, 12:44 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Peaceful multicultural societies don’t exist, Dutch FM says in explosive leaked speech...
Oh come on WF, multicultural societies are only slightly different from our own.
I mean, when...  Oh wait.

Quote:Twins repeatedly raped girl, 11, to ‘teach her what to do with future boyfriend'

A pair of twins who repeatedly raped an 11-year-old girl have been jailed for almost 30 years.

'Steven and Stanley Muchemwa, 31, raped the schoolgirl in their bedroom -sometimes when
other children were also sleeping in the same room.
The court heard how Stanley told the girl he was "teaching her what to do for when she had a

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4192]
Stanley and Steven Muchemwa have been jailed for 30 years over the rape of the girl.

The trial at Bolton Crown Court, Gtr Mancs., heard how Steven first started touching the girl early
in 2016 when she was just 10 years old. The pair would go on to rape her in the school summer
holidays after she had turned 11.

She told the court when Steven first raped her Stanley had walked into the room while the attack
was happening but took no action to stop it. Prosecuting, Kathryn Johnson, said: "Stanley had
seen what his brother was doing. It was following that, that Stanley started to rape her."

She added: "He would tell her he was teaching her what to do for when she had a boyfriend."
Ms Johnson went on to say Stanley had told the girl she would get into trouble if she told anyone
about what had been happening.

She told her head teacher in October 2016, in what Judge Smith described as a "brave decision”
The girl's teacher said she was in an "extremely distressed state" when she began to explain her

Ms Johnson said: "Initially she wouldn't explain why she was so upset. She told the headteacher
she had been abused. "Police and social services attended and spoke to her and her mother was

The girl's mother told Judge Graeme Smith her world had "come crashing down around her" when
she heard what had been happening. She said she was "completely shocked" after her daughter
revealed the ordeal and "devastated" she had trusted the men to take care of her.

There had been a "massive change" in the girl's personality since the incidents and she had become
"clingy" and was not sleeping well due to bad dreams.
Steven and Stanley were jailed for 14 and 15 years sentences respectively.

Both men, from Bolton, had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges -although Steven changed his
plea to guilty before the trial began. Following a trial earlier this year, Stanley was found guilty of one
count of sexual assault of a child under 13 and four counts of rape of a child under 13.

His brother Steven pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault and seven counts of rape, both of
a girl under 13. He also pleaded guilty to one count of assault on a female and a further count of causing
or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity....'

Okay, maybe I was wrong.

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