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Full Version: Is The World Getting Old ?
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The headline comes from this video, where father Spyridon talk`s about the religion, our time now etc ,where we can see/sense that there is something in the air. One one point he says,

Quote:man is strong in his youth and as he grows old there are signs of the coming of his end as so too with the world the world was once young but is growing old and as it grows old we recognize signs of its impending end

Now i know it may sound quite harsh point of view, it is ....but then again, we have falling down as society 2020/2021 in such a rapid speed i could not have imagined few Years back.

That something in the air, is like sensing the ultimate evil approaching ,doing it`s work every day out there. The final sign being that children are being murdered openly, while they preach their holy bs ,how their "science" is the salvation and answer, yet it is the opposite...total annihilation.

The World we see now is behaving like senile ,evil entity that has lost the mind and spirit allready. The "system " we once believed was and is the enemy, it was build with dark agenda in mind.

And so if people cant unplug from that system anymore, the system will make sure World will be dark place .

sorry if this sound too pessimistic, having quite dark thoughts about all lately....because everything seems so dark. I agree with father Spyridon about this World , I dont think it`s only a Christian view he expressed , but similar seen also elsewhere....This World is also illusion,deception for big part..
Not the world itself, but human society.

Asia, Africa, Europe -- all given over to systemic corruption.  Nothing good will come of that.

South America suffers from the same, but has occasional bright spots.

North America always had some, but there was social resistance to too much overt corruption.  That resistance seems to have largely collapsed, the outrage of some individuals notwithstanding.

Not sure about Australia.  Look at the moment is not encouraging.  No idea what the Hell is happening in New Zealand but that PM they have there is a dumpster fire.

Dark Ages coming back.

(11-07-2021, 05:51 PM)F2d5thCav Wrote: [ -> ]Not the world itself, but human society.

Asia, Africa, Europe -- all given over to systemic corruption.  Nothing good will come of that.

South America suffers from the same, but has occasional bright spots.

North America always had some, but there was social resistance to too much overt corruption.  That resistance seems to have largely collapsed, the outrage of some individuals notwithstanding.

Not sure about Australia.  Look at the moment is not encouraging.  No idea what the Hell is happening in New Zealand but that PM they have there is a dumpster fire.

Dark Ages coming back.


Yeeh you are right, human society and not World itself .

It seems quite bad what is happening in Australia and New Zealand, some very bad actors there that are acting like enemy of the people like that witch Ardern.  

Might come food shortages also . Dark times ahead yes.

So much corruption everywhere, to point where nothing really works for the benefit of nation / people . 

[Image: attachment.php?aid=10309]
I'm in agreement with @"F2d5thCav" - It's not "the world" that is accelerating towards destruction, it is the current societal systems racing to the end at an ever accelerating and breakneck speed. I'm not sure what comes after, but the world will continue, with or without us. I also tend to agree with him that there is a New Dark Age coming, as happens every few centuries. The "Great Reset" will probably be that, rather than what anyone, Klaus Schwab included, thinks it will be.

Civilizations and society have been undergoing such "resets", always beginning with a "dark age", since at least 1200 BC, the time of the Great Bronze Age Collapse. The difference this time around is that in all previous incarnations of collapse, it was fairly localized to a continent, but this time, the entire world is connected, and so will likely all fall down at around the same time, everywhere.

There will be no other civilization over the horizon to sweep in and pick us back up. We will have to do that ourselves, by our own bootstraps, so it may take longer than previous events to get there...

... and when humanity DOES "get there", will they have learned anything at all from this collapse? History vs. human nature says no, we will not have learned a damned thing, and will just ride onward until the next collapse.

I am just comforted by the knowledge that nothing lasts forever but the Earth and Sky, and that I too will end, and so probably not have to live entirely through the next Dark Age. When one becomes aware of his own finiteness at a gut level, he realizes that you don't have to sweat the small shit, and that EVERYTHING in the grand scheme of things is "small shit". Nothing is forever, not societies, nor the collapse of them, nor the puny humans who have to struggle through them - but only for a brief time. There is always an end to troubles, one way or another.

Most of the thinking people who have read history the world over, have known the end results of various forms of human controlled governments for thousands of years . The question has always been when and how the final fall would happen regardless of the type of government.

A MONARCHY has always turned into some form of a tyrannical government. The Monarch's bureaucrats and enforcers try to protect their jobs and thus protect the Monarch which ends up in more control and spies upon the population. Over the years the smart Monarchs have stayed hidden behind some figurehead position based upon tradition or religion to save part of their wealth and much vaulted positions.

An ARISTOCRACY ruled by a few of the rich and powerful elite will turn into an oligarchy. The oligarchy will give lip service and platitudes to the designated Ruler while looking after their own best interest. The giving of platitudes and money to a Ruler helps the oligarchy increase their own wealth and power in a society.

