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No Borders... Here's One Of The Reasons.
The UK has been basking in some rare sun and we all know what that means... poor, convenient reporting
from lazy Journalists.

Quote:Man, 20, dies in Finsbury Park stabbing.

'A 20-year-old man has been stabbed to death in north London.
Police were called to Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, just after 03:00 BST and found two men
with stab wounds a short distance from each other.
Despite the efforts of medics, one was pronounced dead in nearby Roth Walk.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3624]

The second man, 21, was taken to hospital before being discharged. He was later arrested on suspicion
of murder, possession of an offensive weapon and affray.
He remains in custody at a north London police station.

'Deeply saddened'
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "At this early stage it is believed both males had been involved in
an altercation involving a number of other people in the area of Roth Walk prior to the emergency services
being called."

The dead man has yet to be formally identified but his next of kin have been informed.
A post-mortem examination is due to take place.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan posted online about the killing, saying he was "deeply saddened" by "another
life unnecessarily lost to violent crime on our streets".
He said: "The Met Police are using extra City Hall resources to fight this scourge and to remove violent criminals
and weapons from the streets."...'

But... we should just get used to it, because that's life in a big city, heh Sadiq?

Quote:Woman repeatedly stabbed in chest after being followed into a lift in Hoxton as London’s knife crime

crisis continues to spiral.

'A woman was followed into a lift and repeatedly stabbed in the chest in East London as violence continues to grip the capital.
The 41-year-old was rushed to hospital following the savage broad daylight attack in Hoxton yesterday.

Emergency services were scrambled to the block of flats at around 3pm where they discovered the woman with stab wounds
to her chest and abdomen. She is now in a serious but stable condition, cops confirmed.
Police are hunting a suspect they believe was "hanging around" the block in the days leading up to the knifing.

Horrific footage shows bloodied clothes and medical supplies strewn across a communal area at the flats.

Detective Sergeant Barry Hart said: "We have established that the woman was stabbed in the lift of a block of
flats by a male suspect. "It is possible that this male suspect has been hanging around the block -Wimbourne Court,
off Wimbourne Street and Shaftesbury Street in Hoxton - both immediately before and in the days leading up to the stabbing.

"We need to hear from anyone who has seen a suspicious male in and around Wimbourne Court, as well as anyone with
information that may assist the investigation."

No arrests have been made.

Bloodshed has plagued the capital with 60 people murdered in London since the beginning of 2018.
Samantha Clarke, 38, died in Brixton on Sunday days after celebrating her son Joshua's 14th birthday in a brutal killing just
30 minutes after a young dad was killed in North London.
A day later, a teenager was knifed to death in Forest Gate, East London.
The Sun:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3625][Image: attachment.php?aid=3626]
Sami Sidhom was stabbed to death in Forest Gate on Monday. Samantha Clarke was stabbed to death in Brixton on Sunday.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3627]
Raul Nicolaie has been named locally as the victim of a stabbing on Sunday in North London.

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As I said before Christian morals been replaced with islamic morals. London should be held up as a warning to all Europe
I'd suggest if anyone is thinking of vacationing in the UK this summer, stay out of London.
Unless you like the blade.

Quote:Two men stabbed in 'carnage' outside Tube station.

'Police rushed to the scene outside Tooting Bec Tube station were two men were knifed.
Witnesses described scenes of “carnage” and reportedly a “fight” broke out outside the station.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3631]

Pictures show huge numbers of people being moved from the scene as police set up a cordon in Upper Tooting Road.
It comes amid a wave of violence across the capital, with the Met Police currently investigating 62 suspects murders.

And even earlier today as a man was stabbed to death in Finsbury Park.

Witness Helen Walsh wrote on Twitter: "Carnage in Tooting Bec, blue lights everywhere and main road closed.”
Roads were closed around the scene while police investigated the stabbing outside the station.
Scotland Yard have not released further details on the condition of the men.

No arrests have been made as detectives probe the scene. 

