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OS: After Effects of moriarty city
I hope you do not mind I am field testing something for my book..

I was thinking of something I needed to fix

"Sandra," long blonde hair blew in the wind.. 

"Do not Sandra me Austin," Another cheerleader stood in the gym post game. "You crawled into littlemans bed on your own.. I am being cordial but what you did to him was wrong.. Now the whole DoHS is after him.. He is probably hiding in some rat hole hotel.."

"Oh my god," A teenage girl held the side of the bleachers.. Tears fell down her face as she touched the screen,"Andros.. Please quit being stupid.."

Bonnie Tyler's I need a hero fills the air as several kids gather around the Teenage girl..

"Diana," Austin moves to her sister concerned..

Diana looks around and brings up a small hologram, "That is his cousin.. James.. He.. He is leading an assault team.. Two snipers are arguing over who is going to kill the most.. They are counting off one shot one kills.. Others are removing women and children.. It looks like twelve soldiers are assaulting 534.. " After two loud sniper bangs, "531.."

"Well Ash I got two for one," avoice fills the air..

"F#$% you Archangel.. The USMC will not fll behind.." Another sniper shot fills the air..

"Hello my nerdie band chica," Andros's voice fills the air as he is seen with James firing and slitting throats.. Still in bonnie Tylers voice, " ..Larger than life.. LARGER then Life.." andros's voice comes over the air, "Keep the outside count running.."

"Yes.." Sniffling, " 527.. 525.."'

"They're F#$%ing everywhere.." A pissed off voice growls, "Hit the god D@#$ loud...."

A loud sniper bang fills the air, "Now the corps is.."

A loud sniper bang fills the air, "Keep up you old F#$%!!!"


"So you wish to test the power of the dark side, " A male voice comes from a short man in weird armor.. Electricity flies from his hands, "You will
kneel before the Brad..." Laughter comes from the midget looking man in advanced armor.. "Nerdie band Beach.. Tell Mason Daddy is at work.. I will be home later..She is so getting son footlong pipe in four installments!!"

"519," Diana laughs through her tears.

"Nerdie," A strong voice comes across with a thick German Accent.. "This is Major Schultz formerly of the feared Waffen SS.. Templar One Assigned me as operations center command.. Count Confirmation of 519.."

As the sound of bullets fill the air Diana Swallows hard.. "This is.." 

"Count Confirmation is now 517.. this is Con Re," A red headed kid spokke.. "I take it you are from the group that fought in the retreat from moscow.."

"ConRe.." the Major was confused, "Templar One confirm.."

"Major Schultz.. Bossman asked you a question," Andros's figure parkoured off the side of a building..

"ConRe.. Yes.. I fought the bloody Russian all the way back to berlin," the major responds.. "Sir.. Please stay off the line.. Let the soldiers do the fighting.."

"508," Diana calls out.. A loud explosion fills the air, "I now have 487.. ConRe Acknowledge Major.."

"Thats a good girl.. Please keep giving me verbal counts as they fall," Major Schultz politely spoke.. "Both counts must match Tech boy.. Doctor Reese.. Agent Shemar.. Gunslinger.. "

A shaky voice speaks, "I have 323 Women and children..Shemar.."

"Reese.. I got 123 more," Shemar calls out.. "Only problem is I have.."

The sound of four shots fill the air, "You just keep movin with the Innocent.."

A childs voice speaks, "I never saw you draw mister.."

"Marshall Holiday," The mans voice smiles.. "I come from a line of dentist.. You will be safe little Lady.. As the Chaplin O'Malley said.."

A hologram appears on the screen.. An old man in bishop robes speaks in a thick irish accent,"I am Chaplin O'Malley little ones.. the good lord in his infinite wisdom sent a pack of wolves to protect his littlest among us. Follow me little ones.."

Bonnis tylers I need a hero keep filling the area as Diana spoke, "473.."

No, we don't mind.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

Opening the door as a late Californian rain fell, "My...God its you.."

With a dufflebag over his shoulder, soaked in rain, Andros looked her in the eyes, "Essie.. I.."

"God D@#$ it child," A cool breeze moved Essie's hair.. Pulling Andros in, "The whole god D@#$ DoD is looking for you.. " She pauses as she shuts the door and looks at him, "I have to call my dad.."

Andros just closes his eyes and does not move as he looks at the Bikini clad woman, "Tell Admiral Creast I said hello.."

Taking out her cell phone quickly, she dial the number first number.. "Dad.. I.."

"Wait one," A stern voice called out.. "So General.. We thought that we could get away with.."

"Admiral Creast.. We found it.." A voice calls out, "Right where your agent Templar One said it was sir.. We and NCIS are digging out the bodies now.. Sir.. Ground Sonar indicates the mass grave has about three thousand bodies in it..mostly natives of Moriarty City.."

Essie pauses wide eyed as she looks at Andros..

Andros takes the phone and speaks in Esfers voice, "Dad.. Mass grave.."

"Take this god D@#$ S#$%bag to one of my blacksites.." Admiral Creast growls, "On F#$%ing US Soil.. Admiral De'Chez.. Their were no survivors among the guards.. These mother F#$%ers want to run blacksites, the US Navy will TEACH them how it is done!"

"Admiral.. Your Daughter is on the line," Admiral De'Chez responds as the sound of a pistol hits a skull..

"Lt. Esfers," Admiral Creast growls.. "Babygirl.."

"It is above my paygrade daddy, "Andros speaks in Esfers voice.. "Dad.. What happened?"

"Some stupid mother F#$%ers should have taken Chaplin O'Malley's F#$%ing offer.." Sighing, "Be agood girl for daddy.. I am proud of you.. Your actions when you took command of that Sub.. Thats my baby girl!" After a few moments, "Do you remember my agent who assisted you? If he contacts you.. Call me.."

"Dad.." Lt. Esfer's called out..

"Listen to me.. My Agent Templar One.. Tell no one his name if he contacts you.." Cussing for a second, "It is VERY bad Lt.. Be gentle with him.. He lead an assault team on my orders into Moriarty City.. Baby girl.. When I saw bad, the mass graves are just the first part.."

"Dad.." essie looks right at the teenaged Andros, "He is only a teenager.."

"Lt.. Listen to me.. You do not know anything regarding Templar one.. All inquires are to be sent to myself or Admiral De'Chez.."

Wide eyed, "He lead an assualt team.."

De'Chez spoke, "Lt.. He got the Archangel and Donavan's former Protege working on the same team.. With Campbell his crew and a former Nazi.. A technomage, two agents in a liason department, and a unidentified sentient.. Just for starters.. Lt. Esffers.. You may call any SPAWAR facility night or day.. The message will be sent to my Fiance Regina Macer.."

Andros looked down defeated and handed her back her phone..

"But you and dad do not get along, "Esfers was confused..

Admiral Creast.." The same mans voice spoke.. Confirmation sir.. "A littlepride was in the mans voice, "Sir.. All the bodies of the men gaurding this place are of weird cybernetics. And sir.. May I ask you A question.."

"Commander," Admiral Creast spoke annoyed?

