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Star Trek Generation X: Godwin's Century
I have two other fan fics
Not greatly written at two different sites
Goal is to write till I post the end for now

Star trek Generation X: I Augment
is posted at Endless worlds

Star Trek Generation X: Tempus Fugit Augment
Is posted at Hernandos

This one however I decided to go a COMPLETELY different route

"God.. I never thought we would be here.. Nathan.. F#$% me! where did all these muscles come from?" Brunette hair with pink lockswere moved by the nude female.. "I see Star fleet has put some muscles over your Dorky boy.."

As Her hands ran over Nathan's chest, "Sarah.. I.. " Looking at a clock, "Oh well F#$% my temporal Mechanics final.. Captain Shelby is a B#$%^.."

Poking Nathan in the side, "God.. Little Nathan Malarky all grow'd up.. Son of the number one villain in history.."

"Sarah.." Nathan took a deep breath, "I.. I need to tell you something.."

"No goodbyes.. I have had enough of them..." Sarah takes a deep breath, "I.. Nathan I am quitting Star Fleet.. " she shakes her head, "Everytime I try to advance.. they promote someone else.. they are just as bad as the Navy was in the 21 century.. My officers keep telling me to keep up the good work and they will see.." Sitting up in bed, "Nathan.. I.. I cant take there BS anymore.. They idiotic touchy feelly bulls#$%. I went from top of the class to barely able to pass. I am enlisted.." 

"Sarah.. I can have a come to Jesus meeting with you officer above you.. You want me to," Sarah puts her hand over Nathan's lips..

"Same dork.. Why they were afraid of you is beyond me," Seeing the pain in his eyes as he tries to find the words.. "Nathan I know what happened.. How bad was it when you did that job for DTI?"

Closing his eyes, "I met my father.. Sarah.. I sent the bus we were all on forward.. I told them it was the only way to save the federatons.. The truth.. " Nathan looks away, "Three months after the bus left if we had stayed.. I would have been jumped by your boyfriend.. After ten minutes of getting my a$$ kicked I would have snapped and killed every single one of them.. My mother worried Contacts someone who gets word to Singh.. I join my father at his side.. You died when the FBI opens fire trying to get me..  I.."

Sarah laughs, "I accepted I cant go home.. " Shaking her head, "You had to have been only what sixteeen when you did that job? I hate these self centered bastards."

"How did you know that," Nathan is pushed back onto his back?

"Men.. At least you are all still readable like a book.." Sarah sighs, "You had followed me around like a little puppy dog for years.. I kinda know you like a book Cadet Malarky.."

Nathan laughs, "So .. You are leaving federation space to do what you have always wanted to do.."

More somber then she should be, "Just remember I kinda tolerate you.. Khan Jr.. Just kinda.." A small tear fell, "Malarky.. Chase your dreams.." Looking him in the eyes, "If you dare say You got me.. I will tickle you to death.."

"It has always been about getting to your younger sister," Nathan gets hit by Sarah..

Sarah kisses Nathan, "I will keep in contact.. I do not blame you.. "


Smoke rises from the facility as weapons hit its shield's..

"Who is attacking us," The bat like Na'kuhl spoke as she stood over a female with Brunette hair and pink locks.. "Adigeon Prime was not the wisest choice for this experiment.." 

(author's note : Na'khul -Memory Beta Wikia , Adigeon_Prime -Memory Beta Wikia)

Weapons fire comes from the hallway as various agents go flying.. Metal doors fall down as an Orion mans body is crushed by the droppinng 

Looking down at the human female, "This is not supposed to be," The Na'kuhl female scientist looks down.. "This version of the Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome was supposed to.."

(an: Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome- Memory Alpha Wikia )

The females hand shoots up, breaking a restraint, and grabs the Na'kuhl by the throat.. "What did you do to me? " Breaking the left hand free, "You tried to kill me.. "

Choking as Sarah crushed her throat, one of the assistants frooze.. 

"Sarah.. Are you Ok," Nathan's voice seemed loud to Sarah..

One of the Na'kuhl frooze as he turned and looked at the woman.. "That is the TDI's hound dog.. You had sex with the Augment.. He has stopped us cold in several..."

An andorian female scanned Sarah, "Talk about thin Ice.. The BPS seems to have.. I see. Her body's immunology is being partially rewritten off the sperm..Do you know what this means?"

Sarah's hands had started to change as she grabbed the Na'Kuhl by the skull, "I can see you body's field it seems.. How is this possible?"

The alien's skull was crushed by Sarah..

The Andorian was scanning her, "My god this might help solve my peoples.."

Sarah shoved the researcher back on instinct as a pillar fell, "Do you .. Do you have a way out of here.. Starfleet will not let you share this data.."

The Andorian seemed to pause, "Yes.. But my research.. It.."

"Time to go.. " Grabbing isolinear chips and tossing them in bag as the fire seemed to stop, "Time.."

Shaking her head, "Yes.. Starfleet will never let me continue.. I.."

"Help me and I will help you," Sarah saw the Andorian Doctor close her eyes as she reaches over and grab some things off the Na'kuhl. She tosses it to Sarah. "An offsite beam out point.. Short range.. I have friends we can hide with.. Grab that right.."

Sarah rips a component off the wall and is stunned, "Uhm.. Lets go.."


