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Mori poll: Thailand ranks 7th in world "ignorant index" but US is number 5!
This is pretty sad and unfortunately with the millions of recent arrivals I doubt it will get any better.. What difference does it make other than a sad state of affairs of the countries educational systems... or we are the world etc etc ....there is a song there somewhere, No?

Quote:BANGKOK: -- A recently completed poll from the respected MORI organization in London has ranked Thais in seventh place regarding ignorance of their own country.
But they still beat out the US that was in 5th.
However the UK was shown to have some of the most well informed people.
It was part of what the well known pollsters called their "Ignorant Index 2016". The poll asked 16-24 year olds a variety of questions to test their knowledge of their own country.
This age group represents the most connected sample of people with their computers and smart phones, said the company.
They suggested this group may have a lot of knowledge - but in many countries it proved otherwise, reports Sanook.
Respondents were asked questions about population, public services, house buying and the number of Muslims among other things.
Leading the way in ignorance were India in number one spot. Here are the others in the top ten:
2. China
3. Taiwan
4. South Africa
5. USA
6. Brazil
7. Thailand
8. Singapore
9. Turkey
10. Indonesia
And here are the countries that displayed the deepest knowledge about their homelands:
1. The Netherlands
2. UK
3. South Korea
4. Czech Republic
5. Malaysia
6. Australia
7. Germany
8. Italy
9. Norway
10. Sweden
Bobby Duffy of MORI said that the poll revealed many misconceptions especially about the presence of minorities such as Muslims in certain countries. Also the poll revealed that people seem to be much happier than is generally perceived.
The sample size was 27,000 people across 40 countries, reported
Rather surprised ..... figured u.s would be number one ......  also that singapore ended up on the ignorant list as most singaporeans that know are quite knowledgeable on the history of their country .....
Better to reign in hell ....
  than serve in heaven .....


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