This latest incident comes after a 20-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene in north London in the early hours of Saturday.
Scotland Yard said medics battled to save his life but he was pronounced dead at the scene in Roth Walk, Finsbury Park.

Another man, aged 21, was also found with stab wounds in nearby Seven Sisters Road and was taken to hospital in a non-life
threatening condition.

A Met Police spokesman said: “Police were called at approximately 6pm on Saturday, April 21 to reports of a fight in Upper
Tooting Road at the junction with Noyna Road.
“Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and found two males, no further details, suffering stab injuries.

“Condition awaits. Officers from Wandsworth are on scene.
“A crime scene remains in place. No arrests and enquiries continue.”...'

The Star:

No arrests... again.

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(04-17-2018, 09:32 AM)BIAD Wrote: ...What more can the politicians do...? I know they're not handing the knives out with precise instructions on
how to stab people, so dare I say that it's the people who carry the weapons that are at fault?
In this low-brow blame-game, I find it fascinating that Councillors believe the problem is a lack of policing
and governance!!

Chap, would I be close to the mark if I asked whether most of these stabbings involved ethnic minorities, either as victim, perpetrator or both?

If so.... is there any clue as to why?
tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 
(04-23-2018, 07:47 PM)gordi Wrote: Chap, would I be close to the mark if I asked whether most of these stabbings involved ethnic minorities,
either as victim, perpetrator or both?

If so.... is there any clue as to why?

I think you are very close to the mark and with the PC culture still strong in Council Offices and Police Forces
across the country, there's a fear of dealing with it due to being called racist.

The answer to your second question -I believe, is cultural poverty and belief that material wealth and peer-approval
within a gang system that will bring some type of happiness. Rich people are portrayed as contented, so it's assumed
that all that is needed is money.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
@BIAD  and @gordi 
The way I see it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
[Image: londonistan.JPG] [Image: 183.jpg] [Image: islam-vs-benefits.jpg]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Here is Britain's answer to the Stabbing Problem,,,,, 
Quote:British Politicians Declare War on Knives
You Know This Was Coming,,,,, Right?  tinysure

Quote:A flurry of recent headlines reveal that London now has a higher murder rate than New York City, a metropolis of nearly identical population and one long considered more vulnerable to crime. "London police investigated more murders than their New York counterparts did over the last two months," Reuters reported earlier this month. "In the latest bloodshed, a 17-year-old girl died on Monday after she was found with gunshot wounds in Tottenham, north London, a day after a man was fatally stabbed in south London."
So, even though guns are tightly regulated, a young girl was still Shoot and Killed!!??
What does the Mayor of Londonistan have to say?
Quote:"No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law," London's Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted on April 8.  smallroflmao

Besides illegal guns, British criminals also use edged weapons, which have been a favorite tool for mayhem since the dawn of civilization.

Having failed to disarm criminals with gun controls that they defy, British politicians are now turning their attention to implementing something new and different: knife control. Because criminals will be much more respectful of knife laws than of those targeted at firearms, I guess.
What next,,,,,, Knife Free Zones??

Quote:Poundland (the British equivalent of a dollar store) announced last week that it will no longer sell kitchen knives in any of its 850 stores. 

Similar stores are being slapped with fines for selling knives to minors.

British politicians propose banning home delivery of knives and police promote street-corner bins for the surrender of knives while also conducting stings against knife vendors. Their goal is to "target not only those who carry and use knives, but also the supply, access and importation of weapons."

It all sounds all so familiar, doesn't it?
And yet so utterly pointless. If British authorities have been unable to block criminals' access to firearms—mechanical devices that require some basic mechanical skill to manufacture, or at least a 3D printer—how are they going to cut off the flow of knives, which require nothing more than a piece of hard material that can take an edge?
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Soon we'll be eating with our hands, just like the many Indian towns twinned with Londonistan.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3643] Next Deadly Weapon.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3642]

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
He's sure that Londoners with Protest against President Trump.
Which Londoners Is The Question?
Sadiq Khan takes dig at Donald Trump – saying protesting Brits should exercise ‘free speech’ when he visits UK
The Mayor of Londonistan needs to have his Meds Checked.