A suliban like hand reached out and grabbed the Klingon by the Throat.. Crushing his windpipe, "So were the F#$% is the vaunted federation now.."
(AN: Suliban- Memory Beta Wikia )

A neural whip hit the female as a ferengi male spoke, "Female you.." The male went wide eyed and hit the female again, "It.. It is not working.."

"DaiMon.. DaiMon.. I am so glad you showed yourself.." Removing her hood showing her now non-human features, "You found a Keldon class cardassian ship, with a cloak, and had it secretly upgraded... You are gonna give me your Brand new ship.  For your life DaiMon.."

(AN: Keldon class - Memory Beta Wikia )

Two huge males tried to encircle her.. A weird transporter effect hit them as they disappeared.. 

"I.. I have transporter inhibitors," The Daimon backed up in fear..

"Cute.. Right now the two thugs are not even being.. Their energy is being feed into the system.." Smiling as she took the neural whip from the Ferengi, "I am also taking all of your slaves.."

"My crew will not allow this.. They are," The DaiMon Freezes as the sound of a transporter is made.. Seeing several bone like things and piles of flesh, "That.. That.."

"Is what is left of your command crew..." Tapping a badge, " Galor.."

"We have taken the ship Captain," A male speaks.. "You are not gonna be happy.. It is however as promised from the DaiMon's deceased partner.."

"Deceased," The DaiMon swallowed hard..

Smiling evilly as she draws back on the neural whip, "This is gonna hurt you more then me.."

The whip cracks on the Ferengi male making him scream..


Nathan enters his quarters on board the USS Spock.. He pauses in the near total darkness, "Your scent has changed.. Sarah.."

"It is very fun lover boy," Sarah's changed voice fills the air.. Covering herself up playfully, "I can see in the darkness better then you.."

Walking over to the replicator, "Sweet Tea.." Pausing, "Dos por favor.."

Sarah throws a pillow at Nathan who easily catches it, "You want to talk and I want a lot more.. Baby.."

"You made Starfleet's top ten.. Number seven," Nathan sits the extra tea down across from him..

Sighing Sarah gets up completely nude revealing what looks like Suliban human hybrid.. She walks up behind Nathan and starts massaging his back, "I am so sorry baby.. You.."

Closing his eyes he takes her hand that rest on his shoulder.. "I will give you credit.. The ferengi missing his bottom lobes told a story..  "

Kissing the top of his head, " You have done good.. The USS Spock is amazing.. Too bad they are not as competent as you.. I literally walked aboard.. The head of security is an idiot."

"You .." turning around as he stood up, "Why didnt you talk with me.. I loved you the way you were.."

Sarah Kisses Nathan as he kisses her back.. Whispering into his ear, "I am here tonight.. Tomorrow at 0830 ship time the sensors will be online.. We have till then.."

Holding her, "You do know that they will know you were here.. Luckily for me.. they have not officially told me about what you have done.."

"I just got started," Sarah shoves him down.. "I brought you a gift baby.. Those scanners you wanted will be floating with a holo-projector around this secret facility.."

"Wait.. The .." Nathan takes a deep breath as her nude skin seems to ripple in colors to his eyes, "Wow.. That is so awesome.. "

"Stilll a dork.. " Sarah giggles, "Focus loverboy number three.. All of it was stolen off the blackmarket.. Some of the parts will be .. Uhm.. Lets says members of the Typhon pact will be unhappy.. But, you have to compensate me for the items.."
(AN- Typhon Pact- Memory Beta wikia )

"So now I have to whore for star fleet, " Nathan mocked hurt..

"Pretty F@#$ing much.. My little Khan.. " Sarah smiles as she kisses Nathan, " For king and country darling.." To her surprise she is not stronger then Nathan, "That.. You. How?"

"I have been holding back," Nathan kisses her neck where the Suliban like skin melds beautifully into human like skin.. "I did not want to break you.."

 "No.. No more talking.. Number two.. Lov.. Lover boy!"

The two kiss passionately..


"Lt. JG Malarky," Admiral Akaar growls.. 
(AN- Leonard James Akaar- Memory Beta Wikia )

Admiral Chekov chuckles, "He is correct Leonard.. You specifically never told him Sarah Gooseby is on the Federations top ten list.. detain her at all cost. My security personnel were told to avoid mentioning it to him.."
(AN- Pavel Chekov- Memory Beta Wikia )

"Pavel she delobed a Ferengi...  She stole an unaccounted for Cardassian ship that has a cloak on it, " Admiral Jellico complained.. "God knows what else her crew was doing. My security personnel just got here.."
(AN- Edward Jellico- Memory Beta Wikia )

"The Ferengi was A slave trader," Nathan stood nude staring forward..

"And.. You are out of uniform," Admiral Jellico growled which drew a middle finger from Nathan..

"Admiral.. Admiral chekov.. Sarah did make me service her in trade.." Nathan chuckles, "But we got those sensors from the Typhon pact you wished we had.."

"Good.. Madam Director of the science Council will be pleased.."Sitting in the command chair Checkov nods his head, "Next time Malarky.. " The old Admiral Pauses for effect, " Remind me to give you a few more hours.. I would like an old constitution class fully equipped.. Also.. Tell Sarah I want a set of chairs from the old Enterprise.."

"All the bells and whistles Admiral," Malarky stood at attention.. "Aye Admiral.."

"Pavel," Admiral Jellico shook his head.. "He purposely let her escape.. If he did not outright aide her.."

