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Full Version: The BBC DJ and The Prince Of Class.
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This one has been the token of the week with the MSM, and it meant killing one of their own.

Quote:Danny Baker in 'police probe' over ‘racist’ Harry and Meghan tweet.

Danny Baker is believed to be at the centre of a police probe after he tweeted a photo that was described as racist.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5745]

'The shamed DJ was immediately sacked from his job on BBC Radio 5 Live after tweeting a photo of a chimp in
reference to Prince Harry and Meghan’s newborn son.

The image –showing a well-dressed monkey standing between an equally smartly-clothed couple -is said to have implied
the primate is Harry and Meghan’s child.

Baker expressed his regret over the tweet, saying he had not intended it to be construed as a racial remark about
Baby Archie –claiming he was instead making a reference to class.
But he later acknowledged how it could have offended some black people and said he regretted sending it.

However, it is thought the Metropolitan Police is now looking into the incident after a complaint was made.
Without naming Baker, a spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “An allegation has been received by the Metropolitan Police
Service on Thursday, 9 May in relation to a Tweet published on the 8 May. 
“As is routine, the allegation will be reviewed and assessed by specialist officers.”

Baker has apologised for the tweet, although said he thought the BBC had “thrown [him] under the bus” by firing him.
He said previously: "Following one of the worst days of my life I just want to formally apologise for the outrage I caused
and explain how I got myself into this mess. "I chose the wrong photo to illustrate a joke. Disastrously so.”

He added later: "I would like once and for all to apologise to every single person who, quite naturally, took the awful connection
at face value. "I understand that and all of the clamour and opprobrium I have faced since. I am not feeling sorry for myself.
I f****d up. Badly.

"But it was a genuine, naive and catastrophic mistake. There is of course little media/twitter traction in such a straight-forward
explanation. "The picture in context as presented was obviously shamefully racist. It was never intended so -seriously who on
earth would 'go there'?"...'
The Daily Star:

And Mr. Baker has a point. Unless you perceive black people as 'monkey-like', only then could the image fall into the category
of offensive. That's the problem at the moment, black people are deemed victims by those who need to salve their weird inner
-guilt by accusing everyone else of being racist.

But in this case, Danny Baker messed-up by taking a swing at class. This whole constant global outrage is about those who are
seen as lesser realising they being seen in that way. The word 'deplorable' comes to mind!
Quote:And Mr. Baker has a point. Unless you perceive black people as 'monkey-like', only then could the image fall into the category

of offensive. That's the problem at the moment, black people are deemed victims by those who need to salve their weird inner
-guilt by accusing everyone else of being racist.
Im still trying to understand what sort of disturbed mind finds the words "Baa baa black sheep" to be bad and evil.
(05-12-2019, 10:04 AM)Wallfire Wrote: [ -> ]...Im still trying to understand what sort of disturbed mind finds the words "Baa baa black sheep" to be bad and evil.

As I was pointing-out in my piece in the 'UK Assimilating...' thread, it's the damned media who're partly responsible
for this, the media and the progressives in the education system.

They've created a simple calculus that states Minority=Victim=Oppressed=Patient Heroism.
It involves the Christian-based notion of 'turning the other cheek' in order to not admit weakness, knowing that
your enemy is stronger because of a identified 'evil' that opposes one's personal view and utilising certain social
-shaming techniques.

In a society that feels strong together, divide and conquer is the better way of obtaining one's goals. But when
dabbling in such destructive fashions, one must steer-clear of naming sections of society that can double-back
on the accuser.
Hence, class-structure is never approached.

False Social Construct No.1.
Black people are victims because of their skin colour and historical slavery. It's a precarious situation due to the
obvious display that if people were bought and paid for to work on land, the 'owner' would be seen as wealthy
and ergo, could be on a similar class-level as someone who is educated in a self-funded education system.

You can't be a trained Journalist and spout accusations of racism unless you stick to the notion that melanin
is the only thing that makes a black person different from a white person. You must not mention culture, social
upbringing, self-responsibility and certainly not poverty.

The 'Baa-baa Black Sheep' song has also co-opted for it's mention of colour. What's not spoken about is the rest
of the nursery-rhyme.
'...Have you any wool?
Yes-Sir, Yes-Sir, three bags full.
One for the MASTER and one for the DAME,
And one for the little boy who lives down the lane.'

The traditional poem is nothing to do with signifying black as a negative colour of a human, it's to do with
the heavy taxation of wool in the past. Rather than being negative, the wool of black sheep may have been
prized as it could be made into dark cloth without dyeing.

There is no evidence of a connection with slavery, but since many of today's outrage-freaks perceive black
people as pets to be patted and felt sorry for, the rhyme has been bastardised from a child's song into another
example of race-hate. Again, the idea of taxation as a 'bad thing' is subdued by using the mentioned colour
in a different -more emotional form.