Quote:The trip will take place on Friday the 13th - after Mr Trump stops off in Brussels for a summit of Nato leaders.

But Mr Khan - who has clashed repeatedly with him on several occasions - issued a thinly vieled warning that he will face angry protesters if he comes to London.
The Mayor tweeted: "If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear.
"He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear."
[Image: nintchdbpict000312353809.jpg?strip=all&w=960]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
(04-25-2018, 12:39 PM)BIAD Wrote: Soon we'll be eating with our hands, just like the many Indian towns twinned with Londonistan.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3643] Next Deadly Weapon.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3642]

You don't need implements to eat fish and chips, do you?


There's a plan already in place for everything!

Of course, that hot oil they fry them in can be a pretty nasty deadly weapon itself... where there is a will, there is a way. Banning inanimate objects can never replace putting violent people on ice as a workable solution.

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
(04-30-2018, 06:40 AM)Ninurta Wrote: You don't need implements to eat fish and chips, do you?

Ah yes, the traditional dish of the English!

For many seaside towns today, they provide you with a wooden fork-like implement to pluck an
individual once-frozen chip (French-fry?)... from the slow-degradable polystyrene tray they serve
them in.

The fish -which no doubt, came from a European country because the UK cannot trawl certain sections
of the North Sea and with a sprinkle of salt and vinegar, provides an aroma the swooping seagulls just
cannot resist.

An English seaside town doesn't seem right these days without a off-white polystyrene tray floating in
it's waters and scraps of folded newspaper blowing across it's beaches.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Just another day in the big city.

Quote:Man in 20s stabbed outside McDonald’s in Old Kent Road as bloody London violence goes on.

'A young man has been stabbed in a street brawl outside a McDonald's in southeast London.
The victim thought to be in his 20s was attacked during the fight on Old Kent Road near Olmar Street
about 5.15am this morning.

He was taken to hospital where his condition was found not to be serious, police said.
No-one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

This latest stabbing follows more than 60 murders in the capital alone since the start of the year, and a
string of horrific knife attacks too. In London, the problem is at its worst murders are up by in the past year
by 44 per cent,and robbery up 35 per cent to 32,000 offences...'

Meanwhile, on the mainland.

Quote:Vehicle ploughs into police officer outside Elysee Palace in Paris.

'A Paris policeman has been left fighting for his life after he was struck by a vehicle which ploughed
into him near Elysee Palace and the Champs-Elysees, the French capital.
The vehicle mounted the footpath ploughing into the officer before smashing into a shop window.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3674]

The policeman, who was hit while he was standing guard near the Elysee Palace, has been rushed to
hospital where local media reports he is “between life and death”.
The incident occurred at around 4.50pm local time and the driver was arrested at the secene.

The driver was known to police prior to his arrest, France’s Actu17 reports.
Police have not said whether the incident is terror related.

The Elysee Palace is the official residence of the French President Emmanuel Macron.
Mr Macron will travel to Australia tomorrow in hopes of cementing defence ties and boost France's
profile beyond Europe.
Paris has been on high alert after several terror attacks in recent years.

Three French National Police officers were shot on the Champs-Elysees by an attacker with ISIS links.
And then in June of that same year a car loaded with guns and explosives rammed into a convoy of
Gendarmerie vehicles on the Champs-Elysees.

In November 2015, 130 people were killed and 413 other injured after ISIS supporters targeted the Bataclan,
near the Stade de France and over popular spots across Paris. Earlier that same year, 12 people were killed
after al-Qaeda gunmen stormed the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hedbo...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Just another day in merry olde London.

Quote:Boy, 17, dies in south London street shooting.

