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Banners Like There's No Tomorrow!
(02-06-2019, 08:27 PM)BIAD Wrote: Wednesday means Boy In A Dress visits the Mum-in-law's house to earn his cups of
tea and I'm guessing quite a few biscuits.

From what I gathered all went well until the time came when BIAD puts out the elderly
lady's trash-can for tomorrow's collection. The area where she lives consists of mainly
retired couples that enjoy some peace and quiet in the twilight of their years.

To assist in imagining the scene, I'll also add that the old guy across the road -the man
called 'Saucy Stan' for some reason, with his continual strange leering at the window,
asked BIAD to get his cat down down from his bungalow roof.

Allowing Boy In A Dress to explain how he'd used Stan's step-ladders to search for the
feline, I waited until he was finished to remark that Stan doesn't have a cat.

Suggesting the Man-Girl should reach up on tip-toes to check to see if the animal wasn't
hiding in the guttering, I'd wager the dirty-old geezer was expecting to see a pussy of a
different kind.

Stan is resting comfortably, the nurse told me this evening.



By the way, nice banners too.   minusculebiggrin
It's quite worrying really, when you overhear Boy In A Dress talking to someone
via his newly-attached conduit to the internet in his shed.

I wasn't eavesdropping, truly... I was set keeping the noise down as I went about
putting the trash out for collection. Thursdays are Thursdays and rituals of the
retired must be adhered to.

"...No, there'll be no need for that..." BIAD said into the crappy microphone my
son had given him, "...this one won't need replacing and anyway, I like his coffee".

Have you ever been in that situation when you feel you've been living outside of
what really is going on? That's what it felt like. A clandestine group using my good
self to hide a creature of espionage and all the time, playing on my easy-going

Maybe the slick Man-Girl had been playing the long-game with his non-eyes on my
property...? Acting like a fool and all the while, wishing he had a sleeve to laugh up.

Then leaning closer to spider's web-covered window, I heard him continue to the
unknown conspirator on the other end of his call.

"Yeah, it'll be fine... It's for a friend and he always like this artwork. I just wish I
could afford something more than a copy" BIAD said and it was then I recalled I'd
remarked on a painting I'd saw in a book about the Louvre many years ago.

Even as I type this, my cheeks are still red from doubting him... and I must get my
ears cleaned out!

Facebook art.

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Storm Eric skipped across the UK on Friday and the media really wished to make
more of it. In my day, we'd say "it rained" and get on with working for a living.

Today...? They look cautiously into the camera and name a cloud full of water.
(Or as Gordi says waaater!)

Boy In A Dress showered during the downpour and called it refreshing and frugal.


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I didn't get much time on Rogue Nation this Saturday as No.1 son and his girlfriend
asked for my experience when looking for a house. I can fix sh*t and everything, but
it's his mother who's the smart-cookie in this marriage!

So we -and Boy In A Dress, went off across the countryside in search of No.1's
first nest. It's nice to think of others and put their interests before you own, so I
expected the BIAD to do the same.

After perusing a new development's showroom house, my son and his gal nervously
asked questions about cost and what may ahead in the future of the still-to-be-built

Of course, Boy In A Dress asked the question that exiled him to the back of the car.
"Er... does it come with a shed?"

Facebook art.

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That's right, we welcome & enjoy Multi-Alien Cultures.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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I was chatting to Boy In A Dress this morning over his usual Day-Of-Rest brew about
my son's future decision-making regarding a new house.

I noticed the devil-may-care BIAD didn't mention his query about a shed being part of
the possible purchased-property and I smiled to myself when I recalled a private chat
with No.1 son later on the Saturday evening before.

The Man-Girl was at his Discotheque and during our chat, my son mentioned that he
wasn't sure whether the half-built homes that we'd visited actually came with a garage.
He went on to say that he wasn't that bothered about his car being exposed to the
elements and I then asked him where would he store a lawnmower and tools.

My only issue looked out of the window into the darkness and I wonder if it was then
he realised that the Fates were altering reality to engineer a different type of inheritance,
a hand-me-down with big boobs and an idiotic grin.

It seems BIAD's shed is timeless.


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Gordi's cord!   Love it!   minusculegoodjob       smallawesome
Another beginning to the working-week and Boy In A Dress decided to treat
the wife by washing the conservatory windows.

The squishing of plump flesh making that wet-squeaky noise, the jamming of soap
-sudded organs against the double-glazing... it was all too much both of us and it
must've been more traumatic to my dearest, as I had to drag her away from the


Facebook art.

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Boy In A Dress had Tuesday off and his batteries were fully-charged when he visited
the mother-in-law today.

After switching out her door-bell (which sounds like awful surgery in Africa or somewhere)...
BIAD told me his other chores involved taking out the trash for tomorrow and that was
when Saucy Stan -from across the road, asked for another favour.

Even though BIAD remarked he was happy to see that Stan had recovered from last
week, the Man-Girl kept his smile on his face as he agreed to take a look at Stan's garage
door lock.

"It's full of spiders webs..." BIAD said bending down and examining the keyhole,"... I'm sure
if you drive it in hard and fast, there won't be a problem"

As of writing this, the Matron told me Stan is still on a respirator.


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Quote: "It's full of spiders webs..." BIAD said bending down and examining the keyhole,"... I'm sure
if you drive it in hard and fast, there won't be a problem"

As of writing this, the Matron told me Stan is still on a respirator.


Nice banners too. tinybiggrin
It's early evening here, No.1 son and his girlfriend are waiting for a guy to
arrive in order to explain something they say is a 'mortgage'.

Boy In A Dress and I are lost when it comes to finance and hence, we treat my
wife like a queen. BIAD's shed is paid for and so is my home... all down to the
smart chick that I still fancy after 35 years.

The Man-Girl suggested (with a hushed-voice, of course) that he could sit-in on
the conversation and I replied that his rhetoric may be off-putting. The fact that
BIAD's unusually-jammed-in rack may be the distraction, I felt wasn't prudent to

Facebook art.

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She Could Never Be A Rogue!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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It's been quite a nice day today and the sun is a welcome stranger in the usually
chilly garden. Boy In A Dress was up early preparing some soil ready for his ideas
for spring flowers.

The only doubtful part was that as he ran his trowel through the damp earth, he
was listening to his small radio transmitter and it was this programme that I thought
was odd.

Very odd.


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Squinting from Saturday's late-winter's sun, I'm watching Boy In A Dress wander
off to meet his poorly-shaped Discotheque friends. No.1 son met BIAD on the
garden path returning from his house-search and nodded towards the grinning
maniac in the thigh-revealing attire.

"Enjoy yourself" my issue suggested lightly and inwardly, I wasn't surprised by
the Man-Girl's soft-toned response.
"Did you find one with a shed?" BIAD asked and for a moment, I saw the tolerance
that I've carried for so long in my own son's eyes.

They grow so fast.

Facebook art.

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Another nice day with a deep conversation over a morning coffee with Boy In A Dress.
This time, BIAD wanted to discuss whether dogs can actually look up, but I put the kibosh 
on that straight away.

So we chatted about ways of attaining more Rogue Nation membership and what could
be a good idea in luring them here.
BIAD mentioned the Polaroids of himself and I suggested more exciting threads.
The Man-Girl offered a competition of the most weirdest hobbies and even though I was
tempted to agree, I said asking about members pastimes might interest a browser.

The thing is... those photographs were taken by the bouffant-haired divorcee next-door
and personally, I would not like to see them and I'd wager they may improve membership,
but the wrong-sort!


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