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Meet the Workers World Party
Have you been wondering where some of the political agitation is coming from.. Here is a little video to connect the dots 

Great video Sky.  

The only problem is, none of the Liberals will watch it; they will click it off as soon as they see it has anything to do with an opposing view.

And I doubt they would believe these "protests" are orchestrated from people who are only doing it because they are getting paid to do it.  They want to believe they have all these people that think the same way they do, backing their cause. 
Little do they realize, it's only a plot put together to take our country down and give power to the global elite.

I saw a person on Face Book yesterday commenting how she couldn't believe that the Republicans hadn't seen through Trump and his EVIL agenda yet. mediumfacepalm

Yeah, he is so evil for wanting to save us from Sharia Law, bring back jobs to America, cut taxes, give us better health care options, check into what's going into the vaccines that go into our children and elderly, stop terrorists from coming into our country, and building a wall to keep them out.

I do look at opposing views in the news sometimes just to keep my information balanced, and I have to say, the left have gone so far off the deep end with their lies and brainwashing the Liberals, I don't see any hope for them ever being able to accept the truth at this point... they're too far gone to even try to talk any sense into them.  They are totally unwilling to accept anything other than Trump is evil and must be stopped, and they don't even question if it's true. They just read/watch the CNN, NBC, and all the anti-Trump propaganda and believe it without question.  

I just hope he can stay in office long enough to allow them to see some good coming from what he is doing so they will wake up and realize they have been scammed by the media.  If not... we all go down!   tinycrying

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