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No Borders... Here's One Of The Reasons.
Chalk it up to another quiet Sunday in the city of drugs and the knife.

Quote:Man stabbed near National Theatre on South Bank.

'A man has been taken to hospital after being stabbed near the National Theatre on the South Bank in central London.
Police, paramedics and London's Air Ambulance were called to the scene of the attack just before 16:00 BST, said the
Metropolitan Police.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3748]

The injured man, aged in his 20s, was taken to a central London hospital.
The man's condition is said to be non life-threatening.
Police said there had so far been no arrests, but inquiries were under way...'

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An update on the article on the last page.

Quote:Paris attacker identified as Chechen-born French citizen Khasan Azimov.
Azimov was shot dead by French police after he killed a 29-year-old man and wounded four others near the Opera Garnier.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3749]

'The man behind a fatal knife attack in Paris has been identified as Chechen-born French citizen Khamzat Azimov.
Azimov was shot dead by French police after he killed a 29-year-old man and wounded four others near the Opera Garnier.

He was identified by the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who said the attacker had received French citizenship and
held a Russian passport until he was 14.

A French official who was not authorised to speak publicly said that the attacker was born in November 1997, making him
20 years old. According to French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, one of the injured underwent emergency surgery, and two
others were admitted to hospital with less serious injuries.

Sources say Azimov was on the so-called "fiche S", or "S file", of people suspected of radicalised views who could pose a
threat to national security. Police in the French capital have launched a terror investigation following the attack.
Azimov's mother, father and a friend are reportedly being held in custody in the city of Strasbourg for questioning.

The friend's address was raided on Sunday and a man was arrested and led out of the home in handcuffs.
His face was hidden by a hood but he was wearing black T-shirt with "Grozny", the capital of Chechnya, on the front and a
drawing of a Kalashnikov rifle on the back.

Police union representative Rocco Contento said officers shot the knifeman as he ran at them shouting: "I will kill you, I will
kill you." French TV channel BFMTV offered a conflicting report that he was on the ground suffering from cardiac arrest when
he was shot by officers.

Islamic State's news agency Amaq claimed the attack was carried out by one of its "soldiers" in response to the terror group's
calls for supporters to target members of the US-led military coalition fighting the extremists in Iraq and Syria.

France's military has been active in the coalition since 2014.
French President Emmanuel Macron said his country had "once again paid the price of blood but did not give an inch to the
enemies of freedom". He praised "the courage of the policemen who have neutralised the terrorist."
Video on social media showed people fleeing the area around the scene of the attack, which was near St Augustine Street and
is lined with restaurants.

A witness who was sitting in a Japanese restaurant with his girlfriend told Le Parisien: "Just before 9pm, we saw people rushing
inside the restaurant screaming that a man was outside with a bloody knife.
"People were throwing themselves on the floor in panic...'

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With Mystic's 'Shout Box'' comment regarding Q's warning that the UK may come under attack,
here's Sunday's news.

Quote:Major London road on lockdown as bomb squad deployed.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3788]

'Tottenham Court Road was cordoned off after reports of a suspicious package left there, a Metropolitan
Police spokesman said. Cops closed off the whole area and sent in a bomb disposal robot.
A number of Twitter users took to social media to say they heard loud bangs coming from the street.

The Met refused to confirm if the noise was from a controlled explosion.
Cops descended on the street at around 5.20pm, with traffic on Oxford Circus halted as emergency services
arrived. The incident was stood down after 7pm and the item was declared non-suspicious...'

Quote:Mitcham stabbing: Man in his 20s killed.

'A man has been stabbed to death in south London.
Police were called at about 03:30 BST to the junction between Upper Green East and Montrose Gardens in

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3789]

Officers found a man, thought to be in his 20s, with multiple stab wounds. Paramedics tried to save him but he
died at the scene. A 44-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and is presently in custody in
a south London police station.

Officers are yet to formally identify the victim. Post-mortem tests were due to be held later.
A police cordon remains in place...'

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WOW!  Q was right. Not that I doubted him. tinysurprised 

I hope our friends across the pond stay safe.  
Quote:London bloodbath continues: Man fatally stabbed as death toll rises to 66.

