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Acetaminophen use in pregnancy linked to kids' behavioral problems - senona - 08-16-2016

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New research appears to show that taking acetaminophen during pregnancy is linked to behavior problems in the child who is born.

Quote:Acetaminophen, long the mainstay of a pregnant woman’s pain-relief arsenal, has been linked to behavioral problems in children born to mothers who used it during pregnancy.

Research published Monday by the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that a woman’s use of acetaminophen at 18 and 32 weeks of pregnancy was associated with greater odds that when the resulting child was 7 years old, his or her mother would report a range of problematic behaviors.

Compared to women who reported no acetaminophen use at 18 weeks of pregnancy, those who took the medication at that point of gestation were 42% more likely to report hyperactivity and 31% more likely to report conduct problems in the children they bore.

Women who took acetaminophen at 32 weeks of pregnancy were 29% more likely than women who did not to report emotional difficulties in their child at age 7.

Children born to mothers who took acetaminophen late in their pregnancy were 46% more likely to experience a wide range of behavioral difficulties than were children born to moms who took no acetaminophen at that point.

Finding a link between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and an outcome affecting the child is no proof that acetaminophen is the cause of the outcome. But the authors contend that the study results do heighten concerns that fetal exposure to acetaminophen can give rise to neurodevelopmental problems.


Quote:Several epidemiological studies have linked acetaminophen use during pregnancy to ADHD-like behaviors in the child. Research performed on mice has suggested that the medication alters brain development by disrupting hormonal function in the developing fetus. And several other mechanisms of injury have been suggested.

Women who are pregnant really have to be cautious any more of what they take medicine wise.

It's bad enough that the people who take something may worry about possible side effects, but only to themselves. Yet with an unborn baby, that might develop ADHD-like behavior as they get older, it is definitely an important issue to consider on whether to skip taking it for the duration of the pregnancy.

Hope this message gets out there to those soon-to-be Mothers, in case they do not know about this latest study on Acetaminophen.
Not sure if doctors would agree with this study, therefore they may say to just ignore it, nothing to worry about.

So just use your best judgement when it comes to taking this stuff.
Maybe find a more natural and safer alternative until the baby is born.