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(02-10-2018, 11:00 AM)BIAD Wrote: We grow-up in a world that tells us such access to other planes are not possible and since many of us
perceive science in the same manner as we interact as society, we take it that science is the Elder who
knows better.

But science doesn't -or shouldn't (see Climate-Change corruption)... take the stand of 'we can't find and
ergo, it isn't real'. Science postulates, theorises and arrives at a temporary conclusion based on the studies
at that time.

Staying on the topic...sort-of! Birds fly and humans can't, yet we found a way around it.
It was through scientific means and endeavour that we accomplished this act, this discipline never said
"You shouldn't" or I believe it's wrong"!

The current theories of reality are changing daily and without dragging the need for a deity into it, it does seem
like this reality may not be what we currently think it is generally.

Does that make us as a species, special...? No, rational thought dictates that humanity is not an integral part
of the eternal universe. So that leads us to thinking that if we're not unique among other creatures, then why
would dimensional-access be only limited to us.
Assuming such access exist.

Science knows that many different dimensions exist, one question would be why would they be separate if there's
no connection? Maybe there isn't, but if we're merely part of a bigger system -and we're not that important as
a species, who's to say that another -if not all species, couldn't access these dimensions?

Birds evolved to fly and we created flying machines. Can those we deem 'lesser' than us not do other things that we
haven't got to yet?! All this and we haven't even got to 'what if the accesses were created from the 'other side' and
who was it?!!

And as you pointed out, rips in time could be a natural event that could cause these anomalies.
Not labouring on the 'coelacanth'-discovery, science doesn't know everything yet!

Good points, well made.

There are some Very Large Eagles in Arizona.

But, why can't there be Very Large Birds, like Tall or Large Humans.
The average Height for a male today is between 5 foot 11 inches and 6 foot  1 inch.
there are reports of males and females out growing the average,,, couldn't a bird or other animals?
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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