"If it is possible Admiral..One day.. I would like shake Templar One's hand Admiral.." The Commander spoke proudly, "The kids and other survivors.. Sir..they are telling us that your Templar One was a naval Captain.. They look at us with awe and respect.. Sir it is like my Grand-daddy told me when they liberated a nazi death camp sir..No to mention it was fiftey to one odds.."

Esfers looked at Andros, "Dad..If he shows up.. Do I address him as Captain?"

"Lt. Esfers," Admiral De'Chez sounded a little pissed.. "Yes.. Templar One is a United States Naval Captain..Commander, If the day comes I will arrange it myself.. If he contacts you ..Tell him.. Tell him.."

"Tell him that A greatful nation thanks him for his service.. " Creast shakes his head, "And we will talk little one over the issue.. Just stay quiet for Daddy.. We are a little busy.."

"I just called to see if you could get me back on duty quicker.. I hate just sitting here.."

"Give your absentee father a few days little one.. " Creast smile comes through the phone, "Thats daddy's little sailor, fornow relax.. Call me if Templar One contacts you.. Love you.."

"Dad.." Lt.Esfers sounded annoyed, "I earned my rank.. No one knows you are my father..I .." Pausing, "I love you to dad.. I will call if I see him..bye"

As the phone disconnects,Esfers makes sure her phone disconnnects.. "It is Captain.. "

"Did he talk with you my Essie.."

A tear falls down her face, "No..I talked with him..He and my sister are fighting but he loves her. How in samhelldid you know that.."

"Essie.."Andros tries not to get emo, "I am doing the best I can Essie..Dont give up on him.."

Grabbing a towel, "Captain..Andros.. Listen tome.. What happened at.."

"And the doctor," Andros touches her waist.. A weird sound comes from him, "No damage to your Ovaries or womb.."

"Captain," Esfers looks at Andros.. Gently she removes his hand from her, "Who and what are you kid?"

Andros shakes his head, "this was amistake..It.."

"The mass grave got to you,"Esfers takes Andros's hand and walks him to the kitchenette.. "I have a fewfriends.. You are listed as a runaway from the Tesla institute.. You have been doing a lot of good things Littleone.. Like on the EX Tortoise.. You knew.."

"You originally commmanded it out of the secret transport system, like you did here.. But the damage from the explosions and rads insured you would NEVER have children.." Andros closes his eyes, "You.. you were a good friend.."

"No we were not..Your lying to me.. You act like we were lovers.." Esfers covers her mouth, "You F#$%ing rescued me because we used to be lovers.. That is..Wait.."

"I was enlisted..You were an officer.. "Andros smiles at the memory, "It was 2019..Mama had found out about me and My Gina.. We had just got in a massive bar fight at OC beach.. "

Esfers reached over to Andros, "You are a time traveller.."

"An angel walked by us at the hotel.. " Andros closed his eyes, "Your heart was racing.. You were F#$%ing pissed.. He was supposed to meet you there but he cancelled.. I was just awestruck.. I asked you how could a man be so F#$%ing stupid to let you slip through his fingers?" Laughing at himself as he reached up, "God..You are so beautiful.. As you get older,it is nearly F#$%ing impossible to resist you.. Like the finest wine ever made.."

Esfers phone rings..She looks at it and turns it off.." You made me blush..  " With a sigh as the rain falls outside, "Start from the beginning.."

"It was 2004 at my Buddy Alex's house..We had just watched The City on the edge of Forever.."

Esfers listens intently smiling as Andros is telling her key highlights.. Having just poured herself a glass of wine when she heard the circumstances of Austin's death.. She reaches over and wipes the tears, "So you gavve up music when she died.."  Andros gets himself a soda.. A smile crosses her face as she shakes her head,"You are so Bad.. Your mother's best friend.. Wow.. Your mother caught the two of you in bed after your bootcamp graduation Seaman.."

"Andros sticks his tongue out at her, Making her pause with a deep breath.. "That cant be real?"

As he tells her the story of his life, Andros keeps light classical music coming from him..

"You are so a male whore," Esfers laughs and then sips her wine with her feet tucked under her.. "That was four beds one right after another.."


"God D@#$ it Bubba," A woman shouts as she walks into a bar with a man walking with a cane pushing her forward. looking at another man in a Navy's Lt.s uniform, "And you.. Cross, how the F#$5 they let you back into uniform .. I .. UGH!"

"Erin.." Holiday turns around from a bar stool with an undrank drink in front of him, "You..figures.. Wallace..Cross.. I said I was fine.. B#$%^ won in court... "

"By order of the Dod.. Undersign by His honor Judge riley," Wallace slams his cane at his sisters foot. "Sis you will sit the F#$% down with the NOW OFFICAILLY, Marshall Holliday.. You have 24 hours to come to a settlement agreement over joint custody support ect.."

Several of the soldiers in the bar go white faced at the mention of Holliday's name..

"Vincent Wallace.. I F#$%ing won.. He was  not in court..the Judge ruled and it is final.. You have no right to do any of this,"Erin was very pissed as her elvinish features seemed to show..

"By order of Admiral Creast, Admiral De'Chez, Rear Admiral Jensen, and Rear Admiral Wilson, Let it be know that Marshall Holliday was in the performance of his duties at the behest of the previously named.." Cross nodded his head to Holliday, "Erin.. the judge in your case is sitting our Brig for violation of National Security.. You father in law is sitting his a$$ in a brig in Tennessee for an article 134 for calling in the favor from his office from Langley."

"My Brother in Law," Wallace smiles.. "He is under arrest by Pima's finest.. "

"Your little friend shot him.. He is the victim.." tears fell from Erin's face, "Please.. I told you, I love him.. You saved me, but.." 

Holliday turns back around, "Wallace.. Let her husband,father in law, and the judge in Little rock go.. I lost.. There are no second chances here.."

"No can do buddy," Cross coldly answers.. "They actually all committed crimes.. They were caught on tape pulling backroom deals.. MAMG herself filed the report with De'Chez.. She is NOT letting it go.."

"MAMG,"Erin looks at her brother.. "This is retaliation.. he missed his court date.."

"MAMG iswell.. A B#$%^ when you cross her," Wallace looks to make sure his jammer is on.. "She notified the Judge to delay the case and sent a FISA warrant.. It was ignored..Supposedly, the judge is claiming she did not get it..Right now her honor is.. Well MAMG's guest of honor for an information extraction training session.."

Erin goes wide eyed, "You are torturing the judge.."

"No.. MAMG is using her to train our little Intelligence officers in live enhanced questioning techniques.." Vincent Wallace grins, "Sis..Your father in Law is under going the same thing in millington under Mrs. Elphelba Pinson.. Except he ignored a series of hand written orders from Those stars I named.."

"bubba my husband is not military.. He," tears flow down Erin's face.. "This is bullS#$%.. Dillon.. You have to stop this.. You know you do not have a means to support us..I have three babies.."

Vincent pulled his sister back, " No.. From what he said he protected you.. You were supposed to be married.. The day you got back from that crap.."

"He loves you.." Cross was pissed, "Your briefing and those of the others said that he defended you for six years.. Well he does have the means.."

