Full Version: The Devil comes...
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“Few know it, but the Devil rewards insurrection. After all, rebellion is the original sin, and he did conceive it.”
― Tanya Thompson

In these days passing steadily by, the ones causing us great angst, Miss Tanya's quote is just about all encompassing. It seems everything has conspired to bring us to the point we now stand at. One pivotal in our future freedom as Americans.

No longer can we stand at the sidelines, they are being ripped out from under us. Covid, BLM, Antifa, Corruption in government, and the whole world presuring us to save them with money or arms, Green and not so green, dark forces fighting those of us that Do Care. We that take an active part and representation of the vast Majority here that are steadfast yet silent. The silence will be deafening, much as a tidal wave when it comes with the elections.  That is when you will see those bent on destruction of our way of life, morals and American dream, find defeat. The most Raw of defeat. And finally there will be an awakening as to what might have been taken from us. Dare not think we are asleep, that would be folly.

Because we act with the stroke of a pen does not mean we are not warriors in the fight for freedom. Nor does it mean all the sacrifices given by past generations of soldiers and civilians was all for naught. We will rise to the occasion when our freedoms are threatened, no matter the administration, after all they are transitory, whereas The United States stands for it's namesake and Freedom. These United States.
Hear, hear!!   minusculebeercheers