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The Blue Pill.
After walking the thousands of miles to be at the protest.... After being subjected to a torrent of physical abuse on
their respsective modes of transport to be with their fellow-wammin... After being beaten for the leaving their homes
without their male partner's permission...

Wealthy movie Stars fly into France to offer some virtue-signalling on a waning movement in an industry that used a
symbiotic method to further careers and sate physical lust of powerful ugly men who can't pick up the chicks the
standard way.

Quote:Women protest on the red carpet at Cannes.
The 82 women who protested represented the 82 films by female directors who have competed for the top Palme
d'Or prize since 1946.

'Hollywood stars took over the red carpet at the Cannes film festival in a call for equality among men and women.
Cate Blanchet, Kristen Stewart and Salma Hayek were among 82 actresses, filmmakers and producers who stood
arm in arm...'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3742]

No men there...? Where's the equality?! Oh that's right, they'll be at the bar, yukking it up with road-sweepers and
oil-rig workers. Wait a mo, they're stood to one side so the optics are better. My-oh-my, it looks staged!

It's like it's ... what's the word I'm grasping for? What word would a rich person use...? Because rich people are more
intelligent than commoners. Oh, I've got it...! choreographed.

Quote:'...The number of protesters represented the 82 films by female directors who have competed for the top Palme d'Or
prize since 1946 -compared with the nearly 1,700 male contenders. "We demand that our workplaces are diverse
and equitable so they can best reflect the world in which we live," said Blanchett in a statement read out with the
legendary 89-year-old French director Agnes Varda...'

I agree. Women should be forced into Director and Producer jobs for the sake of equality. Workplaces should have
more black lesbians in wheelchairs scattered around the place to make everyone feel better because it reflects the
'real' world that these poor women live in.

Quote:'...The double Oscar winner said they wanted "a world that allows all of us in front and behind the camera to thrive
shoulder to shoulder with our male colleagues". The stars walked up the stairs to the Palais des Festivals but
stopped halfway to mark the obstacles they face in trying to reach the top...'

I'm surprised they never asked some men to remove these imaginary obstacles, someone like the guys who put
the carpet down and set-up the nice backdrop. One can only assume the two Oscars were given to Mrs. Upton
Cate Blanchett because she is a woman and not because she's an actress. Given to her by... men (hissed in tone)

Quote:'..."The stairs of our industry must be accessible to all. Let's climb," Blanchett declared...'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3741]

Unless you're a black lesbian in a wheelchair. Then you'd all have to hitch-up those expensive gowns and carry
her up that melodramatic in-your-head stairway. Or get some of the out-of-shot labourers to do it.

Quote:'...The protest took place ahead of the premiere of Girls Of The Sun by Eva Husson, one of only three women out of
21 directors in the running for the Palme d'Or.

The film tells the story of the Kurdish Yazidi all-female Sun Brigade who are fighting Islamic State jihadists in Syria
and Iraq, where thousands of women were kept as slaves...'

So why are you in France...?! Why aren't you at the front-line with your fellow women? Is it that the thousands of dollars
attire being displayed on that red carpet isn't compatible with the climate of Iraq and Syria?

I mean, standing for a few minutes on carpet... a freakin' carpet at a la-di-da luxury venue in a country not at war and
known for it's high-class, grandiose enjoyment of patrician. Of course, that was until the the sons of Saladin came calling.

And that's what's really on display here, a fairly-young creation of an assumed better class of society. Hollywood was and
still is, a place where dreams are made and the envoys of those dreams live in a luxury that many of their audiences can
ever truly appreciate.

The movie-business is riddled with situations that are generally taboo to the public and when some of it is dragged out
into the light, the PR-guys step in and change the narrative. Nobody on that scarlet rug is demanding for drugs and
child-abuse to be ousted from the business, at a prime media-moment when their own concerns and all the other crap
that goes on in Hollywood could be reprimanded... no, it's the wealthy females 'asking' for something they already have.

Quote:'...The demonstration comes seven months after film industry was rocked by allegations of sexual harassment by movie
mogul Harvey Weinstein. It triggered the #MeToo movement which saw Hollywood stars speak publicly for the first time
of abuse they have suffered in the business...'

And they only name one man... and the word 'alleged'. F*ckin' elite, they always get the camera.

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The New York Times states:
Journalism that matters.
More essential than ever.