Chekov looked at Jellico and took a deep breath, "When I was younger I would have thrown him in the brig.. Questioned him for days and hours.."

"Now that your older," Akaar was not very happy?

"Nathan.." Admiral Chekov looked at information on a data pad, "Have a team look at my replicator in the Captains ready room. Also have a cup of." 

A low level Ensign frooze as she came out carrying a single steaming coffee cup, "Lt. JG. Uhm.."

"My apologies Admiral," The nude Malarky motioned for the blushing ensign to take the coffee to Chekov..

Not even looking around, Admiral Chekov had a hand sticking out as he read a report, "Nathan.."

The Ensign quickly had the coffee in the old admirals hand..

"I will have someone immediately look at those replicator's for YOU ADMIRAL," Lt. JG Malarky pointed at the entrance to the ready room..

It took the ensign a minute after she bit her bottom lip trying not to look at the nude Lt. JG..

"Ensign.. The Lt. JG is trying to hint to you to be a dear and fix my Replicator for me," Pavel smiled warmly.. "Thank you for the prompt delivery of my beverage.."

Shaking her head embarassed, "Aye Admiral." The young Ensign heads directly to the Ready Room..

"Those uniforms they are wearing," Admiral Jellico shook his head.. "Those are not the uniforms that.."

"Lt. JG.," Pavel Chekov took a moment.. Reading a pad,"New Schedule?"

"Until such a time as relieved of duties.. I am required to keep the work crews adjusted to up to the minute.." Malarky stared forward at attention, "Admiral your Sensors will physically be inside their new spots by lunch.. Hannah has already screamed at me pissed off about a redisign.. Admiral Jellico.. You signed off on the engineering work uniform sir.."

"I never signed," Jellico looked over and saw Akaar chuckle..

"Malarky.." Akaar took a deep breath, "Go get dressed.. Oh.." Looking at Pavel, "If you happen to see Sarah Gooseby.. Be a good little starfleet officer and REPORT HER!"

"I will do Admiral Akaar," Lt. JG. Malarky stood there for a minute..

"Dismissed Lt. JG," Akaar turned and started to speak.. Not seeing Malarky move, "What.."

"He is waiting for those orders in writing," Admiral Chekov smiled as he stood and stretched his legs.. "The Vulcan Science Academy wants a copy of.. How is that garbage put Son.."

"They want a study of the social dynamics from the crew in its interactions with the command crew.. So Admiral Akaar and Admiral Jellico all Orders are given and then written copies issued immediately."

Both Admirals looked at Pavel Chekov, "Dont look at me Jellico.. I suspect Malarky got tired of the officers saying one thing and doing another.. Those are your orders wording anyway.." 

anger passed on Jellico's face as Chekov chuckled again.. "I would not.." Edward Jellico paused, "Ever order given has been in writing?"

"Admiral I assume you set it for that way for the science council.. Or so you could remote monitor the progress," Malarky grinned evilly..

Admiral Jellico looked at Lt. JG. Malarky, "Get me a copy after you get dressed.. I will have it in writing delivered.." Seeing him not moving, "I.. Your kidding me it has to be done immediately.."

"Your orders sir," Malarky was back to a straight face..

The Ensign walks out of the ready room, "Admiral.. The replicator is repaired.."

Chekov motions the Ensign away, "Lt. JG Malarky make sure you tell your Girl friend I said thank you for the Sensors.." 

"Understood Admiral.." The Ensign nods and heads towards nathan with a pad in hand. Lt. JG Malarky points at Jellico. She walks over and sticks out the pad.. "Sir.. I need your signature.."

"Ensign," Jellico reads the data pad closely. He signs off after a few minutes, "Good Job ensign.. that was pretty quick.."

"Easy repair Admiral.. " 

"So If Sarah Gooseby contacts me," Lt. Malarky's eyes the ensign.

"Do not communicate with her," Admiral Akaar speaks. "Let me get to a station to print your orders for you.. Edward.. May I use your ready room.."

Admiral Jellico shakes his head and glares at Malarky.. Walking towards the ready room, "After You Admiral.."

The two admirals walk to the ready room and the door shuts..

Admiral Chekov just shakes his head..

The Ensign slaps Nathan on his bare a$$, "I guess I can promote you to lover number two.." Seeing him stare forward she pokes him..

"Make that two chairs and.." Not moving from the command chair, "Former Crewman Gooseby.. I want several working old torpedoes, tricorders, and hand phasers if you can find them.."

The faux ensign turns and looks at the Old Admiral..

Nathan hits her in the back of the head and nods at Chekov..

Glaring at Nathan she answers, "Aye Admiral.. Two chiars from the refit, torpedoes, tricorders, and hand phasers"

"Thats a good girl.. You might want to hurry little lady.." Looking at the ready room door chekov chuckles, "they cant be that stupid.. I am belaying Leonard's order.. I expect the USS SPOCK finished ahead of schedule Nathan!" Not lookinng at Sarah's shocked face, "I am officially on vacation.. I cant officially bring you in.. this is Admiral Jellico's command.. Starfleet Has rules.. Order and discipline must be maintained.."

@Armonica_Templar  Your writing skills and story telling,,,,, minusculeclap
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

"You god D@#$ idiot.." Tears fell down Sarah's face as she watched the reports on the modified veiwscreen, "Nathan.. My god fall back.. You cant fight the Typhon Pact all by your self.. Let alone six Breen battleships. Not with an old contsitution class ship..."

