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Societal Brain Entrainment
"What do Fluoride, Hitler, and HAARP have in common?  They are all co-factors in what has become societal brain entrainment."

That's what Regina Meredith from the show, Open Minds, on GAIA t.v. had to say, and her guest, Adam Trombly , went on to add details about how these things factored into the discord of the 2016 election because our minds have been subdued in mass.
Trombly went on to say there was a lot of "brain entrainment" that went on when Obama was elected using societal manipulation.

How does brain entrainment work?

One way we are "entrained" is through commercials on t.v. which have an additional layer of frequency that manipulates our brain. When we are exposed to repeated frequencies and sounds, our brains sync with the frequency, be it good or bad.  When the Elite saw how these waves affected people to buy the product being advertised, they started using, or should I say "abusing" this technology for their own agenda.

[Image: Fotolia_16268438_XS.jpg]

During a study Adam did with John Lilly, John discovered these waves coming from the electrical grid on his house, and it was named the "Lilly Wave", after John Lilly.  This is another way the public is being manipulated by brain entrainment.

Learn About John Lilly Here

Fluoride was tested in the Nazi concentration camps and proved to calm the prisoners down. So guess what? They decided they needed to put it in all the water supply to keep the populace calm (dumbed down).  Then, later they added it to toothpaste and we were told it prevented cavities.  According to Trombly, no study shows that fluoride prevents cavities!    This, again, is brain entrainment.

[Image: flouride-toothpaste.jpg]

Read About the Flouride Coverup Here: LINK

Also, it has been proven that fluoride makes men sterile. So, this helps with the depopulation agenda.

Now we move on to HAARP, where the entrainment extends through the ionosphere and can trigger human mutations or gene disease, and it can be targeted to a specific group of people.

[Image: haarp.jpg]
HAARP emits a very large radio frequency which sends an electromagnetic beam into the upper atmosphere or ionosphere. "This radio-frequency energy is broadcast through a field of 48 antennas which are 72 feet tall and they have a cross diapoled across the top. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto Earth and penetrate everything--living and dead. "

Read more on HAARP here: LINK

Trombly also discussed how Chemtrails are sprayed into the skies on a global scale to combine with the other technologies being used. Chemtrails contain Lithium, and Iridium, which are used to calm people down, but also causes neurological problems in humans.  

[Image: readers-vapour-tra_2335733k-1.jpg]

I have done an extensive thread on chemtrails. If you wish to learn more about them, click HERE.
(The hard evidence starts being posted on, or about, page 3.)

The Powers That Be have been using all the above technology on the public to control elections, create false flag events, and cause a divide in the masses, creating chaos as a means to an end for their agenda, whatever it may be. Whatever it is, you can bet it is just "plain evil". 

There is so much more that Trombly went into detail concerning how entrainment works. His father's friend was a co-worker with Tesla, and he has heard some awesome stories from his dad on this subject, which he shares.  He also discusses the ETs involvement in the deep state government.  This is coming from people who are very respected in their field, so I suggest people don't discard it immediately.

For those who subscribe to GAIA t.v., here is the link to the show: Mass Media Brain Entrainment with Adam Trombly

So, now that we know what TPTB are doing to us, how can we defend ourselves and counteract the entrainment?

Aluminum Saturation can be defended against by taking Magnesium Malate.  The purest brand needs to be consumed.
Find a high quality provider online or at your local health store.

Shilagit  is also important for deflecting the radio isotopes. But not all brands work equally.  The "Pure Black" brand is the only one Trombly recommends.  It can be found at 

Meditation is also an essential foundation, and learning the basic breaths; most people are not breathing correctly, and lack sufficient amounts of oxygen.  Breathing correctly and meditation harmonizes both sides of the brain to come into sync with one another. Trombly goes into detail about how this affects our body and counteracts all we are being bombarded with from the Powers That Be.

[Image: meditation-courses1.jpg]

Also, we need to drink GOOD water! Your health food store should have some on hand; it's not found on your local food mart's shelf.

Another thing Trombly reccomends is listening to "brain wave" programs, which can be used for lucid dreaming, deep sleep, better concentration, memory improvement, and many other things. You can find these on You Tube, or google "Brain Waves". 
He also suggests doing Hard Math. This exercises the brain and keeps it coherent.

Trombly says, to fight anxity, remember, "The worst thing that ever happened is presuming that it is the worst thing that ever happened."
We have ways to fight back! 

I hope you have found this information informative, and begin to take the necessary steps to cleanse your system and gain back control of your mind.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with GAIA t.v., or the Pure Black company in any way.)

I found a good interview with Trombly, but it is very long... but well worth hearing what he discusses. Take some time out and listen.

1/2 Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy - Spectrum
A two hour video, YUP, that's on my list for late tonight.
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I don't know what's being said in this song, but I don't need to, to see that this video is a part of training the public to accept AI (artificial intelligence) as part of the new "normal". Watch from the 40 second mark.

Strange, I think she was hoping for a companion as thoughtful and attentive as the robot.

She can order hers today Here: Source I'm sure they make Male Dolls to.
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