Quote:Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals’ in Rant.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3772]

'President Trump lashed out at undocumented immigrants during a White House meeting on Wednesday,
warning in front of news cameras that dangerous people were clamoring to breach the country’s borders
and branding such people “animals.”...'

Further down the article:

Quote:'...The president’s language and his focus on California drew a sharp rebuke from Jerry Brown, the state’s
Democratic governor.

“Trump is lying on immigration, lying about crime and lying about the laws of California,” Mr. Brown said
in a statement. “Flying in a dozen Republican politicians to flatter him and praise his reckless policies
changes nothing. We, the citizens of the fifth-largest economy in the world, are not impressed.”...'

Quote:Trump Defends ‘Animals’ Remark, Saying It Referred to MS-13 Gang Members.

'President Trump on Thursday defended his use of the word “animals” to describe dangerous criminals trying
to cross into the United States illegally, saying that he had been referring to members of the brutal transnational
gang MS-13 when he used language critics called inappropriate.

“I’m referring, and you know I’m referring, to the MS-13 gangs that are coming in,” Mr. Trump told a reporter who
asked him about the remark, a day after using the term during a White House meeting about immigration.

“We have laws that are laughed at on immigration. So when the MS-13 comes in, when the other gang members
come into our country, I refer to them as animals. And guess what — I always will.”...'

The New York Times is a newspaper.

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In reply to the post above, here is a tweet statement from the President:

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago

Fake News Media had me calling Immigrants, or Illegal Immigrants, “Animals.” Wrong! They were begrudgingly forced to withdraw their stories. I referred to MS 13 Gang Members as “Animals,” a big difference - and so true. Fake News got it purposely wrong, as usual!

I watched a video of where the President was talking about this.  He clearly said MS-13 before describing them as "animals", but the MSM cut that part out of their story, then twisted their narrative to make it sound like he was referring to illegal immigrants.

Maybe someday people will learn to stop listening to the liars, known as MSM, and wake up to the truth.


(05-18-2018, 02:35 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: ...I watched a video of where the President was talking about this.
He clearly said MS-13 before describing them as "animals", but the MSM cut that part out of their story,
then twisted their narrative to make it sound like he was referring to illegal immigrants.

Maybe someday people will learn to stop listening to the liars, known as MSM, and wake up to the truth.


So staying with their intentional act of twisting information, we can now state that CNN, The New York Times
and many of the other outlets that echoed that particular skewed news as supporters of MS 13.
Journalism is dead.

Edit: Of course, crazy Pelosi thinks MS 13 is a dignified group!!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(05-18-2018, 02:46 PM)BIAD Wrote: Edit: Of course, crazy Pelosi thinks MS 13 is a dignified group!!

Well... umm...   minusculethinking

Sorry, but as I search for words to describe this woman's insanity, I can't find any suitable.   smallimpatient

An armed citizen saved lives last night in an Oklahoma City restaurant where a man had walked in and started shooting at the people inside. 

Here is the opening line by the Daily Wire:

Quote:According to the Daily Wire, A good guy with a gun took down a shooter at an Oklahoma City restaurant on Thursday.

Read the full article:  Source

 Now, notice how CNN opened the first line in it's article:

Quote:(CNN)An armed bystander gunned down a shooter Thursday at an Oklahoma City restaurant, killing him, police said.
Read the full article: Source

Gunned down?!   tinybighuh

Do you see how the different word choices affect the reader's perception of the incident?  It places a negative spin on the gun and the shooter. Forget about the people that were saved because the good guy shot the bad guy. 

The Daily Wire, however, placed the emphasis on the "good guy with a gun".

Those first sentences/paragraphs form how the reader will digest the message.
This shows how the MSM can control the narrative. This is why I never watch MSM, none of it!!

Do yourself a favor and go to independent sources for your news.

Now now we cant have good guys with guns protecting people from been killed can we. Thats a BIG NO NO
(05-25-2018, 04:00 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: ...Those first sentences/paragraphs form how the reader will digest the message.
This shows how the MSM can control the narrative. This is why I never watch MSM, none of it!!

Do yourself a favor and go to independent sources for your news.

And on the back of Mystic's wise-words, I offer this!!

You may have heard the story about an experiment involving five monkeys and the water-spraying bananas.

Five monkeys are in a large cage. High up at the top of the cage, well beyond the reach of the monkeys,
is a bunch of bananas. Underneath the bananas is a ladder.