'A 17-year-old boy has died after he was found with a gunshot wound in south London, police have said.
Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton was discovered in Warham Street, Southwark, after reports of a shooting in
nearby Cooks Road, at about 18:05 BST on Saturday.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3699]

Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton.

The teenager, described as a "good boy" by his mother, was given first aid by doctors and ambulance
crews but was pronounced dead at 18:56.

No arrests have been made and the Met said inquiries are continuing. A post-mortem examination will be
held in due course.

Rhyhiem's mother Pretana Morgan told reporters on the estate: "I couldn't have asked for a better son.
"My son was a very handsome boy. He's got so much potential."

Ms Morgan, who is originally from Jamaica, said Rhyhiem was aspiring to be an architect and was "trying
to make a difference" by learning to work with children. "My son's a good boy," she added.

Police tape surrounded much of the area around Aberfeldy House and officers remained at the scene on
Sunday morning. Witnesses told the BBC a number of shots were fired around the street including one that
missed a woman and went through a window.

The Met is appealing for witnesses.
More than 60 people have been killed in the capital this year - about half were the result of stabbings.
London mayor Sadiq Khan said his thoughts go out to the "loved ones of the teenager who was tragically

In a separate incident, a cyclist was shot at in Blenheim Grove in Peckham but the gunman missed hitting
shop shutters at about 23:20 on Friday. Three men then made off on two mopeds...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Things will not change but it will begin to spread out wards from London to cover all of GB. The steps needed to stop the killings and attacks will never be taken because all of GB is crippled by fear and PC.
All cultures are not equal, when inferior cultures are treated as equal as in London , everyone can see what has happened but no one can say the truth and take action.
The same can be seen starting to happen all over Europe, and anyone who trys to stop it is called a nazi. 
Here in Finland there is massive hate, people are holding the hate back and the government is running around saying "all is well". Each day is a day closer to the war that is coming. Governments in Europe are pushing an all or nothing which means war will come because the people of Europe cant take much more.
Every war in Europe has started with Governments not listening to the people, then charismatic people taking power and listening to the people, and from then on things get better then worse.
Oh... and on that same sunny weekend, namely Sunday...

Quote:Boys aged 12 and 15 shot in north-west London.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3703]

'The 15-year-old was found with a gun shot wound after police were called to High Street in Wealdstone at about 13:15 BST.
Minutes later, paramedics alerted officers to reports a 12-year-old boy had also been shot on the same road.

They have been taken to hospital for treatment. No arrests have been made and police said inquiries are continuing...'

It just shows that there are forces at work to prove that President Trump was wrong about London being the Knife Capital of the UK!

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Quote:[UK] Oxford shooting: Police and gunman in standoff.

'Armed police are locked in a stand-off with a gunman after a shootout in Oxford.
Thames Valley Police said shots had been fired from a property in Paradise Square and officers
returned fire. Officers are currently negotiating with a man.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3708]

One person is being treated for a non-life threatening injury, South Central Ambulance Service said.
A cordon is in place around Paradise Square and Norfolk Road.

'Show me your hands'
Firearms officers were called at 13:15 BST after witnesses reported hearing gunfire.
John Rippington was in the pub waiting for a friend when he heard the commotion.
"We heard one very loud bang and just previous to that, two guys had come in saying they thought they
had heard gunshots outside."

Dean Dwyer saw armed police in the street. "They were screaming 'put your hands up'," he said.

A woman, who asked not to be named, told the Press Association she heard loud bangs from her balcony.
"After a second round it became apparent these were gunshots so I rushed inside.
"There was a couple more shots, three spurts in total, still a lot of shouting and barking. I heard a man shout
'show me your hands' repeatedly. "The shouting continued and only quieted down an hour later or so, between
now and then there have been bursts of shouting, barks and helicopters."

Tourist, Janet Borgerson, was in the nearby Malmaison hotel when she heard "explosive cracks" before a series
of "loud bangs". "I thought the second round were firecrackers. I noticed hotel bar staff ushering people inside,"
she said.

