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RIP Art Bell - 727Sky - 04-14-2018

My afternoon here and was listening to C2C when George announced Art Bell is dead at 72 years of age. He has suffered from COPD for several years but at this time cause of death is unknown. An Autopsy will be preformed next week to determine the cause of death.

An interview of Art by Larry king and what Art actually believes.

RE: RIP Art Bell - BIAD - 04-14-2018

Art Bell brought many of the subjects to the fore that the usual channels of information wouldn't touch,
he'll be sorely missed.


RE: RIP Art Bell - Mystic Wanderer - 04-14-2018

One of the 'Greats' who opened the door for others to discuss topics others feared. 
Anyone who shows no fear of bringing things out into the open is an important person, in my opinion. 

I didn't listen to many of his shows because of the late hours it aired, but the ones I did hear were fantastic. minusculeclap

Sad to see him go.  May he rest in peace.

[Image: 4_white_candles_by_blood_huntress_zpsaiizk1wd.gif]

RE: RIP Art Bell - guohua - 04-21-2018

One Of The Original Conspiracy Theorist. 
A Great Person.
He'll be missed.