The monkeys immediately spot the bananas and one begins to climb the ladder.
As he does, however, a stream of cold water hits the monkey and then proceeds to spray each of the other
monkeys. The monkey on the ladder scrambles off. And all five sit for a time on the floor, wet, cold, and bewildered.

The temptation is too great, and another monkey begins to climb the ladder and they're all dowsed in water again.
When a third monkey tries to climb the ladder, the other monkeys, wanting to avoid the cold spray, pull him off the
ladder and beat him.

Now one monkey is removed and a new monkey is introduced to the cage.
Spotting the bananas, he naively begins to climb the ladder. The other monkeys pull him off and beat him.
The swapping-out continues until all new monkeys are in the cage and all of them know that it's bad to go for the
They just don't know why.

Welcome to where Journalism is today.

Below is an excerpt from the website '' and shows the current situation regarding
the lack of trust in the general mainstream media. The monkeys are scratching their heads and wondering why
nobody wants the bananas, the answer is fairly simple and resides in the same metaphor.
They've forgotten what they were supposed to do.

Facebook and Matters of Fact in the Post-Truth Era

'In 2016 media learned the hard way that journalism is in danger of being overwhelmed by rogue politics and a
communications revolution that accelerates the spread of lies, misinformation and dubious claims.

According to many observers two major stories –Brexit and the election of Donald Trump –signal a moment of
peril for the press, and media around the world are deeply alarmed.

The free circulation of malicious lies, the ineffectiveness of fact-checking, the resilience of populist propaganda,
racism and sexism and the emergence of the so-called post-truth era appear to challenge a fundamental cornerstone
of ethical journalism –that facts matter for democracy and that people want to be well-informed when called upon to
make potentially life-changing decisions.

In the last months of 2016 media executives and leading journalists, policy-makers and media academics have been
scratching their heads to explain what has gone wrong...'

'...In the last months of 2016 media executives and leading journalists, policy-makers and media academics have been
scratching their heads to explain what has gone wrong...'

Do you see it...?!
Media executives, leading Journalists, policy-makers and media academics... Who the f*ck do you think you are?!!

You're scribblers finding what really happened, you're the person who tells it like it is, not what a blue-haired, black
lesbian in a wheelchair wants you to say.
You're the person who has the access that the public hasn't, you're supposed to be -what they called 'trusted'

Journalism was about reporting information relevant to an action deemed interesting to the general public.
'This happened' and 'Those in powerful positions announced this' are actual examples of reporting what we call 'news',
but looking through today's eyes, they don't seem hold anyone's attention for long.

Man-bites-dog stories don't sell well and your side being the 'baddie' in a war doesn't improve sales and doesn't tempt
advertisers, but the world sometimes rolls like that.

There's isn't a 'wow' story every day and the simple logistics of asking a Reporter to possibly die for his employment
to get a good story in a conflict is obviously not something beneficial to the Journalist and the company he/she works
for. Labour for pay works best for both parties when it's done over a long time.

These are the realities of life. Sometimes a building isn't hit by an aeroplane and sometimes a politician isn't screwing
a porn star. Sometimes, there is just a cat stuck up a tree and the day is quiet. It's the cold water of reality, but it doesn't
sell newspapers or tempt a person to change TV channels.

However, if we view the man who bit the dog or the 'baddie' in a war from a different angle, then sales might improve
due to 'sugaring' the article with a social-opinion-based slant that a reader or viewer may approve of. Maybe the cat
stuck up the tree belongs to the porn star and surely a little background on what the cat-owner is currently doing would
add a little saccharine to what everyone would agree is a mundane story?

Right there is where true Journalism dies and the Influencing-Media is born.

I'm not judging, it's just that when a faux moral outrage is displayed regarding the lack of trust in the mainstream media
because the reader/viewer realised the trick, one would believe the Journalists would accept the game is up and just go
back to reporting straight-forward, no-nonsense and unbiased news.
But there's no original monkey to tell them how to.

Instead, they blame everyone around them who isn't considered part of their gang for 'Fake News'... and I'll resist the
easy jibe of asking where they learned it from. What did you expect...?! You pulled everyone from the ladder when
they aspired to get the bananas!!

