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George Bernard Shaw talks about his experience with smallpox
George Bernard Shaw talks about his experience with smallpox. Will history repeat itself?

[Image: 6KFfHEL.jpg]

[Image: Qp8ctik.jpg]

These letters (archived at Fauci's NIH) from early 1900's also prove that history is currently repeating itself. Back then they were dealing with exact same issues as we do now, medical & scientific fraud included.

Mr. Bernard Shaw on Small-Pox Prevention

Vaccination: The Imperial Vaccination League and Mr. Bernard Shaw

Mr. Bernard Shaw on Vaccination

"Nature has provided the phagocytes, a natural means of devouring & destroying all disease germs. There is... only one genuinely scientific treatment for all diseases and that is to stimulate the phagocytes, drugs are a delusion." (1906, pre-antibiotic era)
Source: The Doctor’s Dilemma: lessons from GB Shaw in a modern pandemic COVID-19

[Image: gE9tBRx.jpg]

Interesting, coming from a eugenicist. He would of been banned on twit & Youtube.

On the flip side...George Bernard Shaw and mass killing:

Today, we have WEF clowns like Yuval Noah Harari (Twit clip) explaining how artificial intelligence will create a new class of useless and irrelevant people.

Yuval Noah Harari - Humans are hackable animals - Transhumanism and Eliminating Free Will:

Fauci: I'm the most dangerous man in the world.
Noah Harari: Hold my beer.
Schwab: That's my initiate!

[Image: 79aWovA.jpg]

[Image: qxTSFKJ.gif]
"The underlying aim was not to win the war but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilized perception in order to manage and control." ― Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov

"The wisdom they claim we gain, is just all the wisdom we already had, but was oblivious to it, because we were too busy trying to change what we couldn't and refusing to change what we could, when we could."
― NightskyeB4Dawn

(05-21-2022, 08:21 PM)EndtheMadnessNow Wrote: George Bernard Shaw talks about his experience with smallpox. Will history repeat itself?

If we "do" learn anything from history, it is that we have learned that our governments don't really give a damn about the welfare of the people, unless it interferes with their ability to hold on to their wealth or status.

Our government used smallpox as a weapon before, I guess they are going back to the tried and true.

Smallpox had no cure. It killed less than one percent of the people that were infected. They like to believe that we have antivirals available today that were not available back then, that they think would have been greatly effective. But we know that even if we do have antivirals on the shelf now that will work, they will never be allowed to be used.

Quote:Smallpox is a disease that is caused by the variola virus. It is an infectious (also known as ‘communicable’) disease meaning it can spread from one person or animal to another, either directly or indirectly. The variola virus, however, infects only humans (meaning animals are unable to catch smallpox).

There are two types of variola viruses – variola major and variola minor – with the former type being a much more severe form.

Another interesting thing was that a slave is credited with saving a large number of people from severe infection and death, in Boston in the 1700s.
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