"Cross.." Dillon Holiday speaks softly looking back, "Just do not tell her ok.. Yes Erin I was a little busy on the day of court.."

"Wait.."Erin looks at Holliday,seeing something in his eyes.. "Dill..Why did you miss court?"

Holliday ignores Erin and turns back around..

"Dont you give me the quiet treatment Dillon.. We shared a," Erin stops herself.. 

Holliday stands up and yell, "People were being hurt by some very bad people.. So I went with Templar One into the gates of hell.. As chaplin Omalley said the good lord sent a F#$%ing pack of wolves.. All you care about is F#$%ing money.. Before I went to Moriarty City, I made about a million dollars doing a protection detail.." Erin looked down afraid of Dilllion, "You can kiss my F#$%ing A$$.. Your the one who crawledinto ed with me.. AfterI gunned down the Rape gang..

The bouncer started walking over, "You need to quit yellinng at the.."

the sound of gun discharges, the bouncer falls to the grounnd with a bleeding leg, As everyone is looking at Holliday..

"S#$%.. He never moved his hands," One of the men spoke..

"I smell the gun powder.. D@#$..Thats.."

"Cross," Wallace whispers..

"Dude to fast for me," Cross takes a deep breath..

Erin looks down, "You gonna shoot me too..I am in your way.. I told you I was married..Ok.. I am slut who cheated,but my husband is a good man.."

Wallace shoves his sister back, "This was a bad idea.."

"Then why did you agree to marry me," Dillion Holiday glares at the two Pima County Sherriffs who walk in.. "You are worse then a slut..  A slut I could deal with, your a f#$%ing betrayer.."

tears fell down Erin's Elf like face, "That is not fair.. You knew my feelings before this all started.." Erin walks up to the bar and takes Dillion's drink.. Downing it she slams the glass on the bar, "What the hell Am I supposed to do? I was pregnant and two children.. To every one here it was only six months.. To us it was six years in that D@#$ bubble reality.." She takes the bottle of Jack and refreashes her shot, "You were a loser.. I was nineteen.. " She downs the glass and throws it at the mirror. As it shatters, "You were an old asshole.. And yes the sex was great.. Ok.. That what you want.. I had two babies to feed and cloth.. You had nothing here .. NOTHING!!! They did not even recognize you being a Marshall!"""

The two officers stop when they realize that it is Cross and Wallace standing there..

Dillion looks down and takes out three hundred dollar bills, "Should cover the Mirror and the Ladies drink.."He flashes a new shiney Marshall's badge, "Say a D@#$ thing and I will be back.. Selling watered down whiskey is a crime.."

Erin is shocked, "They..No, there is no way in Hell.. My father inlaw assured me that you would never wear the.."Erin covers her mouth, "Dillon that is not what I meant.."

Dillon Holliday shook his head, "Erin.. I played straight with you..You played dirty to win.. I expect unlimited access to my three children.. And no.. You may NOT take them out of the state.. "

"God D@#$ it Dill.. That is not fair.. We have a house in LittleRock.. My husband has job.. Why are you being and A$$, " Erin was in tears.. "Do not take this out on my husband.. Our children are confused as it is.. They are In LittleRock with our nanny.."

"Actually.. Dillion," Cross spoke.. "Templar's friend got somethings done.. Arkansas Child Protective Services picked them up... "

"They are at my house with Trina, "Wallace spoke.. "Uncle Wallace told them that their daddy was home.. You can crash on my couch as long as you need to.."

"You kidnapped my children.. Our Nanny is the sister of a CPS agent I checked her credentials.."

"Yeap.. MAMG ordered them both tossed in jail for .. Well.."Cross glared at Erin, "Seems they were targeting military personnel and they are MAMG's guest."


Applause filled the room as the two men walked in..

"It is for you Dr.Reese," An old man put his arm around the skinny agent.. "You as well Agent Shemar."

Even the two gaurds nodded their heads to both men..

"Roberts,"Shemar was a little surprised..

"Admiral Creast called.. He briefed me on your little mission you performed.." Roberts motioned his hands down, "Doctor Reese.. The Department of homeland security..Let me rephrase that, The FBI, NSA, CIA, Department of Treasury, DIA, and the DoHS have sent their wish list files for you to review.. Something about wanting their best agent on their impossible files.."

"I thought I was on,"Shemar is interrupted..

"The white house has lifted your suspension.. The President personally called the Director of the FBI.. Not to mention you two idiots have performed another miracle.." Roberts smiled, "Several members of the Joint intelligence committee with the backing of the Ways and means committee have given us our next five years of budget.. I am supposed to tell you that they appreciate their grand daughter being home safe and sound.. And that your promotions will be coming down the pike.."

Shemar and Reese laugh and look at each other. In fake irish accents, "And the good lord takes care of his wolves.. Have a little faith.."

The two agents fist bump..

"Shemar.. " Long black hair with a smile on her face, "They told us what you two did.."

"Cathy.. I,"Shemar is surprised when Cathy hugs him.. "I thought you did not like me.."

"I dont.. you are reckless and undisciplined.." Wiping a tear, "The little boy you took a shot for was a nephew I did not know I had.."

"Wait.. You mean we are processing Moriarty City," Doctor Reese was surprised? "Admiral Creast .."

"Admiral De'Chez, DoHS Judge Riley, Rear Admiral Wilson of the Tesla Institute, Rear Admiral Jensen of NSA/ US Navy liaison command, a General Heller, and GS 15 Elphelba Pinson of millington  have all insisted we take the lead for the Federal governments investigation.." Roberts takes a deep breath, "We are not allowed to ask you boys ANY questions.. You may take anyone you want Dr. Reese.."

Closing his eyes for a second, "We are going to need the whole team sir.. Shemar?"

"Sir.. that includes you.. We have a few limitations on the investigation.." Shemar addresses the group, "You may NOT ask who where the wolves there.. We will tell you what was done.."

"How are we supposed to build profiles.. My nephew told me that a female monster carried him away, "Cathy looked at Shemar..

"That was Grave Digger.." Shemar smiled, "We have code names to indicate who was there.."

"Roberts," reese sees the scowl on his bosses face.. "We had to let the 14 year old runaway go.."

"You let the run away go," Roberts looked at the two agents?

"You may NOT inquire into the Identities sir," Agent Shemar spoke.. "The lead wolf Templar One specifically.."

Roberts starts to say something, pauses then goes wide eyed, and raises a hand, "Your telling me.."

"National Security sir.. Templar One recruited me and I dragged Shemar with me.." Reese speaks with Cathy, "I need your help with a profile we will do only verbally..No notes.."

A man walks in the room, "Dr. reese..I will help you and Agent Smire build that profile.. Roberts.."

"Lucius Deemings," Roberts shakes the man Dressed in all Black's hand.. "What the H#$$ are you doing here?"

"This is my partner Al,"Lucius speaks.. "I will be aiding your team if your two agents dont mind.."

"Lucius..Your Organization," Roberts is interrupted..

Shemar Laughs, "It is nice to meet Templar One's mentor.. "

Reese smiles, "We know Lucius.. We recognize your voice.." 