A man has been stabbed to death in London this evening –becoming the 66th fatal victim
of violence in the capital this year.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3795]

'Cops scrambled to Upper Street, Islington, at around 6.30pm to reports of a man suffering stab injuries.
The victim – whose identity and age is not known at this stage – was pronounced dead at the scene.

The road has been closed off as Met Police launches an investigation.
It marks the 66th fatal violence victim in London this year.

In a statement, the force said: "An investigation has been launched following a stabbing in Islington.
"Police were called at approximately 18:30hrs on Monday, 21 May to reports of a man suffering stab
injuries after being attacked in Upper Street.

"Officers and London Ambulance Service attended.
The man –no further details –was pronounced dead at the scene.
"Road closures remain in place around the scene.
There have been no arrests; enquiries into the circumstances continue."

The tragedy comes just a day after a man was stabbed to death in Mitcham.
Cops were called to London Road at 3.20am but the victim –thought to be in his 20s –was pronounced dead
at the scene...'

Another day in paradise.

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All those liberals screaming to ban our guns on this side of the pond should take notice of this! 

It's not the gun, it's the person holding the weapon, whatever that weapon might be.   minusculechairshot
I once had a male student from Afghanistan who told me women dont understand they are just dogs and woman should never speak and just do what they are told. 
So I told him I know about Bacha bazi, and I hope he enjoyed it  minusculebiggrin  (Bacha bazi is where old men use young boys for sex, it very common as young boys are for sex and women to make children) I also told him the reason he has to marry a virgin is because if she has been with other men she would know how small his cock is. ( its a wonder im still alive )
Anyway what do our Ladys here think of this.

MIGRANT CALLS HOST RACIST, SAYS “Women Should Be Slaughtered If They Don’t Shut Up”

A migrant exploded with rage after being told dinner was over as reported by Sweden’s Fria Tider.

Two supervisors of the state-approved housing unit explained to the migrant he returned too late and missed the evening’s dinner.

The Afghan migrant became livid and channeled his rage at the female worker.

“He said he would fuck her and her whole family as well as kill her,” said a witness. He also said she was “racist.”

During his outburst, he invoked how his father would handle his plight.

“[My] father said that women [should] shut up and they [should] be slaughtered if they did not,” said the berserk migrant.

A shared testimony of the altercation provided by the workers was enough to charge the Afghan to pay them $5,000 each.

Additionally, the migrant was charged as a 17-year-old because it was his “official” age at the time; however, Sweden’s Migration Board confirms that the perp lied about his age and was actually at least two years older.
The official decision is to deport the offender, but that could take as long as two years.
Ain't alternative cultures great...?!!

A culture that perceives the female of it's species as nothing more than meat.
How progressive.

Cheers for the posting, Wallfire.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Quote:Man who urged Prince George attack admits terror charges.

'An Islamic State supporter who called for jihadis to attack Prince George has admitted a string of terror charges.
Husnain Rashid, 32, of Leonard Street in Nelson, Lancashire, brought his trial at Woolwich Crown Court to a halt
with a dramatic change of plea.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3856][Image: attachment.php?aid=3857]
Fool-Boy.                                                                 Boy-King.

Nearly two weeks into his trial Rashid was re-indicted and pleaded guilty to three counts of engaging in conduct in
preparation of terrorist acts. He also admitted one count of encouraging terrorism.
Rashid will be sentenced on 28 June at the same court for the offences spanning from October 2016 to April this year.

Judge Andrew Lees told the defendant: "For the past week I have listened to the most disturbing allegations.
"You have admitted these allegations of encouraging others to commit terrorist activities and publishing statements to
encourage the killing of others.

"It is inevitable that you will receive a very lengthy prison sentence and there will be a consideration of a life prison sentence."
He added: "The question of your future dangerousness and the protection of the public is a matter that I will have to give very
careful consideration."

Football attack
On 13 October Rashid used a Telegram chat group to call on supporters to target the four-year-old Prince George who had
started school at Thomas's Battersea in south-west London a month earlier.
Prosecutors said Rashid was encouraging terrorism by posting a photograph of the prince at the school super-imposed with
silhouettes of two masked jihad fighters.