"This is is the USS John Paul Jones.. To the mother F#$%ing Breen ships.." Nathan's voice Fills the air, "I have not yet begun to F#$%ing fight.. The Federation will hold the line in the dark.. I regret that you Bastards have but one life to give for your cause.."

A breen voice is translated, "The Human Augment.." The Breen ships open fire, "DIE!"

On the viewscreen Sarah grips the chair as she watches the ships engage, "Galor.."

"We are relaying the feed past the Typhon Pacts jamming.." A young cardassian Male standing at a station whistles, "Rotating the ship itself.." After looking at small sparkles, "That evil bastard.. This Lt. JG malarky is is.. He has put the shields through the Structual integrity field.. Brilliant.."

They watch as the John Paul Jones bounces off one of the breen ships, causing a minor explosion..

Sarah watches not hiding the tears as one of the breen ships collides with another one Trying to Avoid the damaged ship.. "Leaves three.."

Sarah winces as she watches on of the Nacelles on the old JPJ buckle..

"She is venting .. Wait.." Galor watches as two ships cut through the midsection nearly severing it.. "That insane Bastard.. He is gonna jump to warp.."

Sarah yells at the screen, "You F@#$ing little idiot.. The ship will," Sarah Watches as the JPJ fires its impulse engines on the saucer section.. A second later the Flash of the warp engines is followed by an explosion, destroying the two Breen vessels.. Four cloaked Romulan Vessels flash as debree hits them.. The saucer section rode the wave having broke free, "Controlled failure.."

"Captain.. I think little Nathan knew that," a klingon female on her right side speaks with a smile.. "He is a worthy mate indeed.."

"Klaris, He is .. " Sarah sits back down as the Saucer section of the old JPJ, spins and rams into the Breen ship, ejecting shuttle craft like torpedoes that go to warp.. As some of them hit the romulan ships, "I am going to beat his A$$.. It.. How the h#$$ is he doing this.." 

Galor laughs, "It looks like your friend Captain.. He is leading a boarding party.." Seeing something on the feed, "Captain.."

A federation ship comes out of warp between the Breen ship with the saucer section of the JPJ in it and the Romluan ships..

A male vulcan's voice comes through, "This is Captain Solok, of the USS T'Kumbra.."

The Boarding parties are beamed out of space, "Mam.."

"I see Galor," Sarah takes a deep breath as three Klingon Birds of prey Decloak.. "Akaar had Malarky followed.. they do not trust him." 

"Respectfully take your forces and withdraw," Solok's voice was calm.. "It is illogical to fight when retreat is the option that leaves your ships intact."

The Romluan ships opened fire on the Damaged Breen ship and then warped out..

After the ships warped out, "Sarah Gooseby.." Solok's voice was very calm, "It is apparent by human behavior, you can hear this.. We know you stole a phase cloak.. Admiral Akaar has an offer for you.. Turn the ship over to the Federation and only you will be punished.."

"Mam.. Thral Sh' Lasik is," A reman Female draws her disruptor as a huge gorn appears holding the passed out Geneticist..

Sarah stands up with phasers drawn..

"I am Colonel Sss'Sz, retired.." The Gorn responds.. "You are Captain Sarah Gooseby.. I advise you leave the area.. Captain Solok is very competent.." 

The Andorian starts to move, "Wait Rema.. He.. Sarah.."

Sarah shakes her head, "That little bastard.. Lasik?"

"Sez.. He pulled me out of the breen's custody on the planet," Lasik motions for Klaris and Rema to put her weapons down..

"I owe a debt to someone.. I was asked to protect you Sarah Gooseby," Sss'Sz bowed his head. "My mate is was old and passed little while ago.. My Offspring's grand children have had laid their first eggs. Two months ago.."

"Captain," Galor looks down at his display.. The Cardassian looks up, " Several Andorian vessels are on their way here.."

"Get us out of here Galor," Sarah sits down.. "What is the nature of the debt?"

"A federation operative.. Rescued my mate from Orion Slavers.. " The Old Grizzled Gorn looked down in partial shame, "I swore should he ever need anything.." As the Ship went to warp, "He said that when I was old, my children's grand children laid their first eggs, and my mate passes from old age.. To search you out.."

"So I understand Gorn, "Klaris narrows her eyes.. "You owe a blood debt old lizard and must Protect Sarah Gooseby.."

Searching his memory, " Because Fat posterior females make the rocketry world spin? What does this message mean?"

Sarah starts laughing and cant stop..


Author's Note

Captain Solok - Memory Beta Wikia

USS T'Kumbra - Memory Beta Wikia

Chel Grett class- Memory Beta Wikia

Constitution Class - Memory Beta Wikia

Cardassian- Memory Beta Wikia

Klingon- Memory Beta Wikia

Gorn- Memory Beta Wikia

Romulan - Memory Beta Wikia

Reman- Memory Beta Wikia

Sss'Sz sat in the lighted dining hall, as several of the crew looked at him.

"Wait.. I thought that the dishonor brought upon the former house D'Ghor affected my son as well," Klaris was confused. "Grilka.. How is my son not dis.."

The klingon female growls, "I am not to happy about it..The son of D'Ghor has been adopted by my house.. " Taking a deep breath, "You are still dishonored Klaris.. I am honorable  and pay my debts!.. I am sponsoring my NEW son to the Klingon Academy.. QAPLA Klaris!"