Shaking his head as he shakes Dr. Reese's hand, "Little F#$%ing S#$%head!!!"

"Wait.." Roberts looks at his two Agents, "The run away ..You took a fourteen year old into a battlefield?"

"No.." Al responds coldly, "Templar One took them into the battlefield.." Handing out papers, "These are your FISA warrants signed by Judge Riley himself. Anything you see,hear, or collect is national security.. Agent Shemar has been appointed as lead investigator.. For the record the MIB was NEVER here. Your agencies plane is fueled and ready to leave when ever you are."


"Mr. Colt.. I," Austin pauses.. "Please.. George, I.."

Andros's uncle tossed Austin a beer and laid down on one of the deck chairs, "Call the cops.. For what.. This is your F#$%ing house little lady.. "

"Mr. Colt.. This is not my house," Austin was sitting on one of the deck chairs.

"Really," George pops the lid off his beer.. "Every D@#4 part of it is either your dream or Diana's.. Three five thousand dollar beds, with your horrible style couches, your god aweful taste in window curtains, fully F#$5ing stocked deep freezers and fridge.. " George sipped his beer, "Your F#$%ing flowers in the flower beds, a closet with clothes that keep arriving, A shoe closet for you and Diana full of god knows how expensive shoes.. Your sisters labratory.. Your and Diana's god D@#$ pictures on the mantle.. Katia from Gieco delivered the insurance papers.. Elizabeth blew up over the amount being spent.. Every god D@#4 inch and item is coverd.. Does my nephew at least get a room?"

Austin has tears in her eyes as she takes the lid off the beer, "He has a barn for his F#$5ing spiders.."

"You do not mind if I hide here from Elizabeth from time to time," George smiles.. "You know the security system wont let her in right.."

"This.. Wont let her in," Austin goes quiet.. "She .. I do not like her Mr. Colt.."

"Awetin.. To you it is George.. This is the first time I have been able to talk with you.. " George swallows his beer, " Mama gave you those rings for a reason.. My sister is an idiot... she has calle dthe cops already.. She is pissed because they told her that you were allowed on the property.. ."

"Let me guess .. You are gonna tell me I am an idiot," austin stood up and looked out at the trees..

"Are you," George asked?

Austin stopped and looked at George, "What.."

"Girl.. You have had a ring in that boys nose as long as I can remember back.. You crawled into bed with him of your own free will," George took a drink..

"He ran away George.." austin shook her head, "He could have stayed and we.."

George caught the pause and Austin's words.. After a few moments, "You know.. Today.. I have had masons who have not talked to me in years, all of a sudden pull me aside and tell me.. "

"They would pray for Andros.. If you need anything just let me know," austin shakes her head.. "Judge Worley's wife.. I thnik they are eastern stars."

"I was about to get into my truck at the bar.. An officer walked up.. Took my keys and gave me a curteosy ride home," George drank a beer.. "Did not say S#$% about me being drunk.. Had a red cross ring.."

Austin chuckles, "Drug dog at the school sniffed my purse.. The officer took my purse.. Opened it.. took out the items, then turned and said.. A false positive.. I.. I needed those joints to relax.. Safer then pills.."

"Mistress Bathroom.. medicine Closet.. Doctor Gera wrote you a prescription.." George saw the look on austin's face, "From SPAWAR.. Davis Mothan.. I signed for it.. Wallace said it was ordered for you.."

Austin stands up and walks to the stairs.. A few minutes later she comes back with a package, "From Navy medical? The DoD has given me a prescription for weed?"

"Doctor Gera's order.. Some kind of experimental study.." George took a sip, " Two a day little lady.."

Austin pulls out an ID card, "What is this.. A dependant ID.." She reads the sponsor, "Littleman is not with the DoD.."

"Apparently you, Diana, and my dear sister are his dependants with Tri-care.." George shakes his head, "Regina and Elphelba pulled some strings.."

"It.. Is this legal," Austin took out a joint and smelled it.. "Holy S#$% what grade is.."

"It is grown all natural.. No more street S#$% little lady.. By the way.. You havve an appointment with a counselor tomorrow.. " Seeing the look on Austin's face, "You want to argue with little Lucy.. She told her father you needed help.. "

"Overgrown little F#$%ing princess.." Austin lit the joint and sighed as she laid back, "It..I hope you do not mind.. My.."

"I never tell a woman what to do in her house," George pointed over.. "You and Regina have Fu#$ing ashtrays.. The wood is expensive.." George stands up, "You can ash where you want to but, the cost of this is.. "

Austin starts to move, "Ashtray?"

One of the standing pillars moves towards her as a computer voice responds,  "Ashtray.."

Austin sits up a little, "Automated.. S@#$ !!"

The Ashtray speaks, "Do you wish Adjustment?"

"Adjustment," Austin leans back.. 

the Ash Tray raises as it comes up to just the perfect point of lazy..

"Mind if I grab another beer," George speaks..

"Mr. colt.." The same computer voice responds, "Samual Adams, Heineken, or the cheap S#$%?"

George is surprised, "Samual Adams?"

About thirty seconds later a drone flies out of a window up to the deck..

"I'll be god D@#$," George reached out to the drone and took the beer.. "Cold to.."

"Little Lazy A$$," Austin rubs a hand on the deck chair..

"You miss him," George sits down.. "These chair do massage.."

Austin tokes for a second, "He is in bed with.. With a different woman.." austin has a tear fall down her face, "F#$%ing male whore.."

"You called him," George looks at austin..

"An Esfers answered.. She sounds beautiful," Austin was upset..

"You have every right to be pissed.. Esfers is hot," George drinks his beer slowly.. Austin looks at George with a tear, "What Awetin?"

"Your no help.."

"Mama was right.. We know EVERYTHING and I mean everything about you," George smiles softly.. "By the way, where you able to get that grade up to a B in english last semester.."

Austin looks at George, "You.. God.. Little pervert was a stalker.."

"Let me see..Blue eyes, Natural Blonde, b -cups... Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi, unless you in a good mood then its shani twain's any man of mine.. You like your steaks medium rare with honey mustard.. You hate beer but like margaritas.. Your favorite book publically is taming of a shrew, privately it is To Sail Beyond the Sunset.." George pauses as he thinks, "You wanted to be a ballerina when you were younger, but now you want to be .. What was it, a physical therapist.."

Austin looks at George, "You..I said they were stalkers.."

"You can think his G-paw.. "George Chuckles, "Told all three boys to collect information like spies.. Had them Brief him on updates when they stayed here.."

Austin is very quiet as a tears falls..

"Your medication got you?"

"No.. Esfers and Andros are.. Its," Austin takes a deep breath. "I can feel them.. She is very beautiful. Se is everything I am not.."

George shakes his head, "Soul Speak S#$%.. But you have one thing she doesnt.. Your name is awetin, hers isnt."

Austin Chuckles, "Right that.." Austin's eyes glowed again making her laugh, "Littleman.."


"There just kids," Roberts has to puke from the smell.. "How.."