Ms Borgerson, who is visiting from the United States, said guests were later told they were "perfectly safe" and
allowed to leave the hotel. "The police were quickly on site and after 45 minutes or so inside, they seemed to have
the shooter isolated. "To the police, after a short time, this was definitely a 'keep calm and carry on' moment."...'

Probably a mentally-ill person because that's the vogue at the moment!

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
That merry olde British tradition of live-and-let-live and the welcoming assimilation of those who want peace.
Say goodbye to the statement above.

Quote:Teenage girl 'plotted British Museum grenade terror attack'

'A teenage girl plotted a gun and grenade attack at the British Museum after her attempts to become
a jihadi bride were thwarted, a court has heard.

Safaa Boular was 17 when she allegedly decided to be a "martyr" after her Islamic State fighter fiancé
was killed in Syria, the Old Bailey was told. Ms Boular, now 18, denies two counts of preparing acts of

Her sister Rizlaine Boular, 21, has admitted planning an attack with knives in Westminster.
She was given assistance and support by her mother, Mina Dich, the jury was told.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC said Safaa Boular, who lived with her mother in Vauxhall, London, wanted
to "unleash violence and terror in the heart of London". But Joel Bennathan QC, representing Ms Boular, said
the teenager had been "sexually groomed" and "groomed to be radicalised" online by IS fighter Naweed Hussain.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3731]
Two Shitheads. Mina Dich (left) provided assistance and support to her daughter Rizlaine Boular.

He said her family had "encouraged" and "celebrated" it.
Mr Atkinson said she declared her love for Hussain in August 2016 after three months of chatting on social media.

The prosecutor told jurors she wanted to join Hussain in Syria where they would wear suicide belts and, in Hussain's
words, "depart the world holding hands and taking others with them".
The court heard Rizlaine Boular had also tried to go to Syria two years before.

'Cultural jewel'
After Safaa Boular's plan was uncovered, she allegedly switched her attention to Britain, contacting Hussain
by phone through encrypted Telegram chat.
But British security services had deployed officers to engage in online communication with the pair, jurors heard.

Mr Atkinson said: "It was clear that Hussain had been planning an act of terrorism with Safaa Boular in which she
could engage if she remained in this country. Both Hussain and Safaa Boular talked of a planned ambush involving
grenades and or firearms."

She also told an officer posing as an IS fighter that all she needed was a "car and a knife to get what I want to achieve",
the court heard. Mr Atkinson said: "Based on her preparation and discussion, it appears she planned to launch an attack
against members of the public selected largely at random in the environs of that cultural jewel and most popular of tourist
attractions, the British Museum in central London."

'Chilling intentions'
An attack would have created at least "widespread panic" and was intended to cause injury and death, it was claimed.
When she learned Hussain had been killed in April 2017, Ms Boular's determination was strengthened, the court heard.
But within days, she was charged with planning to go to Syria so was unable to carry out her "chilling intentions", the
prosecutor said.

He said: "That those intentions were not just chilling but sincere and determined is demonstrated by the fact that she
did not abandon them even when she was unable to put them into effect herself.

'Carry torch forward'
"Rather, she sought to encourage her sister Rizlaine to carry the torch forward in her stead."
In calls to her sister from jail, Safaa Boular referenced an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party which was code for an
attack, the court heard. Mr Atkinson told jurors the older sibling had admitted preparing acts of terrorism.

Rizlaine Boular spent three days carrying out reconnaissance of major landmarks in Westminster and bought knives
and a rucksack, the court heard. Based on her reconnaissance and discussion, it appears she planned a knife attack
in Westminster, Mr Atkinson said.
She was arrested on 27 April last year, the day of the planned attack, the court heard.

Safaa Boular's trial continues...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
It was once known for it waffles...

Quote:Belgian Intel Uncovers Homophobia, anti-Semitism at Brussels’ Great Mosque.

