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Avatar Maniacs...
(09-14-2019, 01:27 AM)WalksInSilence Wrote:
(09-12-2019, 02:57 AM)guohua Wrote: It is easy, you get one picked out an we will all help you.
Did you get the direction for posting a video?

Thanks Guo. 
No I have not yet been given these instructions.


oooh, SORRY I missed this one earlier.

To post a video here...
Copy the URL (the web address of the location where the video is) and then start your New Reply post here at RN.
At the top of the post window, there are a row of icons for the tools that you can use in your post.
The one which looks like a couple of frames from an old movie camera film (9th from the right) is the "Insert a Video" tool.
Click on that icon and a small window pops up which asks for the "Video Type".
Choose which video type you are linking to - i.e. is it a DailyMotion, vimeo or youtube video etc?
Then Paste the URL (web address) for the video's location in the "Video URL" window and click the "Insert" button.
That should place the video into your post. (You can check this before posting by clicking the "Preview Post" button way down at the bottom (below your New Reply post window).

It should look like this:

Once you're happy that the video has been inserted and you've completed writing the rest of your post, just hit "Post Reply" at the bottom as per usual!
Job Done.
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