Last week, prosecutor Annabel Darlow told the court "the underlying message was clear" that "Prince George and other members
of the royal family should be viewed as targets". "Even the royal family will not be left alone," Rashid messaged the group, before
sharing the school's full address and postcode.
He added: "School starts early."

A magazine he was producing contained suggestions to strike the 2018 World Cup in Russia using vehicles, weapons or bombs.
He also posted suggestions of which British football stadiums terrorists could strike following a deadly attack outside Besiktas's
ground in Turkey, his trial heard.
He was arrested at his home in November last year.

Two charges of dissemination of a terrorist publication and one of failing to comply with a notice under the Regulation of Investigatory
Powers Act will lie on file...'

This isn't fair... it's never a Catholic, Jew, Christian, Mormon, Wiccan or even a Boy Scout.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
As Mayor Khan would point out, this is normal... and in a third-world county, it probably is.

The drop in respectability in the the UK as the Police lose their control of the masses, will cause
the general public to see more and more of this behavior.
London -in the perception of being one of the world's leading cities, is lost.

Cyclist in Croydon armed with huge ‘zombie knife’ smashes driver’s window in
shocking ‘road rage’ row after near miss.

'This is the moment a cyclist armed with an enormous 'zombie knife' tries to smash the window
of a car in an apparent road rage row. The driver was forced to run for his life as the cyclist battered
his car with the foot-long blade in the confrontation in Croydon, South London.

The row unfolds when the cyclist appears to stop next to the blue Volkswagen Golf and peers into the car
-with the vehicle then swinging out into the road. The dashcam footage shows the car almost push the
cyclist off his bike before becoming stuck in the line of traffic as it tries to drive off.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3863]

But the confrontation then explodes as the cyclist draws the huge blade from his waistband.
The furious cyclist can be seen kicking and punching the car repeatedly as the driver cowers inside.

It is unclear if the motorist and the cyclist knew each other -with the cyclist circling the car to continue his
attack before the driver managed to jump out and run off.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3864]

Police have since appealed for witnesses who may have seen the "attempted grievous bodily harm"
attack on the 19-year-old driver.
A huge spike in knife crime has seen knife crime spiral out of control on London's streets this year.

Fears have since been raised that the cyclist was wielding a zombie knife - a type of large combat knife
that is often made in bright colours and that has serrated edges and emblazoned with logos, such as
'zombie slayer'.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3865]

They appear to have grown in popularity after featuring in 'zombie apocalypse' movies -and this seems
to qualify due to its size. Croydon has been known as a hotbed of gang activity, with groups 
Don't Say Nothing.

Postcode wars have previously turned deadly with fears tit-for-tat violence has become more prevalent.

The dashcam footage also captured the moment the enraged cyclist had managed to shatter the passenger
window as two more men appear, apparently in support of the attacker.
But just as the glass gives way under the force of the cyclist's fists, the teen driver can be seen jumping out
of the car, running for his life.
Police are now investigating the road rage fight that unfolded on Wednesday on London Road.

It is unclear if the confrontation, first reported by the Croydon Advertiser, was the first time the motorist
cyclist had met.

Detective Inspector David Willis of Croydon borough, said: "I would like to reassure the Croydon

community that knife crime will not be tolerated.

"Fortunately, nobody was injured in this incident, but the large knife seen in the footage has no place
on the streets of London. We are treating this crime as an attempted grievous bodily harm and we
have a number of active lines of enquiry."

A Met Police spokesman confirmed officers had been called to reports of males smashing a car window
in London Road, Croydon, about 5pm on Wednesday.

A spokesperson said: “Officers attended and established that the driver of the car was approached by a
male in possession of a knife who smashed his window."
Police said the 19-year-old driver had collided with another car as he tried to escape -eventually jumping
out of the car to run off. They said: “He was followed by the suspect. The victim later returned to his car
after the suspect made off.

“No reported injuries. Enquiries continue.”...'
The Sun:

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I wonder when charities start advertising on the TV for help in the squalor known as 'Londinistan'

Quote:Man airlifted to hospital after 'shocking' knife attack as London violence soars.

'Police were called to reports of a stabbing on Clarence Street, near Greenwich train station, at 6.50pm
on Saturday night.  Eyewitness footage shows an air ambulance landing at the scene around 20 minutes later.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3872]

A man in his 30s has been rushed to hospital, but his full condition is not yet clear. 
Metropolitan Police officers are at the scene but no arrests have been made. 