The opinion-based, class-relevant, influencers that write everyday for television, internet and newspaper companies
are in the situation where they truly believe that not striving to obtain the bananas is the correct thing to do.
It's unimaginable to even contemplate the idea of not enlightening the uniformed and helping them to see the world that
the MSM believe is the correct one.

Ruses like discussing newspaper headlines between 'Influencers' during a television broadcast are supposed to imply
to the viewer that since it isn't spoken towards the camera, the points of view must be viable and believed by the
person speaking. Ergo, it's possibly a opinion of value.

This -along with certain optics and emotional background tones are the norm in the business of impacting the public's
consciousness into realising that a Journalist's perception is a vital part of anyone's ability to socially interact with those
around them.
Are they the public's custodians of truth...? or is it just show-business and entertaining? Which sells better and pays the
wine-bar bill and the mortgage? Film at eleven.

When Cronkite emotionally took off his thick-framed spectacles during his announcement that John Kennedy had died
in the Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1963, it may have been then that a presenter of the news became an actor for the

Brexit and Trump shocked the media world because it was if an entirely different troope of monkeys were outside of the
cage and hadn't accepted the banana-starved inmates' decisions. My advice is to endure the cold water and get back
to reporting real news, even if it clashes with your own world-view.

Or don't.
You can continue to offer your click-bait, anti-working-class, indulgent, over-bearing diversity half-truths and maybe the
vulnerable will eat it up. But stop whining, not everyone is in the cage with you and when they close the News-desk,
at least you won't look puzzled at the bunch of fruit that's been hanging there for a very long time.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Although we don't need anything extra to convince us how the MSM works after reading through this great thread by @BIAD, the article below shows you how only a handful of people control what goes to the media to sway your opinion for their narrative.

Even President Trump has CFR staff on his team who are a part of this. This is why it's ALWAYS best to do your own research to learn the truth. 

I can't copy/paste anything from the article here, so I hope you will go read it in it's entirety:  WiKiLeaks Exposes How...

(06-03-2018, 12:01 AM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:  ...I can't copy/paste anything from the article here, so I hope you will go read it in it's entirety:  WiKiLeaks Exposes How...

And because Rogue Nation is a place where we help each other, here's the text Mystic kindly provided
a link for.

Quote:WikiLeaks Exposes How Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most All Mainstream Media


'(Matt Agorist) It is no secret that over the last 4 decades, mainstream media has been consolidated from
dozens of competing companies to only six.

Hundreds of channels, websites, news outlets, newspapers, and magazines, making up ninety percent of
all media is controlled by very few people -giving Americans the illusion of choice.

While six companies controlling most everything the Western world consumes in regard to media may sound
like a sinister arrangement, the Swiss Propaganda Research center (SPR) has just released information that
is even worse.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3873]

The research group was able to tie all these media companies to a single organization -the Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR).

For those who may be unaware, the CFR is a primary member of the circle of Washington think-tanks promoting
endless war. As former Army Major Todd Pierce describes, this group acts as “primary provocateurs” using “
‘psychological suggestiveness’ to create a false narrative of danger from some foreign entity with the objective
being to create paranoia within the U.S. population that it is under imminent threat of attack or takeover.”

A senior member of the CFR and outspoken neocon warmonger, Robert Kagan has even publicly proclaimed
that the US should create an empire. The narrative created by CFR and its cohorts is picked up by their secondary
communicators, also known the mainstream media, who push it on the populace with no analysis or questioning.

When looking at the chart from SPR, the reach by this single organization is so vast that it is no mystery as to how
these elite psychopaths guide Americans into accepting endless war at the expense of their mothers, fathers, sons,
and daughters.

Top journalists and executives from all major media companies are integrated into the CFR. As the chart below
illustrates, the CFR has even more control in the mainstream media than even the nefarious Bilderberg Group
and the Trilateral Commission.

As SPR points out, Richard Harwood, former managing editor and ombudsman of the Washington Post, wrote
about the Council on Foreign Relations Recognizing that its members most likely correspond to what one might
call the “ruling establishment of the United States.”

Harwood continued, “The membership of these journalists in the council, however they may think of themselves,
is an acknowledgment of their active and important role in public affairs and of their ascension into the American
ruling class. They do not merely analyze and interpret foreign policy for the United States; they help make it.”

Let that sink in. This group of unaccountable, unelected, professional propagandists in America doesn’t simply
analyze US government policy -they make it.

