Full Version: The Bones of Jesus were found in the 80s
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After Jesus was entombed and his body disappeared from the tomb (he was raised from the dead if you believe the Christen faith and lore ?) his physical body was buried in the family Tomb. The family tomb has his mother Mary, and two of his brothers if not more as only a few of the ausuwary (-1sp a stone box of bones) have names you can read. It is an interesting find IMO and looks like they have found the real deal.
Sadly, within a few hours of you posting the video, it's now gone!

I found this one.

Weird as it still works for me ....Both of the Marys in Jesus's life were buried in the tomb according to the names on the boxes.
I heard about the Talpiot Tomb a few years ago, a theory propagated by an archaeologist whose name was, I think, something like Simcha Jacobi. I was unconvinced by his presentation, but cannot deny the possibility.

As I recall, there was also an ossuary box found in a warehouse in Israel where archaeological artifacts are stored that was labeled as "James, son of Joseph" as well, which was speculated to possibly be the brother of Jesus mentioned in the Bible.

There was also a study done of First Century Hebrew names in the area, and it was found that Mary, James, and Joshua (Jesus' actual Hebrew name of "Yeshua" rendered in English) were very common, and the combination of them was likewise common within families in that time and place.

There are multiple James and Marys mentioned in the Bible, confirming the name frequency study.

Could be. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows for sure after 2000 years?

I watch this video about three days ago and I personally think it was a waste of my time.
 1 hour and 45 minutes of is it or isn't it  smalltappinghead
They couldn't agree.
So, he was a mortal and he died, his spirit shows-up to say "Hi" and as far as I'm concerned, created more Confusion and Myth.
(09-20-2021, 11:51 PM)guohua Wrote: [ -> ]I watch this video about three days ago and I personally think it was a waste of my time.

it was,

anything Jacobovici says is regurgitated bovine fecal matter. the man just makes shit up as he goes along. and holds no degrees in archaeology. he does have degrees in philosophy, political science, and international relations.

most  scholars in archaeology and biblical studies reject everything he says. He's a story teller that chases money and does a disservice to real studies on any subject he covers and he has a bunch of them

here's his wiki,

Simcha Jacobovici
somewhere i read where the storyteller didn't even try to do DNA test to see if the remains in the James, Jesus, Judah, son of Jesus boxes were related to Mary box or if the Judah box was related to Mary Magdalene box.

in typical tabloid journalist story telling fashion he said he wasn't a scientists that he was a journalist and couldn't wait for DNA testing, ( might show he was lying his ass off) and that he done his job.

so he's saying damn what might be the truth.

i found it it was a New York Time Article/ interview, it's behind a paywall, but  here is a wiki link that has the times link in it.

More of his comments on "Jesus Family Tomb" film
An irritating aspect of these 'discoveries' is that the purveyors always wait until Christmastime to announce their findings.  Too much theater IMO.

Apparently, there are interesting aspects of the Dead Sea Scrolls that don't get publicity because they conflict too much with religious beliefs of the scholars.  I suppose it would be hard to get an unbiased evaluation of those materials given 2000 years of belief.