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The Blue Pill.
From BIAD's post above:

Quote:"It’s a change that is inside as well as out. These changes are not superficial but deep inside me."...'

Three things could explain this:

1. The liberal mindset has damaged her thinking,

2. She is subconsciously remembering a good past life as a black person and wants it back,

3. She's lost her freakin' mind! 

I think it's #3. Who in the world would want to carry boobs around that big?!  Oh, the back pain!   tinybighuh
The hidden reality is that many of those who celebrate no borders and diversity are the ones who are using the forced
racist-campaign to hide their own misdeeds. But one of their failings is they can't help stumbling in their rhetoric and the
media will usually give them a pass.

It isn't a straight-forward hatred to people of a particular minority, it's usually just a hidden ignorance borne of the class
they enjoy.

The recent Jussy Smollett's situation is one example, the 'white-male, red-neck lyncher with the MAGA hat' character is a
classic meme used by those who wish to divide a country. But occasionally, the faux-fawning of a particular minority does
slip out.

Quote:John Motson apologises for calling Millwall’s Tom Elliott ‘big, black and brave’

'John Motson has personally apologised to the Millwall striker Tom Elliott after describing him as “big, black and brave” on TalkSport.
The 73-year-old broadcaster, who came out of retirement last summer to join TalkSport after 50 years with the BBC, made his remarks
before Millwall’s FA Cup fifth-round win at AFC Wimbledon on Saturday.

TalkSport has said it has treated the incident “very seriously” and has removed the broadcast from its website.
Elliott is understood to have acknowledged the private apology from Motson and to be keen to draw a line under the matter...'
The Guardian:

See...? Mr. Motson's comment is merely descriptive and holds nothing negative, but the three words together imply the stereotypical
muscular 'Mandingo'-like black slave to those who perceive people of colour in that way. And to hide it, they used to accuse other
stereotypical characters of their inner-guilt.

The problem is that such pompous obtuse ass-holes are unwilling to sully themselves by interacting with the common person and
have -and still are, now performing their witch-hunt in the environment they also exist in.

The standard racist was -in the US, a white male with a southern-State accent, a baseball hat on his head and driving a pick-up truck.
They lived outside of a city and are deemed working-class, they may also own a ferocious dog, enjoy gun-ranges and drink beer.

But due to the bubble that the mainstream media and the politicians they serve -live in, an aloof perception of a racist must exist in the
same circles the accusers inhabit. Hence, a racist is currently a middle-class white male, probably working in an office or delivering goods
in the capital. They are brusque, usually ex-servicemen, enjoy going to a football game and tend to be strong-minded.

For the United Kingdom, we once had young white working-class males who struggle for employment. Skinheads with tattoos and
wore 'bovver-boots' to kick their particular prey. They cursed and spoke with a northern regional accent, went to soccer matches and
fought with each other.
Their fathers drank in the local pub or working-men's club and bitched about how their manual jobs have been taken by immigrants.
The same fathers of these dreamt-up haters were once coal-miners, steel-workers and lived in Council-rented houses.
Their wives watched like-minded television soap-operas and had poor parental skills.

Today, that stereotypical British racist has been promoted to almost the same standing as their American brethren.
The younger racists now discuss hate-filled views on the internet because their accusers believe a local tavern is too costly for them
to frequent. These imagined racists may have been to college, but they probably now work in servicing trades, shelf-stacking at a
Supermarket or other physical 'low-reasoning' employment.

And obviously, the females of the working class are rarely mentioned. Feminists wouldn't like that as they see the average
housewife as a 'quiet warrior' living under the oppressive thumb of her (white) partner. She endures -even if the relationship
is a two-female alliance because all women are slaves -except in a lesbian partnership, of course!

Propaganda for the little people... and many believe it.

Collective bullshit from a group of fairy-wealthy people who wish to display themselves as all-encompassing and happy to embrace
a concept they believe that the working-class are unable to appreciate, namely diversity.
The irony is that the US and the UK are already diverse, different races, beliefs and interests... but of course, not the right ones.

