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Do you need a VPN
There is a lot of talk about if people need a VPN. The thing is governments hate VPNs but to ban them like China and Russia are trying to do would give too much away about how they want to control you.
So what is the next best thing for TPTB, a government run VPN, a fast  VPN that is given for free where the government can see everything you do on the net.
If the deal for a VPN  seems too good then its for sure a honey trap.
Not that it helps much but you should always read the VPNs privacy policy, to see what logs they keep. Almost all VPNs say they dont keep logs but this is not true, for a VPN to work some logs must be kept, its what logs they keep and for how long that is important. Can you be identified by the logs is the big question.
Never fall into thinking that because you use TOR or a VPN that you are a 100% safe, you are not .
Not using a VPN is like leaving your house unlocked, using TOR or a safe VPN is like locking your house up, it stops most people from getting into the house but not all.
For the people who dont know what a VPN or TOR is i advise you read up about them and then think do I need it.
Stay safe on the net, look on a VPN as a condom, if used correctly it gives good protection, and remember the internet is one of the most infected places on earth.

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