Reese laughs as he watches Alex steel himself, " He must be the kid Andros told me about.." One of the other Profilers nodded yes, "That Is our future Boss.. Future leader of the free world.."

Shemar comes flying out of the mass grave with an Infant in his arms, "Number Three!!" 

He is caught by a group of marines and set down gently..

Doctor Gera rushes over, "Newborn.. they killed the mother and.. My god a week old.." doctor Gera has a makeshift incubator, "S#$%.. FLUIDS.. NOW!!!"

Agent Shemar is on his knees as the events hit him..

Alex walks over from one of the incubators, "We are done.."

Shemar stands up, "No.. We.."

Alex motions and heavily armed Marines block the way, "You stay with the little lady you saved.."

"I can do," Shemar stops as Alex looks at him.. "You little F#$% are benching me.."

The infant cries catching Shemar's Attention.. The makeshift incubator shakes making Shemar grab it to steady it, "I got it doc.."

"Hold it Shemar," Doctor Gera puts an old fashioned stethascope to the infant.. "Lungs ok.."

The leg breaks on the make shift incubator, but Shemar cathes the incubator.. From the weight he sets it down slowly..

"Thank you Agent.. Stay right here.. I may need you to lift this again.." Several of the armed Marines hand their modified rifles over.. "Shemar," Doctor Gera Steps back as the four marines bend over and pick up the Incubator.. "Hold the fluids bag.. Get her inside that ambulance now.."

Chinooks land, as medical teams come running out.. Doctor Gera gives orders, "Belay that.. Get the three infants on that Chinook.. Agent Semar take charge of the three infants and get them to the hospital.."

Shemar paused for a second, "Doc.." Shemar started giving orders assigning marines to physical pick up, "You.. Sargent grab the generators for the incubators. your boys are assigned to keep that power flowing at all cost."

The marines started moving quickly.. The Sargent grabbed six hoss, gym rat marines, "You six.. Generator, main building.. I want it on the Chinook NOW!!"

A minute later the six marines where carrying a huge generator..

Shemar was wide eyed as the six straining marines walked the obviously heavy generator to the Chinook..

"I do not think," the pilot had a several guns in his face..

"Take him to go help dig," Shemar growled.. "Take every D@#$ thing off that is not important.. We need a new pilot.. this helicopter leaves in two minutes.."

One of the marines crawled in and went to the front, "On it Agent.."

Various pieces of equipment were tossed off..

Their Sargent growled, "Toss the weapons and ammo.. Stack them in that building.."

Excellent  minusculeclap just Excellent!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

Alex raises a glass to the hologram and speaks in an ancient language, "Whiskey for men.."

The image of Lt. Butterworth raises a glass and speaks in the same ancient language, "Beer for my horses.."

Micro-holograms play in the hotel room..

Sandra dries her hair, "Delano I.." She pauses as she sees Alex and the Lt. drink.. Grabbing a towel, "Delano.. That.."

She watches as armored men are slitting throats, Detonating explosives, sniping, standing over posioned bodies..

"Mrs. Tolliver," Buttersworth bows.. "Mr. Chairman.. The men and women behind moriarty city will not see monday morning.. The knghts Templar will see to it.."

A hologram of Madam Chairman appears, "Alex.. Darling.."

"Madam Chairman.. " Buttersworth speaks, "My knights templar need the Yee Naldlooshi  help.. "

"Delano," Sandra stops when she sees Madam Chairmans hologram slit a throat.. "That.."

"Was the general that thought he would quietly leave," Madam Chairman smiles.. "Grandmaster Templar.. How may the skinwalkers aide you?"

The two spoke as alex watched the ones being assassinated died..

"I want the men you catch alive to have their rights honored.." Alex spoke interrupted them, "I want the remainder that you take into custody to face the tribunal.. They are all facing a fate worse then death.."

"Mr. Chairman," Buttersworth whispered.. "Fate worse then death?" Holding his thoughts for a moment,"You.. "

Buttersworth laughs, starts to speak and then laughs..

"The insane man," Sandra shakes her head..

"Noel.. He is completely sane," Alex takes another sipp of his drink.. Sandra looks at Alex confused, "And Grand Master of the Templars.. We are going fishing.. "

"Alex.." Madam Chairman has a confused look for a second, "You think the Tribunal is corrupt.. They were vetted by.."

"I have men in position Mr. chairman.. " Looking at Alex, "And with Madam Chairmans help I can rig the game."

Everyone pauses as one of the c-130's in the microholograms is hit and turned into a fireball.

"My. God Uncle Phillip just," Madam Chairman brings up a recording.. "F#$% me.. Everyone is hunting these mother fuckers.."

The recording from a few seconds ago shows a satilite firing..

Another Hologram appears of an old man in a bathrobe, "They did not get away Madam Chairman.. Grandmaster.."

"Admiral "De'Chez," Buttersworth holds back his laugh to half of one..

"I have ordered all our intell shared.. Vorley is dealing with the SPAWAR officers involved," Admiral De'Chez has a cold look on his face.. "Son these types of men are above the law.. Not justice.."

"I am just a kid.. With a VERY simple request. I am going to sleep," Alex nods with a hand signal to Madam Chairman..

"Understood," Madam chairman smiles evilly as Alex cuts the hologram..

Alex sits the glass down and takes a deep breath..

"Delano.. Are you ok," Sandra takes his hands in her face?

Tears fell down Alex's face as he hold Sandra's nude body next to him..

"Baby," Sandra tries not to cry.. "You.. "

"I do not like being right.. I.. I cant be mad at Andros for F#$%ing my mother.. It upset me.. This.. I am numb Noel.." Alex swallows hard as the ters stop, "I cant let any of them see me having emotions for even a second.."

"You are letting them be," Sandra stops and goes wide eyed.. "If they escape.. The family members of those involved will kill them.. You get the ones who are hiding.."

"Helos is off killing several people.. I gave him a list of untouchables," Alex shook his head.. "About seven.. so far six .. Noel.. Helos ripped them apart.. Piece by piece.. Gretchen .. You need to speak with her.. Helos is also.."

"Delano.." She stands Alex up and takes off his shirt and pants.. "We are going to be baby.. You are no good to anyone.. I spoke with Doctor Gera.. I am sending all further calls to him.. Only Andros, Helos and Rufus are allowed to call in.."

"Rufus.. "Alex laughs, "You do not want to know what she is doing.. She is coordinating the  attacks from behind the scenes and .. Well lets say The CIA is not that upset over the death of a few of its agents.. Live training of interrogation techniques.. I.. I unleashed he!! Noel.. And Andros.."

Sighng, "I know baby.. He is acting like a heartbroken teenager.." Sandra got alex to lay next to her," I was told by a friend of my mothers.. Rumors are spreading he is in Esfer's arms.. I.."

Sandra kisses Alex's forehead as he is out cold..

"My littler Trailer trash.. You did good baby.. I shuld not have been so mean to the three of you," Sandra holds Alex close to her.. "Your growing faster then I thought.. I .. I love you Delano.. For the man you are.. God.. Thank your mother likes me.."

A light goes off and Sandra answers it with a whisper, "Ms. Mace.. Regina He just went to sleep tell Doc I got this end.."