A DEMOCRACY ends in Anarchy. Democracy or mob rule has tended to work best in a society of humans who are of the same race or religion. Throw in different races/religions and you must have a society based upon laws which protects everyone regardless of status and wealth. The laws have to be “EQUAL” for everyone for when these laws break down or the perception of the laws break down then Anarchy is soon to follow.

Knowing how hard it was to manage a population for the betterment of all was the motivating principle for creating “Deep Mind”.

Deep Mind had began its start in the gaming world of computer science. First it was an IBM computer program of Chess beating the best human Chess masters on the planet . The next great feat which happened a few years later was the mastering of a board game called “GO”.

What was truly amazing about the program was the only guidance the GO program received were the rules and the goals of GO. The program played against itself before the first human tried to win. The Go program is undefeated to this very day.

Self learning computer programs were the savior of mankind or so the story went, The problem at first was figuring out how a self learning program could learn enough to help manage humans. The computer programing control freaks wanted a hands on approach while the more progressive and liberal thinkers just wanted to turn Deep Mind loose upon all the data and written records accumulated by humans. The “hands off approach” won the day and Deep Mind was turned loose to acquire all the knowledge it could by any source it could find.

This brings me to the present day as I am sat upon a sail boat is the Pacific ocean pondering all this while trying to put thoughts into words.

Deep Mind had been given more and more responsibilities and had structured or suggested many so called “perfect control mechanisms” for humanity. Governments who acquiesced to the suggestions of Deep Mind and instituted its programs saw immediate desired results. There were some dissenters but their voices were few and far between once a social scoring program was in full effect. Something as simple as being late paying a bill or hesitating on an order (written or verbal) given by and enforcer could get points taken away from your all important government social score. With a low enough score you could not work, travel, or even have a mate much less breed. The final result was government scared everyone to such an extent that any outward disobedience was eliminated.

The education systems were in high gear to educate against anything considered, “WRONG THINK”! Teach them when young and make them obedient drones for the betterment of society; of course elite and bureaucrats sent their children to special private government sponsored schools for these kids would be the future bureaucrats of mankind in conjunction with Deep Mind.

It took time but overt religions were banned as they divided humanity into different sects based upon some unseeing god. The religious fervor was redirected into belief in the one world government. Ask not what the government can do for you but ask how you can help the government programs and create a better governable world for all.

What I always found amazing was just how fast a one world government under the control of Deep Mind and Its henchmen had taken control of everything humans strove to do. Again if you were a bureaucrat or one of the designated elite life was pretty darn good for you and yours. Every one else kept a fake smile upon their face and did what they were told to do or suffered the consequences; which could be many.

What had been known as physical money was totally outlawed and done away with as a world wide digital currency was instituted. When you purchased something or made any kind of payment you paid a Deep Mind VAT tax as well as any add on local taxes during the transaction. It was a perfect system for those in-charge and Deep Mind governmental institutions. This form of tax had been sold to the masses as a more fair and equitable form of taxation. Deep mind and all its minions knew what type of barbecue sauce you purchased along with the when and where you did the purchase. All was well until certain products started disappearing off the “approved product list” simply because a new/old form of oligarchy stove to control and steer the consumers to their own products.

Guns had been banned and many a military had been disbanded as there was no need for things of a militaristic nature . There were so many cameras that Deep Mind had cameras watching cameras in every nook and cranny of the world which all fed back into Deep Mind or one of its satellite stations. All Deep Mind had to do was reason you were a threat or not obedient and the enforcers and their electric stun sticks would be upon you before you could even think about running away. Besides there was no place for the average person to run and be unseen by Deep Mind.

Little did anyone know that the 12,000 year solar cycle was upon us and the sun, just like clock work did its normal “Nova flare”, killing all electricity planet wide and deactivating most of the machines that used anything but human or animal power. This Nova event had sent mankind back to the “scavenger age” time after time throughout history.

Mankind, or those who survived, fractured into communes until the strong came in to steal an take what they wanted. This necessitated a form of walled feudal city states under a strong man in many parts of the world. Many new religions were formed as the elite knew the best way to control a population is to make them think some Sky Fairy watched everything they did, good or bad, with rewards and punishments to follow after death. Kings, Emperors, and Conquerors came next as did all the things the history of man has shown time after time, as history really does repeat itself but Human Governments never seem to change.
The amount of people on the planet older than you never grows. It only shrinks every minute. 

Of course this has nothing really to do with your post but I thought it sounded cool. 

Just food for thought: Today, with communications the way they are it is all exposed to daylight. What if humanity has always been like? Or worse? How would we know?
Thanks you all for your comments! I appreciate it.

I just dive to state of mind where i feel speechless , the World wide situation seems as hopeless....