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The Blue Pill.
All schools shut in Delhi over air pollution.

Five million children have been told to stay home as authorities react to a level of pollution
28 times higher than safe limits.

Quote:'Authorities have closed all the schools in the Indian city of Delhi after air pollution reached nearly 30 times
the recommended safe level. As many as five million youngsters will be ordered to stay home until Sunday
as the city's government attempts to tackle a blanket of smog...'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2792]

(Please assume sarcasm)
So this will be about climate change...? The human-caused pollution that Al Gore reckons is causing the
polar bears to shrink and sea levels to rise. How can India be so ignorant in it's use of fossil fuels?
Surely the Paris Agreement meant something when India signed it...? Oh wait, there's the 'Flexibility Clause'

Quote:'...The US embassy website said that the concentration of PM 2.5 - a damaging particulate matter - topped
700 for a second day early on Wednesday, 28 times World Health Organisation safe level guidelines.

In some parts of New Delhi on Tuesday air quality was so poor that it was beyond the maximum reading of
999, a level equal to smoking 50 cigarettes a day...'

Good-Gosh! Maybe a meeting is needed to talk about this regular output of filth...? Maybe by signing something,
will make it go away? Twenty-eight times over an agreed limit doesn't indicate an attempt of India to develop
and train it's population into using windmills and solar energy.

Quote:'...Doctors called for the city's half marathon, due to take place on 19 November, to be called off to protect runners
and volunteers. Manish Sisodia, Delhi's deputy chief minister, tweeted: "Due to the deteriorating air quality in Delhi,
the health of children cannot be compromised...'

Yes, think of the chidren. This sudden accumulation of smog... well, the second day of it, has appeared from
somewhere and thank God that Delhi's residents don't use their cars everyday. Except... they do.

Quote:'..."We have ordered the closure of all the schools in Delhi until Sunday."
The Indian Medical Association described the situation as a public health emergency and demanded administrators
"curb this menace". The city, which has a population of 20 million, is said to be the world's most polluted, often
surpassing Beijing...'

Often -you say, that's weird. I thought the US were the 'bad boys' here for pulling out of the Accord?
Unless, your gripe with Trump saying no actually is about financing countries that we will eternally call 'developing'?

Quote:'...Last month, in expectation of worsening levels of smoke, shops were banned from selling fireworks for the Diwali
festival, which is traditionally celebrated with pyrotechnics.
Despite the ban, firecrackers set off to celebrate the festival of lights added to the toxic mix of pollution from diesel
engines, coal-fired power plants and industrial emissions...'

Bastards! It's as if these 'developing' countries don't appreciate the biased information warnings from the people
who flew into Paris to talk about the pollution concerns. The fumes from fireworks mingling with -what seems regular
clouds of vehicle pollution is certainly a burden. Can't India purchase some carbon-credits and then reopen the

Quote:'..Increasing the problem, many farmers burn stubble after the harvest in northern India, a practice that remains
common despite an official ban. Added to this, in autumn the cooling air and consequential descending moisture
trap pollutants near the ground...'

They don't give a rat's-ass about Mr. Gore's woes, do they?! Can't the folk of Delhi just concrete over the fields, park
the cars there, hold hands and sing something melodic? Oh wait, there's a country to run.
On the up-side, this article is offered as a straight-forward report without any mainstream commentary.
A breath of fresh air, I suppose.

Quote:'...The problem of smog persisted as Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrived in Delhi for a two-day
visit as part of a tour of South Asia and the Far East...'
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2793]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2794]

FLEW IN...?! Flew in?! What the f*ck?! This is what the story is about?!
A member of a another country's royal family -who also invests in sustainable forestry management and is currently
lobbying to have such exempt practices included into the carbon-credit market... uses a A330 Airbus (for 727Sky!)
and adds to Delhi's pollution?!!

Another fine example of hypocritical, irresponsible journalism in the name of page-filling.
It's also an example of how much mainstream media is struggling with a condoned global-controlled narrative.
Al Gore must be p*ssing himself laughing.

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Quote:British MEPs in line for €6m 'golden goodbye' when UK leaves EU.

'A senior EU source says Brussels will not pay for the "transition payments" and that the cost
will be added to the "Brexit bill"...'

That sentence doesn't makes a lot of sense in regards of the headline!

Quote:'...British Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), including leading Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage,
will be in line for a "golden goodbye" pay out of over €6m (£5.3m) when the UK leaves the EU, Sky News
has learnt...'

Will Sky News be naming the other recipients of the 'golden handshake'...? 

Quote:'...A senior European Union source has confirmed that these so-called "transition payments", in effect redundancy
money for MEPs when they stand down or lose their seats, will be paid to Britain's 73 MEPs.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2818]

Seventy-three British MEPs sit in the European Parliament
However the same source has said that Brussels will not pay for it and that it will in effect be added to the so-called
"Brexit bill" which Britain must pay...'