A tear fell down Regina face, "And my littleboy is growing up.. Noel.. Take good care of him.."

"I will Ms.. Regina.. No word on Andros yet," Sandra whispers..

"Thank you darlin," Regina closer her eyes.. "Get some sleep yourself.."


Andros lays wrapped up in the bed sheets with Esfer..

Esfer swallows hard as she opens her eyes, "F#$%.. You.." Pausing as a short teenager appears out of nowhere, "Helos.."

Andros shakes his head and raises a single finger salute, snuggling closer to Esfer..

Helos sighs and whispers, "Doctor Gera wishes for a scan.. And when he wakes up to call him.."

Esfers swallows hard, "Mr. Smithson.."

"Take care of the mother F#$%ing punk," Helos growls and disappears.. The Balcony opens, "I was mad Andros.. But.. No one is escaping our grasp.. I.. Just one more person to torture to death.."

Andros sits up, "Helos.. I.. How is.. I.."

"She is worried about you," Helos does not reappear.. 

"I.. Did not sleep with Gretchen because of the soul speak," Andros sits up.. "Same for Sandra.. I have been a jacka$$.."

Helos does not reappear, "Andros You hurt her and Sandra's feelings.. It.." Helos  stops and reappears.. He steps forward and shuts the balcony, "She selected you to father her outsider child, didnt she?"

Andros closes his eyes, "Yes.. I just cant.. It is the part that makes all of it very hard.. Because my own desire would overwrite hers.. I.."

"Littleman.. You are a terrible friend you know that,"Helos looks at Esfers.. "Doctor Gera wants you to call him when you get out of bed.. Mam.. Doc has arranged for you to have two weeks off.. Doc's orders.."

Helos disappeared as the balcony door opened.. 

"Helos," Esfers watches as the blinds blow in the wind.. "S@#$.. I am in so much S#$%.. You F#$%ing B@st@rd.."

Andros kisses Esfers again..

"I will give you old man your age is 91," Esfers swallows hard.. "To the rest of the world your.. Your physically.."

Andros stops kissing Esfers and looks out the window and starts laughing..

A man screams makes Esfers turn..

"I am Sue... Head of the musketeers.. A division of the Templars.." The sound of a loud boot connecting to a jaw fills the air..

"Captain Colt is going to come in for questioning.. Boys their is only one of..."

"All for one," The male voice of Sue fills the air..

Esfers looks all around as several voices call out, "One for all.."

A man in all black repels down to the open balcony.. Esfers gasp as as she sees a blue and white armband as she grabs the covers....

"Grandmaster," A man with a samoli accent bows, "Docs orders sir.. You are to rest for two weeks.." Looking at Esfers as he tossed a burn phone onto a table, "God D@#$ sir.. RHIP in F#$%ing deedly do!" Sighing as he shut the doors, "Grandmaster.. Princess Lucinda Bach, the first, of the Committee for a better future.. Respectfully request the Grandmaster call her at his earliest convinience.. "

"A bunch of morons with swords.. We have," The man speaking now makes a sound as an arrow hits him..

Sue's voice fills the air, "Now knaves.. The grandmaster templar wishes to speaks with you.."

Esfers looks at Andros..

"Three borrowed SUV's have pulled up.. The injured men with crossbow bolts and arrows in them are being loaded up," andros sighs.. "Musketeers.. A branch of my Templars.."

"Count Norton.. You," Esfers kisses Andros as glow goes between them.. "He.. He was sane the whole time.. To hunt down a Donavan brother.."

"Apparently he as assumed the mantle of Grandmaster Templar.. Which tells me their is now a solid leader in the spot," Andros stops and bolts out of the bed nude..

"Littleman," Esfers watches as the nude Andros disappears with a leap..

Alex smiles as he shakes the hand of a Reserve Colonel, "Good morning Mam.. "

The Colonel shakes Alex's Hand, "I remember you son.." Seeing multiple four star all silent, "Good morning to you.. Are you thinking of signing up with the national Guard?"

"I am here because of Moriarty City," Alex speaks as The Colonel gets nervous..

"None of my boys shad.."

"Colonel.. I brought Admiral Creast here to thank you .. For loaning her TGDB," Alex smiles in the office..

"TGDB," The older woman and the Colonel both respond..

"Colonel.. I know for a f@#$ing fact.. Agent The God D@#$ Batman was sworn in on December 7th, 2012.. By you personally because I blackmailed you to," Alex responded.. 

"That.. I ," The Colonel is interrupted..

Alex speaks to someone in code..

A few seconds later, "Locating Agent TGDB.. Real name classified Omega level.. " After a few seconds, "Mr. Chairman.. His boss on record is a National Guard Colonel without the clearance to be his commanding officer.. Colonel Poland.. "

"What the F#$% is Omega level," Colonel Poland shakes her head?

"Wait.. You have an Agent in the field Colonel," Admiral De'Chez is confused..

"She loaned him to SPAWAR and Admiral Creast dad.. Andros borrowed him for moriarty city," Alex responds..

The voice speaks, "Mr. Chairman.. The God D@#$ batman located.. Unable to get visual.. He is own a com line.. With Templar One.."

"TGDB was not at," The older woman, Admiral Creast, pauses..

Alex takes out a zip drive and plugs it into the Colonel's computer.. "My dad is giving you omega level for this mission Colonel.. "

"Son.. We cant just," Admiral De'Chez stops.. "He was at Moriarty city.. We accounted for everyone.."

Colonel Poland sits down and brings up the files..

As she reads them a tears fall from her face, "My god.. They.. They did this on US soil.. I.. I.. Wait.. What is this.. A shadow.."

Admiral Creast and Admiral De'Chez look at the footage over the Colonel's Shoulder..

"Those men where killed by," Admiral creast sees a blade slit a throat..

A silenced side arm kills another one..

A little girl is terrified, "They.. Mister.."

A shadow grabs the little girl and counting can be heard..

Jumping out a window and rolling into the woods, Just before a huge explosion takes place..

"Who are you," The little girl ask?

An masked voice responds, "I guess I really am .. TGDB.."

"Shelly and Jack.." The little black girl speaks, "They took them that way.."

Andros's voice comes up, "Go Batman.. We got this.."

A shadow points to a little clearing, "Agent Shemar is over there.. Twenty feet.."

"Batman.. Holy S#$% I was saved by batman," The littlegirl hugs the shadow.. She takes off towards Shemar, "Agent Shemar.."

"A child.. I am right here," Agent Shemar's voice calls out.. 

The little Girl runs into the wounded Agent's arms, "Batman saved men.. He is going to save my friends.."

"The group of children found in the woods," Admiral De'Chez sounds surprised.. "How did we miss him?"

"A black site on US soil.." Colonel Poland was not very happy.. "I assume he.. Him.. He is just a paper processor.. He is not qualified to be a member of the national guard.."

The same voice from the tape is fed in, "Five.. Four.. three.. Two.. One.." The sound of an explosion fills the air, followed by a series of single shots.. "H.. G.. F.. E.. D.." After a few seconds, "I need four seconds.. Agent Lionheart.. I have come for your head.."