False Social Construct No.2.
There are more than two genders.
Do I really have to...?! Faggots and Muff-Divers want more television time and rights. And cheaper make-up.
Just wait 'til they're old and gravity kicks in, but they won't admit they were wrong.
Ever seen a skint gay person...? No, because he or she doesn't have a family to rear.
As Ninurta would say, 'Nuff said'.

False Social Construct No.3.
Migration and no-borders works.

Quote:Woman, 20, is gang-raped by five men in front of her husband in horrific three-hour ordeal
after pair were ambushed by gang.

'The unnamed woman was dragged into a ravine by the depraved attackers
who filmed the sick assault in Rajasthan, northern India...'
It wasn't because of the colour of their skin...

For the current outrage-causing, divisive acts to work, you need to access people who've never been exposed
to true history and the idea that all peoples of all races and walks of life, do bad things.
And that's why the young are being soaked in this manipulative shite... it's all new to 'em.
'Tis a sad day when we are held responsible for what some other jackass chooses to be offended by. I do not accept responsibility for what someone else chooses to think - it ain't my problem. Fuck 'em.

If anyone is offended by that, read the above again - slowly, for comprehension.

About the unfortunate miss who was gang raped in a ravine in India. She might want to see to getting another husband, maybe choose one this time that ain't a pussy. I'd have killed the lot of them, or died trying. The former is more likely than the latter, but I reckon you just have to take my word for that. I might be full of shit.

Or I might not.

Roll the dice and find out - you've only got one life to live, and it might be shorter than you thought...

What the hell has happened to my world? I'm ready for Armageddon, any day now. Bring it on.

Oh look, a racist audience -and possible BBC customers, or just smart people who aren't falling for the
outrage narrative pushed by a failing media.

Quote:Danny Baker: Standing ovation at first show since Twitter storm.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5754]
Danny Baker and Scarlette Douglas.

'Broadcaster Danny Baker has performed his first live show since a tweet which led to accusations of racism and him
being sacked by the BBC. He addressed "the elephant in the room" at the start, describing his tweet about the Duke
and Duchess of Sussex's baby as "revolting" and "misjudged". However, he again denied being racist.

The show at Nottingham's Theatre Royal ended with a standing ovation and Baker describing it as "one of the greatest
nights of my career". He had invited anyone who wanted to heckle to do so at the start of the show, but none could be heard.

"I genuinely didn't know what the atmosphere was going to be like tonight," the 61-year-old told the audience.
"You wouldn't believe how I was feeling 20 minutes ago but I'm so pleased so let's do this.

"When life deals you lemons, you chuck them at the people calling you a racist."
Baker was sacked from presenting his Saturday morning show on BBC 5 Live last week after he was accused of mocking
the duchess's racial heritage.

His tweet showed an image of a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee dressed in clothes with the caption: "Royal Baby
leaves hospital". He quickly deleted it and subsequently apologised but denied  here was any racist intent behind it...'

With the BBC being seen as anally-diverse in their own bubble and over-the-top prudish by many of the public, they felt the
need to imply a BBC Journalist went to Baker's gig in order to evaluate any reactions to the sacking.

Quote:Caroline Lowbridge, BBC News, Nottingham Theatre Royal

'The audience at the Theatre Royal was packed, despite some people admitting they had been in two
minds about going.

Simon Robinson, from Colston Bassett in Nottinghamshire, said: "I think it [the tweet] was absolutely stupid
and I have to say he went down in my estimation.
"I don't know why he did it. Whichever baby he did it to it's not a nice thing to do. I just didn't find it funny."

Steve Fletcher, from Nottingham, felt the photo was intended to be about "the circus that follows around the
royal family". "If you have followed anything about his career there probably isn't a racist bone in his body.
It's just a mistake," he said.

Baker told the audience the show would "ironically" be about the times his "career ... had hit a brick wall".
"Topically, here we are again," he said.

Before leaving the stage, Baker said: "I do want to say this and I'm not milking it but it's been one of the greatest
nights of my career tonight, it really has. "Nottingham, I love you. Thank you for coming out."

Reaction on social media was mixed, with some attendees praising the performance and others criticising it for
going ahead...' (Tweets in link)
The Beeb:

Then with their usual cucked word-smithing, explain with the use of a BBC studio guest who works from them, that their
decision to sack Danny Baker was correct. BBC 5 Live broadcaster Scarlette Douglas -a black woman, agrees that
Baker's tweet was racist.

...And by doing so, hints that many BBC staff, BBC viewers and anyone who didn't understand Baker's true meaning
of the Tweet, believe that black and mixed-race people look like chimpanzees.

The ex-DJ did say he was taking a swing at the over-the-top interest of the media when it comes to the Establishment,
but he wasn't believed. Ergo, BBC employees lie. This born out by the broadcasting company sacking him.

They're not sending their best anymore.