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Try Not To Choke Up...I Dare Ya!
Poor Little Guy!

Quote:Video filmed in the town of Norcia shows one of the dog’s legs sticking out of the rubble of a collapsed building. Rescuers carefully remove the debris to reveal the dog’s head and other legs while providing it with water.

Happy to see there are still those who take the time to rescue and care for the defenseless animals out there.
I love heart-warming stories like this.   minusculeclap
It didn't look like he had any air at all down there. Amazing.

Such an awesome story!
Aaaawwwww......the poor thing.

Thank goodness he did not end up with a broken leg or something.
He sure was packed in there.

The rescuers did a great job getting him out without causing more debris to fall on him.

Thanks for sharing!! minusculethumbsup 

On a sidenote, something about an animal whining, like that dog, gets to me.
And if i can, will do anything in my power to help him.

I know, I am a sucker for animals.
Got 'schmuck' tattooed on my forehead. LOL

a.k.a. 'snarky412'


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