"Xavier Sohtna.. We have diplomatic immunity from the british go," An explosion fills the air.. 

The sound of screams fills the air..

"You mother F#$%er," A british voice fills the air..

"Their is no scenarios you escape alive," TGDB smiles.. "So I go to jail.. After Moriarty city.. I do not give a S#$%.." After a few second, "Series four.. Z.. Y.. X.. W.."

Single shots fill the air as he calls out letters..

"I want to speak with my national guardsman," Colonel Poland growls..

"Colonel," Xavier stops.. "S#$%.."

"See the US government wont allow you to cause a diplomatic incident," Agent Lionheart laughs.. "I will go home.."

"Agent the god D@#$ batman.. Your mission is green lighted.. I repeat.. This is Colonel Poland of the Florida Army National Guard.. Your mission is a go.." With her fist on the table, "Second Lt.."

"WHAT, "Lionheart yells..

"TGDB.. Looks to me like Lionheart stole your Compass and your map," Andros's voice comes over the air..

Xavier laughs, "Oh agent Lionheart..series Five.." As single shots fill the air, "12.. 11.. 10.."

Colonel Poland leans back as she listens to the count.. As it reaches three, An aide comes in..

"Colonel.. The state department is on the line.." 

Alex sees the phone and picks it up, "Hello.."

"Who is this.. I want Colonel Poland on the line.. Now.."

Alex thinks for a second, "Skull and bonesman right.. Dad.. its for you.."

"Kid.. I demand you.."

"Admiral De'Chez.. Who is this.." 

"Please.. Admiral De'Chez would not," The voice pauses.. "F#$%.."

The man hangs up..

The original female voice speaking comes over the line, "Admiral De'Chez.. I have this person's location.. MAMG's husband is literally in the office next door.. About to go to lunch with an old friend.."

"Please let him know I a paying five hundred thousand dollars for the man next door to be delivered alive.. " Admiral De'Chez grins, "To MAMG!"

"Message passed..."

Admiral Creast looks at the aide, "Bring me several sheets of paper.. We need to make Agent.. Agent TGDB legit.. He is now assigned to your command permanently.."

The Aide looks at Colonel Poland..

"Admiral Creast gave an order son," The aide disappears quickly.. "Admiral.. the problem is that I wont be in command here next month.. I am retiring.."

"Brigadier General Poland.." Admiral De'Chez speaks as he turns to a Naval Captain, "MacCann.."

The Captain snaps a finger and a minute later a box is brought forward.. MacCann opens it and takes out a single star, "Admiral.."

Creast looks at MacCann, "God D@#$.."

"I appreciate it.. But they are also shutting down this Command.. BRAC decided that.."

"They want to hand the command over to me or Phillip.. They will decide to do something different.. " Admiral Creast smiles, "Phillip.. I will train her to be a star.. "

"Got you.." The sound from the phone line fills the air, "Agent Lionheart.."

"I.. I surrender," Agent Lionheart speaks.. "You cant kill me.. I am a prisoner of war.."

"Agent," the now one star takes a deep breath as the sound of a gun discharges.. "S#$%.."

"I am taking you into custody.. You will answer for you crimes.." Xavier sounds defeated, "I.. Be glad.. Alex did not want you dead.. He promised me I get to see you suffer a fate worse then death.."

"Kill me.. You wife begged me to F#$% her," The agent panics..

Xavier laughs, "Alex was right.. You know what this fate worse then death is.. No.. No.. You will face this.."

"I.. Your wife was pregnant.. We made her lose the baby," A second shot fills the air..

Everyone is quiet..

"Alex already told me.." Xavier can be heard dragging a body, "What you feel is the drugs in your system.. You will wake up with one hell of a head ache.."

"MacCann.. Communicate with.." Admiral De'Chez smiles, "Agent The God D@#$ Batman.. Find out where he wishes to be picked up.. If he is not already in a second Lt.'s uniform have him one ready.. " Seeing the look on MacCann's face, "What.. you are his new sea daddy.. Make sure he is a basic officer by the time I meet him.."

A dirty man laughs, "You think I will forget this.. You .."

A gloved hand knocks the man to the floor, "Agent Lionheart.. By order of her Magesty, signed by various agency heads, You are hereby discharged from service to the crown.. effective December sixth.. 2012.."

"You bastard," Lionheart yells from the ground.. "I have friends.. You think they won fry you sir Nigel.."

"Little Lucy Bach is has scheduled tea with the queen in a few months.." Sir Nigel stood straight up, "It appears that somehow the Queen found out about the British Governments involvement with Moriarty City.."

Lionheart goes wide eyed, "I.. They.."

"You were declared rogue for your treatment of the Former Mrs. Sohtna.." Nigel winks, "It appears that little Lucy told her magesty everything.. And I mean everything.. She cancelled her trip for tea with the queen.. Something about it not being safe for women and children under the crown's protection.. The Queen personally assured her that this was not the policy of her government.. " Sir Nigel kicked Agent Lionheart breaking a rib, "That was on direct orders from the Queen.. "

The military men just went tight lipped..

"Please.. You have no clue who," Nigel breaks another rib of Agent Lionheart..

"The was from prince William.. As an officer in Her Magesty military.." Nigel drops a paper he took out from his coat, "You have been transferred directly to his old command. Why is beyond..."

Lionheart swallows hard, "I plead guilty to moriarty city.. I can give you names of others involved in moriarty city.. Do NOT transfer me to his unit.."

"I will be god D@#$.. You do know something about the death of His mother.. F#$%me," Sir Nigel is very quiet..

An SAS senior enlisted stepped forward, "Sir Lionheart.. Welcome to the the joint command between the french foriegn Legion and her Magesty's SAS."

At his hand signal several nasty looking men with scars stepped forward and picked up Agent Lionheart..

One of the bigger men smiled, "As the Yanks love to say.. Youse got a pretty mouth.."

Lionheart is dragged away kicking and screaming..

"Just be bloody glad you are not Japanese," Nigel shook his head.. Looking at Alex, "The Emperor is on a bloody tear.. He some how found out several of the victims where from Japan.. All are being brought by force before the Emperor himself.. I heard a rumor the Emperor is aiding them himself in restoring their pesonal honor.. In front of the key members of the diet."

Alex smiles, "Wow.. " 

"Sir.. Admiral," A man in a suit is not very happy. "Kerry himself wants you to stop letting your son have access to classified information.. We are getting word that several members of the G20 somehow know about moriarty city.. We know your son told Putin.."

"Watch it boy," Admiral De'Chez responds..

Alex takes out his phone and dials a number..

"Please.. It is a matter of," The man is interrupted..

"Little Alexander," Putin's voice comes from the phone as people are screaming in the background.. "Quiet.. "

"Vlad will you tell this idiot from the state department that I have not called you about recent incidents," Alex puts the phone on speaker..

"Do not be coy.. We all know you talked with Vlad over Moriarty city," The State Department official almost yelled.. "He has Putin in speed dial.. That is all the proof.."

"Moriarty City.. What is this moriarty City.." Putin's words make the official freeze, "S#$%.. We are unaware of any.."