While only five percent of the members of CFR work within the media, as SPR points out that is all they need to
implement the will of its other members that includes:

*Several US presidents and vice presidents of both parties;
*Almost all foreign, defense and finance ministers;
*Most chiefs of staff and commanders of the US military and NATO;
*Nearly all National Security Advisers, CIA Directors, UN Ambassadors, Fed Chairmen, World Bank Presidents,
 and Directors of the National Economic Council;
*Some of the most influential members of Congress (especially foreign and security politicians);
*Numerous media managers and top journalists, as well as some of the most famous actors;
*Numerous prominent academics, especially in the key areas of economics, international relations, political and
 historical sciences, and journalism;
*Numerous executives from think tanks, universities, NGOs, and Wall Street;
*and key members of the 9/11 Commission and the Warren Commission (JFK)

To highlight just how much control over the media the CFR wields we need only look at the fact that they operate
-in the open -and receive nearly no media coverage.

The former Chairman of the CFR, High Commissioner for Germany, co-founder of the Atlantic Bridge, World Bank
president, and an adviser to a total of nine US presidents, John J. McCloy actually bragged publicly about the
CFR hand picking US politicians.

“Whenever we needed a man [in Washington], we just thumbed through
theroll of Council members and put through a call to New York [to the
CFR’s headquarters office],” said McCloy.

Until the election of Trump the past four presidents have been the director of the CFR, George HW Bush, who was
replaced by a member of the CFR, Bill Clinton, who was replaced by a family member of the CFR, George W Bush,
who was then replaced by CFR aspirant candidate Barack Obama -who filled his cabinet with members of the elite

Although Donald Trump was never a public member of the CFR, that did not stop him from filling the White House
with dozens of CFR members.

Here are just a few of the CFR members appointed by Trump:

Elaine Chao, United States Secretary of Transportation (CFR individual member)
Jamie Dimon, Member of Strategic and Policy Forum (CFR corporate member)
Jim Donovan, Deputy Treasury Secretary (CFR corporate member)
Larry Fink, Member of Strategic and Policy Forum (CFR corporate member)
Neil M. Gorsuch, Supreme Court Justice (individual CFR member)
Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward, National Security Advisor (declined appointment) (CFR corporate member)

Even though Trump wasn’t a CFR member outright, his cabinet is made up almost entirely of its members.
As this information illustrates -democracy is an illusion.

If ever you needed another reason to tune out of mainstream media and seek out information for yourself -this is it.
It also explains why information like this, which challenges this worldview is under attack.

Please share this article with your friends and family to show them just how much of the information, political
process, and their lives are controlled by a mere handful of people...'
"...You've been living in a dream world Neo"

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Meanwhile down at the Persian Market, the bustling masses of London endure another day
of what is now considered normal.

Mobile phones and expensive-looking watches are always on display. However, not on stalls
or in shop windows, these days they can now be examined in the gloved-hands of someone on
the back of a speeding moped.

Open borders is a cheap-shot to use as a reason for the upsurge in the capital's crime-rate and
sadly, the recently released figures don't provide any relief to the standard interaction between
good and bad people. Maybe it's just a sign of the diverse times we live in or maybe it's a long
-forgotten trend that's surfaced due to a vague nod towards nationalism... who dare say?

But it does seem that there are some who see dabatable opportunities available when those who
prefer a nice Coca-Cola advert-lifestyle and perceive the world as the same as themselves.
Bland statements of concern regarding the daily robberies are failing to dissuade the thieves and
of course, the Police are baffled on how to counter the crime

The notion that everyone is good and kind, and everyone enjoys conversations over a glass of
Pimms at a corner cafe doesn't seem to be panning out. There is -to some, an indication that a darker,
a more impish idea of how a city should be ran, is becoming acceptable in the European safe-space
of England.

But the log-jam of political correctness forbids genuine discussion of what is occurring in London and
other towns and cities around the country and I know I'm stepping off the path of multiformity exactitude
in suggesting that daylight robberies and machete injuries are -as some used to say 'just not cricket'.

Still, I think we need to ponder on whether we call these acts 'in-coming tradtions' or negative impacts
on the public's right to own and keep possessions. Is it possible to title the violent thefts as some type
of unpolished socialism, where those who can afford to have items taken from them must accept that
unknowingly, they're benifitting fellow-countrymen who are stuggling on the fiscal ladder?