So the UK members won't be receiving the payment, then. This article is based on provacation via implied envy
and they wonder why Journalists are seen as slime-balls.

Quote:'...The scheme awards one month's salary for each year served as an MEP, up to a maximum of 24 months.
Senior figures who campaigned for the Leave campaign will be in line to receive substantial sums.

Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader who remains a group leader in the European Parliament, is set to receive
around €169,000 (£150,000). Daniel Hannan, the Conservative MEP, will receive the same sum.
Other figures, including prominent Remain supporters who have served even longer, will be in line to receive the
maximum amount of over €200,000 (£176,000).

This excludes other benefits, including free private healthcare for themselves and family members in perpetuity and
generous pension allowances...'

The EU money at work for you. Maybe this is FEW Corbyn was ranting about?!! Oh wait, he's all for remaining in the
Mafia European Union.

Quote:'...There is no question of any impropriety - all members are legally entitled to the money - but some will doubtless find
the prospect of MEPs who voted to leave financially benefiting from Brexit a rum one - especially given that their
compensation will have to be paid directly by the British taxpayer, not by the EU. And indeed being paid out of a sum of
money - the Brexit bill - which many of them say should not even exist...'

'Legally' -as in those who are there to serve their individual countries and are the only ones who benefit, voted for it.
It states the UK will have to pay this compensation, so this is another 'silent' agreement that has nothing to do with
the EU parliament, then why fashion the story that way?

If the United Kingdom doesn't pay this stupidly-named 'divorce bill', then this MEP-individual payout was an agreement
set by the UK Government at the time of agreeing to enter The Common Market. If not and the 'golden handshake' came
later, there's the story.

This article is based on flimsy, not-yet-decided information!

Quote:'...MEPs have already experienced a substantial increase in their salary as it is paid in euros. With sterling's depreciation
since the referendum, MEPs' purchasing power has increased by over 10% since 2016.

Mr Farage is unrepentant about accepting the money.
When asked by Sky News if it was his intention to accept it, he replied: "After 18 years hard service I'd probably take it,"
but added: "But they won't give it to me."

Mr Farage said that he thought it highly likely that the EU would try to deny the payments and pensions owed to him and other
prominent Ukippers on account of their euroscepticism: "Given the nasty vindictive nature of these institutions I'd be very surprised
if I get what's due."...'

And there was a problem with a country wishing to leave this juvenile, spiteful system?!!
Nigel Farage once called the EU Parliament 'Mafia'... I wonder where he got that idea from?!

Quote:'...Richard Corbett, a long-standing Labour MEP who will also receive the money, says that is nonsense:
"He's entitled to it. There's no question of the EU saying some can have it and some can't. It's a typical Farage invention,
if I might 
say so."...'

Phew! For a second there, I thought we were dealing with a bunch of kids. Farage is lying then.

Quote:'...The case of MEPs' redundancy payments and pension rights is in some ways a microcosm of the arguments around whether
or not Britain does indeed sport liabilities to the EU.
Mr Farage says that the pensions of the 22,000 British people who have at some point worked for the EU are the one area he
sees there being a case for the UK paying some contribution.

If no deal is reached between the UK and the EU it is possible that MEPs might still be able to get the money, but they might have
to appeal to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to get it. The irony of Mr Farage applying to that body isn't lost on the man himself:
"I don't think I'd do very well there," he jokes.

But some in Brussels are wondering whether or not the money will ever need to be paid at all...'

But-but, Mr. Corbett -the long-standing Labour MEP said that's nonesense. Remember...? you wrote it earlier.

Quote:'...As Mr Farage told me: "The argument some people are making around here lately is that if there is a transition period then there
needs to be a British MEP voice during that period, that they could be non-voting honourary members of the EU Parliament with
salaries but without voting rights and I've heard that from someone very close to Juncker himself."...''

Money for nothing -you mean, Mr. Farage...? And may the chicks are free?

Quote:'...There is a precedent for that: before the new countries of eastern Europe joined in 2004 they had observer MEPs to look after
their interests on the way in. The argument goes you could have the same for Britain on its way out...'

Ah, the 'legal' rule isn't a rule then. It's just part of the negotiations of exiting the EU that was never fully legally expounded on and
written into the self-styled law system of the EU. I see it now.

'...This isn't a view confined to the Brexiteers, alive to conspiracies and concerns about Brexit backsliding.
The arch-remainer Richard Corbett agreed with the idea and goes further, by pointing out that it will be the agreement reached
between the EU and UK which sets the date of departure and that during the transition it would make more sense for Britain to
remain a full member of the EU, perhaps two or three years after the official 2019 Article 50 countdown runs out...'