"Yes.. The gun battle in that small town in montana," Putin spoke.. "Or was it mountain canyon.. Nebraska?"

The State department official goes white faced, "The united States government denies any involvement in the so called black site.."

"BLACK SITE.. "Putin is loud, "My agents said it was a cartel gun fight.."

In the back ground a russian interrogator is speaking in russian.. "Putin is on the phone with your American allies Gregory.. Kidnapping russian children and selling them to the Americans.. We both heard the city's name.. They have rated you out.."

Sir Nigel and Alex start laughing..

"I will have to have.. Wait.. Why are you not telling me about this.." Putin's voice is very cold, "You found russian's there.. Did you not.. that is why.. And they saw you represent the torch of freedom.."


"His name is Agent Ledbetter.. J. K. Ledbetter," Alex speaks out.. "Wow.. Did you just tell state secrets.."

The tortured man in the background starts speaking.  Still in russian, "I.. HAve names.. The F#$%ing Americans.. JK Ledbetter.. His name.. Yes.. He funneled some of the money the money.."

Nigel took a moment and spoke in russian, "The British government thanks you Mr. Putin.." Switching to english, "Ledbetter.. Let me walk you to your car before you start an international incident.. I need to speak with your boss.."

Putin laughs as he speaks in Russian, "Sir Nigel correct.. The russian government is all to happy to assist.."

Alex puts up his hand, "Sir Nigel.."

Sir nigel turns towards Alex quietly, "Mr. Macer.."

"Tell the Queen I will talk with Lucy about her safety being Gaurenteed by British Intelligence.."

"Kid," Ledbetter is shoved forward..

"Admiral De'Chez will kill you sir.. INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT," Nigel takes the man's arm.. "Our apologies.. Let me talk with his boss and I will personally apologize to Mr Sohtna."

After they leave, Alex waves good bye..

Admiral De'Chez looks at his son, and goes wide eyed..

"I think the British have him quiet well in pocket," Alex speaks in russian.. "Mr. Gregory.. I think you have to come up with a better set of names.."

"No.. He.. He is my.. S#$%," Gregory's voice comes from the phone.. "I.. I only have the driver.. Please.."

Putin speaks, "A driver.. Yes.. That is something I do not know about moriarty city.. Continue.. " Switching to English, "I will indeed be speaking with the US Ambassador over this.. Moriarty City.."


BRigadier General Poland walks out of her office and is very quiet.. "Second Lt. Sohtna.. I see you have introduced yourself to the men.."

A group of men and women stood at proper attention, several where looking through blackened eyes..

A major laid out cold on the ground..

"Just explaining that proper preplanning can accomplish anything Mam.." Sohtna's uniform seemed to be text book perfect, "Included is the ability to move quickly.."

"Mam," One of the NCO with two black eyes.. "We are supposed to.."

Sohtna hit the NCO in the Stomach, "Norson.. You were not addressed.. " 

The larger muscled man piked on the ground..

"Second Lt.. these men were just supposed to report in for a daily check up.." Poland takes a deep, "We also do not.."

"Mam.. Norson participates in tough man competitions.." The Second Lt smiles, "He just tripped and fell Aint that right?"

Standing up and getting back in formation, "Aye second Lt.. You hit like a girl.."

Poland raises an eye brow..

With a smile Captain MacCann walks out behind her, "He will have your men in tip top shape.. You are new to your star Mam.. I am overseeing the training.." MacCann whispers, "These might eventually have a certain officer here.."

Brigadier General Poland rubs her chin for a second, and says nothing..

The soldiers get an oh F#$% look on there face..

"Now.. I am a firm believer in preventing oxes from getting into the ditches," The Nineteen year old's comment made Captain MacCann look at him..

"This is unofficial.. Billy," Sohtna spoke up..

Angry Billy stepped forward, "Second Lt.."

"I understand you lost your job recently.." Billy balled up his fist as Sohtna just looked at him, "I have reviewed your skills.. I spoke with a Mrs. Macer.. She can get you a job at the NCO club doing dishes.."

"God.. I.. I got a kid I will take it.." Billy paused, "Sir.. I just hate doing dishes.."

"During this time period you wil also be getting your pay from..  One of my other Bosses.. You will report everything you see and hear.." Sontha looked at all the men, "In fact all you are now active duty.. "

The men all look at each other..

"You will be collecting information at your low level jobs.." Sohtna turned to the Brigadier General, "It is part of the Deal with several agencies.."

One of the men had tears fall, "This means.. I.. I have full health insurance.."

"Yes.. You will all sign up for new insurance policies.. " Sohtna smiled, "Cant have the records show you active duty.. Remember you ARE active duty.."

"Sir," billy is confused.. "We have to pay for these policies?"

"No.. You are recorded as paying cash.. Billy the record will show you found this deal and signed up all your men here.."  Sohtna walks over to a very Quiet woman, "Kelly.. "

"You.. you know sir," She looked down.. Kelly swallows hard, "I can.."

Sohtna slaps her, "You F#$5ing idiot.. However.. On the Recomendation of Captain.. Templar one.. You will go to court.. Plead no contest.. You will be arrested by these officers outside waiting on you.." MacCann stops Poland as Sohtna continues, "You wil recieve ten years probation.. You will take it.. "

"Sir, Kelly rubs her face.. "I.. Am I going to jail.."

"No.. You will be doing your job.." Sohtna smiled and rolled his hands, "Kelly.."

"I am spying on the probation Department," Kelly was confused.. "I.."

"Will be NJP'd in about three days when your new probation officer contacts me.. " Sohtna smiles, "Howard.."

Norson steps forward, "Sir.."

"Her ex boyfriend likes to fight in FT. Walton in an underground fight club.. He is the champ," Sohtna smiles.. "I think me and you are going to find him tonight.. Kelly.. You two have broken up.. " Seeing Kelly's face, "You are correct that woman is not his sister like he claimed.."

"How.. How do you know .. Wait that Whore.." Kelly gets a look on her face, "Second Lt. I will give you the Address of the next fight.."

"Howard.. If you can take him.. He will be delivered to Captain MacCann.."

"Second Lt.. Her boyfriend is not on any list I," MacCann thinks for a second.. "Or Vorley's.."

"He knows where someone on MAMG's list is," Sohtna smiles as he sees the Major moving..

MacCann Whistles, "I will go with you two.. F#$5 me.. How the Hell do you know that.."

"Major," Sohtna reaches down.. "You ok sir.. You got dizzy and fell.."

"You," the Major Stands up.. "Brigadier General Poland.. Captain MacCann I can explain.."

Poland smiles, "I like initiative.. The Second Lt was just telling me how you where taking care of your men.. Good Job Major.."

"Mam," the Major is pissed off..

"My Ex-Brother in law.. Well and probably future brother in law and me have a past mam.." Sohtna speaks coldly, "I wont yell at him again mam on the governments time.."

Poland narrows her eyes, "Major.. Before your speak.. Remember your last encounter with Vorley.. He has requested you personally for training.."

"No issue mam," The Major swallows his pride..

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