The Great Mosque has been training imams (Muslim prayer leaders) destined to lead mosques around
Europe in Jew-hatred, preparation for armed jihad and the need to persecute members of the LGBT

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3736]

'An official Belgian intelligence report leaked to the media discloses that Brussels’ Great Mosque, a Saudi
-affiliated institution situated not far from the major European Union headquarters institutions, has been
teaching hatred of Jews and homosexuals.

This appears in a report submitted this week to the Belgian parliament by the Belgian federal anti-terrorism
agency, the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis. Despite its release around the time that President Donald
Trump announced the American withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement, the report has been a major
story in the Belgian media.

It turns out that the Great Mosque, the large and impressive house of worship visible to anyone going from the
Brussels airport to the European Quarter –the Brussels neighborhood that is home to the headquarters of the
European Union –has been training imams (Muslim prayer leaders) destined to lead mosques around Europe
in Jew-hatred, preparation for armed jihad and the need to persecute members of the LGBT community, among
other precepts.

The report, which was labeled confidential, was leaked to the Belgian dailies La Libre and DH and to the Belgian
RTL broadcaster, and has since been quoted in other media outlets. The report was the result of research by
Belgian intelligence officials.

Since the terrorist attacks in March 2016 at Brussels airport and on a Metro underground line in the European
Quarter that killed 32 people, Belgian intelligence forces have been spurred to work with greater diligence and
have finally received the backing of Belgian authorities.

It’s not clear who obtained the course materials from Brussels’ Great Mosque or how they copied curriculum materials
and books used for instruction. The resulting report, which is about 40 pages long and relates to the years 2016 and
2017, was submitted to a parliamentary committee following up on the lessons drawn from the 2016 attacks.

The committee scheduled a closed-door meeting for Wednesday of this week to discuss the report.

“The religious studies conducted at the Great Mosque are not consistent with Belgian or European frameworks.
They are based on Salafi doctrine inciting opposition to any other idea and to all of Belgium’s fundamental constitutional
rights,” the report states. One of the books used in courses at the mosque (and which, according to the researchers,
was also used by leaders of Al Qaida) states: “Armed jihad is the highest path through which to get close to Allah and
the most noble expression of Muslim faith.”

Another publication used for instruction, entitled “The Way of the Muslim,” describes Jews as “treacherous, unreliable
and swindling, indecent and insolent, cruel and insensitive, greedy people who use violence, force and terror to control
the world.”

When it comes to members of the LGBT community, the textbook suggests three ways of dealing with them: “Stoning,
burning at the stake or finding a tall building in town and throwing them off the roof head first.”

Brussels’ Great Mosque is the most striking Muslim building in the city and also houses the Islamic Cultural Center of Belgium.
It’s situated at the edge of Cinquantenaire Park, which was created to mark Belgium’s 50th anniversary in 1880.
It is near the Royal Military Museum and at the entrance to the European Quarter, the neighborhood that is home to the
institutions of the European Union, including the European Parliament, and a large number of diplomatic offices of countries
from around the world. The mosque is in a prime location in every respect.

The building housing it was erected for the major Belgian national exposition that was held in 1880.
Following the exposition, no permanent use was found for the building and it began to deteriorate in the face of high
maintenance costs.

In 1967, during a visit to the Belgian capital by the king of Saudi Arabia at the time, Faisal bin Abdulaziz, Belgian King Baudouin,
in an effort to address those opposed to tearing it down and those who were concerned about the high cost of maintaining it,
offered the building to the Saudi king as a gift.

Two years later, an agreement was signed granting the Saudi government a 99-year lease on the building, and at Saudi expense
it was renovated, becoming the home of the Great Mosque of Brussels and an Islamic cultural and educational center.

In recent years, however, against the backdrop of Islamic terrorism, reports began leaking out suggesting that extremist activity
was being conducted from the mosque, a facility that continued to receive financial and other support from the Saudi government.
The Saudis sent a steady stream of teachers and textbooks to the mosque and were involved in the activities conducted there.