Klaris took a deep breath as Grilka cut the line, "It.." Klaris is stunned as She sits down the data pad, "How did Sarah do this?"

A ferengi female brought a dish of food, "Sss'Sz.." Swallowing hard and looking away, "I hope this meets your biological needs.."

"I thank you," The Gorn male.. "You must be Jerol.. " Sss'Sz downed the raw meat in one gulp as Jerol sat a glass in front of him, "Cactus Juice.. "

"Jerol.. You are not the servant of every male we see," Rema shook her head.. "You are free.. Gorn.. You.."

Sss'Sz shook his head, "Rema.. Jerol is the cook.." Looking at the ferengi female, "It was almost as good as my deceased mates.. If I bring in the supplies.." Sss'Sz puts several small strips of Latinum in Jerol's hand..

"I.. I will make it for you Colonel," Jerol stutters out as she disappears out of the area..

The Reman female goes wide eyed as Klaris laughs..

"She.. She never speaks to males," Rema's teeth show..

"The Legendary Colonel Sss'Sz," Klaris moves and sits across the Gorn.. 

"You know him Commander," Rema sits down next to her.. 
"Of him.. He was an old Soldier when the dominion war started.. " Klaris leans forward, "He took over a combined Federation Klingon Romulan force as the Jem Ha'dar/ breen/ and Cardassians took the planet.. He held off the Dominion for three weeks with no reinforcements of supplies.."

"You forgot the Son'a were there," Sss'Sz gave a very reptilian grin.. "We had the bodies of our enemies to feast on.. And we took their weapons.."

Rema looked at Sss'Sz with respect, "The Gorn Colonel who gutted a Romulan Officer because he tried to send two squad of Remans..."

"On a stupid suicide mission to try and extend supplies.." Sss'Sz gave a toothy grin.. "I gutted him and told everyone of his men that he would get us all killed.. He was stupid.. We will make the Dominion come to us.."

The young Cardassian Male walked over with his trey.. "Next your going to tell us that you met the ghost.. Ohh!!"

Sss'SSz went very quiet catching the attention of some of the crew members..

"What.. You met the ghost.. The Dominion said it was a fiction the Federation and her allies created.." Galor ate his food quickly, "The ghost existed.."

"Sss'Sz.. You met the ghost," Klaris took a deep breath.. 

"Oh the klingons are getting into this now, "Galor laughed..

"The ghost is no joke.. A warrior no matter his status does not kid about the Ghost.. Klingon Intelligence stated that all they could find is that in deep dark battles on the ground.. As the dominion forces rolled over our forces every so often, a sole federation operative would appear.. We theorised that..."

Sarah enters the room and chuckles, "He was part of a top secret special forces division.." Walking over to the counter as Jerol took out two steaks and a potato, "The Klingon empire never said anything because.."

"The human race was makinng warriors becau.." Klaris goes wide eyed, "Sarah.. you know who the ghost is?"

"Galor," Sarah sits down at the table.. "Do you remember when you where little.. And the Dominion was destroying Cardassia.."

"Please.." Galor laughed, "It was a cardassian soldier who saved me.. My mother was killed by the.. By the.." Galor goes wide eyed looking at Klaris, "Humans could never have.. It.."

Rema looks at Sss'Sz, "You all say that Lt. JG Malarky is the ghost.. that is not possible.. He was not old enough.. My husband, Vkruk, said he had met him and he was not a teenager.."

"Galor.." Sarah took a deep breath, " Do you know what was going on? He came back different from Cardassia.." Sarah pauses and covers her mouth, "He.. He told me that.. Damar.. Oh my god.. " Tapping a combadge, "Captain To Lasik.. Set a course for Cardassia NOW!!"

Galor was wide eyed, "We are in a stolen ship and..."

"Lasik here.. Cardassia?"

"I am so Going to kick his little F#$%ing A$$.." Sarah did not even eat her steaks as she stormed out of the Mess hall..

"What does Damar have to do with this," Galor shook his head confused..


Grilka- MBW

Corat Damar- MBW

Dominion War- MBW

Vkruk- MBW


"Do not worry.." Garak stood on the bridge as he communicated via the veiw screen, "The government is in an official meeting in private.."

The Cardassian officer glared, "there is absolutely nothing...."

"I was hired to bring the only living son of Corat Damar to Cardassia," Captain Gooseby stood and walked over to Garak.. "They do not want to many people aware of the.. The crimes I had to commit to rescue him.."

"Damar.. Living son," the Cardassian swallowed hard.. 

"As you can see it is.. A delicate situation," Garak took a deep breath.. 

"My medical doctor is sending you the information Legate," Gooseby's suliban looking hands motioned to her XO.. "All I asked for was the right to have the ship acknowledged as mine.. And maybe spare parts from some of the junk yard.. I have to make repairs because .. Well several nations did not appreciate him being rescued."

The legate sat down, "Garak.."

Smiling, "The Federation will not be to happy we had her here.."

"The federation can go take a dive into the ice fields of Andoria, "The Legate spoke.. "This.. S#$%.. D@#$ it Garak..."

"So you see the situation the boy is in," Garak responds coolly.. "Perhaps we just take our time in telling the Federation we spotted her near cardassia.."

"Let me get back to you," the Legate cut the screen..

"Captain Gooseby," Garak took a deep breath.. "that will be interesting.."

