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The YouTube Bigfoot... What's It All Really About?
(01-14-2018, 05:59 AM)Ninurta Wrote: I'm calling intentional bullshit on this one. Not because I don't believe in bigfoot - because I do - but because of the video itself.

I've spent a day or two in the woods, looking for things that don't want to be found. Not bigfoot, of course, as I believe that hunting bigfoot is a fools errand (take that as you like), but more mundane things... which still don't want to be found. People, deer, turkey, bears, even lowly squirrels. Things that don't want to be found in the woods are pretty darned alert, because, well, they don't want to be found!

With that in mind, the way these two yokels crash through the brush, sounding like a herd of buffalo and for all practical purposes yelling at one another and snapping twigs so very loudly, wouldn't get within 5 miles of anything that doesn't want to be found in the woods. Certainly not close enough to catch whatever they are hunting for on grainy, shaky, video. They might as well have had bullhorns, klaxons, and a couple of police sirens strapped to their asses, and couldn't even sneak up on a rock.

Whatever that blurry thing was, it wasn't bigfoot, and it was something (or someone) that wanted to be found, was practically begging to be found. I'm surprised it didn't walk up to THEM and pose for a picture.

This is why you'll never get invited to the YouTube-Bigfoot Christmas party!

Seriously, if a 'close-cousin' to humans does exist or an more-ape-than-man is wandering around the United States,
wouldn't it be important for a group of serious researchers to highlight such fraudulent acts?

Mainstream academia scoff at the existence of Bigfoot already and I would think it's obvious to anybody that since
there's no acceptable proof of this creature -a creature that could turn the current consented reality, footage like
the one above does nothing to improve the situation.

That leaves genuine witnesses in a situation of mistaken identity and the possibility that a large biped just wishful
thinking for the sake of financial gain. That's what irks me, because I believe your own sighting and many others.

Will the Sasquatch phenomena always remain as 'silly-season' column fillers and blog-radio scary yarns...? Those
who swear they want to bring the subject to the fore seem reluctant to move it out of the area of theory-rhetoric
and blurry images.
I honestly don't know what to think.
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