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Operation Rebirth: Family Special
Nicoedemus walks into the locker room , "Mr. Dearborn sir.."

Dearborn opens his eyes from meditating, "You are the rear Admiral's son.. Nicodemus right.."

"Why are you doing this,"Nicodemus quietly ask? "Dawn went back to her boyfriend.. You have nothing to prove.."

Dearborn sat silently..

Nicodemus looked At Clayton, "You do not know why you are here do you?"

Andros walked in with the Commandant of the MArine corps..

Standing up in a pair of boxing shorts with USMC on them, "I dont.. I.." Dearborn laughs, "My whole problem littleone is that I have no clue why I am here?"

The commandant swallows hard and looks at the Rear Admiral, "Son.. You do NOT have to step in that ring.."

"Commandant.. I am not afraid of him.." Clayton Dearborn took a deep sigh,"I .. My heart is not in this.."

Andros smiled, "I will tell them the fight will not happen Commandant.."

The Commandant puts his hand on the Dearborn's shoulder.. He looks him in the eye, "You really do not give a S#$% about this.." The commandant laughs,"Do not worry son.. The Sec Def is against this idea.. I will claim we were ordered not to kill the Silver Devil.."

"Thank you sir.." Dearborn seems releived, "I do not see a point to this.. I understand if I am discharged Commandant.."

With a huge smile, "Son.. You are my property now.. You will return to base.. Muster is tomorrow morning son.. After muster I want you to go to psyche.." The Commandant holds up his hand, "My call son.. Pack your S#$% and go back to base.."

"Aye commandant," Dearborn stands up..

The Commandant walks to the doors, "Son.. You took the F#$%ing Champ the distance.. Untrained.. I was worried you would just gang him in the ring.. I can relax, now my marine will not go kill a man in front of the whole world.."

As he left, Nicodemus looked as his dad..

"Son.. Clayton doesnt fell like it.. It is no important to history or the world if he goes out there.." 

"Rear Admiral," Clayton frooze.. "That bar fight in San Deigo is the only fight I ever won.. That Future S#$% sir.. Even with all the training.. Who won the rematch?"

"Its Andros, Clayton.. I am here with my son," Andors shakes his head..  A few moments of silence,"You lost.. The extra was just in case.. Your instructors failed oyu.. Your heart really is not in this.."

Andros turns and looks out the door..

"Son.. I may need you to stay with Dearborn," Looking back out the door.. "I do not think the champ is going to take this well.."

Nicodemus looks at the champ, "So he is not being a coward.. He.. You have nothing to prove or.."

A loud set of boo's comes from the crowd..

Nicodemus and Andros both look out the door.. Andros takes off..

"The champ has knocked out the commandant.. He is fighting the security personell now.." Nicodemus goes wide eyed as he peaks his outside, "S#$%.. Dad having to go up to the raptors.. Dad stopped.. What.."

Dearborn sticks his head out as the champ mows through various people..

"What is dawn doing," Nicodemus ask.. "S#$5 her knocked her down."

"I am a golden glove ch.." Dawn's boyfriend goes flying out of the ring and lands wrong with his neck..

"He.. He is stripping Dawn.." Dearborn is stopped by Nicodemus, "Son F#$%ing move!!"

"Your a marine.. Act like one," Nicodemus pauses and smiles.. He chirps back to his father.. After a second in his father's voice "A Marine.. Dad said take him to the bearpit son! Like a MARINE.."

"Can you get the lights to go off," Dearborn freezes as the lights go off.. "Your dad can here me.. Can I get a distraction! I need help to the ring!"


Nicodemus chirps and then his father Chirps back..

"I can get you to the ring.. I thought," Nicodemus hears his dad Chirp..

" This is stupid.. But now," Dawn Screams as Nicodemus hears a chirp.. Dearborn takes off the gloves, "F#$% me!!"

"Put your hand on my shoulder," Nicodemus leads Dearborn through the chaos..

Music fills the Arena.. 

"You think I am afraid of," Dearborn grabs the speaking Champ and throws him hard into the Gate.. "Lights.."

A few seconds later from the lights come back on.. With An electronic version of the Marine Hymn filling the areana, The crowd sees the now muscled Dearborn..

Hearing his father Chirp, Nicodemus grabs the mike off the ground.. In the knocked out announcers voice "Weighing in at one pound over the legal limit.. The Challenger from the mean streets of MCRD San Diego.. Branded forever a marine.. The Dessert Sidewinder!!!"