"We have to go.. I cant in good conscious take Galor with me.." Captain Gooseby turned as Galor exited with Sss'Sz, "Galor.."

"Ambassador Garak.." Looking up at the huge gorn, "I wish to return home.. Is.. Is that possible? I am wanted for crimes in the Federation and on cardassia.."

Garak smiled, "I think we will be able to handle the federation government.. Your the son of Damar.. " trying not to chuckle, "I wish the Federation luck in trying to extradite you.." Garak nodded to Sss'Sz, "That is if they can prove it was you.. As for accusations on cardassia.. You are technicaly still a minor under some law somewhere.. I am pretty sure no Judge will want to hear any of the cases.."

"Captain," Galor hugged Sarah.. "I.. I never thought this.. Home.. A freeman.."

Taking a deep breath, "I see Jerol packed you a lunch.." sighing, "God.. You are so much like Nathan years ago.."

"Any last bit of advice Captain," Galor spoke softly fighting tears..

Turning back to her seat, "Let Garak mentor you.. He may have been a member of the Obsidian order but Nathan said he became a good man.. I trust Nathan's assessment.."

Garak looked at Sarah, " I have never met Lt. JG. Malarky.."

Klaris picks up Galor and hugs him, "If any of them try to start a fight with you.." Klaris sits Nathan down and gives him her dagger, "This was my grandfathers.. Take it and wear it with pride.."

After a moment Galor wipes a tear, "Mr. Garak.. Have you ever heard of the Federation Ghost?"


Elim Garak- MBW

Legate- MBW


Years ago

"Crewman," Nathan spoke coldly.. "What no officer on deck?"

Sarah and the other crewmen all came to attention..

"Sir," Sarah stood up straight. She turned around and saw Nathan in his Cadet uniform, "Nathan.." Excitedly she hugged him, "My god you got muscles and bigger.."

One of the human chief's coughed, "Cadet.. Crewman.."

Nathan had an arm around Sarah, "You can carry on chief.."

Sarah stood up straight, "Nathan.. Cadet Malarky.."

"Chief.. " Nathan shook his head as he looked over the work and around the cargo bay, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Cadet," The chief was getting pissed.. "I wont report the.."

"Are you trying to destroy the cargo bay chief?" Nathan took out a data pad and verified his data, "Halt all work chief!"

"You do not have the authority to..."

"Cadet Malarky to Lt. Commander Lavelle.."

"Lavelle Here.." Sighing, "What is the issue cadet?"

"Who is the F#$%ing idiot that decided to order the repairs in Cargo bay three?" Cadet Malarky glared at the Cheif who went white faced, "Let me guess it was you.. God D@#$.. " Malarky hit his comm badge, "Cadet Malarky to Captain Mueller.. I am ordering a halt to all work in Cargo bay three.. Everyone out slowly.."

"Your just a cadet," The Cheif shook hs head, "You do not.."

"Captain Mueller here Cadet.." Sighing, "Listen.. For the only time.. You.."

Malarky grabbed the tool in in the chief's hand by the chiefs hand, "Personal computer.. access USS Tridents computer. Logic branch cargo security. Forge Authorization.. Emergency decompression of Cargo bay three.."

"Accessing," A computer voiced.. "Accessing... Authorization denied.. authorization Denied.."

"CADET!!!" Captain Mueller was very pissed, "What in sam he## do you think you are doing.."

"Link hands now!!! grab a secured item!!" Malarky grabbed Sarah by the hands, "Captain.. Anybody that is sucked out have Them transported to to medical immediately.."

"Nathan," Sarah spoke ..

"Authorizaton Denied.."

"Chief Marlos.. Take Cadet Malarky..."

"Access Granted," the Computer voice came from Malarky..

Cheif Marlos grabbed the other crewmen quickly, "God D@#$ it!!"

Malarky Grabbed another crewman as sirens went off.. Cadet Malarky held his two people tightly as the Cargo bay decompressed..

Transporter beams locked onto the group of crew men..

After they Materialized, Cadet Malarky disengaged from Sarah and ran to the transporter controls.. "Cheif Marlos.. get them off the pad now!"

"Mam.. We have," the transporter chief got shoved to the side..

"Pay attention.." Malarky started locking onto something, "S@#$.. Brace for impact.."

"Cadet I will have you," Captain Mueller was interrupted as Malarky grabbed the Cheif by the Waist to stop him from moving..

"Two man team.. Lock onto those that are getting spaced.. " Cheif Marlos shook off hitting his head and started shoving the seven of them off of the pad.. "Cheif.. Remote access Cargo bay three's transporter.."

"Sir the debree," Transporter chief was trying..

"F@#$.. Chief Marlos.. The Shuttle craft," Malarky spoke as the chief Marlos was at a panel..

Chief Marlos paused, "Sir.. that.. We beam over to  the shuttle craft..S#$%.."

Standing up, "Nathan.."

"Help get the people off this pad," Nathan grabbed Chief Marlos.. Standing on the pad and pointing his hand go.."Do or die time Chief.."

"You were always sloppy Gooseby," Captain Mueller shook her head.. "You really should have accepted Akaar's offer.. We can detect your cloak.."

The Veiwscreen shook on the USS Trident's end, "You really shouldnt monologue Captain.." 

"Captain Mueller.. " The Andorian XO was shocked, "They have Phased torpedoes.. They are going right through our shields.."

