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Full Version: Thailand's Dragon Temple
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In the heart of the Nakhon Pathom province, around 40 kilometers west of Bangkok, the impressive Wat Samphran temple stands 17 storeys tall - and it's guarded by a DRAGON.

The huge creature is wrapped around the pink cylindrical building, aptly nicknamed The Giant Dragon Temple, with its colourful scales and claws visible from all angles.
The head rests just over the roof, protecting the Buddhist temple and visitors there.

But the dragon actually serves another hidden purpose, and a functional one at that.
Inside, the beast is actually hollow and home to a large winding staircase which visitors can use to climb to the top of the building.

[Image: 20170211-184019.jpg]

[Image: tay-ninh-vietnam-asia-big-great-temple-r...BNMJBG.jpg]

[Image: istock-503361186-640x427.jpg]

[Image: Alysha-Temple-Top-FTR.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3015.jpg]

[Image: 0-PAY-In-the-grounds-of-the-Dragon-Templ...Temple.jpg]

Cool!   tinybiggrin But, they really need to do something about that smog. Imagine the view!
(08-30-2020, 08:57 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: [ -> ]Cool!   tinybiggrin But, they really need to do something about that smog. Imagine the view!

Yes, Thailand's Dragon Temple is Very, Very Impressive and the Smog is Terrible but it has a lot to due with their Humidity too.
Thailand's Problem not ours to fix. 
No, that is what the Paris Accord Clean Air Act was suppose to tackle. LUCKY for American Tax Payers, We are not going to pay the majority of the monies to start a clean air program around the World.
Thank You President Trump.
Beautiful and fascinating! Thanks for posting this. I love temples. Each one is just so unique. I remember how fascinated I was when I visited Kamakura Temple in Japan. The grounds surrounding it were so pretty too. 

I wonder how many people actually use the staircase on that Dragon Temple. Looks like it would be a tiring climb.
Thailand is such an interesting country.  I wish I had gone exploring before getting married.  What I saw while I was there was almost a blending of Hinduism and Buddhism.  And I saw there was nothing wrong with that.  Thailand is definitely connected spiritually.


No water slide?  tinyshocked