The terrifying attack comes just days after a 23-year-old man was stabbed in Greenwich, south-east London. 
Eyewitness Katharina Greve, who lives in the area, was walking home when she spotted the air ambulance
circling above. 

The student described the location of the stabbing as "even more shocking" because Greenwich is a "very calm and
family friendly borough". She told Daily Star Online: "Police has confirmed that there was another stabbing in Greenwich
this evening.

"The helicopter landed around 7.10pm. The crime scene is only 3min walk from the stabbing two days ago. 
"I have been living in Greenwich for 8 years but 'these things' don't usually happen here."

A spokesman for Scotland Yard told Daily Star Online: “Police were called to reports of a stabbing on Clarence Street in
Greenwich at 6.50pm. “A man in his 30s has been taken to hospital. We’re waiting for an update on his condition.

“No arrests have been made at this stage.”...'

Of course, the usual "No arrests have been made at this stage.”!!

...And just in.

Quote:Peckham shooting: Two men injured in gun attack as armed police swoop.

Two men have injured in a shooting in south London with armed police on the scene as violence continues to mar
the city.

'A spokesman for Scotland Yard told Daily Star Online: "Police in Southwark were called to Wodehouse Avenue,
SE5 at 7.56pm on Saturday, 2 June following reports of a shooting.

"Armed police attended and found a man suffering from gun shot injuries.
He has been taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service. We await an update on his condition. 
"A second man was also found with injuries at the scene and has been taken to hospital for assessment.
His condition is believed to be stable. 

"No arrests have been made. A crime scene remains in place. Enquiries continue."...'

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Seems all of Europe is to have "fun" times ahead. I wonder if London can be saved.
(06-03-2018, 09:22 AM)Wallfire Wrote: Seems all of Europe is to have "fun" times ahead. I wonder if London can be saved.

The thing that gets me is the lack of optics from the Mayor Khan camp, he's kept a low-profile
and stayed off the Government-funded BBC soap-box.

It could be that his people believe that seeing him condemning the continual violence in London
and his ethnic perception -via the camera, will link the the lack of control and the general public's
view -that's has also been promoted by the mainstream media, that countries where dark-skinned
people originate, accept such violence as everyday life.

They know what you believe in a mass formation because they've trained you to think like that.

I might be being optimistic here, but I've seen a slight change in the British Government's handling
of how migrants and those from Middle-East background are being treated. Sadly, I think it's only
happening because 'the normies' are waking up and the politicians want to keep their jobs.

You can only push the real public so far before they drag out guillotine and start asking questions!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Quote:I might be being optimistic here, but I've seen a slight change in the British Government's handling
of how migrants and those from Middle-East background are being treated. Sadly, I think it's only
happening because 'the normies' are waking up and the politicians want to keep their jobs.

I think other countries have been watching the U.S. and see that change CAN happen when the people rise up; it makes a difference.
When one sees light at the end of the tunnel where there was none before, it sets off a spark in people to at least try.

I don't know what strings Pres. Trump is pulling but, according to Q, things are happening behind the scenes that will affect countries all over the world for the best outcome for the people. 

Let's keep hoping!   tinywondering
I see the Mayor of londonistan in the picture to Honor the Murdered Citizens of the London Bridge Attack, I read the article and found he had nothing for the reporters to Quote him on about the Murders.
Quote:LONDON (Reuters) - The threat posed by Islamist militants to Britain is expected to remain high for the next two years and could even rise, the interior ministry said on Sunday, on the first anniversary of an attack that killed eight people in central London.

The current threat level to Britain is assessed as severe, meaning an attack is highly likely. The government said it had foiled 25 Islamist militant plots since June 2013 - 12 of those since March 2017 - and was currently handling over 500 live operations.
Britain will publish a revised counter-terrorism strategy on Monday designed to cope with what it said was a shift in the threats the country faces as militants of all ideologies adopt new tactics.
"In summary we expect the threat from Islamist terrorism to remain at its current, heightened level for at least the next two years, and that it may increase further," the ministry said in a statement.
The threat level was raised to "critical", its highest, twice in 2017.
I remember reading something your Mayor said,,,, Sadiq Khan, said in an interview that “part and parcel of living in a great, global city is you’ve got to be prepared for these things.”