"God D@#$ it Crewman Gooseby" Captain Mueller shouted... "Brace for .."

The View screen went black on the Trident's end," Rema..." Klaris looked at Captain Gooseby, "Did we just.."

"Commander.. The USS Trident's power systems are completely down.." Rema smiles showing her sharp Reman teeth, "Sss'Sz upgrade to the torpedoes.. wow.."

"Breen energy weapon warheads inside a phased cloaking torpedos.." Smiling evilly, "The Mary sue's work.. Javier?"

A human looking male with with black hair, looks up form Galors old post.. "Sarah.. I mean Captain.." Seeing the captain, "I appreciate activat.. Oh.." The human quickly activates the screen..

An older male with his back Turned speaks, "Lt. JG Malraky.. I told you to.." Turning around an older male with a full beard sits down, "Former Crewman Gooseby.. That SOB gave you his private code to me.. I will have to talk with him about it.."

"Admiral Riker," Gooseby shakes her head.. "This was supposed to be Admiral C.. Your right he is a little SOB.. Klaris.. Send Admiral Riker the the Data.." 

"Sarah," Klaris whispers.. "They are.."

"Who do you think gave me the schematics.. " Sarah Grins, "I was stealing them and found a message from my loverboy number three.. If I use these designs Starfleet intelligence would need my sensor readings. We have received our payment."

"We would never authorise a criminal to,' Riker reads the data.. "You got the  Mary Sue's to work as Malarky named them.."

Klaris laughs, "The USS Trident will need to be towed AD.. Mir.. Ral.."

"We did not destroy her.. It appears because starfleet got its weapons test," Rema laughs as Riker glares..

"We will bring you.." Riker sits back in his chair.. "Where did you get this information.. This.. Murder and assassination.."

"Perhaps Admiral I am NOT the enemy," Sarah Gooseby stands up. Her Suliban features wear like a mask, "Perhaps the federation should clean up its own D!@# mess.. "

"Crewman.." Riker pauses, "Captain.. I will need your source.. If you come in and testify a deal can be made.."

Putting her hands up, "Contact the Trident for its readings on us.. "

"Sss'Sz has retrieved the Data," Rema Spoke.. "He is back aboard.."

Pausing, "Admiral.. One thing.. Why did nathan not get the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.." Seeing Admiral Riker Pause, "And they would accept me.. No.. Not when a federation president dies from a magic bullet.."

She drops her hand in go fashion as the ship goes to warp..

"Captain," Riker took a deep breath.. "I hope at least we can maintain a line of communication.. If you ever come across things like this.. Feel free to use this channel.."

"Dont worry Riker," Sarah smiles as she readjust her black gloves.. "Starfleet paid us for this information.. Captain Mueller will need a tow.."

"We have a problem Captain," Sss'Sz voice comes over the com.. 

"Hello Captain Gooseby.." The Male voice speaks quietly, "I will help you with the upgrades.. In exchange..We need to talk.."

"Danlen?" Sarah sits back, "No.. Go to h@!!.."

"Upgrades," Riker spoke..

"Yes Admiral riker..." Danlen Transported to the bridge with a large Gorn.. Holding his side with a visible wound, "Is Dr. Lasik available.."

"I said.." Sarah watches as Danlen falls face first on her bridge and passes out, "F#$% me.. Beam out the components we need then hit the accelerator.."


Christopher Pike Medal of Valor - MBW

Ishan Anjar- MBW

Katerina Mueller- MBW

USS Trident - MBW

Cloaking Device- MBW

Emergency Medical Hologram- MBW

Timot Danlen- MBW

"Sarah," Danlen paused as he saw a device attached to him.. "An Agonizer.." Danlen reaches down to pull it off, "This will not harm.."

Danlen fell to his knees in pain and grabbed his side..

Dr. Lasik reached down, "Sarah.. He.. He is a mix of several races.."

"Delete the medical records after you fix him," Sarah shakes her head.. "Your lucky I do not kill you.. I am dropping you off at.."

"One hundred and eighty five," Danlen was helped to sit up on the Medical bed.. "Total for the DTI.. Thirty five for FTA.."

Lasik pauses, and looks at Danlen, "Stay very still.. Your suit took a minute to cut through but it resealed itself.."

"Sarah.. I am not your enemy.. " Seeing Sarah glare at him, "I can pay you.. Ten thousand bars of gold press latinum.. "

"What do you want," Sarah puts her hand on Danlen's wounded side and squeezes..

"I need to go to the Delta Quadrant," Danlen shakes in complete pain.. "I will help you upgrade the USS bounty dash A here with the Ablative armor specs you just stole.. And .."

"You will help us steal and install a slipstream drive," Lasik narrows her eyes as her Antennea move..

"Klaris.. Call everyone to my ready room," Sarah narrows her eyes.. "If my crew agrees.. That is a big if.. What are we going to the Delta quadrant for?"

"It appears that another incident in this TCW is occuring.." Danlen takes a big breath, "Starfleet doesnt realize yet but.. Lets say your theft of the slipstream device will reveal several things.."

"Your riding history," Sarah lets go of Danlen's side.. "Just where is this Slipstream drive.."

"I do not know.. " Danlen smiles, "As your boyfriend likes to say .. I am on the winging it protocols.."

"The Latinum.." Sarah Narrows her eyes, "Let me guess.. You..."

