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Phil Bredesen Of Tennessee Lets It Slip. - BIAD - 10-11-2018

By Mystic Wanderer.

Quote:O’Keefe Strikes Again=> Video Captures TN Dem Candidate Phil Bredesen in Classic ‘Bait and Switch’.

'A new undercover video from Project Veritas Action features staff from Democrat Phil Bredesen’s U.S. Senate
campaign admitting that he has been decieving voters and attempting to appear more moderate than he actually is.

Bredesen, who was recently endorsed by Taylor Swift, has infamously claimed that he would have voted to confirm
Justice Brett Kavanaugh -but his campaign says it is just a vote grab.

When asked by a PVA journalist if he would have really supported Kavanaugh, staffer Maria Amalla said that he would
not have. “No, it’s a political move… He thinks that like we’re down like half a point right now. It’s like really close and
we’re losing by a point or two.

So he thinks that if like by saying this he’s appealing to more moderate republicans and he’ll get more of them to vote
for us.” “I was so confused because I just can’t believe he would actually vote [for Kavanaugh],” the PVA journalist continued.

“He wouldn’t. But he’s saying he would… Which I don’t know if it makes it worse or better. No, it makes it better…” staffer
Will Stewart added. Amalla said that the claim that he would support Kavanaugh was an effort to win over Republicans
because he is not doing very well in rural areas.

Stewart also said that Tennessee voters are “ignorant” for supporting the confirmation of now Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
When Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe attempted to get a comment from Bredesen’s campaign manager he
was reportedly assaulted.

James O’Keefe Tweet.
"BOOM, stay tuned... this is going to be intense! I just tried asking the campaign manager
for comment and got shoved! They are caught red handed!"

Sean Hannity Tweet,
"TICK TOCK… Just how low is the Left willing to go to regain control of Congress this fall?
You won’t believe the shocking new undercover video. Don’t miss ‘Hannity’ Live 9PM Tonight..."
Gateway Pundit: