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Banners Like There's No Tomorrow!
(02-21-2019, 08:12 PM)BIAD Wrote: My wife likes to bake and I have to humbly say that she's very good at it.
Today, she treated No.1 son and I to a large chocolate cake and two different types
of muffins.

He's just left for the gym, scoffing a muffin down on his way to his car and I'd say
there was a swagger in his step. But for Boy In A Dress, I have to say that there was
no such walk of pride.

He thinks I didn't see him sneak in, but I did. I also saw where he stuffed the largest
of the muffins too.

Although the thought of warm muffins is a positive, squashing it to thickness of an
envelope doesn't bring a smile to my face.
(Oh yes, but I bet it'd have Saucy Stan grinning) -thinks Mystic!


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[Image: attachment.php?aid=5334]

Great job!  Love the one of the granny bloomers and the one with all the members.  minusculeclap 

(02-21-2019, 10:18 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Great job!  Love the one of the granny bloomers and the one with all the members.  minusculeclap 


I didn't see that, I was hoping BIAD was wearing them.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
It was late in Friday's unusually warm afternoon when Boy In A Dress delivered
his artwork and by the redness of his cheeks... I mean face-cheeks, it looked
like he'd been involved in some exertion.

"Sorry for the delay..." BIAD panted as I heard something from Enya warble from
his shed radio, "...something had climbed into Mrs. Miggin's attic" he continued and
handed over his precious work.

"Was it you?" I asked and he almost began to nod before he caught himself.
Considering his flustered nature, it was still nice to know that BIAD was still bringing
his game to the discussion.

"No, a fox had sneaked in and it was up to me and Big Babs to try to scare it out"
he said with a determined tone. Knowing the elderly lady's bungalow looked out onto
miles of countryside, I imagined him and the well-endowed daughter of Mrs. Miggins
scrambling around after a lithe cunning canine in a cramped space.

Boy In A Dress's stance changed to show his pride as he added "I grabbed it by the
tail" and for a second, I could see a faint outline of a long-ago outcast-hunter of a
forgotten tribe pulse around him.
Thrown out of the gang because he was crazy.

Attempting to maintain an interest, I asked "was it bushy?" and showed a genuine

The Man-Girl's cheeks... and I mean face-cheeks again, flushed even more.
"Babs and I have a private relationship that I refuse to gossip about" he pouted and
with an indignant air, walked back to where his radio was now offering static.

Facebook art.

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