How sad to see the once great Britain, the land of the Magna Carta, Parliamentary Law, Shakespeare, Winston Churchill reduced to just another Islamic State.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
(06-03-2018, 09:44 PM)guohua Wrote: ...I remember reading something your Mayor said,,,, Sadiq Khan, said in an interview that “part and parcel of living
in a great, global city is you’ve got to be prepared for these things.”

How sad to see the once great Britain, the land of the Magna Carta, Parliamentary Law, Shakespeare, Winston Churchill
reduced to just another Islamic State.

Yeah, Globalisation has taken it's toll and where once a refined and dignified city existed, a violent and litter-strewn bazaar
of uncultured heathens squat and busy themselves in stripping out British traditions in order to instil their own women-oppressing

Even Jack The Ripper would be ashamed.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
The memorial for the dead for last year's terrorist attacks in London went well and gave the impression
that those in power do care, but just can't stop those who wish to kill the infidels us harm and the regular
Londinistan crime-wave.

Personally, I would investigate all the religions in the UK to find out which one has literature of their doctrine
that demands wholesale slaughter of those who don't adhere to that particular faith.

Whether it's the Anglican Church or the Wiccans, there must be a pattern that can connect the van-driving,
machete-wielding, concert-exploding exploits of those who commit the crimes.
If there was only some kind of clue...

Ignoring the booming industry in wreath sales, tea-light purchasing and scary headlines, Great Britain is
sending out a message to the world that we're full of violent, ignorant people who refuse to adhere to the
country's laws.

Political correctness forbids the law enforcement from doing anything -unless someone protesting about
all the violence is creating a stir, then they step-in and lock them up. You can't arrest a person who's preaching
hate-crime, but you can take a person into custody if they're thinking it.
And, if his skin is the preferred hue.

In the interests of fairness, here's a report to show how certain areas of the London public commemorated
last year's attacks and a nod of respect for the ever-vigilant law enforcement.

Quote:Man found stabbed multiple times outside London police station.

A man is in a critical condition after being found stabbed outside a London police station as the capital's
violent crime wave continues.

'The man in his 30s was attacked outside Ilford Police Station in north London in the early hours of Sunday morning.
A police cordon is still in place around the scene on High Road in Ilford and the front counter of the police station
remains closed while the initial stages of the investigation continue.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3875]

Police say no arrests have been made, and London Ambulance Service attended and took the man to hospital.
A spokeswoman for the Met Police told Daily Star Online: "Enquiries are underway to establish where the man
received his injury."

Officers from the East Area Command Unit are continuing to investigate.
The attack is the latest violent incident on the UK's streets.

Yesterday a man was airlifted to hospital after a "shocking" knife attack in Greenwich, southeast London.
While police had to taser a knifeman at a Docklands Light Railway station in nearby Lewisham on Saturday.
And four were injured in gun and knife attacks in the space of a few hours in London on Friday night...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
London...again, but doesn't it seem disingenuous considering Tommy Robinson was accused and imprisoned
because it was said that he jeopardised the outcome a sex-grooming case and the young man sought by the
Police and pictured below on an internationally-renown News Broadcasting outlet, is only stated as 'knowing'
the victims?

Of course, the Police may have incriminating evidence that points towards Rehan Khan being the knife-wielder,
but to use the BBC to issue a 'wanted-poster' -style article and not relate the reasons why this chap is now
a person-of-interest, seems a bit forward.

Maybe I'm nit-picking, but there seems to be a double-standard allowed in the establishment.

I will of course, resist the urge to connect his surname with anyone else.

Quote:Baby boy and woman stabbed in Hounslow.

'An 11-month-old boy has been left in a critical condition following a stabbing at a home in west London.
A 32-year-old woman was also found with less serious knife wounds at the property on Swinfield Close,
Hounslow, on Monday evening.

The pair were taken to hospital by air ambulance after police and paramedics were called at about
19:00 BST. Police say they are trying to trace Rehan Khan, 25, who is sought on suspicion of attempted

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3879]
Rehan Khan.