A mature view of a complicated scheme. However, it's bad optics for those who Mr. Corbett disagreed with regarding Brexit.
The public were never informed of the intricacies of a possible exit of the Europen Union because nobody in that group had
ever imagined it happening.
Planning... who needs it?!

Quote:'...That way the UK would retain its ability to shape the regulations and laws to which it would remain subject during any transition.
If that happened then Britain would take part in the next round of European elections scheduled for May 2019.
And if we did Mr Farage is certain about where he'll be: "I cannot think of anything I'd less like to do after 2019 for a couple of years.

"But if they really do fudge this and the British parliament betrays the will of the people and if effectively we don't Brexit before the
next set of European elections and we have to contest those elections I will be there in the front line contesting those elections and
I will give them, the establishment a result which they can't even bear to look at."...'

I'm not sure that the Journalist of this piece truly understands what he's hinted at in this last paragraph.
By leaving a worrying edge on his writing -for effect of course, it implies that if there's any reneging on the exit decision by the UK
Government, Nigel Farage will come out and do what he did during the Leave-Or-Stay election.

And as the public-styled leader of that decision, he could turn his thoughts to the higher goal of Prime Minister.

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Double post. The sign I'm getting old!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
It's an oldie, but this video is an ideal example of what we're dealing with.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(11-12-2017, 10:50 PM)BIAD Wrote: It's an oldie, but this video is an ideal example of what we're dealing with.

ALL of MSM is scripted!   smallkillingpc

Quote:'Teflon Trump' has no mask to slip.

'The roiling, rolling scandal of sexual harassment might be about to claim another scalp.
Roy Moore, the gun totin' evangelical judge and current Republican Senate nominee for Alabama, has been
accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32.
Moore has denied all the allegations, variously referring to them as fake, desperate and politically motivated.

Beyond the ongoing and vital revelations this story provides about the scale of a problem that appears to be
deeply rooted in our society, why does Roy Moore matter? Well, if the seat goes to the Democrats, as it well
could now, it may shape Donald Trump's presidency, flipping a reliably red seat blue, and reducing his legislative
clout in the Senate, where the balance of power is already making pushing though his agenda tricky.

But more broadly it is an abject lesson on the risks of exploiting a high or pure moral identity for political gain.

Anthony Weiner made the same mistake. His cloak was progressive, inclusive, big city values.
His fall was all the more spectacular for it.

The list goes on, here and in the UK.
Men of great standing, with a certain sense of themselves, in positions of power, influence or both, preaching one
thing and doing quite another. It struck me, in a rather oblique way, that Donald Trump will never suffer from this

There have been so many revelations, often directly from him, about his conduct (remember "grab 'em by the p****"?),
that he is almost unassailable.
There is no mask to slip.

What most journalists thought were his biggest weaknesses have become his biggest strengths because he won anyway,
with all of it on display. He ignored all conventional wisdom, scripts and choreography to extraordinary effect - a disruptive
force, rough around the edges but authentic in a way few in that arena have ever been.

It's actually why people voted for him.
Trump and Moore couldn't be further apart.

It's what makes the President a much tougher opponent than Democrats ever imagined - a Teflon bruiser to whom
the normal rules don't apply. How to beat him in 2020? I'm willing to bet they're still scratching their heads...'

Wow...! the writer is almost there!

There's an old tale that may assist this journalist in her realisation:

'Two donkeys meet at a hitching rail in a frontier town. One is the pet of a little girl, who rides it every day and feeds it carrots.
The other is a prospector’s donkey, loaded down with ore, equipment, and food.
This second donkey’s back is bent from the weight it has carried for years.
The first donkey looks at the second and says, “That’s quite a load you got there!” The second donkey says, “What load?”...'

We've been stuck in the same place for so long that for many of us, the standard public attitude of political figures is that they
are merely mouth-pieces for party-driven agendas. For those who make vast fortunes in dabbling in political nuance and
condescension, they have accepted this mantle and smile into the camera with the false assumption that nobody quite gets it.

The lazy media also accepted this situation for purposes of sound-bites and to assist in a narrative for those a particular news
outlet favours. When something tragic accurs, a well-dressed politician will be there to tell us it's bad.
As if the viewers/readers didn't know that.

The 'mask' is assumed as the norm and we move on. The lifestyles that politicans live are far above the majority of those they're
supposed to serve can have many benefits that to that same majority, may be dubious. Semi or straight-out illicit sex is not only
a welcomed weakness and a ideal news story, it's also a reason for some who crave the darker-side of carnel lust to actually
enter politics.

But it becomes 'okay'... expected and the public become desensitized.
However, not everyone falls for the trick and maybe the United States' current President saw that.

The cliche is: 'you get what you see' -when it comes to Trump and even though he might not fit into the accepted niches of corrupt
governance, many who cleave to decent public behavior and the rest who can only wish for it, know -or at least, recall the days
when the tattle that is now branded 'news' was never customary.
It probably did happen, but it was hidden because the perpetrators knew it was wrong.