Some readers might be thinking that I'm low-balling at a stunted cultural issue and others may suggest
this post is just bitching about a selfish conspiratorial idea that Britain is infested with a white-hating
religion which supports it's followers by stealing from the rich to give to themselves.

Maybe London is infused with a diverse range of cultural perceptions that differ from the city's traditional
stance of morality and when starting out in creating such communities, it takes time to get some tread
on obtaining a certain status of acceptance. Maybe it's just a big place with lots of fairly-wealthy people
to rob.

I'm not. I'm just trying to sarcastically get at what has happened to Britain.
It's all of the above and more, but just under a different heading.

Quote:More than 60 moped crimes a day reported in London.

Police insist they are taking tough action against moped crime gangs -but new figures
show a big increase in the problem.

'More than 60 crimes using mopeds or motorbikes were carried out every day in London
on average over the past year -a 50% increase on the previous 12 months.

The figures come after a wave of robberies across the capital, with comedian Michael McIntrye
held up by hammer-wielding moped robbers on Monday.
A 24-year-old woman was left in a critical condition after two men on a moped punched her and
stole her phone the same day.

Tony Arbour, a Conservative member of the London Assembly, obtained figures that showed Met
Police had received 22,025 reports where the offender was on a scooter, moped or motorbike
in the year leading up to May 2018.

There was a sharp increase in summer 2017, including a peak of 2,592 in July, with monthly figures
falling to 1,238 in March 2018. Many of the scooters and motorbikes used in the crimes are stolen
specifically for the purpose.

Met Police released their own end of year crime statistics in April.
They showed total robberies were up 35.81%, with the force saying: "Some of the increase in robbery
and theft is attributable to scooter-related crime."
It said it was putting a "huge amount of effort" into fighting the problem.

"In October, new tactics such as DNA spray, light-weight police motorcycles, and remote control tyre
deflation devices were introduced," the Met said. "As a result, reductions in scooter-related crimes are
being experienced."

The crime figures also showed there was a 5.26% increase in "violence against the person" cases in
London. Violent crime is rising across the country, with knife attacks up 22% in 2017 and robberies up
33%, according to the Office for National Statistics.
A senior police source told The Times that moped crimes attract publicity that could be generating
"fashionable" copycat crimes.

A Freedom of Information request submitted by Mr Arbour also showed that Met Police issued charges,
cautions or other proceedings in just 10.6% of robbery cases involving a knife in 2017.
The figure was 22.7% in 2017, 32% in 2016, and 26% in 2015.

Sophie Linden, who speaks on policing on behalf of Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn, said that falling detection
rates were due to a higher volume of crime...'

True Socialism. The Have-Nots redistributing materialism from the Haves...?
Or a country that's been so mentally and financially starved since entering the common-market in 1973, that the
lofty loosely-based ideals of an Anglo-Christian traditional UK have been frowned upon in the name of embracing
other cultures to show we are welcoming to all?

The evidence is there if you know where to look.

P.S. If the kind reader of this thinks my accusations of low mentality are a little insulting, think about this quote from
Mayor Khan's 'PR concubine'
'...Sophie Linden, who speaks on policing on behalf of Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn, said that falling detection
rates were due to a higher volume of crime...'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Destroy the social infrastructure, remove Christian morals, encourage violence, then introduce sharia law as the only thing that can save people.
That is what Khan wants.
(06-09-2018, 12:42 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Destroy the social infrastructure, remove Christian morals, encourage violence, then introduce sharia law as the only thing that can save people.
That is what Khan wants.

And with assistance of the media inteligencia, it is real.

Yet there are some in that trade who are aware of such repugnant machinations.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Tuesday morning with Boy In A Dress in the UK.

Being slightly more east than the Americas, I wondered what the mainstream media of that continent would
provide in regards of the Trump-Kim meeting.

Oh I know many think the established press dislike the current President of the United States, but since they've
been banging on about how 'The Donald' will probably bring the world into a nuclear war, I was confident the
regular websites of true infromation would be panting over every movement and every off-the-cuff comment
that occurred in Singapore.

Maybe it's my Google feed or maybe it's just some evil subconsciousness of mine.
You don't know me and faith and trust means nothing today, but I'll say I just typed in 'latest US news' and
worked top-to-bottom of the first page.