It has always been about cultural grading. Certain parties in the US want Mexicans to illegally enter the United States because they
want their vote. They will also enjoy having them work for low pay, do menial tasks and behave in the manner the upper-class believe
they will. Like the lower ranks that they are perceived as. A lawn doesn't cut itself, you know.
In Britain it's the same.

For evidence of the above, just look at your daily news outlet. What constitutes news today? (19th Feb 2019)

'Fashion designer Lagerfeld dead at 85'

With all respects to this person, who would this seriously concern?!
He lived in an affluent environment, wealthy and created expensive clothes. I've never met him -although I would like to think
he was a nice person and I'm only surprised a main news periodical hasn't produced an article about him being racist!
After all, he was male and he was white.

''Don't feed the monster!' The people who have stopped buying new clothes' 

A suggestion that the West purchases and wastes too many clothes. An article from the same country (UK) -that has
food-banks for struggling one-parent families and holds an average poverty level of around 25% that has remained
the same since 1994.

Of course, we'll omit the rhetoric of foreign lands of colour oppressing their citizens by forcing them to work long hours
for poor wages and bad working-conditions. That might reflect on Mr. Lagerfeld and his friends... yer' know, the rich.

'Scientist who warned early about climate change, popularized term 'global warming' dies at 87'

How does this headline impact the day-to-day work of a forklift driver? It doesn't, but it's an easy piece to knock out before
doing lunch. Mainstream Journalists would never dirty their hands in discovering what might be interesting to an average
reader or viewer... no, they make the news and woe betide anyone who argues with it. Just ask the many harassed political
commentators on YouTube!

There are other examples, but the reality is that success is deliberately being frowned upon by those who've succeeded.
It's an old trick. The rich lie to the poor, they keep them arguing between themselves and their eye off what is really going on.

The media are complicit in this social-control and foolishly believe they are part of the winning tribe, hence their gilded
headlines that promote those with high-standing to be more important than their customers.

(My own example of today's mainstream media's acumen of the real world:
'OMG...! Lady Montague-Carruthers Cracks A Nail Playing Tennis... Film At Eleven')!!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
On Thursday morning, my wife was busying herself making my son's lunch for work when to break up the monotony,
she switched on the TV to see another news article about the continuing strife of the ISIS fighter's wife who used to
live in Bethnal Green, London.

A ticker-tape wound its way along the bottom of the screen that announced that a fire in Bangladesh had killed
around seventy people, the same country that Britain had said Shamima Begum had a duel citizenship with.
The BBC reported that the blaze started in a residential area, but the Indian Express states it was a chemical

Odd...? Maybe, maybe not. But my better-half found it coincidental.

Empire actor -Jussie Smollett has been arrested for his fake lynching accusation and I was surprised to discover
the incident-that-wasn't-an-incident was taken at face value during the time that Senators Kamala Harris and Corey
Booker succeeded in getting the Senate to pass a federal anti-lynching law in the United States.

Coincidence...? Maybe, but what concerned me was that I'd seen other similar instances where tragedy and remedy
have gone hand-in-hand via politics and the media. I've ran down news articles that had no origin and would stand alone
as mindless acts of violence or single occurrences except for a story where some legislator was attempting to fix the
exact problem.

The expression 'False-Flag' is bandied around on the internet and many roll their eyes and think of conspiracy websites
full of neck-beards who can't get girlfriends, tapping away that they're onto 'The Man' and his NWO manoeuvring.
But sometimes, it certainly looks that way.

Outrage on social media has been the usual diet of most mainstream media networks, minor frivolous points of view that
-when viewed from a different angle, can fill up a column or two when a Journalist doesn't want to leave their desk.

But life-taking fires and career-ruining deceit for self-promotion in an oncoming election in the real world?
It makes you wonder if this 'Q'-character knows something we don't!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

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