The Champ winces as he stands up, "YOU.. YOU.."

Nicodemus tosses the Mike, as the ring is clearing.. The old Commandant helps Nicodemus grab Dawn and get her out of the ring..

"Why dony you come pick on me," Dearborne picks up the mike and throws it the Champ.. 

The mike makes a weird sound when it hits the Silver Devil in the head..

The crowd goes wild as the Silver Devil charges right into the ring..


"We have complete pandemonium in Las Vegas nevada.. The Champion, The Silver devil has been pounding Dearborn again.. And," The announcer stopped when a loud crack filled the ring..

Nicodemus sitting next to the announcer as the Armed members of the national guard stood by with armed Marines, "Dearborn has broken the champs arm at the Elbow, With an arm throw.." As Nicodemus starts mimicking we will rock you, "The Champ just lost his most potent weapon.."

In pain holding, his now broken arm, The world saw a look of fear on the silver Devils face..

The crowd starts stomping and cheering, "The Champ is F#$%ed.. "

Dearborn comes in on the broken arms side as the Champ turns sideways..

Managing to block the blows, "This.. I.."

Dearborn flips the champ on his back.. He starts beating the Champ with both fist..

"The Desert sidewinder has the champ pinned and is beating him down," The announcer speaks as a tooth goes flying..

Dearborn rolls off the just before the champ can lock his legs..

"What did he sat mr. Esfers?"

In Dearborn's voice, "You aint that tough.. Get up mother F#$%er.." Nicodemus smiles and looks at Camera, "High Darla.. I am at the Heavy weight.."

The Silver devil charges Dearborn, and succeeds in tackling him.. The champ has to roll off because Dearborn cleaned his clock with an elbow to the back of the head.. 

Both men stand back up.. Dearborn has to catch a rope because his ankle doesnt seem to support his weight..

"Your hurt," The Champ smiles.. "I will kill you.."

Distracted Dearborn is almost tackled again.. At the last second, he twirls on his Good ankle and slams the champ's bridge of his nose into the ring buckle..

As the two men fall to the deck, nicodemus goes wide eyed.. "He cracked the champs skull.."

Dearborn is on the champs back pounding with all the gas he has left..

"The Champ is not moving," Nicodemus runs towards the ring.. "DAD.. The champ is not breathing.."

A loud ring bell comes from Andros, " Get in there and pull him off boys.."

The Marines Are quickly in the ring.. Command Sargent Major is wide eyed  as he locks up Dearborn, "You.. you killed him?"

Dearborn has to be dragged backed as he keeps stomping the Champ..

"God D@#$.. Some help here," The Command Sargent Major is surprised as the Commandant of the Marine Corps grabs Dearborn's other side..

"Grab his god D@#n feet.. Locker room now," The Commandant is struggling himself as Dearborn kicks off one of the Marines grabbing his feet..

A gutteral Scream comes from Dearborn as he tries to break free..

A short Red headed man in a suit garbs Dearborn by the waist, and takes over the arm locks..

As the two go down ," Dearborn.. List to me.."

Dearborn is enraged and tries to roll helos off..

"Its ok.. It's uncle Helos," Nicodemus calls out..

Several of the Armed marines get between The commandant and Helos..

One puts his hand on the Commandants chest, "Sir.. Mr. Smithson has this.. Let's clear a space out for the EMT's.."

Nicodemus walks back over to the announcer area, "The champ is with one of his mentors.. He is getting him calmed down.."

The other Announcer takes a deep breath, "He.. Kid is the champ breathing.."

Doctor Gera has the ropes cleared for him and his daughter..

"That is Doctor Gera.. And Auntie Lucy," Nicodemus pauses as Doc is chaecking on the patient..

A beautiful woman walks over to the corner and whispers to Nicodemus..

Looking down, "Yes mam.. I have been instructed that the Champs condition will be released.."

Lucy walks over to Dearborn, "Calm down.. Its over marine.. You won.." Lucy points to the isle as Dawn slowly walks down, "Dawn is ok.. Just some bruised ribs and sprained arm.. You can let him go Helos.."

Dearborn sits up in the middle of the ring..

Doctor Gera turns, "Lucy darling.. I am going to need your help.. Dearborn sent pieces of the champs skull into his brain.."

"S@#$," Lucy kneel next to her father.. "We will have to perform surgery.. S#$%.." Scanning the champ, "It will have to be right here.."


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