Danlen tosses her a pad, "this I know.. " Smiling not meaning to, "The greatest robbery in the history of Federation.. As we speak a group of Orion mercanaries have robbed several ferengi banks... they get caught and the federation takes all the latinum.. "

Sarah shakes her head, "Fix him.. I just got that from a source.. How is this payment?"

"Your source told you this little group.." Danlen pauses, "That F#$%ing SOB.. Malarky is the one who told you.. "

"He lies a lot Danlen," Sarah laughed.. "Federation Intelligence intends to pocket the latinum according to my source. So much for the federation having come a long way..."


"Lt.. Do you think you can just laugh at Starfleet intelligence," A pissed off intellifgence officer with broken teeth spit blood. "You will be," the human collapsed to the ground..

"I have the right to counsel.. You attempted to kidnap me off this ship without going through the proper channels.." Nathan looked at the human female pinned to the wall with a metal rod, "Now Commander.."

"You.. you spaced Lt. commander Zar," The Commander held onto the metal bar in fear.. "You will be court-martialed.."

A starfleet intelligence officer came around the corner as Nathan Phasered her..

"Computer.. Intruder Alert.." Hitting his combadge, "Lt. Malarky to Captain Solok.."

"I assume their is an explanation for the spaced personnel we just beamed to the infirmary.." Captain Solok paused as the alarms went off on the T'Kumbra, "Lt.."

"The intruders are dressed as Starfleet.. No vulcans among them.. I have three of them sir.." Malraky smiled in the commanders face, "It is a testament to your vulcan security personnel that this was stopped easily Captain.." 

Malarky Picked a Female Vulcan that was groggy, "Lt. commander.. We got them.."

"I can stand on my own Lt.." The Lt. Commander grabs Malarky after he let go, "Perhaps it would be wiser to continue.." Seeing the Woman pinned with a metal bar, "Lt. Commander T'Vel to Captain Solok .. The intruders appear to be starfleet intelligence.."

"Recommend they are beamed directly to the brig Captain.." Malarky holds up T'Vel, "Until we can quantum scan them.. Lt. commander T'Vel was hit with a new weapon.. I will walk her to Medical sir.."


"I am pressing charges Captain," Lt. Malarky stares forward.. "they assaulted a starfleet officer. Even though they claim they have a warrant.. They assaulted myself and several members of your crew.. "

Admiral Nechayev was not very happy, "Lt. Malarky.. Lt. commander Zar is in a coma.. You nearly killed him.."

"Admiral.. why did Starfleet Intelligence not simply communicate with me. I would have simply put the Lt. in the brig and turned him over to you for questioning.." Captain solok leaned back in his chair, "Instead your personnel boarded the T'Kumbra and attempted to remove starfleet personnel.."

"We do not answer to you Captain, " Admiral Nechayev coldly responded.. "You will turn my agents back over to me.. With Lt. Malarky for questioning.."

"Please pass those orders down my chain of command Admiral.. the Lt. is what you so eloquently called a pain in everyone's A$$, is a member of my crew.. What next.. Is starfleet Intelligence going to start kidnapping sentient beings in the name of security.. No I am filing an official complaint with Admiral Akaar.. And I will be hold the first of your officers punishments.. " Solok coldly spoke, "Furthermore I will be passing a copy of this conversation around the chain of command.."

"Are you willing to risk your career over a traitor," Admiral Nechayev was upset? "He passed word to Sarah Gooseby of .."

Malarky started laughing, "Oh.. Its this crap... In my defense I have to invoke the temporal prime directive Captain.. I was under orders from The science council to the DTI Captain.."

Solok raises an eyebrow, "Your record to date does have certain holes in it..  Admiral.. What you want to question the Lt. Over is immaterial?"

"Lt. You can not quote the Temporal Prime directive every time you get into trouble," The Admiral slams her fist down on the desk onn her end..

"Lt. Malarky has had issues similar to this before that are not in his record," Captain Solok leaned back? "And yet the human augment is still a lt.." Seeing Malarky smile and whisper twenty one, "I recommend you check with your sources. Lt. Malarky.. with out violating orders, to the best of your ability, I am directing you to brief me the best you can.."

"My guess sir is that one of the time loops has just finished sir.. " Malarky takes a minute to choose his words.. "Starfleet Security via Starfleet intelligence's orders had arrested several bank robbers.. If memory serves they stole about ten thousand bars of gold pressed latinum.. Sarah Gooseby just robbed starfleet Intelligence.."

Listening intently, "Your not allowed to discuss future events or information from your service to the DTI.." Solok leaned forward, "Admiral.."

"I could care less over the," Admiral Nechayev pauses and looks at Malarky.. "You.."

"Know the whole mission mam.. Includinng the fact that SI was going to use it to pay bribes," Malarky coldly responded.. 

"Your girl friend stole a slipstream drive.. " A picture of Sarah's ship appeared, "As you see Captain Solok.. she has upgraded the so called USS Bounty dash A with several bits of additional technology that Admiral Janeway brought back from the Delta Quadrant.. The only way she could have got past Star Fleet security is if she had the access codes.. The only person known to help her is your Lt.."

"Lt. Malarky," Solok took a deep breath. "Say nothing else without council present.. You do have evidence of the Lt.'s involvement Admiral.."

Admiral Nechayev looked down, "No.. We have an agent who saw the evidence but the Agent is dead.. the evidence has disappeared.."

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