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Car attacks crowd Australia
A few more of these and the driverless cars will be on the front burner.. Ban all cars except for the driverless type will be the new law. At least 3 dead unfortunately children included.. Conflicting reports between the official speak and twitter where one witness said this little darling was screaming Allah Akbar
Quote:The 26-year-old man arrested after allegedly running over and killing three pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD and injuring more than 20 others has a history of family violence and may have stabbed his brother hours earlier, Victoria’s police chief has said.
The man was arrested at about 2pm on Thursday after driving through the pedestrian-only Bourke Street mall and hitting several people.
He was shot by police after crossing the intersection with Elizabeth Street and taken into custody, where he has received treatment for a bullet wound to the arm.
[Image: 1198.jpg?w=460&q=55&auto=format&usm=12&f...2de5f65f84]
Three killed, including a child, after car mows down pedestrians in Melbourne

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At a press conference in
Melbourne on Thursday afternoon, police chief Graham Ashton said that a woman, a man and a young child had died after being struck by the car and that the death toll could rise.
“Currently five people are critically injured,” Ashton said. “At the moment, we could expect numbers to rise.”
Among the critically injured is a three-month-old baby, who was undergoing surgery on Thursday afternoon at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.
Ashton said police took the baby to hospital themselves.
“Police ended up taking that child to hospital in the police car because we couldn’t wait for the ambulance to arrive, such was the condition of the child and that child is currently, that infant child is currently in a critical condition at hospital at the moment,” he said.
In total, 18 people are confirmed to have been hit by the car, Ashton said. Others are receiving treatment after witnessing and assisting with the incident, with 24 people hospitalised in total.

Among the injured are children aged two, nine and 12, who are receiving treatment at the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital.
Ashton said the man was not associated to any terrorism-related activities but was known to police.
“What we do know of the person is there is an extensive family violence history involved,” he said. “He has come to our attention on many occasions in the past. We have mental health and drug-related issues in the background of this particular person. He has been coming to our attention more recently over recent days in relation to assaults, family violence-related assaults.”
The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, stressed that the absence of a terrorism or organised crime connection meant that the city was safe now the alleged driver of the car was in custody.
Andrews also praised the work of emergency services, particularly police and paramedics.

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The chief commissioner of Victoria police, Graham Ashton, and the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews. Photograph: Alex Murray/AAP
“Our hearts are breaking this afternoon that a number of people have died,” he said. “Others remain in a critical condition, very, very seriously ill, gravely ill, in hospitals around our city.
“But we are stronger than this ... we are stronger than this evil, criminal act.”
The incident appears to have begun at 2am, with the alleged stabbing of a man in his 20s, which police say was the suspect’s brother, in the suburb of Windsor.
A few hours later, police attempted to intercept a car, allegedly driven by the suspect, which was driving in a “very erratic” manner. They gave chase but the pursuit was called off, Ashton said, because of the actions of the driver and concerns for the community in the area.
They began tracking the car by air instead, following the car from Yarraville, in the western suburbs, into the city, crossing the Bolte Bridge.
Melbourne: young child among three dead after car ploughs into pedestrians in Bourke Street – as it happened
Police say the driver has been arrested and the incident was related to an earlier stabbing – but has no connection to terrorism

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At some point, the suspect had picked up a woman, who was in the car during the earlier chase with police. The woman got out of the car on the bridge, which is a long, busy expanse of road without a pedestrian walkway.
Ashton said police were still investigating whether the woman was being held hostage, because she was not believed to be connected to the suspect in any way.
After crossing the bridge, the suspect drove into the city about 1.45pm. Bystanders videoed a maroon Holden Commodore doing burnouts at the intersection of Flinders Street and Swanston Street, out the front of Flinders Street train station.
It then headed up Swanston Street and, after four blocks, turned left into Bourke Street mall.

“At that point, as we understand to date, that vehicle has commenced to hit pedestrians,” Ashton said. “We believe at this point in time that we suspect that is intentionally hitting pedestrians.”
The car sped along Bourke Street, Ashton said, crossing Elizabeth Street and continuing to hit passengers, before police rammed the car and took the man into custody.
Swanston and Bourke Streets are among the busiest in the city, particularly around lunch time. Ashton said police believed there were hundreds of witnesses and had called in extra detectives to take statements. [url=]Victoria police has also set up a new function on its Facebook page to accept submissions of videos and photos.
Ashton said the incident would be subject to both a criminal and a coronial investigation, and the coroner had already inspected the scene.
Bourke Street and Swanston Street were cordoned off soon after the incident and are expected to remain closed until Saturday, affecting a number of tram services in the city.
Andrews urged people to show patience with the closures, saying that was the best way to ensure a thorough police investigation and that “justice will be done”.

Then theyd just hack the driverless cars ......
Better to reign in hell ....
  than serve in heaven .....


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