NBC News:
'A school silenced its valedictorian when she brought up sexual assault. Is that legal?'
'Evacuations ordered as Colorado wildfire grows'
'Air Force Captain who vanished 35 years ago found in California'
'White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow suffers heart attack, Trump says'
'A school silenced its valedictorian when she brought up sexual assault. Is that legal?'


'Teacher left her students $1 million'
Analysis: Trump's new world order'
'What's for dinner? How about some algae'
The latest U.S. stories
'Wrong inmate released from New Mexico detention center
'Four children, suspect found dead after Orlando hostage situation, police say
'Neighbors of Cold War-era Air Force deserter knew him as 'Tim'
'Koreatown celebrates historic Trump-Kim summit
'Police: 4 children dead after hostage situation
'Teacher left her students $1 million
'Colorado national forest closes due to wildfire that burned over 22,000 acres
'Transgender community faces its deadliest year, but this group wants to help
'Meteorologist solves Rubik's cube during report
'Police: Man shoots cop, barricades himself in...'

'Dennis Rodman breaks down during CNN interview'
'Tourist rescues driver from car dangling from garage'
'Man accused of beating mom, burning body in backyard'
'Reports released on accused Fla. serial killer...'

USA Today:
'Trump, Kim pledge to work toward denuclearization after 'fantastic' talks...'
'Orlando man kills 4 children, seriously wounds police officer'
'Ivanka Trump, Kushner income tops $81 million last year...'

FOX News:
North Korea vows to work toward 'complete denuclearization' after historic Singapore summit...'

The Guardian:
'Trump-Kim summit US president says 'we will be fine' as meeting nears...'

Analysis: they still f*ckin' hate him.
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@BIAD  Yes they Hate President Trump because he has done what H. Clinton and Obama Could Never Do. Try and bring Peace between Two Nation and Not Protra America As Weak and Cowardly or Bow or Give Away Tax Payers Dollars To Get A handshake and Photo Op.

Trump stood Face To Face and Acted Strong and Not Arrogant. 

I have the News Head Line From Buzzfeed,,,,,
Quote:Trump Suggested That North Korea Should Build Condos On Its Beaches
When did he say this during their meeting?
Quote:"Boy, wouldn't that make a great condo," said the president of the United States.
Who did he say this to?

Quote:Donald Trump suggested that North Koreans build condos on their "great beaches" in an at-times off-the-wall press conference following his historic meeting with Kim Jong Un.

The president had just concluded an unprecedented summit with the North Korean leader that ended with them signing an agreement to establish new relations for "peace and prosperity" between the US and North Korea.

OH, tpo a bunch of Trump Hating reporters.
Edited to add. just in from Buzzfeed.

Quote:Trump Says He Gave North Korea's Dictator Some Great Real Estate Advice

Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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(06-12-2018, 06:16 PM)guohua Wrote: ...OH, tpo a bunch of Trump Hating reporters.
Edited to add. just in from Buzzfeed...
I can only assume that most of the US mainstream press see Donald Trump as a punching-bag to garner ratings
with outlandish comments. Using a title that ends in a question-mark is usually a heads-up and the trite use of
trigger-words assists the reader in knowing what shyte they're actually going to read.

If my assumption that the MSM hate the President of the Unites States is amiss, all I can say is that they're very
good actors!

One would expect a genuine Journalist to wonder if all -or some of what Trump does is bad and shallow, then why
did the voters pick him? A bona fide Reporter would realise they'd been looking at their fellow countrymen through
the wrong lens and correct the mistake.

Those at Buzzfeed would ask themselves:
Could those same electors be readers and viewers of the mainstream media...? Didn't the favoured narrative get
In fact, it did get through and the majority of the US public rejected it.

Donald Trump became their elected leader and that could only mean that all the unscrupulous duplicity of the MSM
failed to tell the masses that Hillary Clinton was their gal.

Taking another sip from the cup of facetiousness again, isn't it strange that almost-all of the United States media
assumed and wanted the same person to win? I often wonder if these thousands of  wordsmiths have all met each
other in the past or at the very least communicated with each other enough to obtain each other's political view?
Nah... that would be corrupt.

Anyway, Trump says Kim could utilise his coast and the media call him outrageous for saying it.
I suppose on the plus-side, he doesn't have a FBI Director in his pocket or enjoy the cover-up of what happened when
Hillary's friends -Ansar al-Sharia, killed Americans in a diplomatic compound.
But that's just 'whataboutery' and beneath Rogue Nation members.

