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Deep Investigation Into the Pizzagate Conspiracy
(11-12-2017, 07:25 PM)guohua Wrote: @Mystic Wanderer  You'd have to attach that video.
It just might of been her.
I'm leaning towards Murder rather than Suicide.

She has made a statement about having not only names put pictures to go along with the names.

I looked everywhere for it before I replied, but couldn't find it.  I think it may have been linked in an article I was looking over yesterday.  Lord only knows which one, because I did a lot of research yesterday.

If I do come across it, I'll link it.

Here is more on the Pedofile Ring also linked to that home.

Quote:The Sun hears from Kevin Allen, whose brother went missing in 1979.
Quote:THE FAMILY of a 15-year-old schoolboy missing for 35 years told last night how they believe he was snatched by a VIP paedophile ring… Martin Allen vanished on Guy Fawkes night in 1979 on his way home from school.
He lived with his family next door to diplomats and millionaires in Hyde Park where his father was head chauffeur for the Australian High Commission.
No trace of him has ever been found.
Are there any links to top Tories, other than a London backdrop? Because as well as living close to the rich and connected, Hyde Park (and we’re talking pre-oligarch days when Londoners could afford to live in the capital) is home to many other types of human life.
Quote:Now his surviving family have revealed they were given a detailed file from a private detective which detailed ‘figures in public authority’ being involved in a cover up of his case. They handed the file to police last year, but had no response.
The VIP paedophile probe is centred on the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, South West London. When police raided the hostel in 1982 it was reported that the move was linked to Martin’s disappearance.
[Image: PA-8154109.jpg]
Quote:Metropolitan Police undated handout photo of an artist impression of a man and a boy originally distributed in January 1980 following the disappearance of fifteen-year-old Martin Allen.

Read about this here: Link
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Quote:This is the long awaited interview with the hacker who broke into Comet Ping Pong's encrypted section and found child porn then reported it to DC Police. To this date the guilty parties remain free and have never been investigated. Today you will hear from the hacker himself who did this, what happened, who he is, the whole story direct from him. Please share and let's get justice. #PizzaGate is real. PizzaGate is PedoGate.

Instead of making a new thread, I'll just stick this here.

Notice the BIG BOLD headline:

Trump Campaign Coordinator And 'Family Values' Republican Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Trafficking, Faces Life In Prison

(Have to throw Trump's name in there in big letters, right? Guilt by association? )

Quote:Ralph Shortey, former Oklahoma state senator and a county campaign coordinator for President Donald Trump’s campaign last year, will plead guilty to a child sex trafficking offense for soliciting sex from a 17-year-old boy in March.

In exchange for his guilty plea, government prosecutors have agreed to drop three counts of child pornography against him.
Shortey is scheduled to plead guilty on November 30, two weeks before his trial was set to commence on December 5. Sex trafficking of a minor carries a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison, but Shortey faces the possibility of being sent to life in prison for the offense at a sentencing hearing in early 2018.

Court documents show that the two transportation of child pornography charges stem from allegations that Shortey sent videos of a "prepubescent girl,” along with videos of young boys from his email address in October 2013. The production of child pornography charge came after Shortey was alleged to have convinced a minor to send him an inappropriate photo.

And notice how they include "pro-gun advocate" like it's a bad thing.  Pfft!

Quote:Shortey is also known to be a pro-gun advocate, has been charged with being xenophobic, and believed President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was false.
Shortey was an early endorser to Trump’s presidential campaign, pledging his support in October 2015. Soon after, the campaign named Shortey as part of its leadership team in Oklahoma.

Well, good.  
I'm glad he was caught and will be paying for his crimes, but I hate the way the press includes Trump's name in the article to plant one more negative seed in peoples' mind concerning him. Brainwashing at it's best!

Quote:According to The Daily Kos, Shortey’s shared a picture of him embracing Donald Trump Jr. on March 10, the day after he was found by police in the motel room with the teenage boy.Source
I'm sure they will all say it was Trump's fault.   tinysure

Right out in the open folks!  Right out in the open!  This has been going on for far too long!   minusculeredtantrum 

Just offering this video for more validation that Pizzagate/Pedogate is REAL!

Let's expose the perverts!   Take a look down this article to see them. 
Yes, our ex-president Daddy Bush has 7 accounts.   tinyok 

Quote:In early October, reports surfaced that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein allegedly sexually harassed or assaulted multiple women over decades.
The public condemnation of Weinstein has seemingly emboldened others to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against celebrities — with studios, networks and major companies responding — in what some have dubbed the “Weinstein ripple effect.”

Here’s a list of high-profile men who have been accused of sexual harassment, assault or both in the wake of the Weinstein scandal:

Since Weinstein, here’s a growing list of men accused of sexual misconduct


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