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Full Version: Strange Crossbow Deaths In Bavaria.
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One can only assume more than one crossbow was used, nuh?
That's if it was a suicide pact.

Quote:Germany: Three Bavaria hotel guests found dead from crossbow bolts.

'German police are investigating the deaths of three people who were found in a hotel
impaled by crossbow bolts.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5753]
The traditional German hotel is situated in Bavaria, a rural area popular with hikers.

Hotel staff discovered the bodies in a room alongside two crossbows, the German news
agency DPA reported The relationship between the three victims -a man in his fifties and
two women aged 30 and 33 -was not immediately clear.

The hotel is on the banks of the Ilz river, on the edge of the Bavarian city of Passau near
the Austrian border.There was no evidence to suggest that another person was involved
in the deaths, DPA reported.

Another hotel guest, who was staying in the hotel for a short break, told local newspaper
Passauer Neue Presse that it had been a "completely quiet night".
The hotel manager said the three dead, who were all German, had planned to stay for three
nights but had not ordered breakfast...'
Wasn't there a strange crossbow death in the UK a couple of years ago, in a more self-defense related capacity?

We don' need no stinkin' guns - give us crossbows!

next thing you know, they're going to be comparing statistics on crossbow-violence against the automobile death rates, and then there will come the calls for crossbow-control ("common sense" crossbow-control, of course!).

Then there will be crossbow registration...

... and eventual crossbow confiscation, or "buy back" schemes (as if the government ever owned the crossbows in question to begin with!)...

What's next? Spears? Swords (Ireland already has a jump on that one, I hear)? Ink pens? I can kill a crap ton of folks with an ink pen, you know!

Where did my world get off to?