The sad reailty is that the US media can lie, it's a luxury folded into the United States constitution. Free speech and
the reluctance of politicians and agencies to correct reported information allows it to happen.
If you write the wrong thing, it means you don't know the right one... and that could mean the truth is far-worse than
the lie!
Sadly, honourability died long ago.

Sooo, was there any real stuff that came out of the summit?

Quote:Sanctions will stay until nukes go, US tells North Korea.

'Despite reports by Pyongyang's state media, US officials say sanctions will remain until North Korea
is free of nuclear weapons...'

"Small moves, Ellie. Small moves." - From the movie 'Contact'
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In some areas of Journalism, it's suggested that the trade of reporting is dying and recent swathes of lay-offs
in many media outlets seems to confirm this. More and more, a once noble skill has given way to what many
senior Journalists deem a less qualified section of people who endeavour to offer public information.

How can it be...? Trust in the fourth estate has been lost somehow and some submit that poorly-sourced internet
-linked discourse has become the norm and along with it, a particular type of leaning.
Namely, anti-establishment.

It's a sad day for sure, when traditional mediums are looked on with suspicious eyes and their articles doubted
due to their composition. 'Click-bait' is everywhere, with headlines implying some terrible ordeal or magnificent
acheivement and it's only when the full article is perused, the real message of what a Journalist was attempting
to purvey, is shown in it's entirety.

We've been lured away from the once-standard use of reporting because of the need for advertising revenue with
outlandish headlines and stories that struggle to live-up to appealing title. Day-to-day reality is being transformed
into instances of outrage and abnormal events.

Growing up in such a false environment leaves open the door for the young to accept that a slight of one's feelings
equates to what soldiers endured during World War II. Not all fall for it, but many see their day-to-day lives as a
melodramtic guantlet of horror and sometimes, see suicide as the only way forward.

The more rational of the public realise that the mainstream media write guileful prose in hope of creating a story
out of nothing in hopes of paying the bills. Which in itself, is a reality.

This example below comes from some schools in the UK closing to the majority of pupils for a mid-term break.
At least, that's what it's suppose to imply.

The reality is that half-term for this particular Welsh school -and many other schools around the UK is that half-term
ended at the beginning of June. Of course, the reason for the comment 'part of some end of school high jinx' is not
explained and leaves a false impression.

An impression that if discovered to be untrue, lends more weight to why many are turning away from the conventional
forms of news gathering. Builth Wells High School has no official breaks for it's pupils from 1st June until 18th July.
This incident occurred on Wednesday 13th June 2018, but appeared on the website reporting it on Friday 15th.

Boring information...? Yep, and has no 'oooph'... no nerve-tingling, teeth-grinding texture to draw the reader's eyes
and thoughts to what could be happening to a society they abide in. But it is information and it has substance.

And this shows how far we've come. Journalism has morphed from being a conduit of reliable infromation to assist
and serve, into a entertainment passel where commentary stands higher than fact. The media feel that instead of
relating news, they will enhance small accounts and incidents, project an impression that has no bearing on what
actually happened.

Technically, it's not 'Fake News', but it does take liberties with the reader. With the use of of wording like '...after the
release of what police described as a discharge of a noxious substance...' it promotes a simple prank of a school
child into a more serious-reading incident.

Quote:Boy arrested for letting off stink bomb in school closing it for two days

'A 16-year-old boy has been arrested after he allegedly set off a stink bomb in school, closing the building for two days.
Around 500 children had to be evacuated from the school after the release of what police described as a discharge
of a noxious substance. Local reports describe it as a stink bomb...'

''Local reports describe it as a stink bomb" and there it is. Would such an incident be important that a national news outlet
be required to report this or is it only relevant to a local community where the temporary effects would only be consequential?

In Journalist circles, its called 'a filler', a piece that's dressed-up to make it something it really isn't.
Evidence of this is when the Reporter states "...Dyfed-Powys Police were treating the incident as ‘isolated’
and said it was not believed to be terrorist-related..."
(The full article is linked Here:)

The world is big and many things happen in it everyday. It's just a sad state of affairs when Journalism has to maintain a
narrative that terrible and frightening things await everyone around every corner.

It could be that the true fear lies within those same Journalist circles that social media and those who took the red pill are
becoming the threat and not some kid with a with stink bomb.
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