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In My Dreams
(09-02-2017, 12:26 PM)BIAD Wrote:
(08-31-2017, 04:30 AM)Spirit Scribe Wrote: Thanks guys, for the kind words! 

And BIAD, I don't consider it derailing at all. I have no idea who Fran and Anna are, and I'm just pondering if I really want to know...


With all respect to those of any religious persuasion, there's a little-known edict that was written down when Jesus The Christ
and Joesph of Arimathea are alleged to have come to England and visited Glastonbury.
Theologians have doubted the incident ever occurred, but if I may, I'll add it here.

Quote:[From Abbot Chinnock's account. 1400]
'...Arriving on the shore at Portis Dubris, many of the fishermen fled when they gazed upon the
radiance of the man accompanying Joseph. I cannot state this, but a less-religious soul would
wager they'd scarpered to the nearest public house.
Such are these Angel Isles.

Being a wealthy merchant, I dispatched two of my monks to assist in Joseph and his company's
berth, showing gratitude in this manner is always a grand incentive when receiving guests who
have a few quid.

During the unloading, the monks too -became aware that the young man in the white linen held
a mystical sway and from the tender manner he watched the pair, one could easily see his devout

"We art grateful for the welcome..." the stranger said "... It is known that they call me Jesus and he
who walks before me is Joseph of Arimathea" and my two monks fell to the earth in awe of such
a commanding voice.

"Rise up brothers and be not afraid, we seek an audience with your superior and the path to the
Glastonbury Abbey. Rise up" Jesus continued and as he assisted in helping the terrified Brother
Gregory to his sandaled feet, Jesus whispered "Tell me, is that Boy In A Dress -character still out
-and-about in these parts?"

Joseph of Arimathea and his charge followed my two monks towards the carriage that waited.
Basically, it was a cleaned-out cart with two idiots from a neaby village in place of horses...
taxes do that sometimes.

Gregory, blubbering and fondling the hem of his robe, looked away towards where a group of
men and women had gathered and uttered to the Christ "They say he's in yon hamlet and he's
annyoing folk again"

Jesus halted his friend's walk to the donated transport and spoke softly unto Joseph.
I have only Brother Gregory's words and I know he is an honourable man.

"Listen Joe... if BIAD's here, then he's gonna scupper our vacation. It's bad enough having to
deal with this infernal weather, but having the crazy Man-Girl hanging around will really put the
kybosh on our visit"

I assured Brother Gregory that this is how Angels speak.

Delaying the pilgrimage to the holy basilica, Jesus and his Elder decamped from the shore and
strode to the small village close by. Those with bad teeth and who undertook annual washings

parted as the exalted pair approached.

"God bless yer' Robin of the Hood" a man called from the throng and resisting the urge to scowl,
Jesus smiled at the formulaic prose he'd been presented in. "Go in peace, my child and give it a
rest, huh?" Joseph answered for his friend.

There within the village square, stood the wooden stocks that held he that is known as Boy In A
Dress and upon their meet, Jesus sighed and stepped closer.
"What is it with you and trouble...?" he uttered softly "...It's like everytime I hear of you, commotion
is never too-far from your high-heeled path"

BIAD twisted his raven-haired head upward and shaking a rotten cabbage leaf from his frontage,
replied "Heh Jez... how's it going?" with an upbeat resonance.

Walking around the apparatus, the Lamb of God made a sound of exasperation.
"You have not donned the pantaloons I sent you for Christmas, I see?" Jesus rasped and for an
unknown reason, reminded himself to invent the letterbox before he left this challenged land.

Turning to the rotund Innkeeper of The Slaughtered Lamb, Joseph of Arimathea raised his fabled
staff and pointed at the fat man in the soiled apron. "You of the barrel, release this... him at once!"
Joseph barked and his stare was mightyeth.

The short-garbed creature had haunted this realm for many a year and now, the townsfolk looked
on as they believed Boy In A Dress would be finally and fatally held accountable.

Stretching his spine and revealing quite a bit of his ungodly bosom, BIAD nodded this gratitude
towards the man who would later create the whitethorn in the grounds of the Abbey.
"Cheers Joe" was BIAD's address.

Jesus and this venerated companion then left to fulfill their quest in assisting the tourist trade of
Somerset and the only indication of a farewell to the bare-buttocked one was a warning from
the redeemer himself.

"Go in peace Boy In A Dress..." Jesus said with a smile that could lay waste his enemies.
"...And put some pants on"

The villagers applauded and sang psalms as the couple made their way towards where
the carriage tarried and alighting the vehicle, the familiar cry of 'God bless yer' Robin O' The
Hood' came to Jesus' ears once more.

Looking balefully at the Arimathean, Jesus whispered: "Vegas is lookin' better"

Again, I do not wish to trample on anyone's beliefs, but BIAD has just told me it did happen.
Now That's A Bible Story I Can Believe.........  minusculebeercheers
Some of the Town Folks said.........
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