According to police Mr Khan knows the injured woman and baby boy.

Detectives say Mr Khan is known to frequent areas in Hounslow and Isleworth, and has

links to Newham, Slough, Hammersmith and Fulham. A crime scene has remained in place
throughout the morning and police have warned the public not to approach Mr Khan.

Myrtle Cantwell, 62, who has lived on the estate for 38 years, said: "The air ambulance was hovering and
there was lots of police. "The police came by and banged on the door where it happened.
The lady next door came out and ushered them in.
"I could see the police vans and the sirens but I stayed indoors."

Another neighbour, Leanne Gidlow, 33, described the family as "quiet".
She added: "They just kept themselves to themselves. I don't think they had been living there too long.
"I just think how could anyone do this? When this sort of stuff happens on your doorstep - I just turned cold.

"Then you hear there is a baby involved and it seems to make it all worse somehow."...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
This one is just breaking as I post it.

The regular -more conservative outlets might show it as a small story, but medias such as 'The Sun' and 'The Daily
Star' use it as an emotive race-baiting shocker.

The day-to-day crime-wave in London is now merely a column filler in the media as the city seems resigned to having
drug gangs struggling with their business between each other. If a celebrity is appearing at a venue, the Police are there
and offer the impression of that quaint 'Bobby-on-the-beat' that Britain is known for.

If a machete-carrying maniac leaps from his moped and attacks another vehicle, there's always the alarming footage from
a bystander's phone. But the story seems to be always the same, Police have made no arrests.
Crippled by correctness and the fear of letting the public know that London is now owned by the gangs.

Luckily, the famous and news-connected tend to be uneffected, so it may continue to just be a problem for those in the
lower brackets of city life and therefore, ignored by the elite.

The Metropolitan Police's public relations Department needs to be shut down and their last tasks should be to advise all
women to dress in a manner that doesn't tempt the evil man and to announce that the capital has gone rogue.
A third-world shithole... grow your beard accordingly.

Quote:Double shooting in London as police called to woman with gunshot wounds.

At least two people have been injured in a double shooting in London in the latest violent crime to hit the capital this year.

'Police were called to Somerleyton Road in Brixton, south London at around 11pm last night to reports of a woman with
gunshot wounds. Later that same night a man checked himself into a local hospital suffering from bullet wounds.

There have been a spate of violent attacks in Britain this year.
This week a man was attacked with a claw hammer in London, as experts warn the capital's drug gangs are becoming
more like the mafia...'

I understand that there a few incidents like these:

Quote:''...TV presenter tries to fight off masked thieves as they steal £15k camera moments
after live report from London street...'

Quote:'...[Comedian] Michael McIntyre cracks jokes about needing a new watch after his £15k Rolex was
robbed in moped gang attack...'
The Sun:

...and it would be 'nice' to say that the daily city robberies and muggings are now seeping into areas that could
use their platforms to urge the authorities into solving this problem. But as Mystic Wanderer has hinted at in 
another thread, those with wealth are leaving the usual stomping grounds for their version of 'Elysium'

Capitalism works for the rich and those willing to climb the business ladder to suceed, the reality is that many
of the people around the world don't have the opportunity or the drive to get into such battles.
Hence, we have leaders and followers.

But when the scales are tilted slightly to enrich the 'peasantry', action must be taken to push such indulgence
back down and there's nothing better than introducing a lower social-class that's already hemmed-in by religious
dogma and cultural poverty.

Using racial guilt, the belief-restrictions are absorbed and a chosen country becomes bogged-down with the
day-to-day changes of it's traditional mindset.

Britain will change, it has to and the global perspective of this country will alter too. Sadly, the direction will not
be upwards.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
An update on the 'double-shooting' -which actually is now a triple shooting!

Quote:'...A teenage boy is in a critical condition after three people were shot in south London.
Police and paramedics were called to Somerleyton Road in Brixton at about 23:00 BST
on Wednesday.

They found a man and woman, both in their 30s, with non-serious gunshot pellet injuries.
Later, a boy thought to be in his mid to late teens was admitted to a south London hospital
with life-threatening gunshot wounds.
Police believe all of the shootings are linked...'

And that old classic for the Keystone Cops of London...

Quote:'... No arrests have been made...'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

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