The 2016 terrorist attacks in Brussels focused attention on these activities.
Imams who had been trained there were found to be preaching jihad elsewhere in Belgium.
An investigative panel convened following the terrorist attacks recommended reconsidering the mosque’s status.
As a result, the Belgian government ultimately decided to breach the lease with the Saudi government with a year’s advance notice.
Thus, as of March 2019, oversight of the mosque will be transferred to Belgian Muslim organisations...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Its what islam is, filled with hate.
(05-12-2018, 05:23 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Its what islam is, filled with hate.

Ah yes, but is their any obvious evidence...? Oh wait.

Saturday 12th May. 2018.

Quote:One dead, several injured in Paris terror attack.

President Macron says France has "once again paid the price of blood" after Islamic State
claims the attacker was its "soldier".

'Paris police have launched a terror investigation after one person died and four others were
injured by a knifeman Islamic State says is one of its "soldiers".

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3740]

Police shot the attacker dead while he was on the ground suffering from cardiac arrest, according
to BFMTV. It happened just before 9pm on Saturday evening in Rue Monsigny in the French capital's
second arrondissement where Paris's Opera and landmark shops are located.

The attacker shouted "Allahu Akbar" - God is great in Arabic - according to witnesses, the Paris
prosecutor Francois Molins said. A police source said he also shouted: "Kill me or I kill you."

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3743]

Two hours after the attack French authorities announced they were launching a terrorism investigation.

Moments later the IS news agency Amaq claimed the suspect was one of its "soldiers" who carried out
the attack in response to the terror group's calls for supporters to target members of the US-led military
coalition fighting the extremists in Iraq and Syria.

France's military has been active in the coalition since 2014.
French President Emmanuel Macron said France has "once again paid the price of blood".
He tweeted: "All my thoughts go to the victims and the wounded of the knife attack perpetrated tonight in
Paris, as well as to their relatives. "I salute on behalf of all the French the courage of the policemen who
have neutralised the terrorist.
"France once again paid the price of blood but did not give an inch to the enemies of freedom."

Paris Police tweeted: "An attack on five people in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris by an individual armed
with a knife: One victim has died, two are seriously wounded and two are injured slightly.
The assailant is dead."

The person who was fatally stabbed is believed to be a 29-year-old man, while the two seriously injured
are said to be a man and a woman. Video on social media showed people fleeing the area, which was near
St Augustine Street and is lined with restaurants.

A witness who was sitting in a Japanese restaurant with his girlfriend told Le Parisien: "Just before 9pm,
we saw people rushing inside the restaurant screaming that a man was outside with a bloody knife.
"People were throwing themselves on the floor in panic.

"Five minutes later there was a second scare and customers blocked the door of the restaurant for fear the
attacker had slipped inside. "Then it calmed down. Outside, even the police seemed a bit lost at first."

Milan, 19, said he saw "several people in distress" including a woman with wounds to her neck and leg.
"Firemen were giving her first aid. I heard two, three shots and a policeman told me that the man had been
overpowered," he said.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3744]
Emergency services try to revive the man believed to have been the attacker who has been locally named
as Khamzat Asinov.

French interior minister Gerard Collomb tweeted: "Aggression to #Paris: I salute the cool composure and
responsiveness of the police forces that have neutralised the assailant.
"My first thoughts go to the victims of this heinous act."

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, said: "Tonight our city was bruised. "My first thoughts are with the family of
the victim who lost their life. "I am so thinking about the wounded and their loves ones. I want to tell them that
all Parisiens are at their side."

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux tweeted: "Thoughts for the victims of the attack that hit the heart
of Paris tonight. "My gratitude to the police force who neutralised the assailant.
"In the face of the threat, we must remain vigilant and united."

France is on high alert after a string of jihadist attacks has claimed the lives of more than 245 people, including
90 at the Bataclan concert hall in November 2015...'
Sky News:

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