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The Merry People Of Britain... Maybe Not. - BIAD - 10-09-2018

In a country where the Moors murderers were perceived as the most evil of people in the UK and that their
horrible actions would scar the minds of its subjects for years to come, here's just another story from an
empire that's seen better days.

Drug-dealing...? A standard industry in Great Britain. The act of torture...? Well, one goes hand-in-hand with
the other. Welcome to Multiculturalism.

Quote:Drugs torture victim forced to sing during beatings.

'Two men who beat and scalded their victim, forcing him to sing and dance naked to Whitney Houston songs
in a "degrading" assault, have been jailed.

Sakhawat Hussain, 35, and Andre Clarke, 30, poured boiling water over the man's genitals and made him
perform the singer's hits "for their own amusement", a court heard. The pair, who attacked the man in a drugs row,
also threatened his pregnant girlfriend, Leeds Crown Court heard.
Both were jailed for 15 years.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4597]
Andre Clarke and Sakhawat Hussain beat, scalded and tormented their victim and threatened his pregnant girlfriend.

They held the 32-year-old prisoner and used axes, a baseball bat, a hammer and a knife to inflict serious injuries
upon him, the court heard.

Prosecutors said the pair first visited the man at his home in Healey, Batley, on 23 January following a dispute over
2.2lb (1kg) of cocaine. Clarke held a knife to the victim's pregnant girlfriend's stomach and said he would "cut it out"
if they were not given drugs.

The pair returned three days later, with father-of-five Hussain blaming the man for the alleged theft of £300,000 of cocaine.
Three members of the man's family, including his young son, were then held captive, with the victim himself being taken to
his cellar and beaten for several hours.

He was then bundled into a car and driven to a flat in Batley Carr, Dewsbury, where he was stripped naked and boiling
water poured on his genitals. While at the property, Hussain and Clarke forced the victim to sing and dance to Whitney
Houston songs during the "humiliating" attack.
He only escaped at about 04:00 GMT the next morning.

'Lasting scars'
The court also heard the woman gave birth just eight days after the first visit from Hussain and Clarke.
Sentencing, Judge Robin Mairs said the pair had used threats and coercion "to engender obedience".
"You had no compunction to inflicting fear and terror upon the victim and his wider family," he said.
"Physically and mentally, there is no question that this sustained and vicious attack left scars on him and will leave lasting
scars upon him."

Following a five-week trial, a jury convicted Hussain, of Hawthorne Avenue, Batley, and Clarke, 30, Wood Lane, Newsome,
Huddersfield, of affray, kidnapping, causing grievous bodily harm with intent and two counts of false imprisonment...'

RE: The Merry People Of Britain... Maybe Not. - Wallfire - 10-09-2018

The joys of culture enrichment.

RE: The Merry People Of Britain... Maybe Not. - guohua - 10-12-2018

I don't think 15 years is enough time,,,,, No, Death By Scolded Balls would be better for them.

RE: The Merry People Of Britain... Maybe Not. - BIAD - 10-12-2018

#BelieveAllWomen... But Not In Wales.

Quote:Mother-of-three Sophie Skinner jailed for false rape claim

'A mother-of-three has been jailed for falsely claiming she was raped.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4613]

Sophie Skinner, 25, from Llanfoist in Monmouthshire, denied perverting the course of justice but was found guilty by a jury.
Newport Crown Court was told the life of her victim Damon Osborne was "turned upside down" by the accusation in 2016.

She was sentenced to 18 months in prison by Judge Daniel Williams after he said she had shown "no remorse at all".
The court heard that Skinner went out drinking in Abergavenny "looking for attention" on Saturday, 4 June in 2016.
CCTV showed her in a Wetherspoons pub, before going to public toilets in White Horse Lane.

"You then saw Damon Osborne who was waiting for a lift home - at the time he was 18 and you were 23," Judge Williams
said."You ran over to him and hugged him... the CCTV at the toilets could not be clearer -you initiated the sex with him.

"When he gave into your persistent demands for sex you told him you could get him into trouble for having sex with you."
The court was told that Skinner then made a false claim that she had been raped to Wetherspoons' door staff, and was
interviewed by police.
Mr Osborne "strenuously and completely truthfully" denied the accusation, Judge Williams said.

"After a commendably swift review of the evidence by police, the decision was properly made that Damon Osborne
would not be prosecuted for the claim made, and to arrest you," he added. Mr Osborne said since he was accused in
2016 his life had "been a mess" in a victim statement.

After a jury in the first trial against Skinner failed to reach a verdict, he agreed to give evidence against her again.
"I was accused of rape by Sophie Skinner, that turned my life upside down," Mr Osborne said.
"I was locked up for 17 hours, I had to undergo an embarrassing medical.

"I still think of the worst case scenario -if there had been no CCTV in this case -Sophie Skinner would have been
believed and I would not have been giving this statement, because I would be in jail."

'No empathy'
Judge Williams described Skinner's allegation of rape as "patently false".
"You maintain your denials," he said. "You have no victim empathy, you have no remorse at all."

"As the court have said before rape is a repulsive crime. The victims of rape should be treated with every possible
consideration. "On the other hand, just because rape is a repulsive crime, a false accusation can have dreadful

Judge Williams said such accusations could have an "insidious" effect on genuine victims, sometimes "allowing doubt
to creep in where none should exist". The court heard Skinner had never been in trouble with the police before, but she
had been taken into care as a child and was described as "a vulnerable young woman".

She was sentenced to 18 months, of which she was told she would serve half before being released on licence...'