The readers and viewers of mainstream media are the prospector's donkey and even though they don't mind the load, the
resigned sadness in their voices should be a clarion-call for Journalists that this cannot continue.
The politicians rate as low as the conduits they use to get their message out and electing Donald Trump to the White House
is an indicator that the public's toleration is running out.

Trump knows this. He's not Teflon, he was just ahead of the curve.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
You know when you're concentrating on writing something and you recall there's a word that would be perfect to
explain what you mean, but you just can't remember it? It's a doozy... an ideal colloquial bullet to shoot down the
bumbling thoughts in one's head.

That's what is was like when I kept seeing an article reported in the mainstream media that just didn't make sense.
The timeline is here on a Sky article, but the general reporting on the ongoing incident leaves out pertinent parts
that may affect the chosen narrative.

The initial story was of an Iranian-British woman on holiday with her 22-month-old daughter in Iran, who after visiting
her parents, was arrested at the  Imam Khomeini Airport. This was early April, 2016.

The lady -Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe married to Richard Radcliffe, a City of London Accountant, has been accused
of spying against Iran and Nazanin was quickly tried in court and was sentenced to five years imprisonment.
The reason is quoted as 'unclear' in most news outlets, but as I said, this may be due to tainting a narrative.
The Iranian court judged that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was spying.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2835]

Now... November 2017,  the same mainstream narrative is being held. A British citizen has been unduly arrested for
nothing more than  visiting her parents in Iran and yet, the background may lend something for the reasons of her

I'm not judging here, merely offering other information that's available on the internet.

This is from Wikipedia and with a neutral perception, the story becomes a tad more than just a cruel arrest of a parent
taking her child to see it's grand-parents.

Quote:'...Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a project manager with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Canadian news agency Thomson
Reuters' charitable arm, travelled to Iran on 17 March 2016 to visit her family for Nowruz (Persian New Year) with her
22-month-old daughter Gabriella.

On 3 April 2016, members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard arrested her at the Imam Khomeini Airport as she and daughter
were about to board a flight back to the UK. Her daughter's British passport was confiscated during the arrest, but later
returned, and the 3-year-old remains in Iran under the care of her maternal grandparents so she can visit her mother.

The exact reason for her arrest was initially unclear, though according to Amnesty International it is believed related to the
2014 imprisonment of several Iranian technology news website employees.

Zaghari-Ratcliffe used to work for the BBC Media Action international charitable project, (which sits in the BBC World Service
Group) which is linked to a BBC training course offered to Iranian journalists, some of who were convicted for participating in
the foreign training course in 2014.

Nazanin worked for BBC Media Action between February 2009 and October 2010, "in a junior capacity as a Training Assistant"
according the CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, before moving to Thomson Reuters Foundation...'

The Mirror reports that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is an Aid worker, who works for the London-based charity Thomson Reuters
Foundation. A distinction that at a glance, would possibly make the reader think of giving out food, clothes and improving a
negative situation.

But when knowing that disciplined Middle-Eastern regimes are always wary of western Journalists and their influence, being
classed as an 'Aid Worker' seems a little underhanded of The Mirror if Mrs. Zaghari-Ratcliffe was connected in any way to
a company with 'BBC' or Reuters' in it's title.

Back at Wikipedia:
Quote:'...According to Yadollah Movahed, the head of the Justice Department in the Iranian city of Kerman, and as reported by
the Iranian news network Press TV, Nazanin was arrested "over her involvement in post-election riots that engulfed Tehran
and some other cities in 2009".

Movahed said Zaghari was among the suspects who "conducted activities against the security of the country by designing
websites and carrying out campaigns in the media” during 2009. According to Movahed, Nazanin was not arrested for activity
inside Iran or for activity during her 2017 holiday to Iran: “Some members of the group were outside Iran, including the suspect
Nazanin Zaghari”.

According to Press TV in June 2016 "The CGRI headquarters in Kerman province announced that Nazanin Zaghari had been
identified after a large intelligence operation. She was one of the liaison officers of networks hostile to Iran abroad.
According to this source, she was responsible for several missions, and conducted her criminal activities under the direction
of media and intelligence services of foreign governments."...'

Considering the mainstream media are leaning heavily on the idea that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested for 'unclear'
reasons and is only an Aid Worker, that's quite a lot of information that a viewer of the BBC News would find valuable to ideally
individually weigh-up the situation.

Whatever Mrs. Zaghari-Ratcliffe was up to, will hopefully be revealed in the future and I hope a positive outcome takes place
for this family. But I would also hope that the MSM would be more forthcoming with relevant facts when offering it's customers
a story, instead of attempting to convince them of a favoured narrative. The reluctance to disclose her Jounalistic-orientated
background -in general, doesn't help the situation.
In my view.

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